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#1. You sometimes think you want to disappear, but all you really want is to be found. - Author: Kid Cudi
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#2. I think what I reacted to so strongly when I first saw 'Pinocchio' was that I identified with the character so strongly. The movie takes you on a whole journey, a rollercoaster of emotions, and that sometimes means some very scary places. But in the end, it comes out okay. - Author: Chris Buck
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#3. I think we match up with anybody because our pitching. In a short series you run your big three out there or four out there. That generally is what wins a series - pitching and defense. If we can catch the ball and not give away any runs like we do sometimes. - Author: Dusty Baker
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#4. Sometimes it's harder than you think. There's always this fear that even though I may know what I want, I may never actually make it a reality. Sometimes it's more complicated than just wanting something and making it happen. - Author: Kandi Steiner
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#5. No, I don't miss you... Not in a way that one is missed.
But I think of you.
In the way that one might think of the summer sunshine
On a winter night... - Author: Sreesha Divakaran
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#6. Sometimes distance improves love. Sometimes it dissolves it. I think you deserve to know which has happened. - Author: Greg Keyes
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#7. Sometimes, for a moment, everything is just as you need it to be. The memories of such moments live in the heart, waiting for the time you need to think of them, if only to remind yourself that for a short while, everything had been fine, and might be so again. - Author: Ami McKay
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#8. We keep secrets from people that we love because we're afraid of our own truth. I think sometimes we're afraid to hurt people, because you never know. I think we're afraid of what is, and what can't be. - Author: Lauren London
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#9. I look at my clarinet sometimes and I think, I wonder what's going to come out of there tonight? You never know. - Author: Acker Bilk
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#10. When something really extreme happens, you have to find a way to embrace that and include it in how you think about the character. Sometimes it's not easy. - Author: David Ogden Stiers
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#11. Sometimes I look at you, and I think - if I didn't know we shared a destiny, if I hadn't seen the proof for myself, I'd never believe this was real. That you could love me as much as I love you. - Author: Claudia Gray
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#12. I think, typically, sci-fi can be a little bit grey and thought provoking. Sometimes it leaves you pondering certain questions and things. - Author: Michelle Monaghan
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#13. Sometimes you think you know things, know things very deeply, only to realize you don't know a damn thing. - Author: Jandy Nelson
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#14. You really are pretty stupid sometimes, you know that? I think you must be more man than demon." With that, she stormed off. Sam sat where he was, feeling bewildered. "Did I say something wrong? - Author: Phillip W. Simpson
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#15. When you've been poor all your life, you never really think it could be any other way. And sometimes you're even happy, because at least you've got your family and your health and your arms and legs and a roof over your head. - Author: Marie Lu
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#16. Sometimes people are like, 'Hey, you played Dean Thomas!' and I'm like, 'Wow, you actually know!' It kind of shocks me because when I think about movies I love, and if I saw someone who essentially did what I did in Harry Potter, I probably wouldn't recognize them walking down the street. - Author: Alfred Enoch
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#17. I think when you're trying to get a film together that's had a long gustation process before I came on board and was trying to get financed in various stages, sometimes you're trying to make it more friendly to the financial interests or the commercial interests of various parties. - Author: Todd Haynes
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#18. I sometimes forget that as bad as you think your family is, there's always someone who has it worse. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#19. Personally, I felt terrible for telling Truth my name was Schnitzeldoodle. I still think about it. Sometimes I just have to rock myself back and forth and say, You've offended so many people at this point. Don't try to keep track now, girl. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#20. You just kind of go and do your own thing. Sometimes it's really hard to compare apples and oranges, so you don't really think of it that way. You just perform to your fullest potential and hope everybody else does too. And however it works out, it works out. - Author: Jennifer Nettles
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#21. If you think too much about things, life sometimes just passes you by. - Author: David Baldacci
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#22. Sometimes, it's like you know what people think: You know what they're thinking, and you know it's wrong. All you want to do if change their mind, but you can't. - Author: Jerry Stahl
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#23. I think sometimes less is more. I don't think it helps to overdo exercising - I think you need to do it to keep your body healthy and fit, but there is a fine line between, you know, healthy and obsession. You have to build your foundation first. Your brain has to sort of connect to your body. - Author: Martha Hunt
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#24. One of the things that I think you see sometimes in politics is a certain degree of caution. It's usually advised by consultants who don't want to see you march to the end of a limb. - Author: Elizabeth Edwards
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#25. Sometimes courage is nothing more than a willingness to think differently than those around you. In a culture of conformity, that's braver than it sounds. - Author: Mary Roach
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#26. Sometimes, just be. Do not think or worry, do not get angry under stress. Just pray and keep your faith in the Lord. Keep patience and see how well things will work out for you! - Author: Sanchita Pandey
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#27. I have big emotions, and I care deeply about delivering for New Yorkers, and sometimes that means you got to push things forward - and I think New Yorkers know that. - Author: Christine Quinn
