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#1. No,' Rambert said bitterly, 'you can't understand. You're using the language of reason, not of the heart; you live in a world of ... of abstractions. - Author: Albert Camus
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#2. I kind of date my musical discovery back to when I was 13 years old, getting my iTunes account and using that as a major tool to discover new music. - Author: Nick Jonas
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#3. Instead of buying into the global agenda, which is using food as just industrial stuff, we would say we view food as biological, a living thing, that belongs in smaller communities. - Author: Joel Salatin
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#4. Because we can expect future generations to be richer than we are, no matter what we do about resources, asking us to refrain from using resources now so that future generations can have them later is like asking the poor to make gifts to the rich. - Author: Julian Simon
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#5. The problem is, we're all using social networks as distribution instead of native platforms to actually tell stories. - Author: Gary Vaynerchuk
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#6. I'm really just using the mirror to summon something I don't even know until I see it. - Author: Cindy Sherman
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#7. Sol Campbell there, using his strength. And that is his strength. His strength. - Author: Kevin Keegan
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#8. I deserve passion," she said. "I deserve to be loved- in every way. I deserve a man who'll give his whole heart, not the part he isn't using at the moment.. - Author: Loretta Chase
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#9. In the editing room, 20 percent of the time you're using stuff from before the actor knew the camera was rolling or you're taking a line from somewhere else and putting it in his mouth. - Author: Campbell Scott
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#10. The value of an idea lies in the using of it. - Author: Thomas A. Edison
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#11. I averted my eyes, looked around, and stumbled through all the faces in the room till they finally rested on his. He was standing like a scared bird, waving one wing and using the other to hide his scar. Aya Rabah- Scars - Author: Refaat Alareer
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#12. We the Living is not a novel 'about Soviet Russia.' It is a novel about Man against the State. Its basic theme is the sanctity of human life - using the word 'sanctity' not in a mystical sense, but in the sense of 'supreme value.' - Author: Ayn Rand
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#13. Women are using makeup to make their eyes look puffy, their noses look red, and instead of going to the gym, they start their day with a brisk walk of shame. - Author: Peter Sagal
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#14. The grid is going to be a very different system in 2020, 2030. We keep thinking that we want it to be there and provide power when we need it ... Families will have to get used to only using power when it was available, rather than constantly. - Author: Steve Holliday
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#15. They [NPR] are, of course, Nazis. They have a kind of Nazi attitude. They are the left wing of Nazism. These guys don't want any other point of view. They don't even feel guilty using tax dollars to spout their propaganda. They are basically Air America with government funding to keep them alive. - Author: Roger Ailes
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#16. Man is a tool using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#17. It was a hobby I got into a long time ago, hacking cameras. I was able to make my own using different lenses. - Author: Evan Glodell
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#18. Christianity is about taking broken people, transforming them, and then using those transformed people to transform the world. - Author: Francis Chan
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#19. James Blish told me I had the worst case of "said bookism" (that is, using every word except said to indicate dialogue). He told me to limit the verbs to said, replied, asked, and answered and only when absolutely necessary. - Author: Anne McCaffrey
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#20. Plan your taxes, DO NOT avoid any taxes. Tax authorities have evolved and are using information technology to collect and analyze the data and also issue notices. See AIR to SoFTRA to know more about how and what data is collected and used. - Author: Jigar Patel
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#21. Once again, President Clinton is using American troops to deflect attention from his record of lies, distortions, obstructions of justice and abuse of power. - Author: Ron Paul
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#22. Some folks have suggested that, using WordPress, Prologue, and RSS, you could create a pretty effective distributed version of Twitter. - Author: Matt Mullenweg
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#23. The next time someone chides you for using your intuition, inform them that you are just checking in with the 96 percent of the universe that can't be counted up, analyzed or measured. - Author: Catherine Carrigan
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#24. A national government using New Deal programs and the massive defense spending beginning with World War II and continuing through the Cold War was Johnson's vehicle for expanding the Southern economy and making it, as he hoped, one of the more prosperous regions of the country. - Author: Robert Dallek
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#25. What makes us humans? We are not good or bad. We are yes, no, and maybe all at once. Machines are neither good or back either. It is the people using them who make the distinction. - Author: Jennifer Megan Varnadore
