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#1. Dance until the earth dance.

Hilda Doolittle

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#2. Dance until they kill you, and then we'll dance some more.

Shane Claiborne

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#3. Dance until you shatter yourself.

Jalaluddin Rumi

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#4. Tonight, the Sisters of Saint Joseph and I are going to The Slaughterhouse Bar. I have four rolls of quarters and we are going to dance until there's blood in our slippers.

Marie-Helene Bertino

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#5. You were too lazy to learn to dance until it was almost too late, and in the same way you were too lazy to learn to love. As for ideal and tragic love, that I don't doubt you can do marvellously- and all honour to you. Now you will learn to love a little in an ordinary human way.

Hermann Hesse

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#6. Dance after dance after dance, until sweat was running down my back as I worked to keep up, keep that smile on my face, to remember to laugh when my hands were within strangling distance from his throat.

Sarah J. Maas

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#7. So live real good, and get beat up real bad. Dance until they kill you, and then we'll dance some more. That's how this thing seems to work.

Shane Claiborne

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#8. Politics is a dance until the moment it becomes a war.

V.E Schwab

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#9. I know I have to be like people expect, because people love to dream with me, they like to think that I love my boat of 50 metres, that I drink Cristal for breakfast, that I dance until five o'clock in the morning. I am not like that.

Roberto Cavalli

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#10. No regrets, just love. We can dance until we die. You and I, we'll be young forever!

Katy Perry

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#11. All you butterflies and you ballerinas, dance until you fall. Dream and believe. Follow what you're searching for.

Julian Lennon

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#12. Exactly the same with dancing, you can't dance until you've learnt steps, the things your feet can do.

Ninette De Valois

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#13. I went to dance classes from 9 in the morning until 1, then to school from 3 to 10 at night, always under the threat that if I failed a single course I could forget about dancing.

Victoria Abril

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#14. So I'm all, "Owned! Bee-yatch! Dog fucking owned you!" Doing a minor booty dance of ownage, perhaps, in retrospect, a bit prematurely. (I believe hip-hop to be the apprpriate language for taunting, at least until I learn French.)

Christopher Moore

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#15. He moved until he stood close enough to share secrets, to dance. To kiss.

Brigid Kemmerer

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#16. Until House came along I don't think the English made very good dance records, you know, there were very few really good English Rap records, whereas once House came along all of a sudden we started and now I think we probably lead the world, and have overtaken America in dance music.

Fatboy Slim

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#17. His parents were tiny people and knew how to dance. Scotty danced, too, with a variety of women, I'm sure, though I never acknowledged this to myself until years later. He knew charm.

Vicki Covington

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#18. I have seen galaxies die. I have watched atoms dance. But until I had the dark behind the eyes, I didn't know the death from the dance.

Terry Pratchett

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#19. Dance, Live, Sing, Cry, Love, Travel and Love again, until the day you have to stop

Vanessa Vanney Thompson

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#20. You never know a man until you've seen him dance.

Ariel Swan

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#21. There was always dance in opera until people forgot to keep it going.

Mark Morris

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#22. In the ring I can stay until I'm old and gray because I know how to hit and dance away

Muhammad Ali

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Neil Gaiman

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#24. Your soul is a seeker, lover and artist; shape-shifting through archetypal energy, between your darkness and fields of light, your body and spirit, your heaven and hell, until you land in the moment of sweet surrender; when you, as a dancer, disappear into the dance.

Gabrielle Roth

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#25. Do you recognize it? Ajay asked Will. Three other guards started performing exactly the same strange, convoluted, synchronized dance steps, and it spread until twenty of them were moving along, when Will realized: Thriller? Correct!

Mark Frost

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#26. I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second thought I'd rather dance with the cows until you come home.

Groucho Marx

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#27. Do the steps that you've been shown,
by everyone you've ever known,
until the dance becomes your very own.

Jackson Browne

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#28. It wasn't until I found my tribe of artists - people who were outspoken and not afraid to say what they thought, whether in a song or a dance or a piece of classical music - that I found a refuge.

