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Top 100 Truth Said Quotes

#1. I suppose I was dying again, so I asked the Lord of Permanent Affection for the strength to live the day. Clearly, the answer came in the affirmative."
"I didn't know there was such a Fellow," Buttercup said.
"Neither did I, in truth, but if He didn't exist, I didn't much want to either.

William Goldman

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#2. He does not regard the quantity of faith, but the quality. He does not measure its degree, but its truth. He will not break any bruised reed, nor quench any smoking flax. He will never let it be said that any perished at the foot of the cross.

J.C. Ryle

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#3. The truth, it is said, is rarely pure or simple, yet genetics can at times seem seductively transparent.

Iain McGilchrist

Truth Said Quotes #5330
#4. Whenever truth stands in the mind unaccompanied by the evidence upon which it depends, it cannot properly be said to be apprehended at all.

William Godwin

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#5. 2014 was a year of intense social upheaval. In truth, the same could be said for most every year. There is no standstill in a world filled with so many people, scrambling for so much.

Roxane Gay

Truth Said Quotes #6488
#6. Evidence doesn't always lead us to the truth," he [August] said.

Odette Beane

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#7. Feet shuffled closer then halted when Reeve said, Touch her, I'll break your neck.

Laurelin Paige

Truth Said Quotes #10186
#8. There are times when I myself no longer know whether I said and did the things I report or whether I dreamed them up. Anyway, I always dream true. If I lie a bit now and then it is mainly in the interest of truth.

Henry Miller

Truth Said Quotes #12362
#9. He [said of one or other eminent colleagues] is a very busy man, and half of what he publishes is true, but I don't know which half.

Erwin Chargaff

Truth Said Quotes #16324
#10. It was an American who said that while a Frenchman's truth was akin to a straight line, a Welshman's truth was more in the nature of a curve, and it is a fact that Welsh affairs are entangled always in parabola, double-meaning and implication. This makes for a web-like interest ...

Jan Morris

Truth Said Quotes #17038
#11. The counsels of the Divine Mind had some glimpse of truth when they said that men are born in order to suffer the penalty for sins committed in a former life.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Truth Said Quotes #19205
#12. Logic, order, truth, reason, we consign them all to the oblivion of death," said one Surrealist manifesto. We must "cultivate the hatred of intelligence," said the leader of the Futurists, Filippo Marinetti, an artist hailed by Mussolini as the John the Baptist of Fascism.17

Leonard Peikoff

Truth Said Quotes #22208
#13. History is in a manner a sacred thing, so far as it contains truth; for where truth is, the supreme Father of it may also be said to be, at least, inasmuch as concerns truth.

Miguel De Cervantes

Truth Said Quotes #25866
#14. History is written by the victors,' she said, 'but the truth has a way of revealing itself.

Sebastien De Castell

Truth Said Quotes #27501
#15. Jesus ... said - long before his followers had established churches and a priesthood - 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.' This Way is the life of the Spirit. To follow it entails no necessity for places (all places are holy ground), no priesthood, since every man becomes a priest unto God ...

Esme Wynne-Tyson

Truth Said Quotes #29456
#16. Fear was the biggest bullshitter, he'd said. But sometimes, too, fear told the truth.

Deb Caletti

Truth Said Quotes #30146
#17. To tell the truth, it is regarding the physical side of marriage that I have always been apprehensive...There so seldom seems to be enough of it," said Miss Teatime.

Colin Watson

Truth Said Quotes #31381
#18. We have art,' Nietzsche said, 'so that we shall not be destroyed by the truth.

Michael Ondaatje

Truth Said Quotes #39353
#19. And he who does not know himself does not know others, so it may be said with equal truth, that he who does not know others knows himself but very imperfectly.

Joshua Reynolds

Truth Said Quotes #40237
#20. The foundation of a man's duty as a man is in truth. Beyond this there is nothing to be said.

Torii Mototada

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#21. You said, "Ellie, this is the truth, everybody leaves. Everybody." I was just seven, and when I reached for you, you were death and absence and missing take you. You were where bad husbands disappear to. And you were whispering. "Just ask them.

