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Top 62 Quotes About Pneumonia

#1. Get up," James finally said, his tone indecipherable. "I don't need a patient dying from pneumonia on me tonight. - Author: L. Jayne
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#2. It's best not to experiment on yourself. Bacon practically froze himself to death in one of his experiments and died of pneumonia."
{Right! Bacon must be heated. Knew that already, but thanks for the reminder.} - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#3. He was sentenced to six months in prison. He died there of pneumonia. So it goes. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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#4. Just in case you get pneumonia or die. The dangerous bits are always the last days of shooting. - Author: Elizabeth Taylor
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#5. If we do not allow for a rhythm of rest in our overly busy lives, illness becomes our Sabbath - our pneumonia, our cancer, our heart attack, our accidents create Sabbath for us. - Author: Wayne Muller
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#6. What do you get when you kiss a guy? You get enough germs to catch pneumonia. After you do, he'll never phone you. - Author: Dionne Warwick
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#7. A naturopath once told me you should never take antibiotics except if you have pneumonia, a kidney infection or some other serious illness. That's my philosophy, too. - Author: Pamela Sue Martin
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#8. The drink? Yes, I've had tough times in my life, especially the last year, regarding my ex-wife, my kids, I nearly broke my neck, I was on death row with pneumonia. - Author: Paul Gascoigne
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#9. I will say that there is an inordinate amount of medicine in my novels, especially the first one. There are a lot of medical things that happen. A hip fracture, three different kinds of lung cancer, pneumonia, blood poisoning, and so on. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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#10. Only after realising that routine immunisations were dangerous did I achieve a substantial drop in infant death rates. - Author: Archie Kalokerinos
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#11. MAN 1: I'm hungry.
MAN 2: Me too. Hey, I found a rock with a snot in it. I was thinking of eating it.
MAN 1: Um, okay. Go ahead.
MAN 2: (slurps up the oyster)
MAN 1: What does it taste like?
MAN 2: Pneumonia. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#12. Humans were so ridiculously fragile. They could die tripping over a damn chair leg. Car accidents could kill them. Colds turned into pneumonia and killed people. Mental note: pick up Vitamin C before school tomorrow and force it down Kat's throat. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#13. By preventing pneumonia and other diseases, we are giving men, women and children the chance to live healthy productive lives and participate in the global economy. In doing so, we are not only enhancing their futures - we are enhancing our own. - Author: Mandy Moore
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#14. All countries should immediately now activate their pandemic preparedness plans. Countries should remain on high alert for unusual outbreaks of influenza-like illness and severe pneumonia. - Author: Margaret Chan
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#15. Bah. What's a little water to a pirate? (Barney)
A bout of pneumonia if he's not careful. (Morgan) - Author: Kinley MacGregor
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#16. It might be that some day I shall be drowned by the sea, or die of pneumonia from sleeping out at night, or be robbed and strangled by strangers. These things happen. Even so, I shall be ahead because of trusting the beach, the night and strangers. - Author: Janet Reno
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#17. When a man lacks mental balance in pneumonia he is said to be delirious. When he lacks mental balance without the pneumonia, he is pronounced insane by all smart doctors. - Author: Martin H. Fischer
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#18. The flu can definitely set you up for bacterial pneumonias. - Author: Paul A. Offit
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#19. I'm okay,' [Mulder] said, shifting over to make room for Scully. 'Just thinking.'
'Out here, that'll get you pneumonia.'
'Is that a doctor's truth thing?' ...
'No, it's cold, that's what it is. God, Mulder, why can't you ever have a mood someplace warm? - Author: Charles Grant
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#20. Emergency rooms are closed, many hospital wards are as well leaving people who are sick with heart disease, trauma, pregnancy complications, pneumonia, malaria and all the everyday health emergencies with nowhere to go. - Author: Richard E. Besser
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#21. Just as it was necessary to reinflate my lungs to overcome pneumonia, I needed the breath of God to help me overcome the depression of my spirit.
