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Top 100 Quotes About Weather

#1. A friend said to me, "I think the weather is trippy." I said, "No, man, it's not the weather that's trippy, perhaps it's the way we perceive it." And then I realized I just should have said, "Yeah." - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#2. One day you stepped in snow, the next in mud, water soaked in your boots and froze them at night, it was the next worst thing to pure blizzardry, it was weather that wouldn't let you settle. - Author: E.L. Doctorow
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#3. Assuming normal winter weather, we currently anticipate the coal markets to remain difficult through 2015; while we always strive to operate a full capacity in this environment, it may be necessary to delay our production growth to match the market. - Author: Joe Craft
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#4. I look at you, Mrs. Emily. I see your eyes smile before your lips. Your hair has a curl that droops onto your forehead when the weather is humid . . .

I look at you too, Sabine. I see you. - Author: Phyllis H. Moore
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#5. Every footstep we take, every action has a consequence. We breathe in weather, but we breathe out CO2. We're responsible for weather and for climate. - Author: Gretel Ehrlich
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#6. We cannot tell what the weather will be tomorrow (or the next hour) because we do not know accurately enough what the weather is right now. - Author: Tzvi Gal-Chen
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#7. It's one of the things I love about the sea, the way you can see weather afar. It's like looking at the future. - Author: Carol Birch
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#8. I spent a lot of my youth working outside in the elements, and I kind of revel in defeating tough weather. - Author: Nick Offerman
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#9. The Marquesa would even have been astonished to learn that her letters were very good, for such authors live always in the noble weather of their own minds and those productions which seem remarkable to us are little better than a day's routine to them. - Author: Thornton Wilder
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#10. AT&T Park, chalk it up. This is a great pitcher's park, great weather. It's a great place to pitch. It's all positive and no negative. You can go out and challenge guys. I've got the confidence to attack the strike zone and not nibble so much. - Author: Tim Hudson
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#11. Anyone who lives in Boston knows that it's March that's the cruelest, holding out a few days of false hope and then gleefully hitting you with the shit. - Author: Stephen King
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#12. It is extraordinary how many emotional storms one may weather in safety if one is ballasted with ever so little gold. - Author: William McFee
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#13. Driving yourself insane on the Internet is as easy as checking the weather. - Author: Ben Dolnick
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#14. Into the dark, smoky restaurant, smelling of rich raw foods on the buffet, slid Nicole's sky-blue suit like a stray segment of the weather outside. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#15. Look at this. A barstool, named Sven? Some old Swedish custom, the winter kicks in, weather gets harsh, after a while you find yourself relating to the furniture in ways you didn't expect? - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#16. We made love outdoors
Without a roof, I like most,
Without stove, to make love, assuming the weather be fair and balmy, and the earth beneath be clean. Our souls intertwined and gushing of dew. - Author: Roman Payne
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#17. I like storms. I would say I actively like stormy weather. I would not be afraid of them. I think that if I had not pursued journalism, I think storm-chasing would've been a really fun career. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#18. The November evening had a bite; it nibbled not-quite-gently at her cheeks and ears. In Virginia the late autumn was a lover, still, but a dangerous one. - Author: J. Aleksandr Wootton
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#19. Men go to a fire for entertainment. When I see how eagerly men will run to a fire, whether in warm or in cold weather, by day or by night, dragging an engine at their heels, I'm astonished to perceive how good a purpose the level of excitement is made to serve. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#20. ... back then the sky seemed so vast.

