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#1. Oh, alright. You're no fun," he sighed. "My name is Razor."
"What kind of a name is that?"
"It's a nickname."
"What kind of a nickname is that?"
"Spike, Blade, Fang - all the good, deadly objects were already taken. It was the best I could do. - Author: Ada Adams
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#2. I feel like I have to do the best job I can to basically say, "OK, I understand - you have every right to be angry, but anger is not a plan. Here's what I want to do, and that's why I hope you will support me, because I think it will actually improve the lives of Americans." - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#3. I'm not sure what kind of love you mean, baby, but if you mean do I want you to be with me forever, that I can't bear the thought of being without you as my lover, my best friend, my whole day my wife, and my baby mama, then yes, I Love you, Love you! - Author: S.E. Hall
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#4. All the collaborators of storytelling, in film and television, have to be partly self-centered because they need to do their work the best they can, and that's what makes them really good at what they do, but then they also have to be a part of the socialist society, for the greater good. - Author: Ray McKinnon
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#5. Sometimes being a good friend is about saying no, about trying to do what's best for your friend regardless of what they say. - Author: Gitty Daneshvari
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#6. If I'm on the court, I have to do what I do best and that's try to go hard to the basket. - Author: Manu Ginobili
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#7. Be who you are. But be the very best communicator you can possibly be. To do that you must be willing to sacrifice what's comfortable-what has become part of your style-for the sake of what is effective. - Author: Andy Stanley
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#8. Giving in to fear alters God's best plan for your life. So use the power of God's Word to do what He wants you to do ... even if you have to do it afraid! The rewards are great. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#9. The best thing you can do is to keep riding your snowboard and love what you're doing. Without a passion for the sport it's difficult to take your riding to the next level. - Author: Mark McMorris
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#10. Ask yourself- what's the best thing that can happen- then go do it - Author: Akosua Dardaine Edwards
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#11. Now, can I help you with something? I'm new, but I'll do my best to figure out how to get what you need."
"That's good to hear, Abby, since I need your breasts for a few minutes. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
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#12. David has asked me, a number of people have asked me and said, What performance do you like best or what's the best film you've made and so on and I don't really have any hesitation that the film I'm least embarrassed by and ashamed of or uneasy about is Shadowlands. - Author: Richard Attenborough
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#13. Where do you go when you're the best in the world? What's next? - Author: Boris Becker
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#14. If I have to pee during the movie, I'm using this cup."
"It's what you do best," Gabe said. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#15. I just want to do the best possible job with everything that I do. But I'm far more concerned with being a good father as opposed to being a good actor because that's what's really going to matter. - Author: Mark Wahlberg
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#16. All these problems [deciding cases] are easier for people who believe in God. Those of us who don't or can't have to do the best we can. That's what the law is, the best we can do. Human justice is imperfect, but it's the only justice we have. - Author: P.D. James
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#17. What I do is about living. It's about living the best life you can and enjoying the fullness of the life around you- from what you wear, to the way you live, to the way you love. - Author: Ralph Lauren
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#18. It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required. - Author: Winston S. Churchill
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#19. The opposite is best. Whenever you're angry with someone, apply this maxim. I means doing the exact opposite of what your body's telling you to do. Believe me, it works miracles. Titus in Love in Lowercase - Author: Francesc Miralles
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#20. Just prepare well and know what you want to do. Give it your best, but you really don't have a clue what's going to happen. - Author: Pema Chodron
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#21. Now the question is, now that we are there, what should we do in the best interest of the U.S., not only from a standpoint of the necessity of some stable democracy in the Middle East ... - Author: Mike Huckabee