I - Author: Don Piper
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#22. I quit school in the sixth grade because of pneumonia. Not because I had it, but because I couldn't spell it. - Author: Rocky Graziano
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#23. Brazil is in a solid position. In the past, if the United States sneezed, we caught pneumonia. Today, if the United States sneezes, we sneeze too. - Author: Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva
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#24. Air was filtering out of my two collapsing lungs. Water rose, bubbling to enter, and I would have died of instantaneous pneumonia - something I have never heard of - if my hand had not got hold of a glass ashtray and, entirely apart from my personal decision, flung it. - Author: Grace Paley
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#25. Though they were not familiar with the expression,to paraphrase the saying, when any country in the Sahel sneezes, the rest of the region catches pneumonia, the men there would have clicked their tongues and ruefully nodded their heads that 'woolayi' this was the truth. - Author: T.K. Naliaka
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#26. One of the side effects of (surgery, anesthesia,) X-ray ... , and chemotherapy, is the suppression ... of the patient's immunological defenses ... A simple cold often leads to the death from pneumonia - and ('pneumonia') is what appears on the death certificate, not cancer. - Author: G. Edward Griffin
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#27. I had a series of childhood illnesses ... scarlet fever ... pneumonia ... Polio. I walked with braces until I was at least nine years old. My life wasn't like the average person who grew up and decided to enter the world of sports. - Author: Wilma Rudolph
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#28. Nobody would ever convince me that the bronchitis and pneumonia were caused by cigarettes. - Author: Barbara Warren
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#29. We used to say in the black community that if somebody else caught a cold, we caught pneumonia. - Author: Gwen Ifill
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#30. Emerson died April 27, 1882, after a few days' illness from pneumonia. Dr. Garnett in his excellent biography says: Seldom had 'the reaper whose name is Death' gathered such illustrious harvest as between December 1880 and April 1882. - Author: Anonymous
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#31. Pneumococcus is a fairly common cause of pneumonia and [raises the] risk of death in older adults. - Author: Paul A. Offit
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#32. If you die of pneumonia,I'm pretty sure there are at least a dozen guys who'll try to kill me and make it look like an accident
(Hale) - Author: Ally Carter
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#33. I put a lot of effort into writing 'A Briefer History' at a time when I was critically ill with pneumonia because I think that it's important for scientists to explain their work, particularly in cosmology. This now answers many questions once asked of religion. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#34. I had asthma when I was a kid, asthma so bad that it would turn into pneumonia and I almost died several times. Nobody knew why back then, but now it's obvious. - Author: Don McLean
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#35. In the Mortality Bills, pneumonia is an easy second, to tuberculosis; indeed in many cities the death-rate is now higher and it has become, to use the phrase of Bunyan 'the captain of the men of death.' - Author: William Osler
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#36. I never argue with the tape. To be angry at the market because it unexpectedly or even illogically goes against you is like getting mad at your lungs because you have pneumonia. - Author: Jesse Lauriston Livermore
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#37. No one has died from giving a bad presentation. Well, at least one person did, President William Henry Harrison, but he developed pneumonia after giving the longest inaugural address in U.S. history. The easy lesson from his story: keep it short, or you might die. - Author: Scott Berkun
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#38. I think I'm a survivor. I could have suffered at least 100 professional deaths. I could come up with a list of the 100 times I've come closest to death, from having pneumonia as a child to car crashes. - Author: Craig Venter
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#39. Don't you dare do it, Eddie! Don't you dare! Wet feet, that's one way - one of the thousands of ways - that colds start, and colds lead to pneumonia, so don't you do it! - Author: Stephen King
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#40. I got Type 1 diabetes at 30. It hit me in 1982 when I was a White House Fellow in Washington. I had viral pneumonia. I lost 35 pounds in six weeks. And I couldn't see anything. Everything was blurry. I was always thirsty. - Author: Clayton Christensen
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#41. My mother is now in the hospital 60 miles away, where they are treating her pneumonia. I refuse to feel guilty. Guilt is a destructive emotion and doesn't fit in with my Life Plan. - Author: Sue Townsend
