Top 79 Willpower Of A Sayings

#1. The vending machine lacked the willpower of the Western elevator, and it dutifully spat out several chocolate bars and a packet of salt and vinegar chips. I gave you more money than that, thought William, and the vending machine gave him some more.

Kit Abbey

Willpower Of A Sayings #1170112
#2. The is a secret for greater self-control, the science points to one thing: the power of paying attention.

Kelly McGonigal

Willpower Of A Sayings #1390434
#3. A fabulous pair of shoes? I have to have willpower.

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Willpower Of A Sayings #1385273
#4. Things have to be made to happen in a way you want them to happen. Without management, without the intervention of organized willpower the desired result simply cannot be obtained.

Robert Heller

Willpower Of A Sayings #1364262
#5. My body really, really wanted to reproduce when I was 15. It took a lot of civilization, socialization, willpower and some emulsion polymerization technology for me not to reproduce at 15.

Penn Jillette

Willpower Of A Sayings #1335977
#6. I think the hardest part of being a teenage, or any age really, is the misconception that you're alone. You're not alone. You're not the only one going through what you're going through, and life does get better if you want it to.

Ellie Elisabeth

Willpower Of A Sayings #1330657
#7. Resiliency, like a cartwheel, requires core strength and a disregard for gravity. Only one of which can be willed.

Amy Koppelman

Willpower Of A Sayings #1300262
#8. Your imagination is ten times more potent than your willpower. Unleashed, it provides a sense of certainty and tenacious vision that goes far beyond any limitation of the past.

Tony Robbins

Willpower Of A Sayings #1287344
#9. As people strengthened their willpower muscles in one part of their lives - in the gym, or a money management program - that strength spilled over into what they ate or how hard they worked. Once willpower became stronger, it touched everything.

Charles Duhigg

Willpower Of A Sayings #1188804
#10. He does seem to have a lot of willpower." "That is an understatement," I agreed. "Tall, blond, and stubborn.

Chloe Neill

Willpower Of A Sayings #1186002
#11. Black! Black! Black! I am proud of being a Negro. Nor have I ever tried to beg tolerance from anyone. Superiority is not proved by color, but by the brain, by education, by willpower, by moral courage.

Jose Celso Barbosa

Willpower Of A Sayings #1410920
#12. Let's recognize that success in life is a reflection not only of enterprise and willpower but also of chance and early upbringing, and that compassion isn't a sign of weakness but a mark of civilization.

Nicholas D. Kristof

Willpower Of A Sayings #1168661
#13. Every enticing item you pass in the window and don't buy is a crushed impulse, slowly whittling away at your reserve of willpower - making it much more likely that later in the day you will fall for temptation.

Dan Ariely

Willpower Of A Sayings #1150472
#14. Obligation is a more effective weapon against the Will than any penalty, threat or act of force.

Ashim Shanker

Willpower Of A Sayings #977675
#15. Sit in front of an object of concentration with the eyes open. Focus on a candle flame, or a yantra, a little dot, something small. Just look at it. Focus on it until there is nothing else in your mind. This develops willpower.

Frederick Lenz

Willpower Of A Sayings #972992
#16. Our only hope is not for more willpower; it is for a new set of habits.

John Ortberg

Willpower Of A Sayings #918898
#17. The next time the world tells you "Stop", "Don't", or "You can't do this", the next time the world beats the living daylight out of you, hit it back with a knock just as strong and say, "No, I want to do this.

Joud Tabaza

Willpower Of A Sayings #893839
#18. The life of the professional writer - like that of any freelance, whether she be a plumber or a podiatrist - is predicated on willpower. Without it there simply wouldn't be any remuneration, period.

Will Self

Willpower Of A Sayings #892100
#19. That was the trouble with wizards, they had to make everything look difficult. All you really needed was willpower. And the Brethren had a lot of that. Small-minded and vitriolic willpower, yes, lousy with malignity maybe, but still powerful enough in its way ...

Terry Pratchett

Willpower Of A Sayings #891239
#20. This quality of self-denial in pursuit of a longer-term goal and, indeed, the willpower to maintain the denial, is excellent training for the boardroom.

