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#1. It was mild monsters like these that made Jack the Ripper go after young women, she decided: who could tolerate yielding the world to someone who behaved as if she had given birth to the very world herself?

Gregory Maguire

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#2. She decided not to look him in the eyes ever again. It was too much like being shoved over the edge of a ravine.

Dia Reeves

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#3. She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing "yes" in the sky.

Monique Duval

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#4. She decided that day to study Russian, the language of violence, terror, and absurdity. She knew she would never be bored.

Natalie Standiford

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#5. Where did everyone find the will to do all the work in the world? We're all allowed a kind of grace period, she decided, when we can coast along, before we really need to choose a life and summon the determination to live it. Her grace period had just run out.

Alethea Black

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#6. Instead of crushing them and mixing them with water, she decided to take them one by one, because there is always a gap between intention and action, and she wanted to feel free to turn back halfway.

Paulo Coelho

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#7. There was dishonor, she decided, in accepting someone else's idea of honor without question.

Marie Rutkoski

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#8. She decided at once that she and the boy were cut of the same bookish cloth, and could quite possibly become co-conspirators.

Jordan Stratford

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#9. My daughter decided to embrace and celebrate who she was. She was a size 2 at one time, but she decided she didn't want to be hungry anymore. I think that's how you turn it around. Today, more and more designers are recognizing how lucrative that market is.

Beverly Johnson

She Decided Quotes #157442
#10. THERE ARE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT marriage. I love the familiarity of it," Nedra said. "It's like a tattoo. You wanted it at the time, you have it, it's implanted in your skin, you can't get rid of it. You're hardly even aware of it any more. I suppose I'm very conventional," she decided.

James Salter

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#11. Food, she decided, was like performance rather than fine art: its power was in its transience and immediacy.

Hannah Mary Rothschild

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#12. Elizabeth lay face-down on the massage table, and allowed Marco to relieve the stress of the business day with firm and knowing fingers. Success, she decided, was often a matter of knowing when to relax.

Barbara Taylor Bradford

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#13. She decided to be quiet for now. There was a Yamani saying: "You need never unsay anything that you did not say in the first place.

Tamora Pierce

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#14. You sure you okay?" he asked.
this time she decided to go for the truth. "No. But 'okay' is overrated.

C.C. Hunter

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#15. The woman got shit done, and she was not one to abandon a project (say, her fixer-upper husband, for instance), even if she decided she didn't like it.

Gillian Flynn

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#16. There's always tomorrow."
"Exactly," she said, finishing off her first doughnut, selecting a second. Maybe she wouldn't starve to death, she decided. Maybe she'd eat herself into obesity and explode. Death by doughnut.

Janet Evanovich

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#17. There was a super-8 steel town somewhere, where all the forgotten things in the cruel world ended up eventually, Mandy was sure of it ... this place, she decided, was called Smog City.

Rebecca McNutt

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#18. She looked around. "Oh, I've just got to hug somebody! You!" And she hugged Puck, the little ghost horse. "And you." She hugged Pook, and Peek, and even the nose of the moat monster. "But not you," she decided, encountering the zombie.

Piers Anthony

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#19. My mother didn't really cook. But she did make key lime pie, until the day the top of the evaporated milk container accidentally ended up in the pie and she decided cooking took too much concentration.

William Of Norwich

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#20. The book that made a lasting impression was the one my mother gave each of us when she decided we were ready for our first 'adult novel,' Lucy Maud Montgomery's 'The Blue Castle.'

Hallie Ephron

She Decided Quotes #343873
#21. Her life was not yet over, she decided. It just felt this way.

Hugh Howey

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#22. My mother saw a movie when she was 14 years old. I forget the name of the movie, but one of the lead characters was named Lark. She decided then she would name me and she stuck to it, and here I am.

Lark Voorhies

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#23. She decided to make his life as terrible, tragic and complicated as possible, so that some day Percy Jackson would have a really hard time writing about it.

Rick Riordan

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#24. Bitterblue had never seen a man naked, and she was curious. She decided the universe owed her a few minutes, just a few, to satisfy her curiosity. So she went to him and knelt, which shut him up.

Kristin Cashore

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#25. Effie M. was a monster. Six foot high and as strong as a farm horse.No sooner had she decided that she wanted UncleTom than she knocked him off his bicycle and told him.

Laurie Lee

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#26. He could cut a Trolloc in half with a gateway at three hundred paces, and summon fire from inside Dragonmount itself, and he still wanted to carry a sword. It was, she decided, a male thing.

Robert Jordan

She Decided Quotes #385527
#27. She decided she would just be a fairy because she liked the option of flying without the responsibility of saving the world.

Amy Harmon

She Decided Quotes #394613
#28. She woke up and realized she had forgotten the definition of the word 'impossible.' She decided it must not have been that important.

