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#1. The vulgarity of inanimate things requires time to get accustomed to; but living, breathing, bustling, plotting, planning, human vulgarity is a species of moral ipecacuanha, enough to destroy any comfort. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#2. Depends. (Adron)
On? (Livia)
Whether or not they're plotting against you. Taryn's like a head injury. It's only funny when it happens to someone else. And Tiernan ... I think there's now a hurricane on Chrinon VI named after him. (Adron) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#3. I love intricate plotting and exciting twists, but I realize more that people enjoy a good story in a simple, focused way. - Author: Evan Daugherty
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#4. Love is a spy who is plotting treason, In league with that warm, red rebel, the Heart. - Author: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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#5. If the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) raises the hackles of the conspiracy theorists, the Bilderberg meetings must induce apocalyptic visions of omnipotent international bankers plotting with unscrupulous government officials to impose cunning schemes on an ignorant and unsuspecting world. - Author: David Rockefeller
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#6. In all the setbacks of your life as a believer, God is plotting for your joy. - Author: John Piper
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#7. The trite answer is that everything is true but none of it happened. It is emotionally true, but the events, the plotting, the narrative, isn't true of my life, though I've experienced most of the emotions experienced by the characters in the play. - Author: Patrick Marber
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#8. The shell model, although proposed by theoreticians, really corresponds to the experimentalist's approach. It was born from a thorough study of the experimental data, plotting them in different ways, and looking for interconnections. - Author: Maria Goeppert-Mayer
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#9. You didn't choose God. He chose you. When you stop feeling hurt by everyone and plotting your comeback, he has some very important things he wants you to accomplish with your life. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#10. Poetry taught me a great deal about language and images, but when it came to plotting, I was stumped. It's been very much a learn-by-doing thing for me. - Author: Jennifer McMahon
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#11. The inadequacy of unidimensional plotting along a continuum (in this case the diagonal of a symmetric matrix) inevitably would make "buffer" elements appear non-conformist when in fact they may be part of an interconnected pattern. - Author: Jennifer K. McArthur
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#12. I'm thinking about color all the time. Sometimes even as far back as the plotting sequence. - Author: Mike Mignola
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#13. The treble parade would have been the most perfect moment of my footballing life, but for the two people standing behind me, clearly already plotting their next move. - Author: Robbie Fowler
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#14. What the eff are you two alcoholics talking about? You're all hovering over each other like you're plotting to take over the world. You know you can't do any of that fun stuff without me. - Author: Christine Zolendz
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#15. He has murdered anyone who would try to steal his throne - and even executed those only suspected of plotting against him. - Author: Anonymous
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#16. Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#17. John Boehner is a member of a country club in Ohio. It turns out that the bartender was plotting to poison Boehner. Now wait a minute. Isn't that the movie with Seth Rogen and James Franco? - Author: David Letterman
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#18. Much as we do not permit convicted pedophiles to teach kindergarten or convicted hijackers to board airplanes, common sense dictates that individuals who have been imprisoned for plotting violence against abortion clinics should never again be permitted anywhere near such facilities. - Author: Jacob M. Appel
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#19. Heaven send us better times! There is nothing but plotting and counter-plotting, undermining and counter-mining in this world. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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#20. If Baz thinks I'm ever letting him go, he's wrong. I like him like this. Under my thumb. Under my hands. Not off plotting and scheming and talking to vampires.
