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Top 84 Quotes About Surprising Her

#1. That I happened to fall into a career that no other girls wanted isn't surprising to me. I wanted something that didn't exist, so I had to create it.

Ronda Rousey

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#2. As the baby latched on with surprising fierceness, the nurse offered her own prayer.
Let her be strong.
Let her be sly.
And let her be ugly.

Kiersten White

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#3. We've also been forced to learn something rather more surprising: no one is particularly interested.

Alain De Botton

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#4. Life has a way of turning around and surprising you!

Anuranjita Kumar

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#5. One of the many interesting and surprising experiences of the beginner in child analysis is to find in even very young children a capacity for insight which is often far greater than that of adults.

Melanie Klein

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#6. The often surprising results of that hunt - that's what I call Big Magic.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#7. If you had to jump six or seven feet or certainly drown, it's surprising how far even older people will jump.

Erik Larson

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#8. I'm sorry. I can't serve him that item," the waitress said, only somewhat surprising her since she had a pretty good idea why.
"Why not?" she found herself asking anyway out of curiosity to see if she was right.
"Because he's a Bradford," the woman explained with a shrug.

R.L. Mathewson

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#9. That something so obvious as the vanity of the world should be so little recognized that people find it odd and surprising to be told that it is foolish to seek greatness; that is most remarkable.

Blaise Pascal

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#10. Is it surprising that modern English land law should resemble a chaos rather than a system?

Edward Jenks

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#11. Prayer is such a basic foundation of a Christian's relationship with God. It's how we communicate and fellowship with Him. But a surprising number of people, young and old, new and even long-time Christians, say they're not satisfied with their prayer life.

Joyce Meyer

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#12. The person I am in the company of my sisters has been entirely different from the person I am in the company of other people. Fearless, powerful, surprising, moved as I otherwise am only when I write.

Franz Kafka

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#13. Shakespeare
whetting, frustrating, surprising and gratifying.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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#14. One of the surprising things I hadn't expected when I decided to write crime fiction is how much you are expected to be out in front of the public. Some writers aren't comfortable with that. I don't have a problem with that.

Kathy Reichs

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#15. perhaps we are not as free as we might think in the first place. Given your background, your friends, your family, the books you read, and the movies you watch, how surprising is your vote in a federal election?

Tyler Cowen

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#16. Because we all know one of the main factors of war is the element of surprise. And what could be more surprising than the First Batallion Transvestite Brigade? Airborne Wing.

Eddie Izzard

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#17. There's something more surprising than becoming a bestseller, and that's receiving messages of hate by other fellow authors.

Daniel Marques

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#18. I think that London is very much like that. I find there's humour in the air and people are interesting. And I think that it's a place which is constantly surprising. The worst thing about it? I think it can be smug and aggressive.

Colin Firth

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#19. Putting a rheumatologist at the head of a committee that arguably was going to have more influence over brain research than any particular institution in the country at the time, I think a lot of people found surprising.

Steve Fainaru

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#20. I always want to keep growing and keep surprising people, and showing them different parts of me.

Aubrey Plaza

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#21. Death can sneak up on you like a silent kitten, surprising you with its touch and you have a right to act surprised. Other times death stomps in the front door, unwanted and unannounced, and makes its noisy way to your seat on the sofa.

Hugh Elliot

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#22. After a while, a surprising theme emerged. The single most important thing you can do for your family may be the simplest of all: Develop a strong family narrative.

Bruce Feiler

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#23. You can analyse a joke and say it's funny because this guy thought this was going to happen, and that happened, and it's surprising. But not all surprising things are funny.

John Lloyd

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#24. God's call on our lives is often surprising and usually is based on God's ability to see how our various elements in the past might fit together to accomplish God's purposes in the present.

Adam Hamilton

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#25. It is not merely the feeling that something is familiar. It is one step beyond that. It is something new, challenging, or surprising that opens a door into a feeling of comfort, meaning, or familiarity. It is called an aesthetic aha.

Derek Thompson

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#26. A lot of people have been quite surprised with the stuff that I'm doing on my own, which shocks me because I've always known what I wanted to do. But people have only seen me with the Spice Girls, so I suppose it's not that surprising.

Melanie Chisholm

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#27. There's a lot of UFO sightings in New Orleans, which isn't really too surprising. There's a lotta crazy people there. The people there lack the intelligence to know what they are seeing, so that's why the UFO's go there.

Billy Corgan

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#28. To be curious about a thing you have to find something surprising in it, and I'm afraid that nothing surprises me any more.

Sian Busby

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#29. It is really surprising how many and what pleasant things happen to me; perhaps it is because I am always ready to meet an agreeable situation a little more than halfway.

A. Edward Newton

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#30. The most surprising thing, honestly, is that so few Americans know about the orphan trains. I was also surprised at the resilience and fortitude of the riders I met, their pragmatism and grace. I don't know whether this is a Midwestern trait or simply a human one.