Carmen Rodrigues

Truth Said Quotes #43794
#22. It doesn't make you a monster to want, she said, her voice very gentle. It's what you do with it that matters.

Jim Butcher

Truth Said Quotes #47411
#23. Why ask for truth," Ser Barristan said softly, "if you close your ears to it?

George R R Martin

Truth Said Quotes #48354
#24. Most people are not looking for provable truths. As you said, truth is often accompanied by intense pain, and almost no one is looking for painful truths. What people need is beautiful, comforting stories that make them feel as if their lives have some meaning. Which is where religion comes from.

Haruki Murakami

Truth Said Quotes #50269
#25. It's hard to tell the truth sometimes, especially if you don't want to hurt someone. And you did. You said what you feel. And you must do what is right for you, not what other people say is right.

Louise Rennison

Truth Said Quotes #54035
#26. If a man says that it is right to give every one his due, and therefore thinks within his own mind that injury is due from a just man to his enemies but kindness to his friends, he was not wise who said so, for he spoke not the truth, for in no case has it appeared to be just to injure any one.


Truth Said Quotes #55013
#27. Do not believe a thing because you have read about it in a book. Do not believe a thing because another man has said it was true. Do not believe in words because they are hallowed by tradition. Find out the truth for yourself. Reason it out. That is realization.

Swami Vivekananda

Truth Said Quotes #55190
#28. And once again, only the Small Things were said. The Big Things lurked unsaid inside.

Arundhati Roy

Truth Said Quotes #57633
#29. A lot of people have said that I'm trying to be like Justin Bieber by wearing a hat all the time. But the truth is, I don't like the way my hair looks. It's kind of weird, so I wear a hat all the time to cover it. I've been doing it since I was thirteen.

Austin Mahone

Truth Said Quotes #66944
#30. And if literature is not the Bride and Bedfellow of Truth, what is she? 'Confound it all.' he cried, 'why say Bedfellow when one's already said Bride? Why not simply say what one means and save it?

Virginia Woolf

Truth Said Quotes #76655
#31. Whether a thought is spoken or not it is a real thing and it has power," Tuek said. "You might find the line between life and death among the Fremen to be too sharp and quick.

Frank Herbert

Truth Said Quotes #77169
#32. Somebody said I am the most popular person in Arizona because I am speaking the truth.

Donald Trump

Truth Said Quotes #78944
#33. One man said, "I looked at my brother through the microscope of criticism, and I said, "How coarse my brother is." Then I looked at my brother through the telescope of scorn, and I said, "How small my brother is." Then I looked into the mirror of truth and I said, "How like me my brother is."

Thomas S. Monson

Truth Said Quotes #80809
#34. Stupidy is easy, everyone can learn it... You just say to stupid stuff and you are the big Job,... but try to be a wise that's what's hard and most people just try to destroy the wise people why??
Because they are too stupid to realease it!

Deyth Banger

Truth Said Quotes #81283
#35. Someone has said that culture is what remains with you after you have forgotten all you have read, and I believe there is much truth in that.

Louis L'Amour

Truth Said Quotes #82208
#36. You said you have faith in us. You told me to come to you when I was ready to be fearless. The truth is, I don't know if I can be fearless. I've lost myself, Reid, and I'm still so scared.
But I'm ready to try. If you still want to, I'm ready.

Tammara Webber

Truth Said Quotes #85377
#37. Let me tell you what the truth is ... I have learned one thing in life: there is no such thing as bad press. There is not. That's a fundamental truth. The more bad things said about you, the more power they give to you.

John McAfee

Truth Said Quotes #87313
#38. It has been said that nothing dispels a lie faster than the truth; nothing exposes the counterfeit faster than the genuine.

R.C. Sproul

Truth Said Quotes #92050
#39. Atticus sometimes said that one way to tell whether a witness was lying or telling the truth was to listen rather than watch.

Harper Lee

Truth Said Quotes #95764
#40. I only did it,' I said, 'now this is going to be the truth, Teddy, I only did it because it seemed to be the glamorous thing to do at the time. It was my ideal of glamour.

