Top 100 Quotes About Rappers

#1. Rappers hate each other, not the labels that got rich,
Don't care about culture, they only want profit.
If your album sell slow, bet you'll get dropped quick;
Q-Tip warned us: the industry's toxic.
For reference, check out BDP's Sex and Violence.


Quotes About Rappers #658
#2. The rappers have gone in and created a lot of hit music based upon my influence. And they'll tell you if you ask.

Isaac Hayes

Quotes About Rappers #10061
#3. So I think hip-hop is moving and is going to continue to move in the direction of rappers just being honest with themselves, whether you're talking about Common and Mos Def or Nas and 50 cent.

Talib Kweli

Quotes About Rappers #19263
#4. When I got a little older I was obsessed Lil Wayne. But then it was just as many British rappers - Dizzee Rascal I would always listen to.

Tinie Tempah

Quotes About Rappers #24020
#5. For years I've been seeing my young brothers wearing Scarface T-shirts, John Gotti T-shirts, Rick James T-shirts. We don't have any icons or idols to look up to, just rappers and professional athletes.

Lamar Odom

Quotes About Rappers #37981
#6. Bebop and hip-hop, in so many ways, they're connected. A lot of rappers remind me so much of bebop guys in terms of improvisation, beats and rhymes. My dream is to see hip-hop incorporated in education. You've got the youth of the world in the palm of your hand.

Quincy Jones

Quotes About Rappers #39190
#7. I'm serious; I don't, I don't rap. I flow; I'm a flow-er. You've got rappers, you got MCs, and then you got flow-ers, I'm a flow-er.

Method Man

Quotes About Rappers #42288
#8. The reason why rappers are living in - you know, driving in Mercedes-Benz's and living in neighborhoods is because they're selling their music, not just to the black community, but to the white community.

Eric Bolling

Quotes About Rappers #45918
#9. The difference between blues, jazz, rock n' roll and rap is that rap stayed poor. Even the white rappers are poor. It's scarier to look at poor people; it makes everyone uncomfortable. Their pain is something that people would like to see swept under the rug.

Russell Simmons

Quotes About Rappers #56064
#10. There's so many gay rappers ...
They probably dis me cause I'm the straight one.

Chino XL

Quotes About Rappers #65208
#11. I always had pressure on myself through my life. I put pressure on myself and not from other people. I always wanted to be one of the hottest rappers. So the pressure comes from myself.

Meek Mill

Quotes About Rappers #77124
#12. You have rappers saying "stay off drugs, go to school" - empty verbal behavior. I think all of this became institutionalized in the early '90s. And it's become more and more solidified, more and more entrenched.

Carl Hart

Quotes About Rappers #78551
#13. My favorite rappers are Lil Wayne. I like Wayne.


Quotes About Rappers #80298
#14. Gangsta rappers, they call them. Not nearly as gangsta as the things that inspire them.. you know, a gangsta government that we operate under.

Russell Simmons

Quotes About Rappers #99658
#15. Young kids out here see what's on TV and feel like they can start rapping. They think rappers are rich and really have their own jets and Bentleys, but in lot of cases that stuff is rented.


Quotes About Rappers #114412
#16. If you look back, you get stuck in a year. I've seen rappers and singers get stuck in 2002 or 2005, and they can't get out.

Juicy J

Quotes About Rappers #138012
#17. Rappers act so wild, and love to profile,
Frontin' hard, but ain't got no style.

Big Daddy Kane

Quotes About Rappers #151390
#18. As a kid, I loved storytelling, and I liked the way rappers would paint pictures.

Jensen Karp

Quotes About Rappers #155780
#19. Most rappers these days is actors,
And I can't keep watching the same movie.

Mick Jenkins

Quotes About Rappers #176794
#20. Dogs live longer than rappers.


Quotes About Rappers #207764
#21. There's a lot of real unity - and a lot fake unity, sadly. I think a lot of people are going to get an opportunity to pursue greatness and pursue careers outside of D.C. Not everybody is going to make it. I think there's a connotation that there's a lack of rappers out there.


Quotes About Rappers #208263
#22. Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears all the rappers, they're doing my dances and they're making billions doing my dances. When they do that little thing they do with their hands that's The Fly and The Pony.

Chubby Checker

Quotes About Rappers #216984
#23. No [other rappers are on my level], none of them. Here, let me put it like this in the sky, there are a million stars, but when the sun appears, you see none of them. I am the sun.


Quotes About Rappers #228711
#24. The first rappers I ever got into were Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, and Nas. Those are the guys. Those are the dudes that flipped my wig.

Action Bronson

Quotes About Rappers #239912
#25. DJs play a big responsibility of what hip-hop is doing ... At the end of the day, it's up to us to control and to own hip-hop. DJs need to challenge us rappers. They got so much power, they need to challenge us.


