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#1. Not one great country can be named, from the polar regions in the north to New Zealand in the south, in which the aborigines do not tattoo themselves. - Author: Charles Darwin
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#2. People in the eastern regions [of Ukaraine] are talking about federalisation, and Kiev has at long last started talking about de-centralisation. Order in the country can only be restored through dialogue and democratic procedures, rather than with the use of armed force, tanks and aircraft. - Author: Vladimir Putin
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#3. I'm an Internet expert too. It's all right to wire the industrial zone only, but there are many problems if other regions of the North are wired. - Author: Kim Jong Il
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#4. No one regards the things before his feet, But views with care the regions of the sky. - Author: Democritus
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#5. There are no other Everglades in the world. They are, they have always been, one of the unique regions of the earth; remote, never wholly known. Nothing anywhere else is like them. - Author: Marjory Stoneman Douglas
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#6. That's what I think regions are about, making central government more accountable and fairer. - Author: John Prescott
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#7. The name "Pakistan" was formed as an acronym of Muslim majority regions in India: Punjab, Afghani Province, Kashmir, Sindh and Baluchistan. - Author: Firas Alkhateeb
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#8. A national government using New Deal programs and the massive defense spending beginning with World War II and continuing through the Cold War was Johnson's vehicle for expanding the Southern economy and making it, as he hoped, one of the more prosperous regions of the country. - Author: Robert Dallek
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#9. We must remember that North Carolina is more than a collection of regions and people. We are one state, one people, one family, bound by a common concern for each other. - Author: Michael F. Easley
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#10. Bards of Passion and of Mirth, Ye have left your souls on earth! Have ye souls in heaven too, Double-lived in regions new? - Author: John Keats
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#11. Newton advanced, with one gigantic stride, from the regions of twilight into the noon day of science. A Boyle and a Hooke, who would otherwise have been deservedly the boast of their century, served but as obscure forerunners of Newton's glories. - Author: Thomas Young
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#12. In the early sixties, the notion that racism was not acceptable even in certain regions or certain clubs or certain circumstances - the notion that it could not be treated with moderation - was a notion largely confined to black people. - Author: Calvin Trillin
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#13. I revel in flowers without let,
An atom at random in space;
My soul dwells in regions ethereal,
And the world is my dreaming-place. - Author: L. Cranmer-Byng
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#14. Some bold adventurers disdain The limits of their little reign, And unknown regions date descry. - Author: Thomas Gray
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#15. Trips to fairly unknown regions should be made twice; once to make mistakes and once to correct them. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#16. A sublime hope cheers ever the faithful heart, that elsewhere, in other regions of the universal powers, souls are now acting, enduring and daring, which can love us, and which we can love. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#17. The Bolivian government has promised to guarantee autonomy in the framework of unity, legality, and with the goal of equalizing the different regions of Bolivia. It's right there in the constitution. - Author: Evo Morales
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#18. After finishing my drink I feel a pressure in my lower regions, and I realize I have to piss. Since the Dead don't drink, urination is a rare event. I hope I can remember how to do it. - Author: Isaac Marion
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#19. If there are frontiers between the civilised and the barbaric, between the meaningful and the unmeaning, they are not lines on a map nor are they regions of the earth. They are boundaries of the mind alone. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#20. In our family histories, the frontier between fact and fiction is vague, especially in the record of events that took place before we were born, or when we were too young to record them accurately; there are few maps to these remote regions, and only the occasional sign to guide the explorer. - Author: Adam Sisman
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#21. The soul is kissed by God in its innermost regions. With interior yearning, grace and blessing are bestowed. It is a yearning to take on God's gentle yoke, It is a yearning to give one's self to God's Way. - Author: Hildegard Of Bingen
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#22. So imagine a world 6 degrees warmer. It's not going to recognize geographical boundaries. It's not going to recognize anything. So agriculture regions today will be wiped out. - Author: Steven Chu
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#23. I lived among the Japanese, and saw their mode of living, in regions unaffected by European contact. - Author: Isabella Bird
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#24. It is tempting to think of this form of insomnia, the inability to fall asleep, as a disease of agency and control: the inability to relinquish high self-reflexive consciousness for the vulnerable, ignorant regions of slumber in which we know not what we do. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
