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#1. For me, film has been good because I'm able to work at top crack, working at something I love to do, in the only literary form in which you can still make money. There are no famous novelists, not as novelists used to be famous. - Author: William Monahan
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#2. What used to keep me up at night was the fact that I didn't know how I was going to pay the rent. Now that I can pay the rent, I'm worrying about people I care about, you know, the people I love. The little aches and pains of my children that I, my family. That's always first. - Author: Paul Auster
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#3. As mayor, I used to always feel the important thing is that people respect me, not love me - but it is really much nicer when they love you, too. I'm going to try to keep it that way. - Author: Rudy Giuliani
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#4. Did you ever thing, Bryntastic, that I might want to be friends?" he whispers close, so close to me I feel his breath on my neck ... "That I remember the girl who used to love laughing? Who used to blush all the time? The first girl I ever danced with? - Author: Nyrae Dawn
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#5. Now that I've found you, it scares me witless to think of anything happening. To you. I'm not used to being ... afraid." A sudden realization came to her, "So this is love," she said quietly. "The daily prospect of joy or disaster - Author: Zoe Archer
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#6. Im used to being adored, but i have no interest in being adored. If you want me to fall in love with you, ignore me, pique my interest by being completely uninterested. - Author: Jane Green
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#7. A blanket could be used to wrap up all the love I have to offer you, so it'll be easier for you to carry it across the desert. You'd better get walking, because me and my camel won't be stopping until we have to pee. - Author: Jarod Kintz
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#8. I used to scream at everybody at the beginning of my career. I'd get really emotional. I'd project all my issues about my parents and safety onto the executives, so every conversation where they gave a note was life or death and you don't love me. - Author: Judd Apatow
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#9. I used to arch my back for boys who couldn't even remember the color of my bedsheets.
But you, however, made me turnover the arch on my mouth. - Author: Sade Andria Zabala
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#10. My aunt used to tell me that trust was like a plate. Once it was broken, it didn't matter how much glue you used to put it back together; it would never be the same. So here I am holding onto the broken fragments of our love - our marriage - trying not to cut myself with them. Some - Author: Mia Asher
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#11. My daddy used to tell me 'the first time you fall in love it changes your life forever, and no matter how hard you try, the feelin' never goes away. This girl you been tellin' me about was your first love. And no matter what you do, she'll stay with you forever. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#12. I love words very much. I've always loved to talk, and I've always love words - the words that rest in your mouth, what words mean and how you taste them and so on. And for me the spoken word can be used almost as a gesture. - Author: Martha Graham
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#13. Peter.' It was the first time I had used his name. 'You heard me sing tonight, did you not?'
'Yes, love.'
The endearment took my breath away - made me forget what I meant to say. I stood there with but one thought: He must care about me. - Author: Jennifer Paynter
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#14. Music is so different now," she had said to [him] once. "It used to be 'Love Me Forever' and now it's 'Help Me Make It Through the Night.'
"Aw, Ma," he had said, "don't you get it? In the old days they just hid it better. It was always 'Help Me Make It Through the Night. - Author: Anne Tyler
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#15. O thanks be to the great God I got somebody to give me what I badly wanted to put some heart up into me youve no chances at all inthis place like you used long ago I wish somebody would write me a loveletter ... - Author: James Joyce
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#16. Love me. Come back to me. Look at me like you used to. Touch me. Stop breaking me. - Author: Ella Fields
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#17. I love films from all these different points of views that used the idea of the school as a way to talk about the American experience. It took me a while to figure how to write a movie like that, because that's not something you learn at film school - Author: Justin Simien
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#18. So you can't marry Harry, Mom! Not if you still love Daddy!" I sound like a ten-year-old, but I can't help it. Buttercup comes over to me and puts her head on my lap.
"Love gets used up, Chastity," Mom says gently, reaching up to smooth my hair. "If it's not returned, it gets used up. - Author: Kristan Higgins
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#19. When you looked at me with those limitless, deliquescent eyes of yours, I used to wonder what it was you could possibly see in me. Now I know that is a foolish view of love. You and I could no more not love each other than the earth could stop circling the sun. - Author: Jojo Moyes
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#20. I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what i choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?