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#26. Love, because when you love, you are using the greatest power in the Universe. - Author: Rhonda Byrne
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#27. I really love Beyonce. I like to look to her because we look similar; we have similar features about ourselves. So whenever I see that she's using a new product, or a new hair color, I like to look at her. because I know that if it looks good on her, it's something that I could try. - Author: Amber Stevens
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#28. I read a lot of books. Here are the books I'm using for my 9/11 project. [Wright gestures to three six-foot-long shelves of books.] As I read them I highlight certain passages. Then I have an assistant write down each quote on an index card and note where it came from. - Author: Lawrence Wright
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#29. The most important fact of this century is not that Earth is threatened in many ways, It is that for the first time in all of its history a decisive means of protecting the home planet exists. It is by using space. - Author: William E. Burrows
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#30. Rape is about power, nt sex. It's about using force or the threat of it to take control over another person. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#31. I think one of the biggest things that affects young women is when they hear their mothers using fat talk. - Author: Tyra Banks
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#32. For 'The Rise of Cobra,' I was dieting more and using protein powder to help supplement my meals. For 'Retaliation,' however, I opted for more natural protein. I had a chicken breast and broccoli meal about five times every day. I also drank plenty of water and made sure I got enough rest. - Author: Lee Byung-hun
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#33. What's needed in this case is conscious and serious practice in hearing, and using, and being used by, other people's voices. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#34. When you have the national narrative being "crack is awful and black people are using it," why go against that narrative when you want to get that publication in The New York Times or wherever? It encourages people to play right into it. - Author: Carl Hart
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#35. So it is that a new politics centers around the arousal of that power, using prayer and meditation to create a force field of transformation. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#36. Because we are intelligent creatures-meaning that we are freed from instinctive and patterned behavior to a degree unparalleled in the animal kingdom-we are capable of, and dependent on, using rational choice to decide our futures. - Author: Willard Gaylin
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#37. Power, as in the power structure, is why we are still using gas in cars. - Author: Alexandra Paul
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#38. It was Chase who had obtained the information from the girl's boyfriend during a party in an Irish pub, simply by using his British friendliness and charm. - Author: Stefania Mattana
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#39. What is it you want your audience to see? Who is your audience? What does surface signify? Does it carry meaning? Do you fully understand and know what you are doing? WHY are you using encaustic? - Author: Kay WalkingStick
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#40. Iron can only be destroyed by rust, and rust is a slow process which is caused by the hydrogen ion from water in the environment. Coat yourself against negative thoughts and be careful what you feed your mind because your mind is your greatest asset, make sure you are not using it against yourself. - Author: Uzoma Nnadi
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#41. If anyone tells you it's impossible to be fabulous and smart and make a ton of money using math, well, they can just get in line behind you - and kiss your math. - Author: Danica McKellar
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#42. Using references of current technology, Martin Luther King Jr. could mentally cut and paste better than any individual I have ever known. - Author: Clarence Benjamin Jones
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#43. Attempts to control complex systems by using the kind of mechanical, reductionist thinking championed by thinkers from Newton to Taylor - breaking everything down into component parts, or optimizing individual elements - tend to be pointless at best or destructive at worst. - Author: Stanley McChrystal
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#44. Why we started the agency to begin with is to tell stories, and the tools that we're using are constantly changing. Every tool will be right for a different sort of situation, but in the end, it's going to be about your view, your voice, and how you put that all together. - Author: Ron Haviv
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#45. As you read God's Word, always remember that it is something active, that it is doing something to you, for better or worse. When we hear or read the Word, we are not above it, using it for our own purposes. Rather, in the Word, God is doing something to us. - Author: Anonymous
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#46. I just watched so many Westerns as a kid that you end up using archetypes and sort of tropes of that genre, because there's a language there and you can twist it and turn it on its head or play to it or go sideways at any time. - Author: Gore Verbinski
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#47. These are Canadian and United States intelligence and law enforcement offices who are working in teams and who are using good intelligence and good law enforcement to really stop the criminals and terrorists before they ever get to the border. - Author: Paul Cellucci
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#48. Fish rule the waters,
but can be caught using worms.