Monique Duval

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#29. A newt, she decided, was a useful thing to have around.

Roald Dahl

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#30. My mother used to paper pictures from movie magazines on the wall of her bedroom. When I was born, she looked at those pictures to decide on a name for me. Claudette Colbert's picture was up there and so was Loretta Young's. She decided Loretta was the prettiest name, so I was named after her.

Loretta Lynn

She Decided Quotes #447083
#31. She decided she wanted a cool, starchy independent life, with ruffles of humor like window curtains.

Mary McCarthy

She Decided Quotes #448698
#32. Sophie found philosophy doubly exciting because she was able to follow all the ideas by using her own common sense - without having to remember everything she had learned at school. She decided that philosophy was not something you can learn; but perhaps you can learn to think philosophically.

Jostein Gaarder

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#33. Joe was so tired that he had slept through first hour Spanish, second hour history, and most of third hour English. The English teacher, Mrs. Lane, hadn't taken a liking to that. She decided to send Joe to the principal to discuss why he was so sleepy, which Joe hadn't taken a liking to.

Belart Wright

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#34. And so Rebecca consigned herself to, not ignorance, but a judicious incuriosity: she decided, for the time being, to live with the constant, cryptic reminders that the scope of another person's soul could never be fully surveyed.

Dexter Palmer

She Decided Quotes #463417
#35. The service had reminded her of the meaning of Christmas and given her a sense of peace. It had also reminded her of the baby she carried and the hope that having a child brought into her life. Did the past really matter? Not if she didn't let it, she decided.

Brenda Novak

She Decided Quotes #516609
#36. the hallway and into her room. We ran after her, "Rach, what happened?" I asked coming to a halt as she was about to slam her bedroom door shut. She decided against slamming it in our faces

Laura Keysor

She Decided Quotes #519043
#37. Besides, she was alone and those who drink alone, she decided, had no need of any impediments to the pure act of consumption.

Alan Goodare

She Decided Quotes #520294
#38. She decided that if Lucas was gay then she was going to have to get a sex change operation. He would be so worth it.

Josephine Angelini

She Decided Quotes #530291
#39. Diana opened her eyes and steeled her resolve. Some days, she decided, freedom meant the wind in your hair and the sun on your face and lips swollen with forbidden kisses.
And other days, freedom meant killing an eel.

Tessa Dare

She Decided Quotes #539632
#40. The smile widened, and she decided it ought to be classified as a misdemeanor. Grinning with Intent to Discombobulate.

Ruthie Knox

She Decided Quotes #566813
#41. Victoria liked music full of high passion and drama. "I am a terribly modern person," she decided.

Kate Williams

She Decided Quotes #567861
#42. The reunion, she decided, was an unnecessary and stressful complication to life. We did not need to reheat cold dishes from the past.

Alexander McCall Smith

She Decided Quotes #584666
#43. Glaring at the unicorn silhouette, she decided she hated coincidences. Or cosmic signs. Whichever it was. She felt as if the universe were laughing at her.

Sarah Beth Durst

She Decided Quotes #589327
#44. Quote is taken from Chapter 1:
Since Etta could log in her rare Baltimore oriole sighting, she decided she'd had enough birding for one day. It was just a fun hobby, not an obsession.

Ed Lynskey

She Decided Quotes #659103
#45. Cora didn't know what optimistic meant. She asked the other girls that night if they were familiar with the word. None of them had heard it before. She decided that it meant trying.

Colson Whitehead

She Decided Quotes #660910
#46. A while, finding that nothing more happened, she decided on going into the garden at once; but, alas for poor Alice! when she got to the door, she found she had forgotten the little golden key,

Lewis Carroll

She Decided Quotes #674914
#47. I'll never behave like a cooing dove over any cat, she decided. As

Erin Hunter

She Decided Quotes #681491
#48. They were eating in the kitchen. Looking at the spoonfuls of pea soup entering Mama's mouth, she decided to shift her focus to Papa. "There's something

Markus Zusak

She Decided Quotes #706947
#49. There were other ways to learn, she decided. Things which could not be found in books,

D.K. Holmberg

She Decided Quotes #716568
#50. Mom and Dad had a lot to answer for, she decided. She couldn't even be rude to evil
vampires who'd caged her boyfriend and were preparing to roast him alive.

Rachel Caine

She Decided Quotes #737059
#51. She hadn't been given the proper tools to make a real life with, she decided, that was it. She'd been given a can of gravy and a hairbrush and told, "There you go."

Lorrie Moore

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#52. On daughter Liza Minnelli: I think she decided to go into show business when she was an embryo, she kicked so much.

Judy Garland

She Decided Quotes #775879
#53. She's jealous of you. She has been since you got that solo in the sixth-grade Christmas pageant."
( ... ) "You're telling me I went through six years of drama from Lydia because she decided I didn't deserve to sing the verses of 'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear' instead of her?