Quotes About Rappers #242770
#26. The L.A. rap scene is popping again because rappers stopped saying 'West Coast.' Nobody says that anymore. Fans of L.A. music were reaching and saying, 'This is West Coast music,' because nobody else liked it.

Schoolboy Q

Quotes About Rappers #252459
#27. Straight from the heart, I represent hip hop,
I be three albums deep, but I don't wanna go pop,
Too many candy rappers seem to be at the top,
Too much candy is no good, so now I'm closin the shop

Phife Dawg

Quotes About Rappers #252460
#28. I was competitive in the ring and hip-hop is competitive too ... I think rappers condition themselves like boxers, so they all kind of feel like they're the champ.

Curtis Jackson

Quotes About Rappers #258154
#29. I want to see 10 female rappers getting regular rotation. It can't be all about a man's opinion.

Queen Latifah

Quotes About Rappers #260986
#30. Rich people are so eccentric, and I don't think people really realize. Especially by the turn of the century, they were living like rappers, and there was no income tax. They are some of the most fascinating people, and I am endlessly fascinated.

Riki Lindhome

Quotes About Rappers #267112
#31. To me, hip hop will never be right until female rappers have a stronger voice in it.

Queen Latifah

Quotes About Rappers #272634
#32. The employees of the year, yeah we back to work.
I took time off, while other rappers got jerked.

Erick Sermon

Quotes About Rappers #285722
#33. I actually love the 'rappers look,' with the saggy pants and oversized clothes. It's very deliberate.

Carine Roitfeld

Quotes About Rappers #286001
#34. Hip-hop is getting to the point now where they are going to start sounding like Al Jarreau or Bobby McFerrin or some of the other poets. Some of the better rappers can rap real fast without even melodies. It'll get to that same point.

George Clinton

Quotes About Rappers #305215
#35. I was making crappy beats since I was, like, 17 or 18, using Florida rappers, where I'm from. Then I started DJ'ing because I just wanted to have a new job.


Quotes About Rappers #307625
#36. I actually think some of the rappers can help our image, because the thing I'm concerned about is the NBA's image. I always want our image to be on the rise, and if the rappers can help young players get business-minded, then I'm all for it.

Antonio Davis

Quotes About Rappers #315559
#37. There's a lot of good rappers in England at the moment. There's a lot of good dance acts. A lot of good, young guitar acts. I think a lot of groups came from that dole culture of the late 80's/early 90's - it's not as easy now. I think there's a dearth of working class bands.

Ian Brown

Quotes About Rappers #324496
#38. I'm also working on another independent film called Roxanne, Roxanne, about Roxanne Shante, who was one of the first African American battle rappers from Brooklyn. It is produced by Forest Whitaker and Pharrell [williams], so I'm really in great hands.

Nia Long

Quotes About Rappers #335798
#39. I always wanted to be one of the hottest rappers.

Meek Mill

Quotes About Rappers #341056
#40. A lot of times, when people say hip-hop, they don't know what they're talking about. They just think of the rappers. When you talk about hip-hop, you're talking about the whole culture and movement. You have to take the whole culture for what it is.

Afrika Bambaataa

Quotes About Rappers #343418
#41. Ghost tells me every few years, Yo, you showed me this style ... I'm like, man, we the same style. At the end of the day, he's one of my favorite rappers, I'm one of his favorite rappers, and we just do it.


Quotes About Rappers #345182
#42. I relieve rappers just like Tylenol

Big Daddy Kane

Quotes About Rappers #350764
#43. Rappers kinda look stupid sometimes. Most of the time. I'm pretty sure I look stupid too a lot.

Vince Staples

Quotes About Rappers #352427
#44. All those rappers, they're the only glamorous people working in music now. They dress up in these chains of gold, cars, girls and this and that, high-heeled shoes.

Bryan Ferry

Quotes About Rappers #364085
#45. I don't feel that rap has been respected as an art form. Because people have seen rappers rap off the top of their heads, they don't think it is difficult.


Quotes About Rappers #369287
#46. I like Biggie. Like 'Pac, he was one of the best rappers in the business. Why would I try to do something to him?

Suge Knight

Quotes About Rappers #375080
#47. People said that way back in the early days I was probably one of the first rappers; the reason is that I couldn't sing, so I had to talk! Lou Reed was probably the one who started it all.

Alan Vega

Quotes About Rappers #375890
#48. There is only a relationship between music and sports because all athletes want to be rappers and all rappers want to be athletes.

Dwyane Wade

Quotes About Rappers #380458
#49. I am the beast, Feed me rappers or feed me beats

Lil' Wayne

Quotes About Rappers #385275
#50. When I grew up I saw females doing certain things, and I thought I had to do that exactly. The female rappers of my day spoke about sex a lot ... and I thought that to have the success they got, I would have to represent the same thing. When in fact I didn't have to represent the same thing.

