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#1. I confess that I have lived, so I confess that I have sinned.

Miguel El Portugues

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#2. If God were to eradicate all evil from this planet, He would have to eradicate all evil men. Who would be exempt? "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" [Romans 3:23 NIV].
God would rather transform the evil man than eradicate him.

Billy Graham

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#3. That first phrase-please bless me, Father, for I have sinned-was so humbling and so total, Matt always felt a kind of absolution as soon as he said it

Patricia McCormick

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#4. Yet the penalty for sin is not determined by our measure of it. Instead, the penalty for sin is determined by the magnitude of the one sinned against.

David Platt

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#5. Somebody must show that the Afro-American race is more sinned against than sinning, and it seems to have fallen upon me to do so.

Ida B. Wells

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#6. The devil's first trick is to get us to say, "I have not sinned." And then his last blow is to make us think, "My sin is too great to be forgiven." But humble faith accepts God's judgment upon itself, and escapes judgment.

A.B. Simpson

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#7. Every mind was made for growth, for knowledge, and its nature is sinned against when it is doomed to ignorance.

William Ellery Channing

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#8. But this Christ or Redeemer took not upon him the nature of angels, but the seed of Abraham, that is, human nature, that in the nature which sinned he might make the expiation required.

Adam Clarke

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#9. Our world was brutal, immoral, smug and conventional. We had unbounded contempt for all those who did not sin as we sinned.

Jim Tully

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#10. In the solitude of my cell I have come to the bitter realisation that I have sinned gravely against humanity.

Martin Amis

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#11. It would seem that when we are sinned against, when someone else does us harm, we are in some way linked to that sin, connected to that mistreatment like a chain. And our anger, fear, or resentment doesn't free us at all. It just keeps us chained.

Nadia Bolz-Weber

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#12. Whatever mistake you have made about who you are is temporary. Your true identity has remained untouched. You have never sinned against it or affected it in any way except to lose touch with it.

Deepak Chopra

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#13. Bless me, Father, for I have sinned, it's been a minute since my last confession.

Frank McCourt

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#14. You're dishonoured, somehow. You've sinned. Sinned against the aspidistra."
"You talk a great deal about aspidistras," said Ravelston.
"They're a dashed important subject," said Gordon.

George Orwell

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#15. Holy Lord, I have sinned times without number, and been guilty of pride and unbelief, of failure to find Thy mind in Thy Word, of neglect to seek Thee in my daily life.


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#16. And yet, I have not wronged you, have I? Indeed if there is anyone I may have sinned against, it is me. That desiring you as I do, needing you as I do, I still let you go.

Ama Ata Aidoo

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#17. We sinned for no reason but an incomprehensible lack of love, and He saved us for no reason but an incomprehensible excess of love.

Peter Kreeft

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#18. Only the highest souls realize and accept that he who sins is far more to be pitied, aye, and loved, if love is what the highest human passion should be, than is the one against whom the sinner has sinned.

Louise Jordan Miln

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#19. We all have sinned so far in our lives and might continue too but still we all love talking about others sins, Elaborating, exaggerating, laughing, commenting, cursing ... And we all enjoy it hahaha


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#20. And as regards Adam and Eve we must maintain that before the fall they were virgins in Paradise: but after they sinned, and were cast out of Paradise, they were immediately married.

St. Jerome

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#21. At a certain point in his life he stopped searching for himself in everything that exists and gave in to temptations. Or, as you say, he sinned and later fled.

Laura Esquivel

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#22. To get right with God, we need to utter three difficult words: "I have sinned." God cannot forgive the sin we will not confess!

Greg Laurie

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#23. I have sinned enough against the world. Teaching magic to a kender would ensure my damnation. - Raistlin Majere

Margaret Weis

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#24. God spared not the angels that sinned,
But cast them down to hell,
And delivered then into chains of darkness
To be preserved unto judgment..

Becca Fitzpatrick

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#25. Don't you stupid Aussies get it? Australia is doomed! Nothing, and nobody, can help you. You have sinned willfully after you have received knowledge of the truth.