John Viney

Willpower Of A Sayings #888480
#21. I would need an awful lot of willpower to fight my way through the ups and downs of the road to recovery, and there might be times when I may feel a bit down and depressed, but there would be counsellors that I could talk to about how I was feeling.

Sue Whitaker

Willpower Of A Sayings #1657590
#22. Freedom is willpower to act for a change.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Willpower Of A Sayings #1875276
#23. You have to believe in a placebo or it won't work, but if it works, it's obviously working in some indirect way, through feedback in the immune system, let us say, or in the willpower of the patient to take a more strenuous exercise in their own therapy.

Charles Jencks

Willpower Of A Sayings #1842735
#24. Indeed, the best way to think of willpower is not as some shapeless behavioral trait but as a sort of psychic muscle, one that can atrophy or grow stronger depending on how it's used.

Jeffrey Kluger

Willpower Of A Sayings #1818282
#25. Not branded dresses, expensive perfumes, studded sandals, glamorous accessories, the true beauty of a woman is her smile, willpower, confidence, intelligence and her ability to survive and rule with pride in a man's world.

Happy Woman's Day !

Harshada Pathare

Willpower Of A Sayings #1817007
#26. What I know is that if you're going to play half-court, you'd better have the greatest executioners of half-court basketball. If you run, you test the stamina and willpower of the other team. That's what I learned as a player.

Tom Heinsohn

Willpower Of A Sayings #1794017
#27. You give anybody a billion dollars, and of course they are passionate. Passion is one of those things like willpower in that there's 'magical thinking' about it. You've got to be careful about 'magical thinking.'

Scott Adams

Willpower Of A Sayings #1789874
#28. A heart full of love and compassion is the main source of inner strength, willpower, happiness, and mental tranquility

Dalai Lama

Willpower Of A Sayings #1785591
#29. The Girauds' child was looking more and more like a problem.
Luke pressed his lips into a thin line. When she'd leaned in the stagecoach blazing with fervor over what was in the arcane books, it had taken all his willpower not to throw a bolt of magic to stop her heart.

Ann Gimpel

Willpower Of A Sayings #1715939
#30. Remember that becoming people of integrity and honesty is not simply a matter of more personal determination, more grit, and more willpower; rather, it is accomplished through the enabling power of the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ.

David A. Bednar

Willpower Of A Sayings #1691325
#31. Every single decision of your life is predicated on the healthy functioning of the prefrontal cortex. Even a slight malfunction in a tiny chunk of neuron anywhere in the PFC would lead to the mental deficit in your logical decision-making.

Abhijit Naskar

Willpower Of A Sayings #783504
#32. If eating a healthy diet feels unpleasant, you're doing it wrong. And you're wasting your limited stockpile of willpower.

Scott Adams

Willpower Of A Sayings #1610948
#33. There's emptiness in him that can never be filled, emptiness that dresses up well at prep school, where a lack of willpower is called creativity.

Caroline Kepnes

Willpower Of A Sayings #1602759
#34. Willpower is a concentration of force. You gather up all your energy and make a massive thrust forward.

Steve Pavlina

Willpower Of A Sayings #1585691
#35. ... that your are the prime driver of your life. The world is malleable enough to be shaped by you. To lead a better life you just have to work harder, or use more willpower, or make better decisions.

David Brooks

Willpower Of A Sayings #1576614
#36. This is a candidate who never even thought about policy. What Trump represents is pure willpower and the notion of breaking through the system.

Newt Gingrich

Willpower Of A Sayings #1536074
#37. He (Kris Medlin) has a communication with a force in pitching that most of us can't talk to. It's an awareness; it's a sixth sense. When he steps in and stares in to that catcher, that little man on his shoulder's going to take over and tell him what to do. And he's done it well.

Don Sutton

Willpower Of A Sayings #1511774
#38. The forthputting of willpower is a means of strengthening willpower. The will becomes strong by exercise. To stick to a thing till you are master is a test of intellectual discipline and power.

Orison Swett Marden

Willpower Of A Sayings #1468824
#39. I feel self-repressed again. The old fall disease. Where is my willpower? The idea of a life gets in the way of my life ... I dream too much, work too little.

