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#1. You can spend your life competing in a world that talks too loud / You can lose your own direction getting lost among the crowd / Confusion - is it any wonder that the road ahead's not clear / Well you can try too hard to find it now I realise it's here - Author: Kim Wilde
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#2. Artists make art ... everyone else talks about it. - Author: Paul Russo
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#3. Fucking men makes me have repeated orgasms. Fucking boys makes me angry."

Kelli from Scott Hildreth's Baby Girl - Author: Scott Hildreth
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#4. It appears easier to talk about protecting women than it is to fully include women at all decision-making levels in peace talks and post-conflict planning. - Author: Zainab Salbi
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#5. [Monty] talks about Fritz Perls and the Gestalt theory. The here and now is the only time that exists. And being yourself. Not accepting yourself, not taking yourself for granted. Being yourself. Your self. Monty defines 'normality' as a contententment with who you are. - Author: Antony Sher
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#6. It was probably a good idea to have you possible future stepmother think you were a little nuts. It would keep her on her toes and dissuade her from trying to sit down and have touchy-feely talks. Not that she expected that from Julia. Julia looked like she might head-butt people in meetings. - Author: Maureen Johnson
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#7. Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Afghan President Hamid Karzai held wide-ranging talks in Kabul on Wednesay on the political and security situation in - Author: Anonymous
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#8. There's nothing more powerful than a woman who knows how to contain her power and not let it leak, standing firmly within it in mystery and silence. A woman who talks too much sheds her allure. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#9. I'm an active author: I travel to give readings and talks, although I know it's risky. - Author: Felice Picano
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#10. Let's face it: Russell Crowe is fat and no one ever talks about it. - Author: Nia Vardalos
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#11. Whether one talks well depends very much upon whom he has to talk to. - Author: Christian Nestell Bovee
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#12. And I'm, whether I want it or not, a front figure for the team, a guy that talks about how the team is doing and represents the team. - Author: Mats Sundin
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#13. Junior talks about it - relating to dozens if not hundreds of tribes. Even as the world tries to define you, narrow the definition of you, don't do it to yourself. True - Author: Sherman Alexie
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#14. Maybe he talks through one of those devices. Like that scientist bloke. The one on The Simpsons. - Author: Jojo Moyes
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#15. Talks with terror cannot happen, but talks on terror are desirable. - Author: Sushma Swaraj
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#16. Almost immediately, I remember right when Tikrit even fell, a few days after Baghdad fell, there was talks of insurgency, there was talks of jihad and of resisting the American occupiers, and slowly this turned into an organized movement. - Author: Farnaz Fassihi
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#17. I want a leader that sets out a path. I want one that doesn't just talk about cuts, but talks about the shining city on the hill. We're only going to get out of this problem if we grow this economy. - Author: Kevin McCarthy
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#18. I can't stand theory because it is imposed by the intellectual. And the intellectual is, by definition, not a creative person. The intellectual is a person who talks about the creative process, but often doesn't understand it. - Author: Mary Pratt
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#19. The average human looks without seeing, listens without hearing, touches without feeling, eats without tasting, inhales without smelling, and talks without thinking." - Leonardo da Vinci Benefits - Author: Dharma Hazari
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#20. It bugs the crap out of me when somebody talks more than I do. - Author: Dante Alighieri
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#21. The folks contributing their automobiles and driving labor to Uber, or their property and hosting to Airbnb, make less than minimum-wage employees and don't own a piece of the company even though they constitute the infrastructure. Only money talks. - Author: Douglas Rushkoff
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#22. When Congress talks of tax reform, grab your wallet and run for cover. - Author: Steve Symms
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#23. Don't be shy to say "I am sorry"; Never feel too big to say "Please forgive me"; Don't think it's unnecessary to say "thank you"; Never feel bad to admit "I am wrong"! That's a good tactics is communication! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#24. Obama Talks to Auto-Worker's Union [10w]
"We shall increase auto-industry employment
by using live crash-test dummies. - Author: Beryl Dov
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#25. Bernie Sanders are the only person who talks about the kinds of things that might be driving people to support Donald Trump in such large numbers in the Republican Party. - Author: Rachel Maddow
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#26. Nobody talks so constantly about God as those who insist that there is no God. - Author: Heywood Broun
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#27. You know, when George Bush talks about freedom not being America's gift to world but God's gift to all humankind, it smells like market testing to me. - Author: Joe Klein
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#28. She accepts the ways of this visitor as a natural phenomenon; How he comes and goes, exists, talks, laughs with her, falls silent, listens to her, and then he vanishes. - Author: Chris Marker
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#29. In places like universities, where everyone talks too rationally, it is necessary for a kind of enchanter to appear. - Author: Joseph Beuys