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#25. Furthermore, the study of the present surroundings is insufficient: the history of the people, the influence of the regions through which it has passed on its migrations, and the people with whom it came into contact, must be considered. - Author: Franz Boas
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#26. I have come to the conclusion that life in the Antarctic Regions can be very pleasant. - Author: Robert Falcon Scott
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#27. I will frankly tell you that my experience in prolonged scientific investigations convinces me that a belief in God-a God who is behind and within the chaos of vanishing points of human knowledge-adds a wonderful stimulus to the man who attempts to penetrate into the regions of the unknown. - Author: Louis Agassiz
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#28. Whatever discoveries we may have made in the regions of self-love, there still remain many unknown lands. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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#29. There are certain regions in the country where the indigenous people eat dogs. - Author: Jessica Hagedorn
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#30. Many times one is forced to descend to deep, dark regions, in order to find there the greatest, noblest and freest light. - Author: Abraham Isaac Kook
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#31. The actual state of our knowledge is always provisional and ... there must be, beyond what is actually known, immense new regions to discover. - Author: Louis De Broglie
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#32. A persistent and age-old instinct makes us want to wander
Into regions yet untrod
And read what is still unread
In the manuscripts of God. - Author: Willis R. Whitney
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#33. What is a television apparatus to man, who has only to shut his eyes to see the most inaccessible regions of the seen and the never seen, who has only to imagine in order to pierce through walls and cause all the planetary Baghdads of his dreams to rise from the dust. - Author: Salvador Dali
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#34. Why abandon a seat in your own home to wander in vain through dusty regions of another land? If you make one false step, you miss what is right before your eyes. - Author: Dogen
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#35. I think that some people from other regions expect us to be like that so I think they overcompensate for that sometimes and they're victims to their own insecurity. - Author: Immortal Technique
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#36. We are entering an era in which national government, instead of directing, enables powerful regional and local initiatives to work, where Britain becomes as it should be - a Britain of nations and regions - Author: Gordon Brown
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#37. In many regions, war and terror prevail. States disintegrate. For many years, we have read about this. We have heard about it. We have seen it on TV. But we had not yet sufficiently understood that what happens in Aleppo and Mosul can affect Essen or Stuttgart. We have to face that now. - Author: Angela Merkel
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#38. Somewhere, the billion dreams of the town since its origin stirred in a maelstrom far from the reach of the shrimpers' nets. Old dreams still burned with the power of their one night on earth, but burned deep and forbidden in regions denied to men. - Author: Pat Conroy
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#39. The use of large-scale military force in volatile regions of underdeveloped countries is difficult to do right, has major unintended consequences and rarely turns out to be quick, effective, controlled and short lived. - Author: Dennis C. Blair
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#40. The same regions of the brain light up when someone touches their smartphone as when they touch a family member or a pet. - Author: Matt Cohler
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#41. If we drill the hell out of everything, including protected public lands and fragile regions like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, America can emerge as an 'energy superpower.' - Author: Jeff Goodell
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#42. Looking beyond the emerging markets, it is important not to lose sight of the growth opportunities that exist in the developed regions. - Author: Louis R. Chenevert
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#43. Cross-country running was so beautiful with all the trails and the lake regions ... very physical and also a bit spiritual, where you could come over the mountain and all of a sudden you'd see a Buddhist landscape fog. - Author: Robin Williams
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#44. Well; I would rather die yonder than in a street, or on a frequented road, ' I reflected. 'And far better that crows and ravens -if any ravens there be in these regions- should pick my flesh from my bones, than that they should be prisoned in a work-house coffin, and moulder in a pauper's grave. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#45. The power of thought, the vast regions it can master. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#46. Deep in the frozen regions of the north,
A goddess violated brought thee forth,
Immortal Liberty! - Author: Tobias Smollett
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#47. Did you ever see a giraffe? It is like something from between the regions of truth and fiction. - Author: Geraldine Jewsbury
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#48. No, what's a man like down there?"
"Oh." Sidheag wrinkled her nose. "Unimpressive. They have - "she gestured towards her own nether regions with one hand - "a sort of dangly sausage - lacks tailoring."
