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#1. Twitter is good. Why say a lot to a few people when you can say virtually nothing to everyone? - Author: Jerry Seinfeld
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#2. I've always loved the language of flowers. I discovered Kate Greenaway's 'Language of Flowers' in a used bookstore when I was 16 and couldn't believe it was such a well-kept secret. How could something so beautiful and romantic be virtually unknown? - Author: Vanessa Diffenbaugh
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#3. Hard work and perseverance trumps talent most of the time. Talent plus hard work? Virtually unstoppable. - Author: T.C. Harrelson
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#4. Hamet, Seid, and Abdallah were stung by the irony that on the wild desert, where people had virtually nothing, they shared freely, but here, where resources were comparatively abundant, no one would offer them so much as a drink. - Author: Dean King
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#5. In our greatest universities, naturalism - the doctrine that nature is all there is - is the virtually unquestioned assumption that underlies not only natural science but intellectual work of all kinds. - Author: Philip Johnson
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#6. In most important ways, this world is explicitly antibureaucratic: that is, it evinces an explicit rejection of virtually all the core values of bureaucracy. - Author: David Graeber
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#7. Farkas's Jewish family trees go on for pages, each virtually identical to the one before, until the conclusion becomes inescapable: Jewish doctors and lawyers did not become professionals in spite of their humble origins. They became professionals because of their humble origins. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#8. Washington's address is virtually unknown today and has not been seen in most American history textbooks in nearly four decades. Perhaps it is because of all the religious warnings Washington made in his 'Farewell Address.' - Author: David Barton
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#9. If you see how carefully I prepare for any kind of walk, legal or illegal, small or big, you will see that, actually, I narrow the unknown to virtually nothing. And that's when I am ready to walk on the wire. - Author: Philippe Petit
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#10. Despite their rising international acclaim, Sachal Studios remains virtually unknown in Pakistan. The ensemble is faced with a daunting task: to reclaim and reinvigorate an art that has lost its space in Pakistan's narrowing cultural sphere. - Author: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
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#11. We live almost completely immersed in a socially constructed reality that so fully absorbs our energy and attention that virtually none remains to experience the wonder of our existence. - Author: Duane Elgin
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#12. The way things are supposed to work is that we're supposed to know virtually everything about what they [the government] do: that's why they're called public servants. They're supposed to know virtually nothing about what we do: that's why we're called private individuals. - Author: Glenn Greenwald
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#13. It really is a day job, and it also seems to have virtually disappeared-with no remorse, really. It gives me more time to paint. - Author: Martin Mull
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#14. The real power in Ottawa, as in Washington, is in the executive branch. At the White House, there are daily briefings for reporters. In Ottawa, there is no such daily access. The media doesn't demand it, and as a result, major powerbrokers remain virtually anonymous. - Author: Lawrence Martin
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#15. It is not an accident that developing countries - virtually the whole of East Asia, for example - view the role of the state in a far more interventionist way than does the Anglo-Saxon world. Laissez-faire and free markets are the favoured means of the powerful and privileged. - Author: Martin Jacques
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#16. There i was in late middle age, cut loose in a thoroughly looted, bankrupt nation whose assets had been sold off to foreigners, a nation swamped by unchecked plagues and superstition and illiteracy and hypnotic tv, with virtually no health services for the poor. where to go? what to do? - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#17. A belief in the purposeful complexity of Fate is always more comforting than random, straightforward facts. This may be why Mother preferred to believe in Atlantis and UFOs rather than in virtually everything else. - Author: Bradley Denton
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#18. Interestingly, Marxism, Communism and its derivative, Socialism, when seen years later in practice, are nothing but state-capitalism and rule by a privileged minority, exercising despotic and total control over a majority which is left with virtually no property or legal rights. - Author: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
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#19. Trust is a skill, one that is an aspect of virtually all human practices, cultures, and relationships. - Author: Robert C. Solomon
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#20. I know of few men over 50 that seem to me entirely human, virtually none who has long exercised authority. - Author: Patrick O'Brian
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#21. You don't want to get so distracted, focusing on what the opposition is putting forth that you forget to remind America that the real issue is 8.3 percent unemployment, virtually no growth at all in an economy that has been in shambles for the last four years under Obama. - Author: John Sununu
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#22. It's difficult to see the glass ceiling because it's made of glass. Virtually invisible. What we need is for more birds to fly above it and shit all over it, so we can see it properly. - Author: Caitlin Moran
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#23. Governments should look at investment in broadband as a national priority on the grounds that having broadband access for virtually everyone creates opportunities for the development of the economy that wouldn't otherwise be available. - Author: Vint Cerf
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#24. Never before have self-suffiency and education been so important, and they are virtually inseparable from survival. - Author: William Powell