The killer in me is the killer in you
My love
I send this smile over to you - Author: Billy Corgan
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#21. I know you're not like that anymore, Kane. While I don't approve of the person you used to be, I can't change the past. Lord knows I would if I could. The only thing to do is move forward, and if you want, I would love for you to do so with me. - Author: Amanda Stone
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#22. Running is so natural to me. When I was running track, people used to ask me, 'When are you gonna start running hard?' The wind hits me in the face, and I feel so smooth ... Man, I love to run! - Author: Eric Dickerson
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#23. The woman is the home. That's where she used to be, and that's where she still is. You might ask me, What if a man tries to be part of the home
will the woman let him? I answer yes. Because the he becomes one of the children. - Author: Marguerite Duras
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#24. I have no need to write to you or talk to you, you know everything before I can speak, but when one loves, one feels the need to use the same old ways one has always used. I know I am only beginning to love, but already I want to abandon everything, everybody but you: only fear and habit prevent me. - Author: Graham Greene
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#25. Please don't do this - don't do this to me. If anything happened to you - "
He looked at her with surprise. There was already a red stain on the white bandages that wrapped his chest, where his movements had pulled his wound open. "I ... "
"I'm not used to you loving me," he said. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#26. Love is love. It's rarer in Faerie than it used to be - rarer than it should be, if you ask me. If you can find it, you should cling to it, and never let anything interfere. Besides, he has a nice ass. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#27. I love you." His voice was straightforward, affectionate. "You make me remember who I used to be. You make me want to be that man again. Right now, holding you, I feel like we have a shot at beating all odds and making it together. I'm yours, if you'll have me. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#28. So you know what your punishment is going to be, sweetheart? I'm going to make love to you. Slowly. Hell, it might take me until tomorrow. I'm going to lose count of how many times you come. And every time you do, I'm going to tell you that I love you. Until you fucking get used to it. - Author: Tessa Bailey
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#29. I love you so much, so incredibly much," he went on, "and I forget when you're close to me, I forget who you are. I forget that you're Jem's. I'd have to be the worst sort of person to think what I'm thinking right now. But I am thinking it. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#30. But I don't blame you anymore, that's too much pain to store ... it left me half dead ... inside my head. And boy looking back I see I'm not the girl I used to be. When I lost my mind, it saved my life. - Author: MoZella
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#31. You don't love me, but you used to. I wanted to say thank you for that. - Author: Stacey T. Hunt
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#32. When I came here, diagnosed as a schizophrenic, you spent days, months, talking to me and treating me as a human being. I was getting used to the life I'd decided to lead, to the other reality I'd created, but you wouldn't let me. I hated you, and now I love you. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#33. I love you. I hope you can get used to me saying that. A lot. - Author: Jaci Burton
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#34. My mother used to tell me that when push comes to shove, you always know who to turn to. That being a family isn't a social construct but an instinct. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#35. As for me, no one will ever love me. But you could get used to me, couldn't you, Jimmy? - Author: Tennessee Williams
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#36. But when I touch you, your aura ... it smolders. The colors deepen, it burns more intensely, the purple increases. Why? Why, Sydney?" He used that hand to pull me closer. "Why do you react that way if I don't mean anything to you?" There was a desperation in his voice, and it was legitimate. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#37. You used to be the best to make life be real to me,
and I hope that you're still out there and you're like you used to be - Author: Warren Zevon
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#38. You seem so far away though you are standing near.
You made me feel alive, but something died I fear.
I really tried to make it out, I wish I understood.
What happened to our love, it used to be so good. - Author: Bjorn Ulvaeus
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#39. Why do you think Jesus used wine to symbolize his blood? ...