Elaine Dundy

Truth Said Quotes #100375
#41. A curse on every wish that blurs the sight, paralyzes the tongue, cramps the hand, and prevents the truth being seen, said, and written.

Theodor Haecker

Truth Said Quotes #101506
#42. You speak from your heart, young Firepaw. This will make you a stronger warrior one day." said Lionheart
Tigerclaw growled. "Or it might make him give in to kittypet weakness right at the moment of attack

Erin Hunter

Truth Said Quotes #102289
#43. I'll tell you what my mother always said. 'When it comes to marriage, if both don't win, nobody wins.' The longer I lived with your dad, the more I saw the truth in that. In the end, nobody won." "Well,

Terrie Todd

Truth Said Quotes #103526
The Death of Rats looked up from the feast of the potato. SQUEAK, he said.
Death waved a hand dismissively. WELL, YES, OBVIOUSLY ME, he said. I JUST WONDERED IF THERE WAS ANYONE ELSE.

Terry Pratchett

Truth Said Quotes #105535
#45. Some truths need to be said out loud before they can be believed

Nadia Hashimi

Truth Said Quotes #106864
#46. You once said you loved me. Do you still?"
My sister is watching this exchange between us. She smiles warmly at me, giving me the strength to tell him the truth. "I never stopped loving you. Even when I tried desperately to forget you. I couldn't.

Simone Elkeles

Truth Said Quotes #109402
#47. In California there were nuggets the size of walnuts lying on the ground - or so it was said, and truth travels slowly when rumors have wings of gold.

Cherie Priest

Truth Said Quotes #113500
#48. your words are pure poison, Master Reynold,' said Lesthen. 'You and your kind suffer from the worst disease of humanity, the willingness to subordinate truth, to lock reason in chains and to rape the objective thought, in order to achieve your objective.

Joel Shepherd

Truth Said Quotes #118994
#49. Everything is true,' he said. 'Everything anybody has ever thought.'
'Will you be all right?'
'I'll be all right,' he said, and thought, And I'm going to die. Both those are true, too.

Philip K. Dick

Truth Said Quotes #121042
#50. You like lies?" Shallan asked. "Good lies," Pattern said. "That lie. Good lie." "What makes a lie good?" Shallan asked, taking careful notes, recording Pattern's exact words. "True lies." "Pattern, those two are opposites." "Hmmmm . . . Light makes shadow. Truth makes lies. Hmmmm.

Brandon Sanderson

Truth Said Quotes #121232
#51. If it's God you're worried about, the Lord Jesus said that we needn't keep to the old ways anymore. They had their day years ago.

Diane Samuels

Truth Said Quotes #121841
#52. It isn't a question of any beauty,' said Maggie; 'it's only a question of the quantity of truth.' 'Oh the quantity of truth!' the Prince richly though ambiguously murmured.

Henry James

Truth Said Quotes #128966
#53. Whoever said that the truth will set you free was full of shit.

Melyssa Winchester

Truth Said Quotes #129444
#54. You're the guy who saves up his pennies to take me to a movie," she said, shaking her head as the truth of it came home to her. "I buy the popcorn. Large, of course, because I'm rich.

Michael Grant

Truth Said Quotes #139527
#55. Ender understood more than she said. Manipulation of gravity was one thing; deception by the officers was another; but the most important message was this: the adults are the enemy, not the other armies. They do not tell us the truth.

Orson Scott Card

Truth Said Quotes #139944
#56. Well, no one ever said the truth would make you happy - only free.

Nelson DeMille

Truth Said Quotes #141117
#57. I know there's been a lot that's been said about animated voice work, as though it's 'you can do this in your jeans and there's no camera and no pressure there. It's no big deal. It's easy.' The truth is, it's really a great test: how deep is your ability is to access your imagination?

Nicolas Cage

Truth Said Quotes #142003
#58. I will always tell the truth and do what I said I would do.

Ted Cruz

Truth Said Quotes #144900
#59. The four stages of acceptance:
1. This is worthless nonsense.
2. This is an interesting, but perverse, point of view.
3. This is true, but quite unimportant.
4. I always said so."

