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Top 59 Totally True Quotes

#1. You don't unconditionally adore your friends every moment of every day. They can unintentionally hurt your feelings, or make you mad, or upset you by doing something you consider totally inappropriate. You take what they dish out because accepting they're not perfect is part of a true friendship. - Author: Linda Welch
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#2. I totally believe in magic. Because my life, I think, has been very magic, and magical things have come true for me time after time after time. - Author: Stevie Nicks
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#3. For even if we know very little that is certain about spirit or soul, the true nature of the body, of materiality, is totally unknown and incomprehensible to us. - Author: Wilhelm Von Humboldt
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#4. The true creativity comes out of sitting silently. When you are so totally quiet that there is no thought, no wave in the ocean of your being, out of this silence comes a different kind of creativity. - Author: Rajneesh
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#5. As I look back over fifty years of ministry, I recall innumerable tests, trials and times of crushing pain. But through it all, the Lord has proven faithful, loving, and totally true to all his promises. - Author: David Wilkerson
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#6. I'm still totally going out and sleeping on people's floors so I can play a house show and give away music. Of course I would. That's how I started. All that sort of stuff reminds you to stay true to the essence of what art is about. - Author: Geoff Rickly
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#7. True elegance consists not in having a closet bursting with clothes, but rather in having a few well-chosen numbers in which one feels totally at ease. - Author: Coco Chanel
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#8. I could see how this civilization will be totally wrecked
if all true records of human prehistory are made public. - Author: Toba Beta
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#9. An affirmation is almost like a mantra. It does not really matter if what you are affirming is not totally true as yet. By repeating an affirmation over and over again, it becomes embedded in the subconscious mind, and eventually it becomes your reality. - Author: Stuart Wilde
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#10. I'm overwhelmed with sadness for everything that was lost, and filled with anger toward the people who took it away. My people-or at least, my old people. I don't know who I am anymore, or where I belong.
That's not totally true ... I know I belong with Alex. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#11. A person's true nature, true self, cannot change with situations.
It is totally consistent. - Author: Abhishek Ratna
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#12. True meditation is a state of profound and deep peace that comes when the mind is calm and silent, yet totally alert. True meditation takes you to a higher state of awareness and enables you to fulfill who you were meant to be. - Author: Stewart Osbourne
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#13. Their argument is that most shows are losers, which is true, but it's also disingenuous to say, 'We are not going to take the risk unless it is totally covered by the few successful shows that are out there.' - Author: Dick Wolf
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#14. I think there's a temptation to try to think of people who don't vaccinate as a homogenous community, but I'm not convinced that's true. I'm not even sure that the word 'community' is totally accurate there, you know. - Author: Eula Biss
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#15. We can go through our whole lives worrying about our future happiness, and totally miss where true peace lives-right here, right now. - Author: Peter Russell
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#16. If Satan can use our everyday experiences, both big and small, to cripple our true identity, then he renders God's people totally ineffective for the kingdom of Christ. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
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#17. True respect means taking other people's beliefs seriously and assuming they are adult and intelligent enough to be able to cope with it if you tell them, clearly and civility, why you think they are totally, utterly and disastrously wrong. - Author: Julian Baggini
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#18. People always say the abused abuse and it is not true. I am totally the opposite. - Author: Michael Jackson
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#19. Because no one frustrates me quite as much as you do." Totally true. "Soon, the thought of your face will do it, but now, it seems I need your annoying presence as well. - Author: Kasie West
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#20. Is it true that your last name is Goodend? Are you really a gay guy with the last name Goodend? Because if it is, man, that's like, totally freakin' awesome! - Author: J.F. Smith
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#21. Angels are totally real. Tinkerbell has a hot ass. Wendigos exist. It's all true. Satan is blonde. True fact. - Author: Misha Collins
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#22. You know my beautiful speech has made you see me in a whole new and even more attractive light. You totally think I'm secretly deep now. And you are right. It is true. I have deeps. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
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#23. Back in medieval times, Victorian repression hadn't come in yet. People were bawdy and wild and more in touch with their true natures. If you look at the Bosch paintings or Bruegel, you see, when people are dancing, they're totally cutting loose. - Author: Catherine Hardwicke
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#24. I think managing pain with narcotics could be a useful skill. Hiding your true self from you co-workers, which is totally true. Exacting justice when it needs to be dealt. - Author: Duane Swierczynski
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#25. I knew you'd come around" Bain mused.
"Excuse me?" Izzy asked irritated by his smug tone, but she had been totally checking him out.
"You see something you like sweetheart, I can tell." He smirked.
"You are incredibly arrogant" she accused.