Birds rule the air,
but can be caught using grain. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#49. I was actually very surprised after using some plastic necklaces on the strings, as the sound was very bright. Sometimes I just put something inside that lies next to me ... - Author: Volker Bertelmann
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#50. Astrology is an aesthetic affront. It cheapens astronomy, like using Beethoven for commercial jingles. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#51. Do I use VORP? I may be using it and not even know it, and if I am, it's nobody's business. There are a lot of different criteria in judging players. I think I use, um, esoteric qualitative mathematical review times five. That's one of them. - Author: Ned Colletti
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#52. Celebrating love, wherever it is found" (Trevor Dennis). I'm using this sermon title as the essence of my novel - Author: Trevor Dennis
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#53. A way of using words to say things which could not possibly be said in any other way, things which in a sense do not exist till they are born ... in poetry. - Author: Cecil Day-Lewis
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#54. When you are modelling, you are creating a picture, a still life, perhaps something like a silent film. You convey emotion but you are only using your body. - Author: Helena Christensen
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#55. Did you enjoy yourself?' I asked.
'Mmm,' he said. 'It was fun, wasn't it?' He wasn't using a knife, but held a fork in his right hand like a child or an American. He smiled. - Author: Gail Honeyman
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#56. She was now using a voice that women usually reserve for cats. - Author: Jesse Andrews
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#57. Leo was the only one who had never petitioned Francie for a loan using The Nest as collateral. Jack and Melody and Bea had all asked at one time that she consider an earlier dispersal, but she stubbornly refused.Until Leo's accident. - Author: Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
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#58. so-and-so is using?' You just knew. I never held it against anyone. It was one of those things where you knew they were just trying to keep their jobs, extend their careers. I guess I didn't - Author: John Feinstein
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#59. It made you happy, to be used by me?" Perhaps not so promising. I raised my brows with amusement. "I orgasmed three times; you did once. Who's using whom, Siberian? - Author: Kresley Cole
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#60. Using every means possible to show that, although you're just an ordinary human being, you're far above other mortals. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#61. I like using a 75-percent swing for wedge shots instead of full force. - Author: Keegan Bradley
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#62. If I steal money from any person, there may be no harm done from the mere transfer of possession; he may not feel the loss, or it may prevent him from using the money badly. But I cannot help doing this great wrong towards Man, that I make myself dishonest. - Author: William Kingdon Clifford
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#63. It's true, too, that I'm tired of using books as political bullets and grenades. Books are too precious and wonderful to be used for long in such a fashion. - Author: Yann Martel
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#64. Why,' said he, 'does not the emperor, who has devised so many clever and efficient modes of improving the art of war, organize a regiment of lawyers, judges and legal practitioners, sending them in the hottest fire the enemy could maintain, and using them to save better men? - Author: Alexandre Dumas
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#65. I'm using the grid as formation. I wanted a relationship between the paintings and videos so that way when you are looking at the videos there's a direct relationship to the paintings. - Author: Mickalene Thomas
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#66. It is time for us to stop seeing faith as a virtue, and to stop using the term "person of faith" as a compliment. - Author: Jerry A. Coyne
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#67. That a healthy BDSM or kink relationship involves building a deep trust in each other, open and honest communication, using safewords, negotiating and sharing your hard and soft limits, and always involves activities mutually consented upon between adults. - Author: Kallypso Masters
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#68. I see all these people talking about acting as a great spiritual thing. It's not. There's no great mystery to acting. It's a very simple thing to do, but you have to work hard at it. It's about asking questions and using your imagination. - Author: Eddie Marsan
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#69. During our session, I told Tove about how I'd done mind-speak on Duncan, but it only worked when I was irritated. Using that logic,Tove spent most of the morning trying to irritate me into using it. Sometimes it worked, but most of the time I just got pointlessly annoyed. - Author: Amanda Hocking
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#70. As long as we depend on other women for self-esteem, using them as bad examples or fantasy versions - special, powerful - of ourselves, they remain stuck in a narcissistic version of themselves, too. - Author: Koren Zailckas
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#71. Sustainability at Nike means being laser-focused on evolving our business model to deliver profitable growth while leveraging the efficiencies of lean manufacturing, minimizing our environmental impact and using the tools available to us to bring about positive change across our entire supply chain. - Author: Mark Parker
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#72. Sometimes the scene just comes together, and other times, we have to build the scene from scratch, just using different takes. - Author: Drake Doremus
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#73. Using porn to guide sexual activity, is like using Jackass to model behaviour. - Author: Merlyn Gabriel Miller
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#74. I'm afraid the Internet is filled with people using really very intemperate language. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#75. It surprised me that I was already using the past tense. People I knew. As if I didn't know them anymore. - Author: Ashley Newell
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#76. I'm trying to trick people into thinking about the unthinkable by using pop culture images. - Author: John Shirley
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#77. You," she murmured, using both hands to undo his belt, "are the sexiest man I have ever met."