Sylvia Plath

Willpower Of A Sayings #1454540
#40. The smile is civilization's finest adornment. It signifies the willpower and duty to fashion mankind's coexistence as quietly and agreeably as possible so that it will always appear friendly. For it is all a matter of appearance. The smile is culture's diploma: it is the diplomat's badge.

Iwan Goll

Willpower Of A Sayings #1438797
#41. We saw what happened the last time you made a solemn vow."
"That wasn't my fault. You beguiled me. You stripped me of my strength. You cast a spell on me that whisked away my willpower so you could have your way with me.

Nicole Williams

Willpower Of A Sayings #212149
#42. And with the deftness of a thief, he was picking the lock of her willpower.

Mary Jo Putney

Willpower Of A Sayings #448640
#43. Before, I was always trying to make my relationships work by means of willpower and forced affability. This time I didn't have to strive for anything. A quality of ease spread over us.

Charles Baxter

Willpower Of A Sayings #393231
#44. A recent study suggests that 75 per cent of the weight-loss response in obesity is predicted by insulin levels.29 Not willpower. Not caloric intake. Not peer support or peer pressure. Not exercise. Just insulin.

Jason Fung

Willpower Of A Sayings #385675
#45. Human beings actually have quite a bit of willpower. They don't know too much about it, but they have quite a bit.

Frederick Lenz

Willpower Of A Sayings #357699
#46. Is anything truly impossible? Or is it that the path to our goals appears too unclear to follow? It seems to me that if you seek hard enough, pray hard enough, you usually stumble across a scattering of breadcrumbs that marks the trail leading to the goal you once considered beyond your reach.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Willpower Of A Sayings #328958
#47. Willpower is not some mythical force that we either have or don't have. Willpower is our decision to use higher mind thinking instead of lazing around in the clutches of our primal mind.

A. Curtiss

Willpower Of A Sayings #292141
#48. This is how willpower becomes a habit: by choosing a certain behavior ahead of time, and then following that routine when an inflection point arrives.

Charles Duhigg

Willpower Of A Sayings #276037
#49. There's no doubt that Mexican men and women full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States.

Vicente Fox

Willpower Of A Sayings #255520
#50. You were not born to make only a living but to live life.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Willpower Of A Sayings #248471
#51. Marriage doesn't just happen! It takes a solid set of decisions, a huge amount of skill and enormous willpower.

Neil Clark Warren

Willpower Of A Sayings #460828
#52. When some give you advice, say 'thank you'. Then, you must seek the quietness of your spirit for a reflection and direction.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Willpower Of A Sayings #148897
#53. I once wrote a book on courage and what made people courageous. I found it was a strength of belief matched by a strength of willpower.

Gordon Brown

Willpower Of A Sayings #120303
#54. A very fine artist can take something quite ordinary and, through sheer artistry and willpower, turn it into a work of art.

Truman Capote

Willpower Of A Sayings #101257
#55. A stony road, hard on the feet. I would beg for us to sit down but you discouraged it, knowing that sitting was fatal, because of the willpower required to get up again.

Edna O'Brien

Willpower Of A Sayings #98756
#56. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, you may wake up each day with failure in mind because the goal is hard to reach, and you are progressing only by small amounts. It takes up all your willpower. I recommend that instead of a goal, you have a system.

Scott Adams

Willpower Of A Sayings #97626
#57. Don Marquis came down after a month on the wagon, ambled over to the bar, and announced, 'I've conquered that goddamn willpower of mine. Gimme a double Scotch.

E.B. White

Willpower Of A Sayings #39359
#58. Imagine willpower as a closed fist and longing as an open hand. Try closing your fist. How long do you think you can hold that pose? A closed fist requires a lot of attention and energy, and so does willpower. Longing is effortless; it's just there, like an open hand.

Gudjon Bergmann

Willpower Of A Sayings #36981
#59. Mastery of impulse is achieved through taking pauses during life's contrasting situations. Mastery of impulse is about developing strong willpower that can be used to redirect the flow of energy in any situation. Mastery of impulse is about responding to the world with a sense of reason and peace.

Alaric Hutchinson

Willpower Of A Sayings #33578
#60. Neuroscientists have discovered that when you ask the brain to meditate, it gets better not just at meditating, but at a wide range of self-control skills, including attention, focus, stress management, impulse control, and self-awareness.