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#22. I didn't know how to grab your best material and put it together into a comedy set. I would just choose subjects and do it onstage. That's what I learned. I didn't know how to put a set together. - Author: Felipe Esparza
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#23. It means you never know what's going to happen,' I said. 'You do your best, then take your chances. Everything else is beyond our control. - Author: Dick Van Dyke
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#24. Do you know what it's like to have everyone expect you to be the best at something? - Author: Michael Thomas Ford
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#25. I have to believe that I know what's best for me. For instance, I choose all my songs. I never record anything I don't want to record. No one tells me what concerts to do. - Author: Katherine Jenkins
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#26. You just try to get the best jobs that you can get. Sometimes I produce my own movies, so that's your own sort of vision. That helps things. I don't know what it is. Probably just circumstance. I've definitely been aware of the fact that I want to do different things. - Author: John Cusack
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#27. Let's start simple - what's your verb?" Carl asks. "What do you mean, my verb?" "A nurse nurses, teachers teach and preachers preach. If you could only choose one verb to describe what you do best, what is it? - Author: Ian Bull
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#28. Secretly incredible people keep what they do one of God's best-kept secrets because the only one who needs to know, the God of the universe, already knows. - Author: Bob Goff
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#29. When I'm playing comedy, I never do 'jokes.' Sometimes I'll deliver a line in a way I think is more likely to get a laugh, but all the best comedy is played straight. What's funny is the way it hits the world around it or the way it hits the other characters. - Author: Bruce McGill
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#30. I know what you're saying, but I already told you all the truth and I, I don't what, I don't know what else to do. I just do the best I can and tell you the only thing I can, and that's what I already told you many times. - Author: Wen Ho Lee
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#31. When they write a bad review, and you agree with it, that's the worst feeling. When you know you've done what you wanted and the best you could and you love the outcome, then you look at everything differently. Not everyone's going to love everything you do. - Author: Albert Hammond Jr.
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#32. It's crazy ... " she whispered against his mouth, "what you do to me." "Tell me," he said. "Tell me what I do to you." "You look at me like I'm the best thing you've seen - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#33. What are you doing?"
"I'm darning a sock," he said, holding it up to show me.
"What's that lump inside?"
"A sock egg."
"A sock egg? I didn't know socks hatched from eggs."
"Only the best ones do. I can't wear the cheap kind, the ones that grow on trees. They give me blisters. - Author: Polly Shulman
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#34. If you are among those who believe that the U.S. has the best healthcare system in the world - despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary - it's because my fellow spinmeisters and I succeeded brilliantly at what we were paid very well to do with your premium dollars. - Author: Wendell Potter
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#35. Yet we may constantly do more in what we are than in what we do. We may serve better in the lives we live than in the best service we ever give. The memory of that should bring rest to your spirit when a bit tired, and may be disheartened because tired. - Author: S.D. Gordon
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#36. What eleven- to thirteen-year-old boys fear is passivity of any kind. When they do act passively we can be fairly certain that it is an act of aggression designed to torment a parent or teacher ... Mischief at best, violence at worst is the boy's proclamation of masculinity. - Author: Louise J. Kaplan
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#37. I think with world building, it's important to create a sense of culture even if it is just a fantasy, and the best way to do that is to look at a real human culture and see what makes it cohesive. - Author: Laini Taylor
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#38. Societies never know it, but the war of an artist with his society is a lover's war, and he does, at his best, what lovers do, which is to reveal the beloved to himself and, with that revelation, to make freedom real. - Author: James Baldwin
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#39. Knowledge is power. It
is my hope that as we continue to do what women do best-network, guide, and
provide support for each other-POP will soon become common knowledge. - Author: Sherrie J. Palm
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#40. See, what you're meant to do when you have a mid-life crisis is buy a fast car, aren't you? Well, I've always had fast cars. It's not that. It's the fear that you're past your best. It's the fear that the stuff you've done in the past is your best work. - Author: Robbie Coltrane