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#28. It's odd, I think, how the thing you love most in a person can also be the thing you sometimes wish you could change - Author: Julie Eshbaugh
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#29. It's not as if the stories merge to a point where you think they are your life, but you do let them in the front door and the back door, and it's okay that sometimes certain characters stay for dinner. - Author: Tori Amos
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#30. I understand, certain scenes have to have a lot of takes. As an actor, I think it's quite nice to have a handful of takes, because you don't want to do it once or twice; I think once or twice sometimes is quite terrifying because you don't really feel like you've given them what you want. - Author: Luke Evans
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#31. I think that sometimes I've been a little too nice. I think you have to have a balance. When you're too nice people take you for granted, they take you for a fool I think. - Author: Godfrey
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#32. Sometimes you see things in a script, and it doesn't necessarily mean the director sees the same things. And if you think you're going to be making a different film, then that's not gonna work. - Author: Michael Sheen
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#33. I think of myself as a serious artist. Sometimes you can get in your head too much about that and forget that you have to have fun. I've been guilty in my career about that at times. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I didn't want anybody else to have a hit with it! - Author: Tim McGraw
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#34. Three more days. That's what Sven always told me. When you think you're at the end of your rope, give it three more days. And then another three. Sometimes you'll find the rope is longer than you thought. - Author: Mary E. Pearson
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#35. Most of the brain's work is done while the brain's owner is ostensibly thinking about something else, so sometimes you have to deliberately find something else to think and talk about. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#36. ...I don't know where a utopia is supposed to be, or where one could be found. I sometimes think that it is the place where fear and doubt end with the realization that around you is everything you need, and there is nothing else to find. - Author: Kira Salak
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#37. I would say the referees have the toughest game to call. I would say that there's a lot of officiating done by announcers, local announcers. Sometimes you should listen to a game from both feeds, and you'd think you were listening to completely different games. - Author: David Stern
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#38. I think talking to other people can bring its own unhelpful baggage. Sometimes you just need to talk to an entity. The void. Your God. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#39. Some people think prayer stops bullets or rockets or land mines. It doesn't. That's magic, that's not God. Sometimes, you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time. - Author: John Shelby Spong
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#40. You know people exaggerate that all is wild in Jamaica. I think that sometimes people fire a shot to try to make you nervous. They are not trying to hurt you. - Author: Michael Manley
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#41. Don't you sometimes feel bewildered when you think of the millions of things that put life together?' ... 'I;m not bewildered. I'm filled with the deepest awe and wonder. The miracle is that in its complexity it all works. - Author: Julie Andrews Edwards
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#42. I don't think you can work on feelings in politics, apart from anything else, political change can come very unexpectedly, sometimes overnight when you least expect it. - Author: Aung San Suu Kyi
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#43. Most people think the biggest sacrifice, the greates act of love you can give is to die for someone. And probably it is. But Sometimes it is the opposite. The biggest thing you can do for someone is to live. - Author: Sarah Wylie
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#44. I sometimes think that God will ask us, 'That wonderful world of mine, why didn't you enjoy it more? - Author: Ronald Blythe
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#45. I think sometimes soap acting gets an unfair label for being bad and over the top. The lessons I learned there were so valuable. Seeing yourself every day on television, you learned what worked and didn't work, what was bad acting and what wasn't. Memorizing scripts became second nature. - Author: Dylan Bruce
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#46. Sometimes you get submerged by emotion. I think it's very important to express it - which doesn't necessarily mean hitting someone. - Author: Eric Cantona
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#47. I think you inherit most of your talent from your parents, although sometimes a fabulously talented singer grows out of the union of two tone-deaf people - Author: Joely Fisher
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#48. Sometimes if you have a coach or team-mates for too long, you get caught in certain routines. I think it's good to shake up things a little bit. - Author: Abby Wambach
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#49. I think you can challenge people, but you don't want to break people down. But you've got to sometimes just pull them aside and say, you know, you're OK but you could be better. - Author: Pat Summitt
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#50. What are the chances that you'd be there? It's funny sometimes the way the world works. Makes you think there's got to be a reason things turn out the way they do." -Louis - Author: Michelle Schlicher
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#51. Sometimes, it's not so bad to listen to some one talk about weapons or horses - or medicine. Honestly, when someone is trying to talk to you about those things, the important thing they're always saying is that they care enough about what you think to try to share themselves with you. - Author: Breeana Puttroff
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#52. I think there's no harm, sometimes, to feel on the edge of things. If you're on the margins you can see a bigger picture. And I actually quite like standing at a peculiar angle to the universe. - Author: Dermot Bolger
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#53. You know what's funny about death? I mean other than absolutely nothing at all? You'd think we could remember finding out we weren't immortal. Sometimes I see children sobbing airports and I think, Aww. They've just been told. - Author: Carrie Fisher
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#54. But sometimes i think like a child."