I think the Lord used wine for dozens of reasons, but one of the most convincing for me is the fact that crafting a glass of fine wine is nothing less than a very intentional, almost sacrificial, act of love. - Author: Nicole Baart
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#40. My favorite song is Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You' because my brother used to sing it to me as loud as he could. Annoying then, favorite memory now. - Author: Shelley Hennig
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#41. I used to love you I still do So Selfish I love the old you The you that didnt shoot drugs ... The you that didnt get beat on by men You laugh in my face and call me a fool But its true I still love you Sometimes,I can see the old you When your eyes flash When you almost look alive - Author: Henry Rollins
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#42. When you're a front man for a band, there's nowhere to hide. It took me a long time to get used to that. But music is my first love. I started singing when I talked. - Author: Gloria Estefan
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#43. He feels the way he used to feel passing love notes to girls in elementary school. Do you like me? the notes always read. Check yes or no. But he is older now and his question is older, too, not Do you like me? but Shouldn't someone? - Author: Kevin Brockmeier
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#44. No matter what happens, please remember that I love you, hridaya patni. Promise me that you'll remember."
"It's a pet name our father used to call our mother. It means ... wife of my heart. - Author: Colleen Houck
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#45. -That's kind of sad.
-I used to think so. Now I think: you're born a certain way. Later you get to decide how much you want to fight/change that. I don't mind being alone.
-You must mind. If you didn't you wouldn't be doing this with me. - Author: Doug Dorst
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#46. I should have known he and I weren't going to make it when for my seventeenth birthday he gave me a box of microwave popcorn and a used battery tester. You know, to test batteries before I put them in my Walkman. Like you give someone when you're in love. - Author: Tina Fey
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#47. - I used to love you.
- What's changed?
- You.
- No. Now you see me. That's all. - Author: Sarah Kane
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#48. I love Halloween. It reminds me of my happy childhood days as a student at Wampus Elementary School in Armonk, N.Y., when we youngsters used to celebrate Halloween by making decorations out of construction paper and that white paste that you could eat. - Author: Dave Barry
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#49. I used to like you. You liked me back. I knew you liked me. You knew I liked you. Why didn't you try for me? I always tried for you to notice me. You did. Don't be shy. I won't bite. - Author: Melanie Kay Taylor
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#50. Please remember that you can talk to me about anything. I know it's hard to talk to your old mom about things, but I'll always help you in whatever way I can. I'm serious. You have to remember that I used to hold you right here in my arms. - Author: Matt Abrams
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#51. From all my dreams where you felt everlasting
to all my clothes your words used to wear,
to the old end, to the new beginning,
you have lost me everywhere. - Author: Khadija Rupa
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#52. I don't ask you to forgive me. I don't ask you to love me as you used to love me. But couldn't we be friends? - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#53. My mom used to tell me that whatever you do, marry someone who loves you more than you love him. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#54. You hardly know me. Why do you want me to come with you?"
"Who knows? Perhaps you remind me just a bit of - "
"Someone you used to know?" Alec interjected skeptically.
"Someone I used to be. - Author: Lynn Flewelling
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#55. When the lights don't glow the same way that they used to and I finally get a moment to myself, I will realize you were everything I'm missing and you'll tell me you're in love with someone else. - Author: Drake
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#56. Gabriel scowled at me. "And by OK, I'm sure you mean, 'Oh, my love, whatever will I do if you come to harm?' " he said dryly. "No, it's just that I'm so used to people coming after me, it's kind of a refreshing change of pace. - Author: Molly Harper
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#57. I used to be a big planner and had to have things figured out ahead of time, but I'm learning to love living in the moment. Last night, I called my friend up randomly and said, 'Where are you? I want to come see you!' It's not a new version of me. I'm just embracing it more. - Author: Lily Collins
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#58. I know you'll never love me like you used to. - Author: Ed Sheeran
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#59. And now everyone else I ever love is going to think me boring. Because I used it all up on you. - Author: Pleasefindthis
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#60. I used to love to make things - you couldn't drag me away for dinner because I was always writing a story or something. - Author: Fiona Apple
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#61. It's just so strange.
You used to love me,
and now you're a stranger
who happens to know all
of my secrets. - Author: Clementine Von Radics
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