Christina Baker Kline

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#31. Apparently people who were in books actually sounded like a book when they talked. This was quite the surprising discovery.

Eliezer Yudkowsky

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#32. It is well and good to opine or theorize about a subject, as humankind is wont to do, but when moral posturing is replaced by an honest assessment of the data, the result is often a new, surprising insight.

Steven D. Levitt

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#33. I can speak of actors that I love. I love Cate Blanchett, Viola Davis, her tenacity. I love Charlize Theron. She's so surprising and so exhilarating, the kinds of projects she takes on. Marion Cotillard as well.

Lupita Nyong'o

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#34. Ronan, taking in Blue's posture and Gansey below, observed, "If you spit, Blue, it would land right in his eye."
Gansey moved to the opposite side of the bed with surprising swiftness, glancing at Adam and away again as quickly.

Maggie Stiefvater

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#35. I want the situations and plots to be surprising and unusual.

Arthur Bradford

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#36. I've always said women make the best agents. Deceit comes naturally to them. It's hardly surprising: If you were born with a little hole half the population could stick its dick into whenever if felt like it you'd learn deceit too. Biology is destiny. You can't blame women.

Glen Duncan

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#37. One of the most surprising things in life is the sudden realization that one has become old

Leon Trotsky

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#38. It is surprising how many great men and women a small house will contain. I have had twenty-five or thirty souls, with their bodies, at once under my roof, and yet we often parted without being aware that we had come very near to one another.

Henry David Thoreau

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#39. Small hopes can grow surprising fruit.

Robert Jordan

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#40. Did you know the following surprising facts? "Surgery has been found to be helpful in only 1 in 100 cases of low back pain.

Fred Amir

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#41. Mathematics has always shown a curious ability to be applicable to nature, and this may express a deep link between our minds and nature. We are the Universe speaking out, a part of nature. So it is not so surprising that our systems of logic and mathematics sing in tune with nature.

George Zebrowski

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#42. The senator was the kind of man who, having expended all his empathetic capital on marrying someone surprising, wanted to make sure no other people had the ability to make their own choices for themselves. He was anti-immigration, antiwoman, antigay, and that was just for starters. To

Lauren Groff

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#43. A good story feels both surprising and inevitable, fresh and familiar.

Adam Johnson

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#44. My career is built around a pattern that just keeps repeating itself over and over again. There's nothing surprising about it at all. My changes are as easy to predict as the sun coming up and down.

Neil Young

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#45. I can see by your face that I'll never persuade you. And that's surprising, because usually you at least try to see my side."
I can see your side," said Cecily. "I've got a much clearer view of it than you do, from over here on my side.

Orson Scott Card

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#46. Women get consumed. Not surprising, considering the sheer amount of traffic a woman's body experiences. Tampons and speculums. Cocks, fingers, vibrators and more, between the legs, from behind, in the mouth.

Gillian Flynn

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#47. I believe a person of any fine feeling scarcely ever sees a new face without a sensation akin to a shock, for the reason that it presents a new and surprising combination of unedifying elements.

Arthur Schopenhauer

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#48. Beautiful. Jules once thought he'd understood what the word meant. He now believed it overused. Some word needed to be kept in reserve for the rare, the arresting, the surprising ... the magical. Or a new one invented.

Julie Anne Long

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#49. One of the surprising things in this world is the respect a worthless man has for himself.

E.W. Howe

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#50. The camera can capture thought in a way that's quite surprising and shocking. You can become very simple and minimal in your work and communicate a lot with just a finger or an eyebrow, or a look, or a glance.

Leonard Nimoy

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#51. When I began we did not really have a lot of First Amendment law. It is really surprising to think of it this way, but a lot of the law - most of the law that relates to the First Amendment freedom of the press in America - is really within living memory.

Floyd Abrams

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#52. Probably no branch of mathematics has experienced a more surprising growth than has ... topology ... Considered as a most specialized and abstract subject in the early 1920's, it is today [1938] an indispensable equipment for the investigation of modern mathematical theories.

Raymond Louis Wilder

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#53. A surprising number of people - including many students of literature - will tell you they haven't really lived in a book since they were children. Sadly, being taught literature often destroys the life of the books.

A.S. Byatt

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#54. It's not exactly surprising that staying sane is useful when trying to hit performance markers.

John Scalzi

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#55. Surprising choice proves hardest to come by. Most choices, even the disastrous ones, are predictable.

Carrie Snyder

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#56. What interests me is the surprising enormous extent to which most people accept the fate that's been given to them, and find some dignity.

Kazuo Ishiguro

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#57. Ed? Are you alive?'
'Yes..and that's genuinely surprising
since your bike went over me about
halfway down. You're a very dangerous
girl to date.'
'We're not on a date.

Cath Crowley

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#58. I simply cannot get over what a surprising and wonderful life God has given me,

Stanley Hauerwas

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#59. There are a surprising number who get their spiritual uplift week by week only from the comfort of their own living rooms or from their computers. They never go to church. Well, they "go" to church but do so in their own way.