(Review of The Truth About Death, in: Journal of Genetics 1963, Vol. 58, p.464)

J.B.S. Haldane

Truth Said Quotes #145750
#60. It's been said that only the educated are free, but I contend. Only those who are educated with TRUTH can be inherently free. Otherwise, you are simply indoctrinated with error.

J.E.B. Spredemann

Truth Said Quotes #148100
#61. I believe," he said, "that there is a special place in hell for those who steal truth. And that man - whoever he is - I hope he is burning there.

Courtney Milan

Truth Said Quotes #151433
#62. There can be no final truth in ethics any more than in physics, until the last man has had his experience and said his say.

William James

Truth Said Quotes #161633
#63. I meant it, what I said in hell. You're my glory sword, you know that? My truth.

Cynthia Hand

Truth Said Quotes #164226
#64. The world can absorb only doses of truth," he said; "too much would kill it." One sought education in order to adjust the dose.

Henry Adams

Truth Said Quotes #164909
#65. Art could be said to be a symbol of the universe, being linked with that absolute spiritual truth which is hidden from us in our positivistic, pragmatic activities.

Andrei Tarkovsky

Truth Said Quotes #167369
#66. President Bush said John Kerry is on both sides of every issue. And Kerry replied, 'No, I'm not ... but there is some truth to that.'

Craig Kilborn

Truth Said Quotes #169901
#67. It's a strange thing, you have said it thousands of times I am sure ... you will never know what you can do until you try. However the sad truth is, that most people never try anything until they know they can do it.

Bob Proctor

Truth Said Quotes #171851
#68. When we are convinced of some great truths, and feel our convictions keenly, we must not fear to express it, although others have said it before us. Every thought is new when an author expresses it in a manner peculiar to himself.

Luc De Clapiers

Truth Said Quotes #173080
#69. I said the first concern of the administration of justice must, of course, be the individual. The second concern is the truth.

Elliot Richardson

Truth Said Quotes #180624
#70. I felt like all of the American people did not believe me because of the things that were said about me, and said that people would say that it was just for the money, and it wasn't about the money. It was about what he did to me. And I knew I was telling the truth.

Paula Jones

Truth Said Quotes #187870
#71. We often believe the truest measure of a relationship is the ability to lay ourselves bare. But there's something to be said for parading your plumage as well, finding truth as much in the silly as the severe.

David Levithan

Truth Said Quotes #188843
#72. America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance - it is not. It is suffering from tolerance. Tolerance of right and wrong, truth and error, virtue and evil, Christ and chaos. Our country is not nearly so overrun with the bigoted as it is overrun with the broadminded.

Fulton J. Sheen

Truth Said Quotes #190017
#73. Woody Allen once said that 90 percent of life is about showing up. Ninety percent of healing people in psychological pain is shutting up - at least long enough to let them bleed the truth. That sounds easy, but it isn't. (68)

Keith Ablow

Truth Said Quotes #192466
#74. It's only fashion that has said the pendulum has swung from extreme skepticism about extraterrestrial life to extreme credulity. The truth is somewhere in between.

Paul Davies

Truth Said Quotes #196229
#75. The heroines in 'That's What She Said' are flawed, messy, damaged, hilarious and culpable and not really concerned about being acceptable to the audience in any traditional sense, which for me is what makes them all the more gorgeous. And the fearless truth of that is what makes it funny.

Carrie Preston

Truth Said Quotes #196718
#76. I was joking earlier when I said that all writers are manic depressives, but it's a joke with a lot of truth behind it. For fiction writers and poets, too, there's something wrong with you and you do this art as a way of correcting it or addressing it in some way.

T.C. Boyle

Truth Said Quotes #198075
#77. It doesn't really matter who said it - it's so obviously true. Bevore you can write anything, you have to notice something.

John Irving

Truth Said Quotes #198841
#78. Briony said reasonably, 'How can you hate plays?'
'It's just showing off.' Pierrot shrugged as he delivered this self-evident truth.

Ian McEwan

Truth Said Quotes #198865
#79. Now people want Brian Williams to resign, but it could have a happy ending. Apparently what he said was such a blatant departure from the truth, today he got an offer from Fox News.