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#41. Actually, I think you're more stymied playing the good guy than you are the bad guy. As the bad guy, you have no inhibitions. Nothing stops you from doing what it is you feel you have to do. You do it because it's what's required. I have to protect my goddess, as best as I can. - Author: Dennis Haysbert
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#42. I enjoyed my 15 years at the top, and now I enjoy watching the current crop. What I did, maybe they can't do, and what they do, perhaps I couldn't do. It's like that. I wanted to simply be the best. On a professional level, I wanted to be No. 1, and I worked hard to be that. - Author: Jahangir Khan
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#43. We are honest about our methods and our mistakes. We are not perfect - it isn't possible to be perfect - but we are trying to go in the right direction and in those circumstances, it's best not to mystify what we are trying to do. - Author: Anita Roddick
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#44. It's a piece of piss. You know what I do? I just get up and read the paper. Then people ask questions, and I just bullshit. Actively bullshit, as opposed to passively. That's the best bit. Just bullshitting. Piece of utter piss. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#45. This summer is going to be a different summer for a lot of people. Everyone is going to take care of their own business and everyone is going to do what's best for them, including me. - Author: Shaquille O'Neal
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#46. There's only one sun," Alison said with feeling. "It's always the same, but it's always the best. Do you know what I mean? - Author: Christopher Pike
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#47. If you're in government, the right thing to do is be focused on solving real problems and asking what's the best solution to a particular problem. - Author: Julius Genachowski
Do What's Best Quotes #158720
#48. One way to know if you are working in your strengths is to ask yourself, "Do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?" That's what you want for your role: You want to be doing what you do best every day. - Author: Matt Perman
Do What's Best Quotes #160358
#49. I have learned in life that the best thing you can do to create a great future for yourself is don't forget what's in front of you. And so I'm trying to do a great job at HUD. - Author: Julian Castro
Do What's Best Quotes #161638
#50. Do you know what the best thing about a conscience is? You can never mute it. It's an unlimited stream of ideas flowing into your mind. - Author: B.A. Gabrielle
Do What's Best Quotes #169143
#51. I would just imagine there's a criticism for just about everything, if you want to take something down. No one's invincible. The Jicks are a work in progress and we don't think everything we do is the bee's knees or something, we're just trying our best to get turned on by what we're doing. - Author: Stephen Malkmus
Do What's Best Quotes #172597
#52. We don't know what's going to happen this summer or who's going to be here next year. We have no control over any of that. So, we're going to play our [22 remaining] games and do the best we can and show up for the New York Knick fans. That's the most important thing. - Author: Jalen Rose
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#53. I think the only person a writer has an obligation to is himself. If what I write doesn't fulfill something in me, if I don't honestly feel it's the best I can do, then I'm miserable. - Author: Truman Capote
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#54. At this level almost everyone has the physical tools to be the best. It comes down to a few things: how bad you want it, what you do when things get hard, and whether you are able to stay focused amid turmoil, challenge, chaos and demands. It's all in your head and in your heart. - Author: Michelle Akers
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#55. Sometimes grandmothers need to do what they think is best for their grandson and practically adopted granddaughter by opening their eyes to different experiences. That's the only way you'll learn what you're capable of. - Author: Wendy Mass
Do What's Best Quotes #189848
#56. My parents are very competitive, so we are very competitive as kids. But it's a good kind of competition; it's not a jealousy. You always want to do your best, and if it can't be you, you want it to be your brother or your sister, you know what I mean? - Author: Janet Jackson
Do What's Best Quotes #192137
#57. It doesn't matter what your pedigree is, who your family is or what degrees you have. What really matters is how you perform your job and how you produce results. Whoever could do the best job, that's who the focus is on - and it definitely doesn't matter if I am a woman or a man. - Author: Gracia Martore
Do What's Best Quotes #192837
#58. To me, it's always a luxury to be able to work with the best of the best because they make it easier for you to do what you do. - Author: Viola Davis
Do What's Best Quotes #197133
#59. You ... you've been here quite a long time, haven't you?