"True. - Author: Magen McMinimy
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#26. Religious mania is one of the few infallible ways of responding to the world's vagaries, because it totally eliminates pure accident. To the true religious maniac, it's all on purpose. - Author: Stephen King
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#27. I'm totally open to exploring different types of music. I just have to always remember to be true to who I am. - Author: Leon Bridges
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#28. If you have ever been in a life-or-death emergency situation, you will know that it wasn't a problem. The mind didn't have time to fool around and make it into a problem. In a true emergency, the mind stops; you become totally present in the Now, and something infinitely more powerful takes over. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#29. They had buried him under our elm tree, they said
yet this was not totally true. For he really lay buried in my heart. - Author: Willie Morris
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#30. 'Jaws,' first time I saw it, I forgot I was in it. True. Totally forgot, and got as scared as everybody else, and it's a great movie. - Author: Richard Dreyfuss
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#31. Dogs find me irresistible." He lowered his voice to a conspiring whisper, aiming to put her at ease. "It's an alpha thing." Which was true, but was totally outrageous for him to claim. - Author: Jennifer St. Giles
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#32. Have you seen anybody dancing? He is totally aware of himself and dances his way in a manner as decided by his heart. Meditation is also similar to the dancer. You need not reach anyplace, you have to just delve deep in yourself to find the true self and be a Soul Searcher. - Author: Maitreya Rudrabhayananda
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#33. Don't listen to what anyone tells you about the kind of music you make. Just make it! Be yourself, make your own music, and be totally true to your art. Because it's kind of a selfish thing to be an artist. - Author: Billy Sherwood
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#34. True freedom from fear consists of totally resigning one's life into the hands of the Lord. - Author: David Wilkerson
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#35. The efficient market theory is one of the better models in the sense that it can be taken as true for every purpose I can think of. For investment purposes, there are very few investors that shouldn't behave as if markets are totally efficient. - Author: Eugene Fama
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#36. This book probably makes it seem like I hate myself and everything I do. But that's not totally true. I mostly just hate every person I've ever been. I'm actually fine with myself right now. - Author: Jesse Andrews
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#37. I really wish I could sing so I could front a band, because that would be a dream come true, totally. I want to sing. Can't do it though. - Author: Charisma Carpenter
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#38. Body-waxing as a torture-slash-interrogation tactic is illegal under international law. FALSE. (But if the yells coming from Tina Walters's bathroom were any indication, it totally should be true.) - Author: Ally Carter
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#39. I don't think science is totally true, because I've seen miracles happen through prayer. - Author: Meredith Brooks
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#40. I want parents out there to know that it's totally natural for kids to make believe and play games. It does not mean your child is going to be transgendered. And even if it were true, why is it such a horrible thing? - Author: Alexis Arquette
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#41. Lils, you've barely even planned Sneak yet. Give it time. He'll get there."
"He did ask me out on Saturday."
"OMG, you two are totally getting married and having a litter of babies. Ooh, what if that's literally true?"
-Scout and Lily about werewolf Jason - Author: Chloe Neill
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#42. What you think of as your common sense in regard to relationships may be based on something you have come to believe that isn't totally true or may not be true at all. - Author: Chris Prentiss
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#43. Near-death experiences release a lot of endorphins, resulting in a natural high," Tod whispered. "And it's totally true that one passion feeds another."
"You know we're way past 'near-death', right?"
"My endorphins aren't listening to you. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#44. The one true mark of a saint of God is the inner creativity that flows from being totally surrendered to Jesus Christ. - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#45. If you ask a founder how their company is doing, they always say, 'Oh it's great. We're totally crushing it,' and that's almost never true. - Author: Sam Altman
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#46. I'm still not totally sure I know what's true about me. - Author: Kenneth Logan
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#47. Well, yeah," he said. "But before that, my grand romantic gesture would have totally gotten me laid."
I laughed pretty hard, hard enough that I felt where the chest tube had been.
"You laugh because it's true," he said.
I laughed again.
"It's true, isn't it! - Author: John Green
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#48. She was saying words she didn't totally believe yet. And maybe I was, too. But I wanted them to be true. For the first and only time in my life, I wanted to belong to someone and have that person belong to me. - Author: Molly O'Keefe
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#49. And for me to have my name mentioned among some of the Super Bowl MVPs that played in the Super Bowl, words can't describe it. It's totally a dream come true. - Author: Hines Ward
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#50. If we would know true love and understanding one for another, we must realize that communication is more than a sharing of words. It is the wise sharing of emotions, feelings, and concerns. It is the sharing of oneself totally. - Author: Marvin J. Ashton
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#51. The riot screws did not stop there, they dragged him down the corridor where ten other nameless screws repeatedly coshed him over the head and face and body. Dingus by now was totally out cold, he had received the equivalent injuries of someone who was involved in a car crash. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#52. It is true that the Muslim world is not totally mistaken when it reproaches the West of Christian tradition of moral decadence and the manipulation of human life ... Islam has also had moments of great splendor and decadence in the course of its history. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#53. You're perfect,aren't you?"
"I am a werewolf," he says between bites. He bends his head.
"That just gives you a totally good excuse for your pathetic temper."
He wiggles his eyebrows. "True. - Author: Carrie Jones
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#54. True premonitions grow in depths where our thoughts never go. And sometimes they make us do things whose meaning we totally misunderstand. - Author: Raymond Radiguet
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#55. True love waits, but not just for sex. It waits for the right time to commit to God's brand of love - unwavering, unflagging, and totally committed. - Author: Joshua Harris
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#56. It's totally true: Ariel, Christopher Owens, me, and Courtney Love, all in Saint Laurent ads, all with the same haircut. - Author: Zachary Cole Smith
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#57. He's just ... " I tried, wanting to say "sweet" or "caring" or "funny" - because they're all totally true. But instead, I said, "He's just a normal boy."
"Hmph," Macey scoffed. "I know lots of normal boys."
I looked at her. "I don't. - Author: Ally Carter
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#58. In true love, one has no reservations.True love is unquestionable,indisputable and totally recognizable. - Author: I. Alan Appt
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#59. If we were to abandon concern for what is true, what is false, and what remains indeterminate, the world would be totally chaotic. Even those who deny the importance of truth, on the one hand, are quick to jump on anyone who is caught lying. - Author: Howard Gardner
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