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#25. Virtually everyone needs motivation of some sort, but when you are in love - that is motivation enough, it turns many into poets and painters, it spurs the creativity in you. - Author: Bernard Kelvin Clive
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#26. The death tax punishes the American dream - making it virtually impossible for the average American family to build wealth across generations. - Author: Kit Bond
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#27. No single individual, however eccentric or brilliant, could affect the enormous inertia of a society that had remained virtually unchanged for over a billion years. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
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#28. Wealth is so concentrated that a large segment of society is virtually unaware of its existence. - Author: Thomas Piketty
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#29. Virtually every kid is exposed to giants and ogres and talking wolves, and so forth. And magic. And I think you never outgrow your love for those imaginative, fanciful, farfetched, fantastic characters and situations. - Author: Stan Lee
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#30. The telling of a story, like virtually everything in this life, was always made all the easier by a cup of tea. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#31. In brief, the relationship between amount consumed and amount used for virtually all nutrients is not a linear relationship. - Author: T. Colin Campbell
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#32. Fifteen minutes with you Well, I wouldn't say no Oh, people said that you were virtually dead And they were so wrong
Fifteen minutes with you Oh, well, I wouldn't say no Oh, people said that you were easily led And they were half-right - Author: Morrissey
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#33. The Internet is just it's great in a lot of ways and it has its disadvantages. But one of the great advantages is the ubiquity - virtually anyone can be discovered and things catch like fire when they're great. - Author: Pharrell Williams
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#34. Whenever masses of people, especially educated people, know something - and when what they know is something they greatly fear because they believe it affects virtually everything they do or want to do - then most likely we stand in the presence of a vast falsehood. - Author: Thomas Szasz
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#35. Virtually nothing on earth can stop a person with a positive attitude who has his goal clearly in sight. - Author: Denis Waitley
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#36. I knew a man who had been virtually drowned and then revived. He said that his death had not been painful. - Author: Andre Maurois
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#37. In the end, Tuesday's vote represented a repudiation of virtually every notion Democrats embraced in recent weeks as they tried to disregard the growing evidence that they were headed for a historic defeat. Now, the vote is in, and the voters' message can no longer be discounted. - Author: Byron York
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#38. What surprised me was that within a family, the voices of sisters as they're talking are virtually always the same. - Author: Elizabeth Fishel
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#39. If Mom was feeling ambitious, she scribbled a small list of items beneath the word, but seeing as her handwriting is virtually illegible, we won't know what's in each box until we actually open it. Like Christmas. Except we already own everything. - Author: Victoria Schwab
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#40. I've said before: If Osama bin Laden was a Christian, Iraq was the Christmas present he always wanted but never expected his parents to give. It validated for the Muslim world virtually all of bin Laden's rhetoric. He had always said the Americans will destroy any strong Muslim regime, and we did. - Author: Michael Scheuer
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#41. We virtually never feel our age, but thinking that we should can lead to disaster. - Author: Martha Beck
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#42. But boys who like the tough sports - boys who are virtually nursed on that potion of hustle, slam, and grunt - they're the ones with the best chance in life. - Author: Julia Glass
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#43. It's true that virtually all new technologies do trigger what sociologists would call 'moral panics,' that there are a lot of people who are concerned with the possible political and social consequences, and that this has been true throughout the ages. - Author: Evgeny Morozov
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#44. In meeting Betty Jo he had learned that there was a large substratum of society that was totally unaffected by this middle-class prototype, that a huge and indifferent mass of persons had virtually no ambitions and no values whatever. - Author: Walter Tevis
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#45. In 1968, the situation at Harvard was not one of which we can be proud. In that year, the proportion of minority persons in salary and wage positions was approximately 3 per cent. Virtually no minority workers were employed on Harvard construction projects. - Author: Derek Bok
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#46. Once they've borne children, mothers can construct virtually any costume using scissors, felt, Elmer's glue, and a leftover pen spring. They're like the Special Forces of crafts. - Author: Drew Magary
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#47. With virtually no knowledge of or interest in history, the masses simply take their unprecedented high living standards under capitalism for granted. - Author: Ralph Raico
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#48. What we have done with the American Indian is its way as bad as what we imposed on the Negroes. We took a proud and independent race and virtually destroyed them. We have to find ways to bring them back into decent lives in this country. - Author: Richard M. Nixon
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#49. Virtually every society that survived did so by socializing its sons to be disposable. Disposable in war; disposable in work. We need warriors and volunteer firefighters, so we label these men heroes. - Author: Warren Farrell
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#50. Here's the thing about 'Cabin in the Woods.' I did virtually no research on this movie. - Author: Drew Goddard
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#51. States, virtually all of them, have a constitutional requirement to operate on a balanced budget. - Author: John Kitzhaber
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#52. History, when they do it, is ancient history, and they sensationalize even that. Contemporary history is virtually ignored on television. - Author: Tariq Ali