Nicki Minaj

Quotes About Rappers #389824
#51. We rappers are role models.

Kanye West

Quotes About Rappers #405851
#52. I think it's such open game to make fun of myself. First of all, as a white rapper you have to have an angle and not try to be ghetto or anything. You can count on one hand the white rappers that have made it.

Simon Rex

Quotes About Rappers #442267
#53. I would not consider myself to be a quote unquote real New York rapper. I don't even like New York rappers.

ASAP Rocky

Quotes About Rappers #443743
#54. I like all different kinds of music. I never heavily molded myself after rappers. Sometimes they say when you think something and you go to say it, you lose a lot of color about what you're trying to say, so to me the best rappers are the people that don't lose that color.


Quotes About Rappers #449041
#55. I think it's kinda funny that all these rappers that used to be gangsters and thugs are telling us not to download their music from the internet, because that's stealing. Wow talk about ironic.

Daniel Tosh

Quotes About Rappers #458714
#56. Oh, southern rappers ... so hard to write a rhyme when you only know 30 words.

Daniel Tosh

Quotes About Rappers #468615
#57. I'm gonna be real - there's no female rappers in the game.


Quotes About Rappers #484188
#58. I've never been the straight rapper that is going to stand in a cipher and battle all day. I started off battle rapping, but to me, making songs became more important than freestyles ... I've met many rappers who can freestyle but can't make a record.

Queen Latifah

Quotes About Rappers #490755
#59. Rappers are usually rapping about knowledge they think people need to get by in the world. If there's no movement that gives the idea that the knowledge people need is how to take over the system, what they see is that people need to know how to hustle; people need to know how to survive.

Boots Riley

Quotes About Rappers #493475
#60. When I started emceein', you had 500 maybe 1000 rappers in the whole world. Now there's 1.000.000, nahmean?


Quotes About Rappers #503561
#61. There are poor white people who hear rap music and feel it is about them, because it is. That's why you have an Eminem and a Bubba Sparxxx and rappers like that.

Russell Simmons

Quotes About Rappers #527962
#62. Rappers shouldn't have to file taxes because they itemize everything they own in songs.

Damien Fahey

Quotes About Rappers #536367
#63. You can write a great country record and still be angry. Who's angrier than Toby Keith? He's angrier than the average 10 rappers.

Chris Rock

Quotes About Rappers #543857
#64. I'm probably the only one in the world you can name that's worked with Billie Holiday, Louie Armstrong, Ella, Duke, Miles, Dizzy, Ray Charles, Aretha, Michael Jackson, rappers. 'Fly Me to the Moon' was played on the moon by Buzz Aldrin. Sinatra. Paul Simon. Tony Bennett. I'm the only one.

Quincy Jones

Quotes About Rappers #550811
#65. Rappers should be forced to rhyme in their acceptance speeches.

Doug Benson

Quotes About Rappers #555304
#66. These other rappers getting bodied and carried away.


Quotes About Rappers #555449
#67. I have a Rolex, but no diamonds. Rappers wear diamonds to compensate for a lack of fashion sense. I don't even have pierced ears - I'm not into that; it's too much.

ASAP Rocky

Quotes About Rappers #569987
#68. It is crucial that rappers have the chance to express the truth that is in their heart.

Russell Simmons

Quotes About Rappers #571103
#69. You don't want R&B singers to get into beef. Leave that to the rappers, let them do that - R&B, be classy.

R. Kelly

Quotes About Rappers #571165
#70. What if Eminem was black? would he have sold five mil.
Or would he be 1 out of 5 million rappers with no deal?

Fredro Starr

Quotes About Rappers #579894
#71. I just feel like, with rappers, there's so much complacency. It's like, 'Oh, I'm a rapper. I'm successful. I make money. That's all that matters.' But there's a lot of stuff going on in the world. Whether or not you're aware of it, it's happening.

J. Cole

Quotes About Rappers #581189
#72. I don't dislike rappers or hip-hop or people who like it. I went to the Def Jam tour in Manchester in the '80s when rap was inspirational. Public Enemy were awesome. But it's all about status and bling now, and it doesn't say anything to me.

Noel Gallagher

Quotes About Rappers #586401
#73. I think more people want to be rappers than anything else.


Quotes About Rappers #613266
#74. A lot of rappers want somebody to always sing on their records. If you can hold a note, they're gonna' ask you to come and be apart of their creativity. At that time, they were eager and on the streets selling drugs or in the studio making music. That was a big part of our lives were I grew up.

Nicki Minaj

Quotes About Rappers #613445
#75. I don't want to do one of those records where it's like a compilation of a bunch of all sorts of rappers on my beats. I don't find those to be focused albums. I'd like to sit and work a whole record with a certain person, to come up with a concept and see it through that way.

