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#1. Work on the Who, the Who, and the Who. Add some Who, and then explore the Who. The What and Where will reveal itself. - Author: T. J. Jagodowski
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#2. I hate dogma in any form. I hated it in the Catholic Church and Girl Scout troops of the 1950s, and I hate in in gay activism and established feminism today. - Author: Camille Paglia
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#3. Life writes the poetry, but it will always call for witnesses and scribes alike to tattoo its echoes upon the ghosts of trees. - Author: Ged Thompson
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#4. Think Pickelman's our guy?'
'Maybe. Or maybe he knows who is. Or maybe he's guilty of something else.'
'Glad you could narrow it down,' Bailey replied.
'Always here for ya. - Author: Marcia Clark
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#5. In general, fakirs, like scribes and potters, are sitting down, when he's standing up, a fakir is just like an other man, and sitting down, he'll be smaller than the others - Author: Jose Saramago
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#6. Urban nature is like living with mass conditions. It sometimes feels like a myth & you are its scribe. - Author: Eileen Myles
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#7. The precise metaphysical procedures by which a book goes about writing another book need not concern us here. Suffice to say that our human scribes remain entirely ignorant of their possession by bibliographic forces; the agent in question never doubts that his authorship is authentic. - Author: James K. Morrow
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#8. Call it Camelot's revenge: the class of court scribes who made it their profession to uphold a make-believe version of America free of conflict and ruled by noble men helped Nixon get away with it for so long - because, after all, America was ruled by noble men. - Author: Rick Perlstein
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#9. To be in Society is merely a bore. But to be out of it simply a tragedy. Society is a necessary thing. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#10. There arose a riot among the Jews and Scribes and Pharisees, saying that the whole people was in danger of looking for Jesus as the Christ. So they assembled, and said to James, 'We beseech you to restrain the people, who are going astray after Jesus as though he were the Christ. - Author: Robert H. Eisenman
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#11. It was apparent that no one could do for the scribe what the scribe had done for himself. - Author: George S. Clason
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#12. See? Memories aren't happy, they're sad. Don't you know anything? - Author: Morris Gleitzman
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#13. The disaster ... is what escapes the very possibility of experience - it is the limit of writing. This must be repeated: the disaster de-scribes. - Author: Maurice Blanchot
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#14. I'm sure that my wanting to be an actor had to do with a need for approval. - Author: Paul Rudd
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#15. Alas! the small discredit of a bribe Scarce hurts the lawyer, but undoes the scribe. - Author: Alexander Pope
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#16. If only we still knew how to write instead of just type things into our scribes. Then I could write them down again someday. Then I might be able to have them when I am old. - Author: Ally Condie
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#17. You change society by changing the wind. Change the wind, transform the debate, recast the discussion, alter the context in which political discussions are being made, and you will change the outcomes ... You will be surprised at how fast the politicians adjust to the change in the wind. - Author: Jim Wallis
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#18. I want to be like the air. The good-hearted person whose kindness overflows and people realize how important she was to them, once she is gone. I want to be that kind of person. - Author: Aya Kito
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#19. Though there might not be any easy answers to the problem of poverty, its most compelling scribes do not resign themselves to representation solely for the sake of those age-old verities of truth and beauty. - Author: Leslie Jamison
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#20. This man welcomes sinners and eats with them," Jesus confronted the Pharisees and scribes not only with the return of the prodigal son, but also with the resentful elder son. It must have come as a shock to these dutiful religious people. - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
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#21. Each day, in itself, brings with an eternity - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#22. Power writes history, not scribes - Author: Bangambiki Habyarimana
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#23. Live snakes?' said one of the scribes. 'You mean-'
'Yeah,' said Locke. 'They've got scales, they slither around - snakes. Keep up. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#24. Behold, I am writing anew, through scribes on Earth who are willing to listen to me again with new ears, in the light of the present crises on planet Earth. - Author: Barbara Marx Hubbard
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#25. So you are the scribes that nobody and everybody is talking about," Konrad said.
"I don't know about that," Malachi said. "I'm not much for gossip."
"Oh, we eminent politicians don't call it gossip, Malachi. We call it 'intelligence. - Author: Elizabeth Hunter
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#26. There are some politicians who promise something for everyone. If their constituents were cannibals, would promise them missionaries for dinner, fattened at public expense. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#27. May the scribes record it. - Author: Wayne Gerard Trotman
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#28. Of Books and Scribes there are no end:
This Plague--and who can doubt it?
Dismays me so, I've sadly penned
Another book about it. - Author: Robert W. Service
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#29. The Christianity of America is a Christianity, of whose votaries it may be as truly said, as it was of the ancient scribes and Pharisees, 'They bind heavy burdens, and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders, but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. - Author: Frederick Douglass
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#30. We need the expressive arts, the ancient scribes, the storytellers, the priests. - Author: Tanith Lee
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#31. As we shall see, the prerequisites for those developments consisted of several features of human society that determined whether a society would find writing useful, and whether the society could support the necessary specialist scribes. Many - Author: Jared Diamond
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#32. After it is all over, the religion of man is his most important possession. - Author: John D. Rockefeller
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#33. The Malays, like the Japanese, have a most rigid epistolary etiquette and set forms for letter writing. Letters must consist of six parts and are so highly elaborate that the scribes who indite them are almost looked upon as litterateurs. - Author: Isabella Bird
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#34. You ever mix two different groups of friends? That can be stressful. You always feel like you have to prep 'em. You're like, "These people over here, uh, they don't think I drink. And don't be thrown by my British accent." - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#35. Daniel wiped his greasy hands on his pants. 'Just some kids playing around.'
'With a crowbar?'
'Yeah, they're all the rage these days. - Author: Bree Despain
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#36. American travel seems to need an advocate. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#37. The roots of copyright lie in censorship. It was easy for state and church to control thought by controlling the scribes, but then the printing press came along and the authorities worried that they couldn't control official thought as easily. - Author: Stephan Kinsella
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#38. Text talk? How can the art of writing, once performed by monastic scribes, have degenerated into little more than creative candyfloss? - Author: Fennel Hudson
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#39. We believe that our salvation depends solely upon God's work in us, and not upon our testimony; and the little child with stammering lips, but wrought upon by the Holy Spirit, will precede vain scribes into the Kingdom of Heaven. - Author: Abraham Kuyper
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#40. Display companies, many of them that we've spoken to, are really excited about virtual reality because they're actually running out of innovation opportunities in other markets. - Author: Brendan Iribe
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#41. The Athenaeum always managed to have a scribe on hand whenever anything interesting seemed like it might happen. Durham avoided scribes, figuring that 'interesting' was not a word that was necessarily synonymous with 'pleasant'. - Author: Jeffery Russell
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