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#30. I think the good thing about Macklemore is that he is very precise about what he gets involved in. As you can tell, he's very passionate about what he puts his name on, because he talks about things people don't usually talk about, and his concepts are very, very passionate. - Author: Rita Ora
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#31. I learned to impersonate the kind of person that talks about poetry. It comes from teaching, I think. - Author: Robert Morgan
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#32. Forgiveness begins the healing process - when you forgive God, life, yourself and other people - magic happens within. That's why every religion talks about forgiveness. - Author: Brandon Bays
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#33. She talks like she thinks I'm a schoolboy with fantasies of heroes who get the girl and ride off into the sunset. What kind of world does she think I grew up in? - Author: Kendare Blake
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#34. Hollywood, what a place it is! It is so far away from the rest of the world, so narrow. No one thinks of anything but motion pictures or talks of anything else. - Author: Dolores Del Rio
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#35. We as human beings are slightly masochistic. Everybody is ridden with insecurities and they manifest themselves in different ways, whether you're a pleaser, you're mean, you're super-duper sweet and get walked on, or you're a gossip that talks about someone else. - Author: Kristen Bell
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#36. He smiles and the world is okay. It feels like it grew a tiny bit. Like I let him into the small corner where I live. He grabs my hand, squeezing it and kisses the top of it, Now stop trying to scare me off with talks of having kids and area rugs and shit. I'm not going anywhere. - Author: Tara Brown
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#37. Kenzie took two staggering steps backward, staring at the feeline as if in a daze. "O-kay," she breathed, shaking her head slightly. "A cat. A cat that talks. I'm going crazy." she glanced at me. " Or you slipped something into my drink at the tournament. One or the other. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#38. The North has no interest in the particular Negro, but talks of justice for the whole. The South has not interest, and pretends none, in the mass of Negroes but is very much concerned about the individual. - Author: Zora Neale Hurston
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#39. The butterflies I get are not if somebody boos me in the crowd, or somebody talks trash about me during the week, or somebody on ESPN rips me. It's the pressure that I'm putting on myself. - Author: Aaron Rodgers
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#40. There is thought, and then there is thinking about thoughts, and they don't feel the same. They must reflect quite different aspects of brain function. The point is, the brain talks to itself, and by talking to itself changes its perceptions. - Author: Susanna Kaysen
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#41. I attended the climate talks in Copenhagen in 2009, and back then, national governments waited until days before to submit climate plans, and the U.S. based its pledge on a proposed bill that would fail in the Senate. - Author: Frances Beinecke
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#42. Software design as taught today is terribly incomplete. It talks only about what systems should do. It doesn't address the converse - things systems should not do. They should not crash, hang, lose data, violate privacy, lose money, destroy your company, or kill your customers. - Author: Michael T. Nygard
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#43. People who ask us when we will hold talks with Pakistan are perhaps not aware that over the last 55 years, every initiative for a dialogue with Pakistan has invariably come from India. - Author: Atal Bihari Vajpayee
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#44. People forget how dominant Public Enemy became in the mid '80s. No one talks about how transformative they were. And then that led to the '90s and the sort of East Coast v. West Coast stuff, which is kinda when I came of age. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#46. When we talk to god, it's prayer. When god talks to us, it's schizophrenia. - Author: Lily Tomlin
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#47. If Pakistan feels Indian positions are pre-conditions, then there will be no talks. - Author: Sushma Swaraj
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#48. I'm the bartender. Everyone talks to the bartender, remember? - Author: Riley Hart
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#49. I didn't choose to be the guy who talks about the mundane - it's just who I am and it's what kind of works for me. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#50. Pakistan is running away from talks which will be held only when we get reply. Time available is only tonight. - Author: Sushma Swaraj
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#51. Religion - the wishful thinking of an ape that talks! You know what I think?" he asked rhetorically, trying to distract himself from yet another death. "Random shit happens, and we turn it into stories and call it sacred scripture - - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#52. India has always maintained that there will be no third party in Indo-Pak talks. Hurriyat cannot be a party. - Author: Sushma Swaraj
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#53. She shrugged. "She's nice and I think she can't help it." Zara gave me a look of censure and went back to her strawberry ice cream. Something along the lines of: Only a real dickhead would make fun of how someone talks, you idiot. - Author: Raine Miller
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#54. Nick's cell phone rings at ten A.M., and I can tell by his voice that it is Go. He sounds springy, boyish, the way he always does when he talks to her. The way he used to sound with me. He heads into the bedroom and shuts - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#55. There is a fascination about crime, which is understandable, but hardly anyone talks about the families of victims of violent crime and the devastation that is beyond the victim alone. - Author: Werner Herzog
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#56. Just because you're a gutless harlot doesn't mean I won't find your ... attributes attractive. I might be immortal, but I'm still a red-blooded male."