What? Oh ... yes. Ever since I married What's-her-name. Uh, Martha. Even before that. Forever. Dashed hopes, and good intentions. Good, better, best, bested. How do you like that for a declension, young man? - Author: Edward Albee
Do What's Best Quotes #205759
#60. That's what I do this for, to secure my family's future. I don't care about anything else. I'm able to spoil people, and that's the best thing. - Author: Conor McGregor
Do What's Best Quotes #206576
#61. I get angry if I do things wrong, but that's what keeps me going. I want to do my best. - Author: Matteo Manassero
Do What's Best Quotes #207593
#62. I don't really care what's going on I just care about getting my job done the best that I can possibly do and deal with the other things in my life that take a lot of time and a lot of thought. - Author: Brett Favre
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#63. I tend to write about towns because that's what I remember best. You can put a boundary on the number of characters you insert into a small town. I tend to create a lot of characters, so this is a sort of restraint on the character building I do for a novel. - Author: Tom Drury
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#64. In this industry, you're so used to heartbreak because nine out of 10 times, you don't get what you want. But, that one out of 10 times, you do and it's just the best feeling in the world. - Author: Josh Lawson
Do What's Best Quotes #210663
#65. If I can't do what I want to do, then my job is to not do what I want to do. It's not the same thing, but it's the best thing I can do. - Author: Nikki Giovanni
Do What's Best Quotes #211416
#66. Communication, that's what I do. Advertising is the best way to communicate because you reach a lot of people. I still cant understand though, why people are shocked by something that obviously exists. Its like a family that avoids talking about its real problems. - Author: Oliviero Toscani
Do What's Best Quotes #216537
#67. I mean, the notion that we must love everything in this country or get out and go someplace else is ridiculous. I mean, if you
the best thing a patriotic American can do is to look and be critical and find out what's wrong and try to make it better. That's what a patriotic American does. - Author: Andy Rooney
Do What's Best Quotes #218152
#68. Of course you want to be good and you want to do the best you can, but I am inspired by great writing. If there's something about the script, that's what I go for, although I know that that doesn't always translate because sometimes it's about the vision of the director. - Author: Sally Hawkins
Do What's Best Quotes #219913
#69. Over time, I realized I wasn't necessarily seeing people or things at their best or worst; instead, I was simply seeing things as they were.
There didn't seem to be a moral high road to take in most situations, and "What's the right thing to do?" wasn't an easy question. - Author: Dee Williams
Do What's Best Quotes #223566
#70. Don't cry," he whispers. "Just let me do what I do best, baby. Let me take care of you." "It's hard for me to let people in, Leo." "I'm already in," he reminds me. "And I'm not going anywhere. - Author: Kristen Proby
Do What's Best Quotes #229317
#71. When you graduate from "Being In Love" to "Loving Someone" you understand - Love is not about owning, Love is about wanting the best for them, It's about seeing or Helping them achieve great heights, with or without you. Love is not what you say, it's what you do. - Author: Drishti Bablani
Do What's Best Quotes #231995
#72. I'm not sure what they mean by "revenge is a dish best served cold." But I do know this - nobody's ever satisfied with a single helping.

- Heman Lindon, McPherson, Kansas ( a character in Heels Over Head ) - Author: Clay G. Small
Do What's Best Quotes #233341
#73. As soon as someone tells me: 'You're rather sexy,' I wish I could disappear. If somebody says: 'You were voted the world's sexiest man,' I have no idea what that means. How do I respond? 'Thank you' is the best you can do. George Clooney is the world's sexiest man, anyway. - Author: Daniel Craig
Do What's Best Quotes #252114
#74. In mid-February, when she turned ten, Liesel was given a used doll that had a missing leg and yellow hair. "It was the best we could do," Papa apologized. "What are you talking about? She's lucky to have that much," Mama corrected him. - Author: Markus Zusak
Do What's Best Quotes #260136
#75. I'm sure any vocal teacher that listens to me would rather cut my throat than do anything - I do everything all wrong - but I think for me that's the best - because I don't think I have a voice so I think what I project would be style - if I learned to sing I'd lose my style. - Author: Julie London
Do What's Best Quotes #261903
#76. To get the best out of life here ... Good grief. There's plenty of it about, so indulge. Give yourself some thing to remember. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Gamble. Get drunk. See how long you can stay awake. Go for long walks at night. Discover what you're afraid of doing, and then do it. - Author: Philip Pullman
Do What's Best Quotes #262650
#77. I think this industry can be tough on everyone. You have to surround yourself with supportive people and know when to put your foot down and do what's best for you and your family. The first few years in the music industry can be a steep learning curve, and I've definitely developed a thicker skin! - Author: Rebecca Ferguson