Cote De Pablo

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#29. How do you know a partner is right for you? That has everything to do with knowing each other and practicing together until you work as one, until you begin to synchronise your movements and your thoughts and your rhythmical feel for the music with your partner.

Patsy Yvonne Helen Swayze

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#30. It was usual to be obedient to authority, to obey a legal letter. But Rachaela left her bills
unpaid until the threats began. She ignored the money-envelopes stuck through the door for starving
children and the sick.

Tanith Lee

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#31. The sky on a clear night is a living, pulsating thing. The stars are like musical notes turned to light, and, like notes, they shimmer and swell and fade and fall. The painters have never captured it - but they never will until some painter teaches his colors to dance.

Barbara Quick

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#32. Give me the purple smoke, rising higher and higher into my brain until I dance with the purple butterflies. -Girl with the violet eyes.

Rochelle H. Ragnarok

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#33. I just want to continue to pursue dancing. I want to focus on making it out there and showing everybody my heart and soul through dance ... and do it until I can't walk anymore.

Maddie Ziegler

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#34. What's it like? Ballet school?"
"Harsh," he said. "Everyone dances until they collapse. We eat only raw-egg smoothies and wheat protein. Every Friday we have a dance-off and whoever is left standing gets a chocolate bar. Also we have to watch dance movies constantly.

Cassandra Clare

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#35. Let's nurture our spirits until they shine; and then let's strip down to our naked souls and dance through life until we drop little bits of light behind us that glow like fireflies in the night.

Cristen Rodgers

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#36. I feel that the music that I do is somewhat of a lost art and it's not as popular as dance or pop music and people are not as interested in it. But it's something that I believe in and I feel that it's needed, so that's why I do it and I will keep doing it until everybody hears it and gets it.

Jazmine Sullivan

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#37. You can only dance for so long, but you can act until you're dead, so ... I fell in love with it and I want to keep doing it and pushing myself.

Kenny Wormald

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#38. The truths of the world wish to be known, but they won't force themselves upon you the way lies will. They'll court you, whisper to you, play behind your eyelids, slip inside and warm your blood, dance along your spine and caress your neck until your flesh rises in bumps.

Mary E. Pearson

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#39. You may never reach that glorious moment until you die, so live life on the edge halfway between heaven and hell ... and let's all dance in the middle in purgatory

Lady Gaga

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#40. No man can know his deliverer, nor yet the thief of his soul. Their faces are covered; they swirl in the mob at the masquerade ball. Wine flows, and dance follows dance, and we are never certain of their names until that Midnight when all masks are removed

Robert V.S. Redick

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#41. There's some muscle group around your shoulders that seizes up during the perfection dance and doesn't let go until you are asleep, or alone. Or maybe it never really lets go at all.

Anna Quindlen

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#42. We play in the jungle gym of sexuality until our spirit takes us out into a clear field where we can see the stars, the ten thousand radiances of enlightenment. One of those radiances is the dance of sexuality.

Frederick Lenz

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#43. My dance teacher said "you are not a real dancer until your toes bleed from pointing all day" so I did just that. At that time when I went back to her she said "bravo. You have learned to live with pain. You are a real dancer.


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#44. Black people dance well because we start early - there's music being played everywhere. White people? They don't start dancing until they get to college, and by then, it's too late; the bottom don't move with the top no matter how hard they try.

Tracy Morgan

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#45. How's your dance card look?" "Double-check your century Jules. No dance cards." Jules shrugged & gave me his most flirtatious smile.

Amy Plum

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#46. Until we teach our children that they need to be concerned with how they look and with what other people think, they dance.

Brene Brown

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#47. No longer mere earthbeings and planetbeings are we, but bright children of the stars! And together we shall dance in and out of ten billion years, celebrating the gift of consciousness until the stars themselves grow cold and weary, and our thoughts turn again to the beginning.

Sid Meier

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#48. I dance for no reason, for reasons you can't dance,
Call me an activist of intellectualized circumstance
You can't learn my steps until you unlearn your thoughts Spirit, soul, can't be store-bought.