Fred Phelps

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#26. Had the Holy Spirit not been with Jesus, He would have sinned

Benny Hinn

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#27. We must have sinned greatly, at some juncture long buried in our protozoic past, to deserve such a universe

John Updike

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#28. gospel grief." It works like this: if Christ had to die for my sins, then no matter what their effect on others or me, the greatest effect was on Christ, and I mourn the fact that I have sinned against such love.

R. W. Glenn

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#29. Am I to be thought the only criminal, when all humankind sinned against me?

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

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#30. I have really sinned. I am going to pause now, and sit here on the mound repenting in deepest shame ...

Dodie Smith

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#31. INFALAPSARIAN, n. One who ventures to believe that Adam need not have sinned unless he had a mind to - in opposition to the Supralapsarians, who hold that that luckless person's fall was decreed from the beginning.

Ambrose Bierce

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#32. You can rake the muck this way, rake the muck that way
it will always be muck. Have I sinned or have I not sinned? In the time I am brooding over it, I could be stringing pearls for the delight of Heaven

Martin Buber

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#33. Holiness does not consist in never having erred or sinned. Holiness increases the capacity for conversion, for repentance, for willingness to start again and, especially, for reconciliation and forgiveness.

Pope Benedict XVI

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#34. Christianity teaches that when man sinned, God opted for forgiveness rather than fairness. He opted for grace and mercy rather than justice.

Andy Stanley

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#35. The public scandal is what constitutes the offence: sins sinned in secret are no sins at all.


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#36. Christianity, like most religions, works with fear. Sins can be confessed and you are 'Clean again' and can start to sin again without thinking about your old sins. We believe that people should ask themselves why they sinned. They should show some responsibility.


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#37. Justification is a word that simply means that our record is both "just as if we had never sinned" and also "just as if we had always obeyed.

Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

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#38. When you get to Hell look for me; I'll be sitting in the hot-tub waiting."
Cate Harlow
by Kristen Houghton
A Cate Harlow Private Investigation
due out in August, 2014

Kristen Houghton

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#39. We have all sinned, Mr. Darcy, and we cannot look for mercy without showing it in our lives.

P.D. James

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#40. Keep the commandments of God. If you have sinned, the sooner you begin to make your way back, the sooner you will find the sweet peace and joy that come with the miracle of forgiveness. Happiness comes from living the way the Lord wants you to live and from service to God and others.

Thomas S. Monson

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#41. I'm blessed, for I have sinned with the best damned fuck in the universe.

Christie Ridgway

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#42. The sorrow of God lies in our fear of Him, our fear of life, and our fear of ourselves. He anguishes over our self-absorption and self-sufficiency ... God's sorrow lies in our refusal to approach Him when we sinned and failed.

Brennan Manning

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#43. Remember, when you're sinned against its tempting to respond sinfully. Don't give in, talk to your heart and seek the grace of Jesus.

Paul David Tripp

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#44. There is still time for endurance, time for patience, time for healing, time for change. Have you slipped? Rise up. Have you sinned? Cease. Do not stand among sinners, but leap aside.

Saint Basil

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#45. The blood of Christ justifies and saves us ... The word justification means just as if you had never sinned.

Billy Graham

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#46. I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood

Judas Iscariot

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#47. The man up there raged aloud in two languages, and with a sincerity in his fury that almost convinced me I had, in some way, sinned against the harmony of the universe

Joseph Conrad

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#48. God wants us to worship Him. He doesn't need us, for He couldn't be a self-sufficient God and need anything or anybody, but He wants us. When Adam sinned it was not He who cried, "God, where art Thou?" It was God who cried, "Adam, where art thou?"

Aiden Wilson Tozer

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#49. dead. We sinned. We blew it over and over. What was God's part? He did it all. He chose us, made us alive, lavished his grace on us, started us, and will complete what he started.

Mark Hall

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#50. Bless me, Father, for I have sinned," I repeated. "But never as much as I have been sinned against!

Wally Lamb

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#51. Then it is he who has sinned, not me. If I had to start worrying whether the client might be lying, I would no longer be in this profession, which is based on trust.

Umberto Eco

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#52. Yea, many there be that have run out of their wits for women, and become servants for their sakes. Many also have perished, have erred, and sinned, for women ... O ye men, how can it be but women should be strong, seeing they do thus? - Esdras.