Kelly McGonigal

Willpower Of A Sayings #24384
#61. The measure of a man is his state of mind.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Willpower Of A Sayings #701129
#62. Writing a book is like rearing children
willpower has very little to do with it. If you have a little baby crying in the middle of the night, and if you depend only on willpower to get you out of bed to feed the baby, that baby will starve. You do it out of love.

Annie Dillard

Willpower Of A Sayings #782343
#63. Imagine if your success in life is determined only by your guts, your hard work, and your willpower, and not by the wealth of your parents. I think it'll be a much more interesting world. I think this could change the way the planet is run.

Andrew Ng

Willpower Of A Sayings #768821
#64. When willpower is not guided, it's terrible. Hitler had a lot of will. But he used it for destructive purposes because he lacked wisdom.

Frederick Lenz

Willpower Of A Sayings #761586
#65. But trying to use willpower to overcome the apathetic sort of sadness that accompanies depression is like a person with no arms trying to punch themselves until their hands grow back. A fundamental component of the plan is missing and it isn't going to work.

Allie Brosh

Willpower Of A Sayings #739781
#66. Soloing is the most beautiful way of climbing; no material constrains, just you and the rock, the sun, nature; a kind of school for courage, willpower and self-confidence.

Alain Robert

Willpower Of A Sayings #727340
#67. It required a great deal of Cam's willpower - and he had a considerable supply - not to skewer Christopher Frost with a dining utensil. He wanted her attention. All of it.

Lisa Kleypas

Willpower Of A Sayings #726804
#68. He who wills believes with a fair amount of certainty that will and action are somehow one; he ascribes the success, the carrying out of the willing, to the will itself, and thereby enjoys an increase of the sensation of power which accompanies all success.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Willpower Of A Sayings #726651
#69. Willpower alone is not enough to bring about this change; start by realizing that you cannot do this alone. If you are a person of faith, use that connection to help you change.

Lysa TerKeurst

Willpower Of A Sayings #708225
#70. I believe tnat life is very generous with us once we have shown the will to take a positive course. It is ery ready to keep on opening doors for us. It is just that sometimes we lose our willpower and courage adn prefer to stay on the familiar, safe side of each door.

Mary Balogh

Willpower Of A Sayings #702582
#71. Grace, not willpower, is what ultimately empowers us to live loving lives. Creativity, both in what spawns within the artist and the artifact, can be a vital source of that grace.

Ronald Rolheiser

Willpower Of A Sayings #6282
#72. We know what willpower is, but by some misguided conception, many of us believe we have to be a certain type of person, strong, determined, extroverted, to be able to be willful, to exercise willpower. Not so. We all have it and just don't know how to use it.

Rosemary Altea

Willpower Of A Sayings #650149
#73. I did a lot today. That is, I did something. The only thing I have ever done. I pressed a button. It took the entire willpower, the accumulated strength of my entire existence, to press one damned OFF button.

Ursula K. Le Guin

Willpower Of A Sayings #649913
#74. After 15 years of work I have achieved, as a common German soldier and merely with my fanatical willpower, the unity of the German nation, and have freed it from the death sentence of Versailles.

Adolf Hitler

Willpower Of A Sayings #628687
#75. A big part of willpower is having something to aspire to, something to live for.

Mark Shuttleworth

Willpower Of A Sayings #616906
#76. It is possible with pure willpower to force the kundalini up the shushumna, through the chakras. You will develop visions of other worlds that will not necessarily stop when you want them to. This is a condition we call insanity.

Frederick Lenz

Willpower Of A Sayings #561733
#77. Be bold as a lion.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Willpower Of A Sayings #543389
#78. I can't believe I just rejected him. I'm stunned, but I also feel like giving myself a standing ovation. I just resisted the advances of Nate Thornhill, my fantasy of almost three years. I should win a willpower award.

Colleen Masters

Willpower Of A Sayings #540657
#79. Dreams seem to generate a special kind of passion and willpower, both of which help people navigate the seas of life.

Gudjon Bergmann

Willpower Of A Sayings #507582

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