David F. Wells

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#60. I'm a creature of routine, and I hate feeling incompetent, so I avoided novelty and challenge. Making an effort to push myself in that way has brought me surprising boost.

Gretchen Rubin

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#61. It was surprising that Nature had gone tranquilly on with her golden process in the midst of so much devilment.

Stephen Crane

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#62. Remembering her own narrow single bed at home, she added without thinking, "Someone could get lost in that bed."

Valois laughed, surprising Delta and she looked curiously at him. His eyes twinkling wickedly, the Frenchman said, "Perhaps some company would relieve you of that fear.

Brooke Templar

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#63. To cement my point, Dire Straits came on and after Perry proclaimed her sudden (and surprising) love for the band, the douchefucker stood up and asked her to dance like he was a Cajun Rhett Butler.

Karina Halle

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#64. ON PLAYING back the 911 recording, it'd seem that Mrs. Stegman was more concerned that the man outside her apartment door was naked than that he had a big shotgun.

Warren Ellis

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#65. A laugh jumps out of my mouth, surprising me. I can't even remember the last time I laughed and it puts me on edge. I suddenly want to do the same thing to her. Let her see how it feels to teeter on that cliff.

Nyrae Dawn

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#66. And in life, at least her new life, chances were the best she could hope for. They were like her rocks. Imperfect and surprising and maybe better in the long run than certainties. Chances, she thought, WERE life.

Veronica Rossi

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#67. Actually," I said, hesitant to bring it up, "I was thinking along the lines of a curse that can turn you human." "Or witch?" Ivy said, surprising me. There was a soft vulnerability in her and I blinked. "You don't want to be a witch," I said quickly. "Why not? You are.

Kim Harrison

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#68. You're being too nice about all this," she said. "You're right about that," he said, surprising her. "If you'd stop being so pitiful, I could drop the whole chivalry thing and stare at your tits.

Joey W. Hill

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#69. Tessa, surprising herself, let out a gasp of laughter. Will looked at her, his mouth just beginning to quirk up in a grin. I must be more amusing than I thought. Which would make me very amusing indeed.

Cassandra Clare

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#70. I find it only natural for a storyteller to be interested in storytelling and, for anyone who spends the better part of his or her life writing fiction, it is hardly surprising that the pleasures, worries, and mechanics of fiction-making should enter the work.

Norman Lock

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#71. You always said I could see the present," said Candle, when she could speak. "But I can see nothing about her - my own daughter." Liir smoothed his hand over her silky flank. "Maybe that's not so surprising. Maybe all parents are blindest to their own offspring.

Gregory Maguire

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#72. I had a mother I could only seem to please with verbal accomplishments of some sort or another. She read constantly, so I read constantly. If I used words that might have seemed surprising at a young age, she would recognize that and it would please her.

Amy Hempel

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#73. The Only Thing More Surprising Than the Chance She's Taking ... Is Where It's Taking Her!

Frances Mayes

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#74. She had the resigned indifference of extreme old age. Buildings and empires rose and fell. It snowed. It stopped snowing. People came and went. One day death would come for her, and she would not find that surprising either, and she would not care -

Robert Harris

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#75. Her tiny hand gripped mine with a surprising warmth, and in a shocking wash of emotion, I felt everything I knew shift. The scent of cinnamon and baby powder hit me, and as my eyes widened, my heart melted, making room for her.

Kim Harrison

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#76. She was constantly surprising, infinitely complex. Unknowable. Unpredictable. I have never met anyone more fascinating in my life, and all the time in the world wouldn't be enough to ever know her.

Michelle Hodkin

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#77. You will have to grow up to her quickly, I thought, surprising myself, or you will lose her.

Anne Rivers Siddons

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#78. Sarah Cornwell has a brilliant eye for the telling detail, and a wonderfully original way of embodying family history. I was captivated by her memorable characters and the perfectly paced revelations of their surprising relationships.

Andrea Barrett

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#79. I love it!" she said, surprising him by throwing her arms around his neck. Woodman sucked in a surprised breath and held it while the world stood still. While

Katy Regnery

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#80. And in life, at least in her new life, chances were the best she could hope for. They were like her rocks. Imperfect and surprising and maybe better in the long run than certainties.

Veronica Rossi

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#81. Her face was one of a kind, a surprising variation that made observers think, Yes
that would be another very nice way for people to look.

Kurt Vonnegut

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#82. The concentration in my book on Marie Antoinette's childhood and on her family influences. It is surprising how some books actually start with her arrival in France!

Antonia Fraser

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#83. I should explain - in view of my last letter, you may find it slightly surprising - that Daphne and I are now bosom friends. That is to say, she seems to think we are; and I do not feel that I know her well enough to dispute it.

Sarah Caudwell

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#84. She recognized her emerging impulses, unchecked and capable of surprising anyone, but she needed help to awaken them and set them free. When flirting with men, she tested their courage in hopes that their shameless gaze would help her find something deep within herself.

Vadim Babenko

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