And now the sky above me... is low, and narrow, and heavy. - Author: Inio Asano
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#21. People don't feel so quarrelsome in warm weather. They get crotchety in the fall and begin to go to law about things after the first hard frosts. - Author: Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
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#22. You're so afraid of being hurt that you attack first. Only those who really care about you will weather the assault of your verbal attacks and stay. The rest will fall away. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#23. Here eglantine embalm'd the air, Hawthorne and hazel mingled there; The primrose pale, and violet flower, Found in each cliff a narrow bower; Fox-glove and nightshade, side by side, Emblems of punishment and pride, Group'd their dark hues with every stain The weather-beaten crags retain. - Author: Walter Scott
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#24. I am very close to HIM, sometimes I think I am HIM, with my mood is the weather,bright and sunny forever. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
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#25. A good politician always knew which way the winds were blowing: a better politician made the weather himself. - Author: John Jackson Miller
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#26. I have been fighting climate change for two decades, and people often ask me how I remain hopeful in the face of extreme weather and grim forecasts. The answer is simple: I see countless solutions spreading across the nation and across the world. But we need more investment. - Author: Frances Beinecke
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#27. You know what they say about Chicago. If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes. - Author: Ralph Kiner
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#28. I don't believe in a biological apocalypse, but I think there is stormy biological weather ahead as the human population continues to grow. - Author: Richard Preston
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#29. In fine weather the old gentelman is almost constantly in the garden; and when it is too wet to go into it, he will look out the window at it, by the hour together. He has always something to do there, and you will see him digging, and sweeping, and cutting, and planting, with manifest delight. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#30. Life wasn't about learning how to deflect the bad, but learning how to hunker down and weather it until it passed. I supposed ... no, I knew, it was the same way with love. - Author: Nicole Williams
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#31. Honest folks, born and bred in a visible manner, were mostly not overwise or clever _ at least, not beyond such a matter as knowing the signs of the weather; and the process by which rapidity and dexterity of any kind were acquired was so wholly hidden, that they partook of the nature of conjuring. - Author: George Eliot
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#32. Fair weather friends are not worth much. - Author: Aesop
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#33. In my opinion, too much attention to weather makes for instability of character. - Author: Elizabeth Goudge
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#34. Never has good weather felt so bad. Never have flowers inspired so much fear. Never has the warm caress of a sunbeam seemed so ominous. The weather is sublime, it's glorious, it's the end of the world. - Author: Joel Achenbach
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#35. I got into moisturiser when I played football. If you're out in all weathers you have to take care of your face. - Author: Vinnie Jones
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#36. I can be tolerant of traffic jams and disorganization, faulty technology, miserable weather, and bland foods. People, however, require more than the cold, grudging favor of being tolerated. They require love. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#37. All of us know today the value of communications satellites, weather satellites, resources satellites, etc. - Author: Rusty Schweickart
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#38. she was usually keenly susceptible to weather conditions and reveled in sunshine like a kitten. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#39. If global warming is because of weather changes - which a lot of people believe - there's not much we can do to change the weather pattern. - Author: Ron Paul
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#40. I just know that I could never spend a winter in Chicago or some place like that. I'm just not a cold weather person. - Author: Emily Robison
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#41. If you send up a weather vane or put your thumb up in the air every time you want to do something different, to find out what people are going to think about it, you're going to limit yourself. That's a very strange way to live. - Author: Jessye Norman
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had a hot night,
but it was only the weather. - Author: Chocolate Waters
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#43. Credit card issuers and HELOC lenders are like fair-weather friends: They cozy up to you in good times, but when the economy heads south, they abandon you faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100 meters. - Author: Suze Orman
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#44. A few years ago, I won a Tony for Little Me and I learned two important lessons from that experience. 1. Fair-weather friends are so much more interesting to be around and 2. It's amazing what this award fetches on E-Bay. - Author: Martin Short
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#45. Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation. - Author: Kin Hubbard
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#46. The best things that happen I'd never have thought to pray for. In a million years. The worst things just come like the weather. - Author: Marilynne Robinson
