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#1. If she could breathe then it could be heard, but she was breathless. - Author: Elizabeth Scott
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#2. A thing can't exist in people's minds until it has a name. But with a name, it can exist in people's minds without existing at all. You should always come up with a name before you set out to create anything. - Author: Daniel Suarez
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#3. I'll talk about the Everglades at the drop of a hat. - Author: Marjory Stoneman Douglas
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#4. Lost children filled every chair at the headquarters of the Columbian Guard; nineteen spent the night and were claimed by their parents the next day. - Author: Erik Larson
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#5. I sew his ears on from time to time, sure. - Author: Patrick O'Brian
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#6. To know that which lies before us in daily life is the prime wisdom. - Author: John Milton
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#7. A book can be as dangerous as a sword in the right hands, said Haldon. - Author: George R R Martin
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#8. A fight with her mother? It was certainly within the realm of possibility, I guessed. Elizabeth was a teenager and her mother was ... well, her mother. Normally they were the best of friends, but even best friends fight. - Author: James Patterson
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#9. holyshitit'sKultistandingrightthere. Poop. He poops. He poops. Right. That was all I needed to snap out of it. I pictured an image of him sitting on the porcelain throne to remind me he was just a normal man with needs like everyone. I - Author: Mariana Zapata
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#10. I don't know who said that novelists read the novels of others only to figure out how they are written. I believe it's true. We aren't satisfied with the secrets exposed on the surface of the page: we turn the book around to find the seams. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#11. One whisper, Judith, added to a thousand others will become a roar of discontent even - Author: Julie Garwood
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