"Yes, like it wasn't fitted into its casing properly. And hairy. - Author: Gail Carriger
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#49. I used to live in Canada. It's a beautiful country with a lot of different kind of topographic regions. - Author: Sebastian Bach
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#50. In the tropical and subtropical regions, endemic malaria takes first place almost everywhere among the causes of morbidity and mortality, and it constitutes the principal obstacle to the acclimatization of Europeans in these regions. - Author: Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran
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#51. Today, 65 percent of America's population live in metropolitan areas - and 95 percent of all the transit miles traveled are traveled there. Metropolitan regions are the engines of our economy. - Author: Anthony Foxx
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#52. The greater part of the truth is always hidden, in regions out of the reach of cynicism. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#53. And why have you burnt our Gods, when others are brought from other Regions by the Spaniards? Are the Gods of other Provinces more sacred than ours? - Author: Bartolome De Las Casas
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#54. The stream sings a subdued music, a scarcely audible lilt, faint and fluid syllables not quite said. It slips away into its future, where it already is, and flows steadily forth from up the canyon, a fountain of rumors from regions known to it and not to me. - Author: John Daniel
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#55. What we want is stability and security so we can focus on our own development. But we have these problems in our region, and nobody has been able to resolve them. The whole world was saying that the countries of the regions should step up and resolve their problems, so we stepped up. - Author: Adel Al-Jubeir
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#56. The diversity lottery program is a proven method of offering a path to legal permanent status for residents of African nations and other underrepresented regions seeking a better life here in the United States. - Author: Cedric Richmond
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#57. Our investigation is a grammatical one. Such an investigation sheds light on our problem by clearing misunderstandings away. Misunderstandings concerning the use of words, caused, among other things, by certain analogies between the forms of expression in different regions of language. - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
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#58. Never imitate the eccentricities of genius, but toil after it in its truer flights. They are not so easy to follow, but they lead to higher regions. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#59. The freedom to create is somehow linked with facility of access to those obscure regions below the conscious mind. - Author: Loren Eiseley
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#60. My fears are the obvious ones: that marketplace-minded publishers - all four of them - will shy further away from literary fiction, international authors, poetry, and the other marginal but hugely important regions of the book world. - Author: David Edelstein
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#61. There are four different theories concerning Divine Providence; they are all ancient, known from the time of the Prophets, when the true law was revealed to enlighten these dark regions. - Author: Maimonides
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#62. No system in history capitalism has been more relentless in battering down ancient and fragile cultures, devouring the resources of whole regions, pulverizing centuries-old practices in a matter of years, and standardizing the varieties of human experience. - Author: Michael Parenti
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#63. It wasn't glamorous in my day. In the regions, reporters were seen as such low life that they didn't merit their name in the Radio Times. Now people are interested in being famous. I never gave it a thought. - Author: Kate Adie
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#64. If adapted to the unique requirements of various regions and peoples of the world, such economic pluralism could have a greater global impact over the next fifty years than the collectivist economics of Marxism and neo-Marxism have had during the half century just past. - Author: Robert Dickson Crane
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#65. That was exactly what happened - the conformists showed less brain activity in the frontal, decision-making regions and more in the areas of the brain associated with perception. Peer pressure, in other words, is not only unpleasant, but can actually change your view of a problem. - Author: Susan Cain
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#66. Towering genius distains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#67. More long non-coding RNAs are expressed in the brain than any other tissue (with the possible exception of the testes).26 Some have been conserved from birds to humans, with expression patterns that occur in the same regions and at the same developmental stages. These - Author: Nessa Carey
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#68. It is proverbial, of course, that man never learns from history, and, as a rule, in respect to a problem of the present, it can teach us simply nothing. The new must be made through untrodden regions, without suppositions, and often, unfortunately, without piety also. - Author: Carl Jung
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#69. And how could I believe that Australian wine was automatically inferior to wine sourced from other regions on the planet when I had never drunk anything but liquid nitrogen? - Author: Matt Haig
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#70. I had a keen delight in receiving the new ideas he offered, in imagining the new pictures he portrayed, and following him in thought through the new regions he disclosed, never startled or troubled by one noxious allusion. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#71. Many heroic exploits and chivalrous adventures are related to me which exist only in the regions of fancy. With me the world has taken great liberties, and yet I have been but a common man. - Author: Daniel Boone
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#72. Is it logical to ask how far away are we from the pope explaining that abortion can be justified, "in certain circumstances, in certain regions," and if it might be related to the evils of American capitalism and our immigration policy? - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#73. Beyond the realms of what we see, into the regions or the unexplored limited only by our imaginations. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#74. Besides the pleasure derived from acquired knowledge, there lurks in the mind of man, and tinged with a shade of sadness, an unsatisfactory longing for something beyond the present, a striving towards regions yet unknown and unopened. - Author: Wilhelm Von Humboldt