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#47. Scientists use satellites to track weather, map ice sheet melting, detect diseases, show ecosystem change ... the list goes on and on. I think nearly every scientific field benefits or could benefit from satellite imagery analysis. - Author: Sarah Parcak
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#48. In 'Deadliest Catch,' we have men in ships in rough seas catching crabs. With 'Whale Wars,' we have men and women from a dozen different nations going out to sea in rough weather to help save the whales. We also have icebergs, whales, penguins, and dramatic ship-to-ship confrontations. - Author: Paul Watson
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#49. Nature is also God's way of communicating with us. Jesus himself used nature to teach us about God. He used birds and flowers, the weather, precious stones ... Looking at nature, we can come to understand God himself. - Author: Adelina St. Clair
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#50. It is impossible you should take true root but by the fair weather that you make yourself it is needful that you frame the season of your own harvest. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#51. The weather, the plants, the animals, and our human survival are all inextricably linked. The natural elements were at war with one another because we abused our ecosystem. Abused our atmosphere. Abused our animals. Abused our fellow man. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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#52. Why? is the boy's motto, why does, why is, why not? Food, weather, time, fires, sea and season, clothes and cars and people; it's all grist to the mill of why. - Author: Keri Hulme
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#53. I'm a five-seasons griller! Did you know I added a new season? Living in Cali, I'm cooking in the yard all the time. I don't care what the weather is like. My hair is impervious to any kind of dampness, so I don't have too much to worry about. - Author: Guy Fieri
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#54. One thing that feeds into the way you experience the social world is your mood - and one thing that affects your mood is the weather. - Author: Leonard Mlodinow
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#55. Clouds, leaves, soil, and wind all offer themselves as signals of changes in the weather. However, not all the storms of life can be predicted. - Author: David Petersen
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#56. And what is life without the company of wine, women and good weather. - Author: Avijeet Das
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#57. When the writing fit came on, she gave herself up to it with entire abandon, and led a blissful life, unconscious of want, care, or bad weather, while she sat safe and happy in an imaginary world, full of friends almost as real and dear to her as any in the flesh. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#58. We call upon priesthood bearers to store sufficient so that you and your family can weather the vicissitudes of life. Please see to it that those entrusted to your watchcare receive these two pamphlets entitled All Is Safely Gathered In. Exhort them to prepare now for rainy days ahead. - Author: Keith B. McMullin
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#59. My room was in one of those turrets and at night I could hear the sea and the faint rustle of eelgrass in the soft wind. The weather was perfect that summer. No storms. Blue skies and just the right amount of wind every day. The sailors were in heaven. - Author: Katherine Hall Page
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#60. Mastery is not something that strikes in an instant, like a thunderbolt, but a gathering power that moves steadily through time, like weather. - Author: John Gardner
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#61. Sutures of lightning tightened the edges of the sky. - Author: T. J. MacGregor
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#62. Mel: What was your name again? Rain: Rain. Mel: Oh that's nice. Kind of like bad weather. - Author: Kristen Schaal
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#63. Bottle of mine, it's you I've always wanted!
Bottle of mine, why was I ever decanted?
Skies are blue inside of you,
The weather's always fine;
There ain't no Bottle in all the world
Like that dear little Bottle of mine. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#64. Due to poor weather, low visibility and extreme winds, I was forced to make the decision to descend after receiving word that there was another week of the daunting weather around the corner. You just can't climb being blown off your feet! - Author: Lonnie Dupre
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#65. If the weather is summer in your mind, even the coldest winter will be hot for you! If the weather is winter in your mind, even the hottest summer will be cold for you! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#66. Wonderful news, a lovely day, but I don't trust good news and I don't like good weather. Dread has been my faithful companion, and without it I am alone. - Author: Abigail Thomas
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#67. Then the concerts came to an end, the weather turned bad and my girls left Balbec, not all at once, as the swallows leave, but within the same week. - Author: Marcel Proust
Quotes About Weather #11131
#68. Ninety-five degrees in the shade characterizes the weather these days, and I generally make a few miles in the gloaming - not, of course, because it is cooler, but because the "gloaming" is so delightfully romantic. - Author: Thomas Stevens
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#69. Autism, like a rainbow, has a bright side and a dark side and even though it can mean rough weather, it can be beautiful! - Author: Stuart Duncan
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#70. Whether the weather be cold, whether the weather be hot, we'll be together whatever the weather whether we like it or not - Author: Lauren Groff
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#71. On the Intel platform, Microsoft is the defacto standard. It's the weather. - Author: Jean-Louis Gassee