Saul Williams

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#49. Dancing was one of the hobbies my brother and I had when we were kids, and dance ended up being the one that stuck. I dropped everything else until that was what was left in the end.

Damian Woetzel

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#50. Until quite recently dance in America was the ragged Cinderella of the arts.

Shana Alexander

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#51. I was 85 lbs. at my 2000 homecoming dance. But I wanted my collarbones and hip bones to show more. I'd feel my hip bones to make sure they were out. If not, I had more weight to lose. I lost my period until I was 17. I loved that. It meant I wasn't healthy, and I didn't want to be healthy.

Brittany Snow

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#52. For some, it was easier to take the leap from the leafless tree and dance on nothing until dancing was done.

Neil Gaiman

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#53. I dance around my living room to cheesy '80s aerobics music until I'm sweating really hard!

Evangeline Lilly

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#54. Until lunchtime, he'd had no idea, really, what love was, but now he knew.
It made you happy, and it made you want to dance, and it made you feel funny.
But most of all, you knew you had someone you could trust.
Someone you could tell everything to. Absolutely everything.

John Saul

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#55. Nature! We are enveloped and embraced by her, incapable of emerging from her and incapable of entering her more deeply. Unbidden and unwarned, she receives us into the circuits of her dance, drifting onward with us herself, until we grow tired and drop from her arms.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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#56. Be avid. Create apart from perfection. Risk failure. Cover your words with sweat. Run a little Touch excruciatingly. Laugh until you cry. Dance with your eyes closed. Care. Understand you die a little in every moment. Be Enlivened

Mary Anne Radmacher

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#57. We sat in the car
& the night dropped
down until the
only sounds were
the crickets &
the dance of our voices

& for a moment
the world became
small enough to
roll back & forth
between us.

Brian Andreas

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#58. We sat in the car
& the night dropped
down until the
only sounds were
the crickets &
the dance of our voices
& for a moment
the world became
small enough to
roll back & forth
between us.

Brian Andreas

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#59. The ocean is a beast. A beast that doesn't care if it chews you up or swallows you whole. A beast you cannot beat - you can only dance with it until the time comes when it kills you. It will never lose,

Alessandra Torre

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#60. DJing for people is fun until someone comes up with a phone screen that has 'PLAY SOME RIHANNA' written on it. I prefer to play older songs because they're the ones I personally enjoy dancing and singing along to and modern dance music bores my brains out.

Alexa Chung

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#61. Dance for yourself. If someone understands, good. If not, no matter. Go right on doing what interests you, and do it until it stops interesting you.

Louis Horst

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#62. We are conjured voiceless out of nothing and must return to an unknowing state. What happens in between is an uncontrolled dance, and what we ask for in love is no more than a momentary chance to get the steps right, to move in harmony until the music stops.

Louise Erdrich

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#63. I love dancing and practiced ballet for ten years until I realized I wouldn't make it professionally - then I started taking salsa classes. I learned to dance samba in Rio and Salvador when I lived in Brazil.

Leila Janah

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#64. From my debut until now, I've always wanted to sing and dance.

Namie Amuro

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#65. I can see his breath stirring the dust in the air, making it dance in the beam from the flashlight. It quickens as I watch him, until I can almost hear a waltz, each particle of dust twirling to the ghost of that old song.

Amie Kaufman

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#66. My heart lifted, and a matching grin curved my lips. He wanted to see me again. Maybe he really did like me after all. I felt like doing a happy dance, but of course, I was way too cool for that. I'd at least wait until I got back to my hotel room, alone, where no one would see.

Jennifer Estep

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#67. I have a strong dance background. I danced from age five until 18, and that helps a lot. Doing a fight routine is like doing a dance routine.

Yvonne Strahovski

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#68. You remember that my great vision came to me when I was only nine years old, and you have seen that I was not much good for anything until after I had performed the horse dance near the mouth of the Tongue River during my eighteenth summer.

Black Elk

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