Do What's Best Quotes #263047
#78. I'm generally somebody who hopes for the best. It's not what one ought to do in my line of work [screenwriting], but it is what I do. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
Do What's Best Quotes #275726
#79. Television, for me, is great because I love to act, every day. I love to work that muscle. I love to learn, and I love to be able to just do what I love. It's when I'm at my best. So, I love TV for that reason because it's every day. - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Do What's Best Quotes #276451
#80. It's like Jase says: when you don't know what you're doing, it's best to do it quickly! - Author: Phil Robertson
Do What's Best Quotes #283586
#81. Some of my best experiences are with writer/directors. Guy Ritchie is one. I feel they have a clearer view of what they want to do. They haven't got to try and interpret someone's writing; it's all theirs. I really admire that. - Author: Jason Statham
Do What's Best Quotes #289109
#82. In my mind that's the best thing I can do for my girl, is to love my body and the way I look. That's what I sort of decided when she was young. And so it's sort of about faking it until you can make it. - Author: Lauren Bowles
Do What's Best Quotes #289380
#83. Never forget that absolutely everything you do is for your customers. Make every decision - even decisions about whether to expand the business, raise money, or promote someone - according to what's best for your customers. - Author: Derek Sivers
Do What's Best Quotes #289690
#84. You realize there are certain things that you'll never do that you always thought would be part of your future. It's a big relief to discover what you are best suited for, and it's a real advantage to be able then to focus. - Author: Richard Hell
Do What's Best Quotes #294408
#85. I think references, where they fit organically, are great. It's great to do a show that's real and relatable, and so much of what is real, is using real things and instances that are specific. Specificity is the best tool you can have, as a writer. - Author: Mindy Kaling
Do What's Best Quotes #299620
#86. It's priceless what you learn when you actually do. The best education is effectively to be functioning in the occupation that you want to take on. - Author: Lake Bell
Do What's Best Quotes #303598
#87. When you find yourself at yet another crossroads, sorting out your best next step, it's as useful to know what you don't want as what you do. - Author: Kate Bolick
Do What's Best Quotes #308220
#88. What do you think you're doing?" ... "What does it look like, Blake? I'm obviously having wild sex on a cement bench with my best friend's boyfriend fifteen feet from a yard full of people. - Author: Talia Vance
Do What's Best Quotes #310062
#89. When you share work, and you have the opportunity of seeing people you like doing what they do best, and you also interchange socially with them, it's very addictive. - Author: Jacqueline Bisset
Do What's Best Quotes #313543
#90. There's absolutely no limit to what plain, ordinary, working people can accomplish if they're given the opportunity and encouragement to do their best. - Author: Sam Walton
Do What's Best Quotes #313967
#91. There's too much judgment out there. Really what we need to be doing is just all of us finding our own paths towards living the best lives we can live as clearly and boldly in accordance with our own personal values. And that's what I'm trying to do. - Author: Cory Booker
Do What's Best Quotes #320373
#92. I think that every decision I made came from what's best for the kids. If both parents have the children's best interests in mind, it's going to go OK. The second that the parents don't do that, it gets ugly. - Author: Josie Bissett
Do What's Best Quotes #324594
#93. Politics is not a game. Thousands of people's jobs and services depended on what the GLC did, and they expected us to do the best we could. - Author: Ken Livingstone
Do What's Best Quotes #333791
#94. Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory. Always do more than is required of you. If a man has done his best, what else is there? - Author: George S. Patton
Do What's Best Quotes #349744
#95. We never know what a day will bring us, but one thing we do know is that every morning we can wake up, smile and hope for the best. SMILE IT'S A NEW DAY - Author: Ellen K. Wookey
Do What's Best Quotes #350281
#96. He tried. That's the big thing. He tried to do the best he could with what God gave him. He should get a nice raise for trying so hard. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Do What's Best Quotes #350762
#97. I loved Aeson. You have no idea what love is."
"Oh, I do. I know that it's the best high and the worst hurt all at the same time - not to mention confusing as hell. - Author: Richelle Mead
Do What's Best Quotes #355777
#98. Every day can't be the best day
Do what you can right now, don't hesitate
That's why we try to make love and get paid
Take the bad with the good, now let's play - Author: Slug
Do What's Best Quotes #359487
#99. It's not enough to do your best; you must know what to do & then do your best. - Author: W. Edwards Deming
Do What's Best Quotes #364828
#100. Do what's in front of you as well as possible. Keep going until you realize what you're best at. - Author: Helen Gurley Brown
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