"you are who you are."
"if I am who I am, why is it not possible for me to work at a place where I can be who I am ? - Author: Francisco X Stork
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#55. Sometimes people think it's what you say when you're in a huge group that makes you a leader. But sometimes it's the one-on-one conversations you have with guys individually, just getting to know them. I think I've done that a lot. Not intentionally - it just happens. - Author: Robert Griffin III
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#56. Have you ever thought about what that word Lord means? We sometimes think of it as another name for God, but it's actually a title. It refers to a master, owner, or a person who is in a position of authority. - Author: Francis Chan
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#57. But then I think, this happens sometimes, doesn't it? People you have a history with, they won't let you go, and as hard as you might try, you can't disentangle yourself, can't set yourself free. Maybe after a while you just stop trying. - Author: Paula Hawkins
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#58. I think sometimes maybe you're going to connect with the audience more than others, but the journey is about getting all there is to get out of this group of people. - Author: Tom Petty
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#59. Sometimes I think the human heart is just a simple shelf. There is only so much you can pile onto it before something falls off an edge and you are left to pick up the pieces. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#60. Sometimes life isn't what you think it should be or want it to be. Sometimes life is just life and it goes on even without you. The key is to make the most out of it while you can. - Author: Jean Williams
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#61. I think sometimes when you look long term, you kind of forget to take care of what you have to take care of on a daily basis. We're into short-term goals more than long-term goals. - Author: Chip Kelly
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#62. Sometimes people in abusive situations think they're responsible for the other person's happiness or that they're going to fix them and make them feel better. The practice of equanimity teaches that it's not all up to you to make someone else happy. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#63. Sometimes I think creativity is magic; it's not a matter of finding an idea, but allowing the idea to find you. - Author: Maya Lin
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#64. Different things make me feel sexy. Sometimes it's just a manicure or when I buy some new underwear or just receiving a compliment from a guy on the street. But I think to feel sexy, you just need the right person next to you, who's going to complete you and make you feel even sexier. - Author: Irina Shayk
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#65. And the kittykats would have to erect scaffolding and a pulley to get him down. Mind you, I wouldn't put that past them. Sometimes when they are behind the sofa supposedly purring, I think they are drilling. - Author: Louise Rennison
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#66. When you're young, you develop ways to win, and you think they will always work, but then you get to the top, competing against the other top athletes, and sometimes things don't work. - Author: Lindsey Vonn
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#67. The problem with looking in the mirror is that you never know how you will feel about what you see. Sometimes, when my hormones are out of sync, I have no interest in the mirror, and if I do look I think everything is all wrong. Other times, I am quite pleased with what I see. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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#68. I know crazy when I see it." The moment the words flew out of my mouth I regretted them. Sometimes when you see the line, you think it's a good idea to cross it--until you do.~Noah - Author: Katie McGarry
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#69. No matter what you think you can be, when you're forced to stop and look at where you actually are, it's pretty depressing.
Sometimes, there is no escaping the truth - Author: Candace Bushnell
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#70. It's only after the fact that we trace the lines, join dots between things, skip over anything that doesn't fit. We make stories to account for everything that's happened. It's nice to think the world makes sense. It's nice to think that you make sense. But sometimes things just happen. - Author: Kirsty Logan
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#71. I sometimes think that being widowed is God's way of telling you to come off the Pill. - Author: Victoria Wood
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#72. I think the genre of comics sometimes overtakes the medium, and people assume that they are kind of frivolous. If you have a good, strong story teller, they can be as affecting as any character in literature. Period. - Author: Chip Kidd
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#73. I think the sensitivity that you need to create certain things sometimes would spill over into things that shouldn't have bothered me. - Author: Jack White
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#74. Sometimes those fears creep into the back of your head, but then you slap yourself and think, 'Oh, woe is me! People actually like me.' What a silly thing to worry about. This is a huge opportunity, and I'm excited. - Author: Ben McKenzie
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#75. Things work out; it isn't as bad as you sometimes think it is. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
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#76. I'm not much of a preparer. I think sometimes as an actor you need to go out and learn some skills, but in terms of preparation for understanding the character, it's all on the page, and if it's not on the page, you're in trouble. - Author: William H. Macy
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#77. I think the working-class part of me comes out. Sometimes the people who have the loudest mouths are upper-class, upper-middle-class. The quietest are often working-class people, people who are broke. There is a fear of losing whatever it is that you have. I come from that background. - Author: Billie Joe Armstrong
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#78. Seriously? Do you ever not think about food?"