"Harlot? Who talks like that? Father Time, meet the Flinstones. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#57. Catty is not cool. I can't think of anything less becoming than a man who talks about people behind their backs. - Author: Meghan Markle
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#58. Kanye West talks about being Axl Rose, being Kurt Cobain, being Jim Morrison. Adam Levine is selling acne ointment to teenagers. - Author: Ian Astbury
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#59. That's funny. I've always liked Naomi's version of me the best. I'm always much more interesting when she talks about me. - Author: Rachel Cohn
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#60. The moment a man talks to his fellows he begins to lie. - Author: Hilaire Belloc
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#61. One of the notebooks was for musings and pep talks. ... The other notebooks were for writing out the novel the way authors had done for centuries. - Author: Gail Godwin
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#62. It's necessary for Israelis and Palestinians to make the compromises that are required to get the direct talks back on track. - Author: William Hague
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#63. Whenever I do talks around the country, I map out my run. Gives me something fun to do and to look forward to doing. - Author: Jane McGonigal
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#64. I'm Iranian and no matter what I do, I'm dealing with politics because especially my music, that it's a music that talks about peace, love, unity. - Author: Hafez Nazeri
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#65. Philosophy is a bully that talks loud when the danger is at a distant; but, the moment she is pressed hard by an enemy, she is nowhere to be found and leaves the brunt of the battle to be fought by her steady, humble comrade, religion. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#66. He talks about despair, how it drives in silence. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#67. Agatha's mum gives me nice clothes for Christmas, and her dad talks to me about my future like I'm not going to die in a ball of fire. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#68. I find with television, you have to play personality, whereas onstage, everyone talks about 'the character,' and what you do. It's a very different thing, because stage is much bigger, but on television, for things to come across to the public, I think you have to play a bit of your personality. - Author: John Barrowman
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#69. They've got this crazy actor who's 82 years old up there in a suit. I was a mayor, and they're probably thinking I know how to give a speech, but even when I was mayor I never gave speeches. I gave talks. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#70. That witch talks a big game, but she couldn't be a bigger candy-ass if she dropped her pink little undies and sat on a pile of gumdrops. - Author: Danielle Paige
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#71. He has Lightbringer. He talks of heads upon the walls of Winterfell. He knows about the spearwives and their number." He knows about Mance Rayder. "No. There is truth in there. - Author: George R R Martin
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#72. Today's meeting was extremely important and brought exceptional results, ... The talks have shown that the long-term national and geopolitical interests of Russia and India coincide. - Author: Vladimir Putin
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#73. However, I have a low opinion of people with narrow political horizons. Someone who talks about the environment and knows nothing about economics can make as many mistakes as someone who does the opposite. - Author: Sigmar Gabriel
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#74. Bush has done more to create passions for what they call terror than any other Administration in this nation's history. I get rather afraid when the most powerful man in the world talks to, and gets answers back from, God. - Author: Randall Robinson
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#75. I mean, George Bush is a man of prayer. He talks to the lord. He tries to get his direction from the lord. - Author: Pat Robertson
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#76. We all have a little voice in our heads that talks to us. - Author: David Posen
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#77. When I talk to Steve Martin, he's joyful when he talks about comedy. - Author: David Steinberg
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#78. This sort of dwindling band of true believers each year gets together and talks about the wonderful progress that's been made. None of the rest of us can ever see that. - Author: Robert L. Park
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#79. Everybody always talks about the pressure of playing at Wimbledon, how tough it is, but the people watching make it so much easier to play. - Author: Andy Murray