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#72. It is the weather, not work, that wears out sails. - Author: Thomas Fleming Day
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#73. He could do this. He'd survived boot camp. He'd survived combat and the harsh weather of Afghanistan. He could survive broccoli. Probably. - Author: Shannon Stacey
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#74. It's false. There is absolutely no evidence that extreme weather events are on the increase. None. The argument that more and more dollar damages accrue is a reflection of the greater amount of wealth we've created. - Author: Jerry Taylor
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#75. I once dated a weather girl, we talked up a storm. - Author: Jay London
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#76. he will automatically assume that he is also in possession of a toothbrush, washcloth, soap, tin of biscuits, flask, compass, map, ball of string, gnat spray, wet-weather gear, space suit etc., etc. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#77. I run three to four times a week. I go down to Orange County in California and I run all the time ... all the time. You see the oceans, the trees. I like running in hot weather. I like to sweat and get all those toxins out of my system. I thoroughly enjoy it. - Author: Sugar Ray Leonard
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#78. Though weather is important while it happens it seems to me to be pretty dull to look back on. You can take descriptions of most any sort of weather out of an almanac and stick them in just anywhere; they'll probably fit. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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#79. The weather is like the government, always in the wrong. - Author: Jerome K. Jerome
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#80. There may be a time when we'll attend Weather Theatres to recall the sensation of rain. - Author: Jim Morrison
Quotes About Weather #58912
#81. Never open a book with weather. There are exceptions. If you happen to be Barry Lopez, who has more ways to describe ice and snow than an Eskimo, you can do all the weather reporting you want. - Author: Elmore Leonard
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#82. The colder the weather, the bigger the gun
Got to rock a lot of clothes if you tryina hide one
In June it's .22's, February it's fifths
But all year round, it's 616. - Author: Willie The Kid
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#83. Everything was eternally dreary, dismal, damned. Even the weather was insolent and bitchy. - Author: Charles Bukowski
Quotes About Weather #55472
#84. If you know what you believe and why you believe it, you'll avoid poisonous relationships, toxic jobs, fair-weather friends, and any number of ills that afflict people who haven't thought through their deepest concerns. - Author: Ryan Holiday
Quotes About Weather #53574
#85. Like most complicated things where it's easy to get derailed, their marriage was successful because they mastered the basics. From that mastery they could weather anything. - Author: Fawn Weaver
Quotes About Weather #47684
#86. It was weather for dreams; for little fluttering quests of the heart. - Author: Knut Hamsun
Quotes About Weather #46609
#87. Barometer, n.: An ingenious instrument which indicates what kind of weather we are having. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
Quotes About Weather #44342
#88. How come you're always calling that TV weather guy?
Yeah you're obsessed with him! - Author: Lincoln Peirce
Quotes About Weather #44032
#89. Canadian weather resembles a slightly spoiled beautiful girl with a good heart, but a bad disposition. After being horrid for much too long a time, she suddenly turns right about and makes up for everything with so much charm that you vow again you always loved her! - Author: Wilder Penfield
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#90. The only way to go on holiday is with your expectations at ground level. Convince yourself before you go that the weather's going to be dreadful and there will be nylon sheets. You'll then be pleasantly surprised. - Author: Jenny Eclair
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#91. The ability to meditate successfully is a very unique skill that will help you better weather the storms of life. - Author: Tim McCarthy
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#92. I lived in a place where the weather holds a grudge against humans. Winter in Chicago is winter defined (..) - Author: Royce Prouty
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#93. From where we stand the rain seems random. If we could stand somewhere else, we would see the order in it. - Author: Tony Hillerman
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#94. The rain is a necessary prelude to beautiful weather. So even if your heart is in downpour right now it only means it will become exceptionally beautiful in time. - Author: Bisco Hatori
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#95. I haven't done as much proper travelling as I'd like to have done. However, I know how important the weather is for my mood and spirits. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#96. Bad weather always looks worse through a window. - Author: Tom Lehrer
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#97. Love is mainly an affair of short spasms. If these spasms disappoint us, love dies. It is very seldom that it weathers the experience and becomes friendship. - Author: Jean Cocteau
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#98. In her mind, men were no different than droughty weather or a sudden burst of rainless storm. - Author: Robert Olmstead
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#99. Since the propagation of nonviolence is the mission of my life, I must pursue it in all weathers. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#100. Will someone please explain to me the logic that says we can trust someone with a Boeing 747 in bad weather but not with a Glock 9 millimeter? - Author: Zell Miller
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