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#53. Whistleblowers are typically rendered incommunicado, either because they're in hiding, or advised by their lawyers to stay silent, or imprisoned. As a result, the public hears only about them, but never from them, which makes their demonization virtually inevitable. - Author: Glenn Greenwald
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#54. We set no volume goals in our insurance business generally - and certainly not in reinsurance - as virtually any volume can be achieved if profitability standards are ignored. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#55. Cultural stupidity accounts for virtually every aspect of Sarah Palin, both as a person and a political icon. Which, come to think of it, may be a pretty good reason not to misunderstimate her. - Author: Joe Bageant
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#56. Virtually nothing can stop a man who has a goal clearly in sight. - Author: Denis Waitley
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#57. [I]f one asks what substantive contributions [F. A. Hayek] made to our understanding of how the world works, one is left at something of a loss. Were it not for his politics, he would be virtually forgotten. - Author: Paul Krugman
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#58. Thomas's mistake, like most of the behavior he leaked into the world, had been avoidable: to join another human being in a situation that virtually demanded unscripted, spontaneous conversation, and thus to risk total moral and emotional dissolution. Death by conversation, and all that. - Author: Ben Marcus
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#59. Everything is an avenue leading to the experience of Ultimate Reality. The divine communicates itself in all things. There are infinite ways to encounter the source'Ultimate Reality may be eperienced in virtually anything. There is no place, no activity that restricts the divine. It is everywhere. - Author: Wayne Teasdale
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#60. Even though I don't agree with either Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann on virtually anything, I do think the unique scrutiny - because of their gender and highlighting the potential conflict between them is a product of the media's desire for juicy storylines. I think it's inappropriate. - Author: Debbie Wasserman Schultz
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#61. Sure, sure, I'd like to see Apples built in the United States, not built in China. I'd like to see them have factories in the United States. At least partially. They make nothing in the United States, virtually. - Author: Donald Trump
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#62. You can accomplish virtually any goal you set for yourself, as long as the goal is clear and you persist long enough. - Author: Brian Tracy
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#63. He is omnipresent not only virtually but also substantially. ... In him all things are contained and move, but he does not act on them nor they on him. ... He is always and everywhere. ... He is all eye, all ear, all brain, all arm, all force of sensing, of understanding, and of acting.5 - Author: James Gleick
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#64. The atoms that make up your body were once forged inside stars, and the causes of even the smallest event are virtually infinite and connected with the whole in incomprehensible ways. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#65. The communications of humanity obviously are trending towards that future point at which virtually all information will be spontaneously available and copyable at the individual level: beyond that, a vast transformation must occur - Author: Gene Youngblood
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#66. The vast carnival of cruelty called animal exploitation goes on and on
and it is all so needless, even counter-productive. There is already an adequate (often superior) non-animal substitute for virtually everything obtained by animal suffering and slaughter ... - Author: H. Jay Dinshah
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#67. The ability of the 1 percent to buy politicians and regulators is nothing new in American politics - just as inequality has been a permanent part of our economic system. This is true of virtually all political and economic systems. - Author: Eric Alterman
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#68. By tearing down the wall between law enforcement and the intelligence community, we have been able to share information in a way that was virtually impossible before the Patriot Act. - Author: John Ashcroft
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#69. I find most modern country virtually unlistenable. I can't relate to the music or the lyrics. - Author: Jenny Lewis
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#70. You can express your generosity in ways that are virtually limitless. This was what I wanted to convey in 'Giving 2.0' - that whether you have $10 or $10 million to give, if you identify the right opportunities and make the most of your resources, your impact can be tremendous. - Author: Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
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#71. We access virtually every producing basin, whether for natural gas or crude oil, in the U.S. and Canada. - Author: Richard Kinder
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#72. Virtually nothing Barack Obama has done has left America or the world better since he became president. Nearly everything he has touched has been made worse. - Author: Dennis Prager
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#73. But out of this group of "born-again Christians," researchers found that their beliefs and lifestyles are virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the world around them. - Author: David Platt
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#74. Technology is constantly improving our lives. Look at the cellular telephone. Just ten years ago, virtually nobody was able to get into a car crash caused by trying to steer and dial at the same time; today, people do this all the time. - Author: Dave Barry
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#75. Countless communities have virtually outlawed unstructured outdoor nature play, often because of the threat of lawsuits, but also because of a growing obsession with order. Many parents now believe outdoor play is verboten even when it is not; perception is nine-tenths of the law. - Author: Richard Louv
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#76. Universality has been severely reduced: it is virtually dead as a concept in most areas of public policy. - Author: Stephen Harper