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#80. Anyone can be brave for five minutes or an hour or two. The bravery no one talks about is the hardest bravery of all. When you get up in the morning even though you'd rather be dead, that's brave. - Author: Carys Bray
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#81. Love isn't jealous. It's kind and patient. It's accepting--it's late night talks and early morning kisses. It's arguing and making up. It's life with the one you can't live without. - Author: Marquita Valentine
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#82. My mom always talks about how hard it was to grow up in a political family. It's always split up, and just - I want to have fun in life. No, politics isn't on the list. - Author: Patrick Schwarzenegger
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#83. Get old, you might as well not worry about your dignity. Anybody talks about dignity for old folks has never been around one as far as I can tell. You can keep your spunk, but you have to give up your vanity early on. - Author: Sue Grafton
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#84. Looking at Milkman in those nighttime talks, they yearned for something. Some word from him that would rekindle the dream and stop the death they were dying. - Author: Toni Morrison
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#85. Hopefully, it won't resort to that, but I'll handle her. Have you talked to your sister?" As always, when he talks about - Author: Magda Alexander
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#86. The voice gets to the soul of a person more than any other instrument. Because it's the voice. It sings talks, it cries, it laughs, it squeals, it barks, it shouts it whispers, There is no other instrument that can do that. We're born with it. - Author: Bobby McFerrin
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#87. Most directors that I've worked with - I've worked with before, especially in Holland - and they know that I'm somebody who talks and asks, and talks, and talks, and talks and questions and turns things around. I'm like a little cat, walking around my little nest until I find my place. - Author: Carice Van Houten
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#88. Our country talks a lot on corruption. Everyone advices each other over how to stay away from it. Even those people who are corrupt tend to give advice to others on how to deal with corruption. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#89. We live in a country that talks about being the home of the brave and the land of the free, and we have the highest incarceration rate in the world. - Author: Bryan Stevenson
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#90. I do not understand what makes me take a picture. Cartier-Bresson talks about the decisive moment, the necessity to function with lynx eyes and silk gloves. Perhaps what happens when you press the shutter is an intuitive act infused with all you have learned. - Author: Graciela Iturbide
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#91. I love rap because it talks about pain that comes authentically from the ghetto. It moves me. - Author: Zubin Mehta
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#92. In L.A., unless you've just won an Oscar or you're Mr. Studio Head, no one talks to you. Even at parties. - Author: Rachel Weisz
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#93. Keep breathing," said Ben. "That's the big thing for now."
"Money Talks - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#94. A nation has honor precisely as it has fleas
on this or that body. The statesman who talks of honor
unless he means something else, quite different
is a rogue ... - Author: Storm Jameson
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#95. This film 'Hero' talks about the peace of Chinese people. - Author: Jet Li
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#96. It's part of the buzz of the city among Christians. It wouldn't surprise me that it got to George Bush. He reads, he picks stuff up, he talks to people. And he's pretty serious about his own Christian beliefs. - Author: Charles Colson
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#97. Money talks and I listen. - Author: Toba Beta
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#98. Our own intuition of what we're called to is reality speaking to us individually and perfectly. We have to listen to how the Infinite talks to us and leads us. Reality, Life the Infinite, God, has a way of leading us in just the perfect way, if we will only just listen to it. - Author: Adyashanti
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#99. Congress, after years of stalling, finally got around to clearing the way for informal discussions that might lead to possible formal talks that could potentially produce some kind of tenative agreements ... - Author: Dave Barry
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#100. Ukraine will be reforming its energy sector because we want to integrate into Europe, ... We have conducted all the talks and reached an agreement with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Poland and Georgia. - Author: Viktor Yushchenko
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