He made her think bad thoughts simply by breathing. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#78. As people move further away from a meat-based diet, I think the focus will shift to using grains as the central focus of our food supply. - Author: Daniel Humm
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#79. I have enjoyed the personal use of money; but I have gotten the greatest satisfaction from using it to advance my beliefs in human relations, human values. - Author: Winthrop Rockefeller
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#80. We can't exactly figure out why, but our customers have no fears of using their checking account, while credit cards are still a problem. I'm assuming checks have been around longer, and are more trusted, while credit cards have a sort of stigma attached to them. - Author: Tim Stevens
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#81. Like psychoanalysis, constitutional jurisprudence has become a game without rules. By defying the plain meaning of words, ignoring context and history, and using a little ingenuity, you can make the Constitution mean anything you like. - Author: Joseph Sobran
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#82. Hey! Remember the '90s?
The Clintons were in office, everybody was using AOL, Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri did "the Cheerleaders" on SNL, and everybody thought Oasis was fantastic.
In hindsight, we were all a bunch of potato-salad-eating jackasses. - Author: Julie Klausner
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#83. Above all else she mustn't think that using her body will help her attain her goal. Men use women who play seductively, and then they look down on them. - Author: Dacia Maraini
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#84. In Spain, we mainly use red plum tomatoes, but it is always fun to experiment. Try using a mix of colors or substitute green tomatoes for plum next time you make a tomato dish. - Author: Jose Andres
Quotes About Using #18582
#85. Prayer will become effective when we stop using it as a substitute for obedience. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
Quotes About Using #18188
#86. If you are using search data to decide what's fashionable, you are not fashionable. - Author: Peter Sagal
Quotes About Using #18083
#87. Uh, I feel like there's a Jessica Jones tip somewhere in here about Hollywood and using looks and fame and skintight costume to your advantage or something, buuuuut I'm just gonna skip it. - Author: Kelly Thompson
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#88. People who say it takes money to make money are using the worst excuse ever ... Create massive value for others by providing a solution where no other exists. - Author: Matt Mickiewicz
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#89. You're using me for my hot friends?"
"Are you gay?"
"Then you're useless to me. - Author: Jay McLean
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#90. In ancient times people mistook us for gods, but we peculiars are no less mortal than common folk. Time loops merely delay the inevitable, and the price we pay for using them is hefty - an irrevocable divorce from the ongoing present. - Author: Ransom Riggs
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#91. Every time you turn on your new car, you're turning on 20 microprocessors. Every time you use an ATM, you're using a computer. Every time I use a settop box or game machine, I'm using a computer. The only computer you don't know how to work is your Microsoft computer, right? - Author: Scott McNealy
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#92. Mia: I was sixteen when I first realized my mom was more concerned about my appearance than I was ... I'll be talking to my mom and realize she hasn't heard a word because she's studying my face to see if the foundation I'm using is a good match for my skin tone. - Author: Mia Fontaine
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#93. I hate all these crazy verbs, using a subjunctive to get what's happened in the future and the past mixed up. - Author: Kerstin Gier
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#94. TR on using extramarital accusations against Wilson: It won't work. You can't cast a man as Romeo who looks and acts like an apothecary's clerk. - Author: David Pietrusza
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#95. There are a lot of Christian fundamentalists; there are a lot of Muslim extremists. Every religion - Mormonism - has something way on the side that's completely using the religion as some weird backbone for their twisted faith. It has nothing to do with their religion. - Author: Patrick Wilson
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#96. Why do organizations need to mark everything with their insignia? It's like a dog peeing on every tree. Google is the same way. So was NewBagel. Using - Author: Robin Sloan
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#97. Your body will not burn fat while your insulin level is high. It's focused on using glucose. But once all of the glucose and glycogen is used, the insulin level falls - Author: James O. Hill
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#98. Clary?" he thought.
Her voice came through, tinged with alarm. "What is it? What's happened? Did my mom find out I'm gone?"
"Not yet," he thought back. "Is Azazel the cat from the Smurfs?"
There was a long pause. "That's Azrael, Simon. And no more using the magic rings for Smurfs question. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#99. If you're driving your car and someone winds the window down and gives you the finger and calls you an asshole, instead of giving him the finger back and calling him an asshole back, you just pull a funny face, and he doesn't know how to react to that, because you're using different rules. - Author: Steve Coogan
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#100. We are a nation that loves the peace. We will never stop growing and developing but we know how to protect ourselves using force. - Author: Moshe Ya'alon
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