Thomas Hardy

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#53. You know -" Bailey pulled her aside "-you're stoning yourself. You have to stop doing that and remember what happened when those people wanted to stone that girl. Jesus said for the one who hadn't sinned to cast the first stone. But you're saving people the trouble by stoning yourself.

Brenda Minton

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#54. If a man sins and denies it, saying, 'I have not sinned,' do not correct him, or you will destroy any intention he might have of changing. If you say, 'Do not be cast down, my brother, but be careful about that in the future,' you will move his heart to repent.


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#55. Repentance is shockingly beautiful when we see it not as "I sinned again, I need to repent," but as "I sinned against my God again, but He is calling me back so He can lavish me with His love and forgiveness.

James MacDonald

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#56. To have sinned and wake up the next day is truly a miracle, repent.

Okisha Jackson

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#57. Instant destruction would be fitting every time anyone sinned, if that were how God chose to deal with us. But, thankfully, it ordinarily is not. "His tender mercies are over all His works" (Psalm 145:9).

John F. MacArthur Jr.

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#58. I think the key to passion, to zeal, is gratitude. Or to put it another way, the fuel to motivate is gratitude, and gratitude comes by just backing up a little and realizing how much you've sinned against God.

Ray Comfort

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#59. I'm here to tell you, there ain't much forgiveness in that old-time religion. That particular savior was a mean son of a bitch. If you sinned, honey, he was going to get you, no doubt about it.

Ava Gardner

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#60. For granting we have sinned, and that the offence
Of man is made against Omnipotence,
Some price that bears proportion must be paid,
And infinite with infinite be weighed.

John Dryden

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#61. He whose sin is due to desires, then have hope for him. And he whose sin is due to pride, then fear for him - because Nabi Adam disobeyed due to desire and was forgiven, and Iblis sinned due to pride and was cursed

Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah

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#62. I have been a man of great sins, but He has been a God of great mercies; and now, through His mercies, I have a conscience as sound and quiet as if I had never sinned.

Donald Cargill

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#63. Consider your second attention as a spiritual perceiver. Consider how you use it. You may plead innocence. You're not doing anything wrong. Don't feel that you've sinned. You have done what you had to do to survive, as did your mother, as did your grandmother.

Frederick Lenz

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#64. Blushing, palpitations, a bad conscience
this is what you get if you haven't sinned.

Karl Kraus

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#65. Through the death of Christ on the cross making atonement for sin, we get a perfect standing before God. That is justification, and it puts us, in God's sight, back in Eden before sin entered. God looks upon us and treats us as if we had never sinned.

A.C. Dixon

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#66. There are different kinds of wrong. The people sinned against are not always the best.

Ivy Compton-Burnett

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#67. If you see a man who has sinned and you do not pity him, the grace of God will leave you. Whoever curses bad people, and does not pray for them, will never come to know the grace of God.

Silouan The Athonite

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#68. Asking for forgiveness from others in a scriptural manner involves acknowledging that you have sinned against them and that you desire mercy and pardon (not to be given what you deserve). Asking for forgiveness is vital for reconciliation and may lead to the difference in the relationship.

John C. Broger

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#69. PSA106.6 We have sinned with our fathers, we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly.


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#70. In the last few decades, mankind has sinned terribly against the law of natural selection. We haven't just maintained life unworthy of life, we have even allowed it to multiply.

David Klinghoffer

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#71. For someone who has sinned as much as I have, every moment of contemplation becomes an unexpected gift from the Creator Himself.

Javier Sierra

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#72. In best understandings, sin began, Angels sinned first, then Devils, and then Man.

John Donne

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#73. Why were we driven out of Paradise? Why did we fall into this gnawing disease of unappeasable dissatisfaction? Not because we sinned. Ah, no. All the animals in Paradise enjoyed the sensual passion of coition. Not because we sinned. But because we got sex into our head.

D.H. Lawrence

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#74. We are generally punished by where we have sinned.

Elisabeth Charlotte D'Orleans

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#75. Angels had fallen, men have sinned.
It does not mean that God has failed.

Toba Beta

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#76. I cannot stand that whole game of confession, that is: Here I have sinned, now I'm confessing my sins, and describing my path of sin and then in the act of confession I beg for your forgiveness and redemption.