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#75. We search for life on others planets and in other regions of our galaxy. Meanwhile we destroy and ignore the other life on this planet. - Author: Anthony D. Williams
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#76. Gainst him, a mighty warrior too. Strong, as a soldier born and bred, - Great, as a king whom regions dread. See! what a host the conqueror leads, With elephants, and cars, and steeds. O'er countless bands his pennons fly; So is he mightier far than I. - Author: Valmiki
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#77. Gradual and moderate warming brings benefits as well as incurring costs. These benefits and costs will not, of course, be felt uniformly throughout the world; the colder regions of the world will be more affected by the benefits, and the hotter regions by the costs. - Author: Nigel Lawson
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#78. Words build bridges into unexplored regions. - Author: Adolf Hitler
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#79. I fancy that the Hell of Too Many People would occupy a respectable place in the hierarchy of infernal regions. - Author: J.B. Priestley
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#80. One changed child eventually changes a family. A changed family will influence change in its church. Enough changed churches will transform a community. Changed communities change regions. Changed regions will in time change an entire nation. - Author: Wess Stafford
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#81. It is doubtful whether anyone who has travelled widely has found anywhere in the world regions more ugly than in the human face. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#82. Seventy percent of Earth's surface is water and over 99 percent is uninhabited, so you would expect nearly all impactors to hit either the ocean or desolate regions on Earth's surface. So why do movie meteors have such good aim? - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#83. There are countries of the world, and regions of one's own mind, where it is unwise to travel. - Author: Chris Cleave
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#84. My mansion is, where those immortal shapes Of bright aerial spirits live insphered In regions mild of calm and serene air, Above the smoke and stir of this dim spot Which men call Earth. - Author: John Milton
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#85. Everything, even herself, was now unbearable to her. She wished that, taking wing like a bird, she could fly somewhere, far away to regions of purity, and there grow young again. - Author: Gustave Flaubert
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#86. Our fears are those that cause cancer and those fears operate in the regions that the drugs we use to hide our fears is the most predominate feeling. Our minds cause our inner illness for the most part. - Author: Steven Machat
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#87. Not surprisingly, in most Sunni regions there has little appetite for free U.S.-sponsored elections. - Author: Richard Engel
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#88. Religion is evolving to survive but is losing the battle in many regions, largely because of the Internet. Sexual information is far more available now, which interferes with religion's ability to use sexual guilt to perpetuate. - Author: Darrel Ray
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#89. We are fans because the game also appeals to our local pride, our pleasure in thinking of ourselves as, yes, Americans but nonetheless different from residents of other towns, other states, other regions. - Author: John Thorn
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#90. Go to the family where darkness and suspicion and jealousy and disorder reign, and if they will but receive Christ, mark how light and confidence and order and peace spring up. Go to the regions of superstition and idolatry, and see what transformations are effected by Jesus. - Author: Edward Thomson
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#91. In order to make India prosperous, all sections and regions of the society needed to be prosperous. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#92. One of the reasons there are largely Catholic and largely Protestant regions of Germany today is that people did sort themselves out geographically. - Author: Susan Jacoby
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#93. Ideas are like bananas. That bananas grow only in tropical regions doesn't make them any less delicious in Scandinavia. - Author: Eric Weiner
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#94. Even an organization that doesn't do much work internationally will benefit from a culturally intelligent strategy to innovation. Working across different generations, business units, regions, and functions are all factors that can also influence the innovation process. - Author: David Livermore
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#95. He who discovers the heart of Arcrea and joins the hands of the seven regions will be king. - Author: Nicole Sager
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#96. All who wait upon the Lord shall rise higher and higher upon the mighty pinions of strong devotion, and with the unblinking eye of faith, into the regions of heavenly-mindedness, and shall approach nearer and nearer to God, the Sun of our spiritual day. - Author: John Angell James
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#97. As winter strips the leaves from around us, so that we may see the distant regions they formerly concealed, so old age takes away our enjoyments only to enlarge the prospect of the coming eternity. - Author: Jean Paul
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#98. Everything is on a reduced scale here in the Polar regions; we can't afford to be extravagant. - Author: Roald Amundsen
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#99. Inspiration is not what you find from the outter world or what you seek for within the nearest regions.
Its what you tend to find when you search within your own life and event that partake. Search closely because Inspiration will never tell you when it passes-bt - Author: Sonny Cele
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#100. Recent action in Syria and Palestine also tell us that the awakening voices of democracy in those regions are occurring, and that those in that region are able to pursue it without being stifled by terrorists that are despotic. - Author: Judd Gregg
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