I've got you now, I think. I've finally got you where I want you. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#21. In a way. Magic is the act of making a wish come about. Like praying, like plotting, like herbs, like exerting your will on the world, making something happen. - Author: Philippa Gregory
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#22. In plotting a book, my goal is to raise the stakes for the characters and, in so doing, keep the reader mesmerized. - Author: Barbara Delinsky
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#23. Once you were in the hands of a Grand Vizier, you were dead. Grand Viziers were always scheming megalomaniacs. It was probably in the job description: "Are you a devious, plotting, unreliable madman? Ah, good, then you can be my most trusted minister. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#24. Probably careful plotting reflects my personality. I am meticulous by nature. I can't imagine speed-writing anything that happens to pop into my head. - Author: William Landay
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#25. That I am totally devoid of sympathy for, or interest in, the world of groups is directly attributable to the fact that my two greatest needs and desires - smoking cigarettes and plotting revenge - are basically solitary pursuits. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
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#26. Richard M. Nixon honestly believed in his bones that an organized conspiracy of liberal media insiders had literally been plotting against him ever since he broke Alger Hiss in 1948 (he never shifted course, and lost his soul). - Author: Rick Perlstein
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#27. In order to have the best intelligence in the world to know who the terrorists are and where they are and what they're plotting, you've got to have the best cooperation you've ever had in the world. - Author: John F. Kerry
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#28. I got into reading a lot of noir and a lot of thrillers as well, and I really admired the plotting about those and the way that they can surprise you. And obviously to surprise people and to have twists in the tale, you have to plan quite carefully. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#29. My future in-laws are out shopping and plotting my demise, I suppose. - Author: Chelsea Ballinger
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#30. I'm plotting my own demise," she teased, keeping her eyes closed. "Because I know that falling for you will be the death of me. - Author: Chanda Hahn
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#31. With a few exceptions, conservative Christian political activists are as ineffective as White Russian exiles, drinking tea from samovars in their Paris drawing rooms, plotting the restoration of the monarchy. One wishes them well but knows deep down that they are not the future. - Author: Rod Dreher
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#32. It is amazing how women spend too much time and energy scheming, plotting and seducing men when they should spend more time listening, learning and getting over desperation. - Author: Benyf
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#33. I spend my days watching soap operas, eating bonbons and plotting society's downfall. - Author: Tana French
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#34. There really is no difference in the actual writing or plotting. I choose to tell different stories for the younger reader and, of course, I would never put sex and extreme violence in a YA book. But writing for adults and children requires the same care and attention. - Author: Michael Scott
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#35. Why read on? Why pick up their book from the far wall where it has been thrown away in disgust and pain, and read on? Why submit to such cruelty, such bad karma, such bad plotting? The reason is simple: these things happened. - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
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#36. I'm a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy. - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#37. How did I get to be a grown-up? At times, I find myself still sitting on the hillside, plotting revenge against the adult world. - Author: Erica Jong
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#38. All you need to know about plotting is twofold. 1. Give your characters goals. 2. Don't let them reach those goals. - Author: J.A. Konrath
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#39. Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Lee Child and George R. R. Martin write wildly different books. Their writing, plotting and styles have little or nothing in common. But they all write books and characters that readers find appealing. - Author: M.J. Rose
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#40. I never believed I could write anything. No way - write a whole story? Figuring out all that plotting and symbolism? How do you foreshadow things? - Author: Carol Berg
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#41. All things are plotting to make us whole / All things conspire to make us one. - Author: Gwendolyn MacEwen
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#42. I once tried to write a novel about revenge. It's the only book I didn't finish. I couldn't get into the mind of the person who was plotting vengeance. - Author: Maeve Binchy
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#43. When all else fails, complicate matters. - Author: Aaron Allston
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#44. I drag my husband out of bed, hook him up to a coffee to stay awake and make him listen to my plotting and any issues I may be having. I *need* his head-nodding (he's an expert head-nodder). - Author: Violet Duke
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#45. It comes in many forms. Idly dreaming about the future. Plotting our revenge. Finding refuge in distraction. Refusing to consider that our choices are a reflection of our character. We'd rather do basically anything else. - Author: Ryan Holiday
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#46. She wasn't blotto, she was plotting. - Author: Susanna Kaysen
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#47. Clean hands, Sansa. Whatever you do, make certain your hands are clean. - Author: George R R Martin
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#48. If I die a violent death, as some fear and a few are plotting, I know that the violence will be in the thought and the action of the assassins, not in my dying. - Author: Indira Gandhi