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#42. He worked on it for over fifteen years before he died in his fifties of complications caused by pneumonia. - Author: Liane Moriarty
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#43. Pneumococcal disease is a real threat. Pneumococcal disease is a bacterial infection that causes anything from middle ear infection to pneumonia to meningitis. Children are particularly vulnerable to it, but adults can get pneumococcal disease themselves. - Author: Anthony Fauci
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#44. Lungs, they do not like to be messed with. I give pneumonia one star and that's for the silent p. - Author: Justine Larbalestier
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#45. I don't know who had the bright idea of teaching pneumonia how to walk, but I'd like to find that dunderhead before he decides he wants to teach it how to drive. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#46. On December 17, 1984, I had surgery to remove two inches of my left lung due to pneumonia. After two hours of surgery the doctors told my mother I had AIDS. - Author: Ryan White
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#47. William Henry Harrison, who died of pneumonia in April of 1841, after only one month in office, was the first Chief Executive to hide his physical frailties. - Author: Robert Dallek
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#48. As a kid, I was always sick. I had pneumonia, I had really severe allergies. And it wasn't until I got older, that I realized some of that was caused by toxins in things like detergent. That made me crazy, because it's supposed to help get things clean! - Author: Jessica Alba
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#49. Pneumonia is a disease that often flies under the radar of not just the public but even the global health community. It kills more children under 5 years old every year than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined. - Author: Mandy Moore
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#50. I'm old enough to remember when the polio vaccine was still new. Also, it hadn't been that long since most people who caught pneumonia died from it. These medical breakthroughs were practically miracles. - Author: Pat Cadigan
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#51. When I was on Broadway, I got really sick with walking pneumonia. I decided not to take my health for granted anymore and make it a priority. The great thing is, the pounds just started to fall off. - Author: Jordin Sparks
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#52. It's very strange to be an imaginary friend. You can't be suffocated and you can't get sick and you can't fall and break your head and you can't catch pneumonia. The only thing that can kill you is a person not believing in you. - Author: Matthew Green
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#53. Never forget that it is not a pneumonia, but pneumonic man who is your patient - Author: William Withey Gull
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#54. Of course WE never had to do nude scenes. I'm glad, too, because I'm susceptible to pneumonia. - Author: Irene Dunne
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#55. A cold wind swept across the patio, causing me to shiver. Noah shrugged off his black leather jacket and tossed it around my shoulders. "How are you going to tutor me if you get fucking pneumonia?" I cocked an eyebrow. What an odd combination of romantic gesture and horribly crude wording. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#56. For the average person, taken to their sick bed, it takes a serious bout of pneumonia or a full body cast to completely forget the life they had prior to falling off the rollercoaster. I, however, will do this over a paper cut on my thumb, obsessing of said cut and being generally consumed by it. - Author: Sloane Crosley
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#57. Now, Bad Ass, you run your mouth about Summerslam. Well, here's the situation. The Rock says this, if the Rock hits you he'll kill you. If he misses, the wind behind the punch will give you pneumonia and you'll die anyway, so the choice is yours jabroni. - Author: Dwayne Johnson
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#58. I'm a Buddhist. You might have a Christian obligation to catch pneumonia while you sit for two and a half hours listening to some twerp in a dress drone on about the virtue of wedded life but, dear as you are to me, I don't. - Author: Natasha Pulley
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#59. Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#60. I would spend more time with my children. I would make my money before spending it. I would learn the joys of wine instead of hard liquor. I would not smoke cigarettes when I had pneumonia. I would not marry a fifth time. - Author: John Huston
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#61. I nearly died of double bronchial pneumonia at the age of five. - Author: Roger Moore
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#62. I think if a physician wrote on a death certificate that old age was the cause of death, he'd be thrown out of the union. There is always some final event, some failure of an organ, some last attack of pneumonia, that finishes off a life. No one dies of old age. - Author: George Wald
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