Bill Maher

Truth Said Quotes #199649
#80. Rumi, who is one of the greatest Persian poets, said that the truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.

Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Truth Said Quotes #201122
#81. The truth," said Amar, taking a step closer to me, "is that you look neither lovely nor demure. You look like edges and thunderstorms. And I would not have you any other way.

Roshani Chokshi

Truth Said Quotes #202491
#82. If falsehood, like truth, had but one face, we would be more on equal terms. For we would consider the contrary of what the liar said to be certain. But the opposite of truth has a hundred thousand faces and an infinite field.

Michel De Montaigne

Truth Said Quotes #203822
#83. My sword," I told him, "says I tell the truth, and that you are a stinking bag of wind, a liar from hell, a cheat and a perjurer who deserves death."
"Up to our arses again," Leofric said.

Bernard Cornwell

Truth Said Quotes #208461
#84. Sacrifice is the
ultimate truth,
he said. But truth itself
must be sacrificed . . .

Brian Nowlin

Truth Said Quotes #210164
#85. (Adlai Stevenson once said to Richard Nixon: If you stop telling lies about me I'll stop telling the truth about you.

Christopher Hitchens

Truth Said Quotes #210713
#86. I believe in what Max Muller said years ago, namely, that truth needed to be repeated as long as there were men who disbelieved it.

Mahatma Gandhi

Truth Said Quotes #217062
#87. You live lies," Pattern said. "It gives you strength. But the truth . . . Without speaking truths you will not be able to grow, Shallan. I know this somehow.

Brandon Sanderson

Truth Said Quotes #217673
#88. Unlike most people," Fisher said, "questions are what make you tick. Knowing is what gives you a reason to roll out of bed in the morning, because you're not just in search of knowledge. Facts are never enough. You're after something else, something more fundamental. You're after the truth." Fisher

Ted Dekker

Truth Said Quotes #218910
#89. You're after perfection,'Matt said.
'Is that so awful?'
'No, it's not, but if you aim for perfection, you've got to be ready to take the consequences of not getting it and one of those is ending up with no one.

Tim Relf

Truth Said Quotes #219706
#90. It's hard to do," I said. Wes looked at me. "What is?" I swallowed, not sure why I'd said this out loud. "Get it right.

Sarah Dessen

Truth Said Quotes #219920
#91. People will think we're having an affair," Kate said. She took a seat next to Bill on the cold slats of treated wood.
"That would be better than the truth.

Chris Pavone

Truth Said Quotes #222071
#92. Moments later, when she saw the look of control returning to his face, she said, Don't ever get angry at a man for stating the truth.

Ayn Rand

Truth Said Quotes #227080
#93. The Prophet is bound to report the truth occasionally,' said Dumbledore, 'if only accidentally.

J.K. Rowling

Truth Said Quotes #229521
#94. Paul said in the second epistle ... the time is coming when people will not put up with sound doctrine ... they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own desires, and will turn from the truth and wander away to myths.

Jan Karon

Truth Said Quotes #232841
#95. That's the problem with the truth," Darcy said. "Liars and honest men both claim to have it.

Hugh Howey

Truth Said Quotes #233139
#96. My mom said I was an escapist at heart ... that I preferred imaginary worlds to the real one

Amy Plum

Truth Said Quotes #237748
#97. The highest truth is daiji, translated as dai jiki in Chinese scriptures. This is the subject of the question the emperor asked Bodhidharma: "What is the First Principle?" Bodhidharma said, "I don't know." "I don't know" is the First Principle.

Shunryu Suzuki

Truth Said Quotes #244129
#98. I would put myself in the attitude to look in the eye an abstract truth, and I cannot. I blench and withdraw on this side and on that. I seem to know what he meant who said, No man can see God face to face and live.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Truth Said Quotes #247361
#99. We are armed with the truth. What can harm us if we are armed with the truth?' 'Well, a crossbow bolt can, e.g., go right through your eye and out the back of your head,' said Sergeant Colon.

Terry Pratchett

Truth Said Quotes #249310
#100. They were always on the move.But in truth said bull we are all going nowhere

Kate DiCamillo

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