Andrea Laurence

She Decided Quotes #793269
#54. My mother, brave woman, lost her whole family when she decided to marry a black man in the '60s. When the marriage fell apart, she had to come back to her family.

Lisa Bonet

She Decided Quotes #805685
#55. When I retired and told my wife I wanted to go back to Bozeman and fight political corruption and get involved in politics, she decided to stay in Seattle.

Stan Jones

She Decided Quotes #821186
#56. it, she decided to experiment.

M.L. Stedman

She Decided Quotes #824925
#57. Eve engaged her On Duty sign and stepped out of the car. Immediately her ears were assaulted with a blast of music. Christmas carols pumped, full blast, into the air. She decided that people ran inside, ready to buy anything, just to escape the noise.

J.D. Robb

She Decided Quotes #840162
#58. Helen had to blink a couple of times before she could stop staring and felt her face warm with embarrassment. There was nowhere to look that that wasn't filled with either man pretty or man manly, so she decided she was better looking at the kitchen floor.

Shannon K. Butcher

She Decided Quotes #884725
#59. He was officially a lunatic, she decided. Strangely, that didn't make him less attractive.

Kate Atkinson

She Decided Quotes #895234
#60. Despite herself, despite what she'd done, she decided she wanted Rowan to call her milady at least once every day.

Sarah J. Maas

She Decided Quotes #908334
#61. She decided to watch the leaves on the tree across the way. How many would fall off in such a strong wind? ... She now knew why people made such a fuss about weddings. It was to keep the bride's mind occupied, lest she fall into strange mental chasms.

Julia Quinn

She Decided Quotes #948750
#62. It was all a question of face, she decided: you had to leave room for face to be saved.

Alexander McCall Smith

She Decided Quotes #962093
#63. Marital discord, she decided, was like some sort of low-grade fever that threw the whole system just slightly out of whack so you couldn't manage to function at full capacity.

J.D. Robb

She Decided Quotes #968091
#64. Jules was a proud little toy. She decided that she was going to work very hard to be the best wolf she could be.

Julie B. Campbell

She Decided Quotes #988104
#65. My mother was in the bathtub crying and I was standing outside the door waiting, just in case she decided to slip her head under and keep it there. The other kids were upstairs. The problem was about money, of course. She was afraid she wouldn't have enough for us to eat.

Eula Biss

She Decided Quotes #1026147
#66. Emilia stared at me for three or four more seconds, then gave up on pumping me for information. "We should go," she decided with the force of a monarch declaring law. "I have Latin first period. The Aeneid waits for no man.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

She Decided Quotes #1041965
#67. Before she'd fallen asleep, she'd been reminding herself that she couldn't let herself like him, yet here she was, cuddled against him, in his arms again. She decided she'd go back to hating him tomorrow.

Kelly Walker

She Decided Quotes #1063757
#68. Yes, we were looking for a Faith spin-off, but then Faith backed down. Eliza got a really wonderful offer over on Fox in a show, and, for reasons I didn't talk to her about, she decided to go there, and everyone respects that.

James Marsters

She Decided Quotes #1087301
#69. My mother at the age of 65 decided she was going to run for mayor. She had never run for public office, and she decided she wanted to try and do some things for the community.

Sylvia Mathews Burwell

She Decided Quotes #1155162
#70. She decided working security at the SkyMall ranked high on her list of worst ten jobs, right up there with shark tank cleaners - somebody had to do it - and proctologists.

J.D. Robb

She Decided Quotes #1187767
#71. 1978 when she decided to contact Clinton. That's when events took a turn for the worse. As Christopher Andersen writes in American Evita: Juanita checked into Little Rock's Camelot

Victor Thorn

She Decided Quotes #1200892
#72. But, being unable to decide yes, she decided no.

Gregory Maguire

She Decided Quotes #1240186
#73. That was another thing about partners, she decided. They knew what would make you laugh, often before you did.

J.D. Robb

She Decided Quotes #1259150
#74. 'Mafiosa' was written by Veronica Russo. It's her first time making a film, and I'm really proud of her because this woman has a full-time job, and she decided one day, 'You know, I want to write a film, and I want to make it.'

Katrina Law

She Decided Quotes #1271437
#75. His hair stuck up more than usual, but he was otherwise neat in his typical black. If they lived through the mission, she decided to buy him an obnoxiously cheerful shirt. Something in sunflower yellow, perhaps.

Lindsay Buroker

She Decided Quotes #1283297
#76. Eve lifted a brow. She decided

Nora Roberts

She Decided Quotes #1311018
#77. Although she was unenthusiastic about theology, she had long since realised that the real point of prayer was not to flatter those addressed; prayer was a form of meditation, she decided, and it did not detract from its efficacy that nobody was listening.