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#77. The unmistakable lesson is that such is the myopic zealotry of environmentalists like Obama that they would implement policies virtually guaranteed to harm our economy significantly, even when they offer no promise of appreciable environmental benefits. - Author: David Limbaugh
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#78. Corporations haven't limited their grasp to the First Amendment; pretty much any and virtually every amendment that could be used to further corporate interests has been fair game. - Author: Thom Hartmann
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#79. Rand Paul does not like being compared to his father Ron any more than sons named Bush like to dance in their father's shadow, but the crucial difference is that while the Bushes all hail from the relative mainstream of the GOP, the Pauls have an ideological tributary virtually to themselves. - Author: Nancy Gibbs
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#80. Faster roads are not always safer roads - and virtually all societies, democratic or authoritarian, prefer safety over speed, even if many of their citizens enjoy fast driving. - Author: Evgeny Morozov
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#81. Education is among the most important problems we face because it's the ultimate 'gateway' problem. That is, it drives virtually every global problem that we face as a species. But there's a flip-side: if we can fix education, then we'll dramatically improve the other problems, too. - Author: Jose Ferreira
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#82. As you may already know, post-traumatic stress disorder is extremely complex. Each client has a unique, perhaps virtually unbelievable, set of experiences, and an almost equally set of reactions to those experiences. - Author: Aphrodite Matsakis
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#83. My father was a Foreign Service officer, a diplomat and an Arabist who spent virtually all his career in the Near East, as it was called in the State Department. So I spent most of my childhood among the Israelis and the Arabs of Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. - Author: Kai Bird
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#84. Spatial intelligence is virtually left out of formal education. In kindergarten we give children blocks and sand with which to build. Then we take those things away for the next twelve years of their education and expect kids to be architects and engineers. - Author: Ann Lewin-Benham
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#85. When Lionel Giles began his translation of Sun Tzu's ART OF WAR, the work was virtually unknown in Europe. Its introduction to Europe began in 1782 when a French Jesuit Father living in China, Joseph Amiot, acquired a copy of it, and translated - Author: Sun Tzu
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#86. All you have to be is kind. That's all you need. Once you've got that, it virtually rules out everything else. - Author: Joanna Lumley
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#87. Fresh ideas from this group was virtually an oxymoron, Marlys thought, wriggling her butt against the comfortless chair. - Author: John Sandford
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#88. Now smoking really is an expression of the rebel spirit - it's virtually sodding illegal! Yet what are we without our addictions? Insipid. Flavorless. Careerless! - Author: David Mitchell
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#89. Concern for the environment is a central tent of Islam, yet in contemporary debates over environmental issues there has been virtually no reference made to Islamic teaching - Author: Mawil Izzi Dien
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#90. Virtually every problem that would show up in your business can be traced back to communications; somebody didn't talk to somebody about something. - Author: David Allen
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#91. To remain neutral, in a situation where the laws of the land virtually criticized God for having created men of color, was the sort of thing I could not, as a Christian, tolerate. - Author: Albert Lutuli
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#92. As the Persians wrote very little about how they ran their affairs, the Greek propaganda of the 5th century B.C. has for centuries gone virtually unchallenged - indeed, for Edward Said, it was the beginning of Europe's long habit of misunderstanding and ill-informed contempt of the Middle East. - Author: Neil MacGregor
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#93. The nature of a protective immune response to HIV is still unclear. Because in a very, very unique manner, unlike virtually any other microbe with which we're familiar, the HIV virus has evolved in a way that the immune system finds it very difficult, if not impossible, to deal with the virus. - Author: Anthony Fauci
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#94. Karsky: I met your father last week. Are you still interested in hearing how he is doing?
Hugo: No.
Karsky: It is very probable that you will be responsible for his death.
Hugo: It is virtually certain that he is responsible for my life. We are even. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
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#95. [The human control of atomic energy could] virtually provide anyone who wanted it with a private sun of his own. - Author: Frederick Soddy
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#96. The fact that all of this was happening in virtual space made no difference. Being virtually killed by virtual laser in virtual space is just as effective as the real thing, because you are as dead as you think you are. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#97. Nothing so enchants attorneys general, their eyes generally fixed on higher public office, as slinging accusations against successful financial executives. Preening press conferences and fawning media coverage are virtually guaranteed, whether or not the charges have substance. - Author: Kenneth Langone
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#98. The brain is the cornerstone of virtually every facet of our lives. I wish we knew more. - Author: Tan Le
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#99. Virtually everything that the government does costs more than when the same thing is done in private industry - whether it is building housing, running prisons, collecting garbage, or innumerable other things. Why in the world would we imagine that health care would be the exception? - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#100. Wise men are not pacifists; they are merely less likely to jump up and retaliate against their antagonizers. They know that needless antagonizers are virtually already insecure enough. - Author: Criss Jami
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