Aleksandar Hemon

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#77. To say that we have a clear conscience is to utter a solecism; had we never sinned we should have had no conscience. Were defeat unknown, neither would victory be celebrated by songs of triumph.

Thomas Carlyle

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#78. Nor can the Apostle mean that Eve only sinned; or that she only was Deceived, for if Adam sinned willfully and knowingly, he became the greater Transgressor.

Mary Astell

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#79. He who has never sinned is less reliable than he who has only sinned once.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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#80. No matter how much you've sinned, no matter how much you've stumbled, no matter how much you fall, no matter how far you've got from God, don't give up. You can still be redeemed. As someone says, keep the faith.

Johnny Cash

Quotes About Sinned #943226
#81. The world has been tragic since the day Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. From that moment murder, mayhem and war entered the scene and we are still suffering the consequences of a man-driven, self-serving, short-sighted environment.

Louie Giglio

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#82. The big idea here is not, have you sinned, but are you changing?

Mark Driscoll

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#83. Science never abandoned me the way religion had that night.
Forsaking the Holy Father was considered a sin, and I did it repeatedly. Each time my blade met with flesh, I sinned more and welcomed it.
God no longer held dominion over my soul.

Kerri Maniscalco

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#84. Morality is like the famous fig leaves that Adam and Eve used to cover their genitals after they first sinned. But what morality really covers up is will, which is our true nature.

Shai Tubali

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#85. You know we've all sinned a lot against science
so we really ought to be as available as an apple
on a bough
pleasant thought fresh air free love cross-pollenization
oh oh god how I'd love to dream let alone sleep

Frank O'Hara

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#86. I have sinned against you, my Lord.

Jimmy Swaggart

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#87. I tell my students you have an absolute right to write about people you know and love. You do. But the kicker is you have a responsibility to make the characters large enough that you will not have sinned against them.

Dorothy Allison

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#88. I have sinned against You, my Lord, and I would ask that your precious blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in the seas of God's forgiveness.

Jimmy Swaggart

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#89. Instead of dwelling on the wickedness and grief of those who have sinned, I rejoice to read how many have abandoned their sinful practices and are now on the road back to righteousness and happiness. Let us rejoice in the spirit of forgiveness, which is the comforting message of the Atonement.

Theodore M. Burton

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#90. If one of you has seriously sinned, repent - now. It is not good to violate the commandments of the Lord. It is worse to do nothing about it. Sin is like cancer in the body. It will never heal itself. It will become progressively worse unless cured through the medicine of repentance.

Richard G. Scott

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#91. The doctrine of original sin claims that all men sinned in Adam; but whether they did or whether it is merely a fact that all men sin does not basically affect the problem of suffering.

Walter Kaufmann

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#92. Someone must show that the Afro-American race is more sinned against than sinning, and it seems to have fallen to me to do so. The awful death roll called every week is appalling, not only because of the lives taken, the cruelty and outrage to the victims, but because of the prejudice it fosters.

William Wells Brown

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#93. In life I would much prefer to be sinned upon than the sinner. It is easier, vous comprenez? With the clear conscience one sleeps very well. The sinner may deny it ... but in his heart he knows. He does not deserve to be happy.

Nikki Sex

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#94. Lo, God! I am Thy handiwork. I have sinned and have done great evil, yet I am still Thy handiwork, who hath made me what I am. So, though I may not undo that which I have done, yet I may, with Thy aid, do better hereafter than I have done heretofore.

Howard Pyle

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#95. Father forgive me for I have sinned. -Damian

Peter J. Tomasi

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#96. We can no longer believe that after death, if we have sinned, we shall enter hell. Hell has been acted out here on Earth in the time of Nazi Germany, when even the innocent went in their millions to a hell that beggars the imagination. A profound change in attitude has come about as a result.

Brian W. Aldiss

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#97. Sooner or later we must leave our dream world and face up to the facts of God, sin, and judgment. The Bible says, "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God" [Romans 3:23 NIV].

Billy Graham

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#98. I have sinned against my brother the ass.

Francis Of Assisi

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#99. People fell. They sinned and made mistakes and acted out crazy decisions that went against everything they knew to be true. And even then there was room for redemption.

Karen Kingsbury

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#100. If you look at the Bible and you look at Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, we all know who sinned first. Ladies, do you have to eat everything?

Daniel Tosh

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