"Of course I do," Dex replied with a smirk. "When I'm thinking about sex. Though sometimes I like to think of both at the same time." He wriggled his eyebrows, but his partner remained unimpressed.
"Am I going to have to give you a time-out? - Author: Charlie Cochet
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#79. I'm hungry, Garion, and I don't think well when I'm hungry."
"That might explain a lot," Beldin noted blandly. "We should have fed you more often when you were younger."
"You can be terribly offensive sometimes, do you know that?"
"Why, yes, as a matter of fact I do. - Author: David Eddings
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#80. I think sometimes when you want attention you can wear sunglasses and people are like "Who is that?" - Author: Katerina Graham
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#81. Dreams never die. Sometimes you think they are dead, but they are just hibernating lie some old bear. And, if the dream has been hibernating for a long time, that bear is going to wake up grumpy and hungry - Author: Harlan Coben
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#82. Because, sometimes you've got to think about more than your own safety! Sometimes you've got to think about the greater good! This is war! - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#83. I think the most important manner is just general kindness. When you go to big cities, sometimes people forget to just say, "Good morning," or "How are you?" - Author: Jaime King
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#84. That happens sometimes, right? It's
on the tip of your tongue, but you just can't think of it. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#85. I get the ideas from everything. Children sometimes think you have to have special experiences to write, but good writing brings out what's special in ordinary things. - Author: Laurence Yep
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#86. Sometimes when you think you need space to sort out how you feel, you really don't. You're just scared, so you ran. Running is never the answer. Make yourself stay and work through it. - Author: J.C. Isabella
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#87. It's not always easy being her daughter.'
I think,' she said, 'sometimes it's hard no matter whose daughter you are. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#88. Sometimes you just gotta suck at being the person people think you are. - Author: Ellie Rose McKee
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#89. I don't see my movies. When you ask me about one of my movies, it just goes in my memory because maybe sometimes I confuse one for another. I think all movies are like sequences, which is the body of my work. - Author: Bernardo Bertolucci
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#90. Sometimes doors open and other close and you have to figure out which one you're going to take. I'm always for the one that's challenging. That's where I think you live your life to the fullest. - Author: Gisele Bundchen
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#91. Though Emily is a bit of a cat, and cats, I always think, only jump into your lap to check if you are cold enough, yet, to eat. Sometimes I - Author: Anonymous
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#92. Sometimes I don't even know if I'm extremely happy or extremely sad. It happens a lot when I think of you - Author: Antonia Michaelis
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#93. Sometimes you do find what you're looking for closer than you think - Author: Ann Howard Creel
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#94. And sometimes in life, I imagine, good things do happen. Most of the time, it's the opposite, obviously. But I don't think you should rule out the possibility that just occasionally chance might deal you a good card. - Author: Sebastian Faulks
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#95. He touched me. We kissed and we held hands sometimes. It was proper. Do you think I should have been with him in that way?" "Hell, no. He's probably not capable." "He's married now. They have children." "Must be Catholic." "What makes you say that?" "Virgin births. - Author: Ellen O'Connell
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#96. Sometimes you panic and find yourself emitting remarks so profoundly inane that you would be embarrassed to say them to your dog. Your dog would look at you and think to itself, 'I may lick myself in public, but I'd never say anything as stupid as that.' - Author: Dave Barry
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#97. I think that if you use the so-called "strong words" you'll get your point across faster and you can save a lot of beating around the bush. Why are people afraid of words? Sometimes the dumbest thing that gets said makes the point for you. - Author: Frank Zappa
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#98. It's a funny thing, one day you're living and the next day you're not sometimes, whether you have plans or not. Wishes and wants get trumped by the reaper every time. I don't even know if I would want a warning if it was my time. I think I'd rather be surprised. - Author: Dan Groat
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#99. The magic will not solve your problems. It will only add to them. The magic will not make people like you. It will increase their distrust. The magic will not ease your pain. It will twist and burn inside you until sometimes you think that even death would be preferable."
-Antimodes, "Soulforge - Author: Margaret Weis
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#100. There's a convention that one doesn't speak ill of the dead. That's stupid, I think. The truth's always the truth. On the whole it's better to keep your mouth shut about living people. You might conceivably injure them. The dead are past that. But the harm they've done lives after them sometimes. - Author: Agatha Christie
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