Alexander McCall Smith

She Decided Quotes #1321567
#78. That clock's a lot like the town, she decided. Looks good, sounds great, pretends to be some sort of masterpiece. But it's broken. It's rotten and broken right down inside where its heart's cogs meet. That's Toll.

Frances Hardinge

She Decided Quotes #1333836
#79. she was alternately confused and angry at his lack of reference to their past, but she decided to let him take the lead. Either he had his reasons or he wasn't the man she once knew. And she was certain by now that he was still that man, only more.

Alexandra York

She Decided Quotes #1390683
#80. She decided that her wisest course would be to put him out of her mind. After reaching this conclusion she lay thinking about him until at last she fell asleep.

Georgette Heyer

She Decided Quotes #1405609
#81. She's 32, and she has three children. She loves to be pregnant but she doesn't want anymore children in her life. So she decided to help another couple. And she's just been amazing.

Cheryl Tiegs

She Decided Quotes #1410425
#82. Jesus, Ally, you're living with a stripper?"
"She decided not to do it. She got a job at Hooters instead."
"Oh, well, in that case, I feel much better," he says sarcastically.

Lauren Barnholdt

She Decided Quotes #1413154
#83. She wondered how she would feel to be a married woman. It would be the end of her life, she decided, if life was a time of choices.

Neil Gaiman

She Decided Quotes #1416063
#84. Not giving a shit, she decided, is like the defrost option on a car's heater that miraculously unfogs the windshield, allowing you to see where you're headed.

Richard Russo

She Decided Quotes #1416366
#85. She decided it was perhaps a little like marriage itself: a good idea that, like all ideas, lived awkwardly on earth. -Terrific Mother

Lorrie Moore

She Decided Quotes #1420937
#86. Hillary had never run for office before, but she decided to give it a try. She began her campaign the way she always does new things, by listening and and learning. And after a tough battle, New York elected her to the seat once held by another outsider, Robert Kennedy.

William J. Clinton

She Decided Quotes #1451371
#87. It was skin, she decided. Only skin. And it had no power to add or subtract or otherwise alter her fundamental understanding of her own self.

Leonard Pitts Jr.

She Decided Quotes #1465918
#88. This is the goddess Fortuna. She brought luck - or took it away. But you'd put up with whatever she did. Because when she decided to favour you, it made everything worthwhile

Jacqueline Rayner

She Decided Quotes #1466046
#89. Wise as she was, she realized that people can postpone their rebellious phases until they're eighty-five years old, and she decided to keep an eye on herself.

Tove Jansson

She Decided Quotes #1485972
#90. Just this minute, I'll settle for an apology, she decided. And I wont' board the boat without one. Even if Kaz isn't sorry, he can pretend. He at least owes me his best imitation of a human being.

Leigh Bardugo

She Decided Quotes #1535411
#91. A hummingbird cake, she decided as she turned on the kitchen light. It was made with bananas and pineapples and pecans and had a cream cheese frosting.
She would make it light enough to float away.
She reached over to open the window.
To float to her daughter.

Sarah Addison Allen

She Decided Quotes #1566026
#92. He loved her for almost everything she was & she decided that was enough to let him stay for a very long time.

Brian Andreas

She Decided Quotes #1582457
#93. She looked down at her sketch pad. She'd been drawing a rabbit. She decided to give him unpleasant teeth. Vicious little bunny. Excellent.

Julia Quinn

She Decided Quotes #1607132
#94. I grew up in Hollywood during WWII, and my mother was afraid that my father was going to be drafted because she didn't think we were going to be able to live on army pay. She didn't want to have to get a job, so she decided to put me to work, and that's how I got started in the movies.

Karolyn Grimes

She Decided Quotes #1612888
#95. She noticed Willa ended up getting an ice cream sandwich, not a popsicle like she advised, but she decided she would still love her, even if she didn't go with the popsicle like she did.


She Decided Quotes #1622065
#96. As he slept, his heartbeat returned to slow and steady, lulling her. Before she joined him, she decided that she never wanted to sleep without that sound again.

Kresley Cole

She Decided Quotes #1625602
#97. Cath had a weird thing about sharing drinks, but she decided it would be stupid to say anything. She'd already kissed him.

Rainbow Rowell

She Decided Quotes #1655846
#98. She decided to forgo her ambitions of creating a cohesive unit. An occasionally functional one with tendencies towards violence seemed more within reach.

Lindsay Buroker

She Decided Quotes #1658589
#99. It would be the end of her life, she decided, if life was a time of choices. In a week from now, she would have no choices.

Neil Gaiman

She Decided Quotes #1683323
#100. Henry's face grows pink, pinker than those ridiculous bras Mom recently left on my bed when she decided I needed something more feminine than a sports bra.

Miranda Kenneally

She Decided Quotes #1732890

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