Flying Lotus

Quotes About Rappers #621036
#76. I've always been jealous of rappers, because they can fit so many words into a song and tell a story with lots of details. But when you're a songwriter, you have to fit the words to the melody and you can't fit as much in. I'm just a big fan of storytelling.

Skylar Grey

Quotes About Rappers #621166
#77. All the rappers my age are getting Audemars and Rolexes. I want to find my own thing. That's why I travel the world - for me, that's my B-side, why we go places. I have a Hublot on from time to time but I want a home base watch - something that's elegant but has got a little pizzazz to it.


Quotes About Rappers #625108
#78. People really don't know the extent of what I actually do. I'm not one of those rappers ... "Hey! Make a hit. Throw it on an album! Sit at home and make more music." I put 4 or 5 mixtapes out and do shows all year long.

Gorilla Zoe

Quotes About Rappers #628304
#79. I think that's what most of us rappers do too often. We put too much information in some of our albums that could actually be on the next ones.

Schoolboy Q

Quotes About Rappers #650485
#80. All these rappers on stage and Martha Stewart has done the most jail time.

Natasha Leggero

Quotes About Rappers #651309
#81. I'm the most sampled and stolen. What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine, too ... I got a song about that ... But I'm never gonna release it. Don't want a war with the rappers. If it wasn't good, they wouldn't steal it.

James Brown

Quotes About Rappers #687043
#82. When will rappers & skanks realize God's not the only one who gets to judge them on their actions? We do too. It's called CONSEQUENCES.

Nils Parker

Quotes About Rappers #688676
#83. Yo Premier, why these rappers so soft?
They corny ass raps be makin me doze off.


Quotes About Rappers #696581
#84. I get attention like a Lexus, girls wanna sex this
Play rappers like Tetris ... eat em like breakfast.

Lord Finesse

Quotes About Rappers #744628
#85. You can have a phenomenal booth artist and he can get in there and be a technician in the booth and it won't translate on the stage. I think that's what makes emcees emcees. Some rapper dudes are great rappers but it don't translate on stage.

Joell Ortiz

Quotes About Rappers #746885
#86. Another thing rappers, I admire your rebellious spirit, but materialism is a form of mental slavery. Slow down on the jewelry, pick up a book.

Dov Davidoff

Quotes About Rappers #747856
#87. I don't consider myself an A-list celebrity or a big dog, but every time I meet somebody, even rappers who've been in the game for years ... they're like, 'Man, I'm trying to get on your level.'

Wiz Khalifa

Quotes About Rappers #754227
#88. A lot of rappers been putting out a lot of sub-par visuals. I feel like the visuals could be better.


Quotes About Rappers #766032
#89. If it wasn't for 2 Live Crew videos wouldn't look like they do and rappers wouldn't sound like they do.

Luther Campbell

Quotes About Rappers #778702
#90. Rappers can't sleep, need sleepin',
B.I.G. keep creepin',
Bullets heat-seekin',
Casualties need treatin',
Dumb rappers need teachin'.

The Notorious B.I.G.

Quotes About Rappers #779204
#91. For me rappers and dancers are poets and artists and often times the most interesting performances are given by them.

Ice Cube

Quotes About Rappers #783722
#92. I understand what rappers are talking about. I think rap is less about educating people about the black community and more about making money.

Dennis Rodman

Quotes About Rappers #786516
#93. People get caught up in worshipping certain rappers, or they try to demonise hip hop by looking at what certain rappers are doin' in their lives.

Afrika Bambaataa

Quotes About Rappers #791544
#94. For so-called conscious rappers, it is an opportunity to rap about ways to educate others about African American history, politics and even relationships: all of which would be missed if society merely focused on the "hook" and ignored the influence.

Carlos Wallace

Quotes About Rappers #793431
#95. I don't even like New York rappers.

ASAP Rocky

Quotes About Rappers #795788
#96. All rappers predominantly sound the same and want you to think their meanest person in the world, and that they're all gangster and all that. My acting allowed me to be playful and crazy, and it helps me tell stories and all that. I think it's a good time; rap needs that kind of stuff.

Nicki Minaj

Quotes About Rappers #798199
#97. Don't respect a lot of rappers, feel I had a harder life

Kevin Gates

Quotes About Rappers #800388
#98. I get imaginative with a mouth full of adjectives,
A brain full of adverbs, and a box full of laxatives,
Shittin' on rappers, causin' hospital accidents.


Quotes About Rappers #815844
#99. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it usually aspiring gangsta rappers who set such store by designer labels?

Lynne Truss

Quotes About Rappers #839213
#100. Nas is one of my favorite rappers because you don't get any of that flashy stuntin'; you get the real, just raw bars. The way he tells stories and his vibe, I think we would make great music together.

Juicy J

Quotes About Rappers #843754

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