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#49. When I decided to take writing seriously, I did a lot of reading and analyzing of the books I liked, and came up with what I thought were pretty sound plotting and structure basics. - Author: George Stephen
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#50. Although Jobs later said that he was not plotting to take over Apple at the time, Ellison thought it was inevitable. " Anyone who spent more than a half hour with Amelio would realize that he couldn't do anything but self destruct," he later said - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#51. You're not safe. Not anymore. Three years of peace, but they've been plotting and it's your head they want next. - Author: Rachel Higginson
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#52. Childhood didn't have a big influence on me, really - in fact I spent most of it plotting how to escape. - Author: Simon Callow
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#53. As an engineer I'm constantly spotting problems and plotting how to solve them. - Author: James Dyson
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#54. I learned everything I know about plot from Dame Agatha (Christie). - Author: Connie Willis
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#55. The fine-grained intricacies laid out in the legal papers show the three plotting like petulant and juvenile pranksters, using government resources, time and personnel to punish a public official whose sole offense was failing to endorse their political patron. - Author: Anonymous
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#56. The things that keep me awake at night are things like textures and instrumentation and plotting out what things are going to do and what the sounds are that I'm trying to capture. - Author: Ariel Pink
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#57. I love a big, character-rich story with a dark heart, with a compelling mystery or some kind of ticking clock at its center. I want to be lured in by prose, captured by character, and bound by stellar plotting to keep turning the pages. - Author: Lisa Unger
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#58. Plotting is an organic, and wildly inefficient process of trial and error. - Author: James Hynes
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#59. You can't compete with hip-hop. That doesn't mean I don't want to be as big as a rap star. I do - I'm always competitive. But there's this weird perception of me as someone who's sitting around plotting like a devil. It's not like that. - Author: Brandon Flowers
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#60. Few things are more enjoyable than lingering over the atlas and plotting a trip. - Author: J. Maarten Troost
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#61. As you journey through life take a minute every now and then to give a thought for the other fellow. He could be plotting something. - Author: Dik Browne
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#62. Every person you meet is waging his or her own war against a callous universe that is plotting against them. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#63. Instead of plotting the demise of the traditional family, as some politicians and religious leaders would have you believe, gay people mow their lawns and watch 'American Idol' and video their children's concerts and have the same hopes and dreams that their straight counterparts do. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#64. The whole earth is in jail and we're plotting this incredible jailbreak. - Author: Wavy Gravy
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#65. He closed by telling us the real battle is won in the mind. It's won by guys who understand their areas of weakness, who sit and think about it, plotting and planning to improve. Attending to the detail. Work on their weaknesses and overcome them. Because they can. - Author: Marcus Luttrell
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#66. The beauty of word processing, God bless my word processor, is that it keeps the plotting very fluid. The prose becomes like a liquid that you can manipulate at will. In the old days, when I typed, every piece of typing paper was like cast in concrete. - Author: Sue Grafton
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#67. Tinker Bell needs a Tinker Bell. She needs someone plotting for her. I certainly think that it's something she wants. - Author: Rose McIver
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#68. When i heard on the radio that the New York Panthers had been busted, i was furious. The so-called conspiracy charges were so stupid that even a fool could see through them. The police actually had the audacity to charge them with plotting to blow up the flowers in the Botanical Garden. - Author: Assata Shakur
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#69. I think of my books now as suspense novels, usually with a love story incorporated. They're absolutely a lot harder to write than romances. They take more plotting and real character development. - Author: Sandra Brown
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#70. If the Alpha female wolf was there, then they were plotting a search party. Great - Author: Lia Davis
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#71. I began plotting novels at about the time I learned to read . The story of my childhood is the usual bleak fantasy , and we can dismiss it with the restrained observation that I certainly would not consider living it again. - Author: James A. Baldwin
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#72. But 'tis the talent of our English nation, Still to be plotting some new reformation. - Author: John Dryden
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#73. Are you a devious, plotting, unreliable madman? Ah, good, then you can be my most trusted advisor. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#74. I was studying to be an architect, I wasn't plotting to join the movies. Films were just another career option. I took acting up with the same schoolgirl enthusiasm I had for examinations. Acting is a job and I take it very seriously. - Author: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
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#75. What if there existed a dark kingdom forged on a web of evil spells, with a conniving king plotting to infiltrate the dreams of children all over the world? - Author: Bernice Fischer
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#76. Christ, you're pretty, even standin' there plotting my murder. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#77. I do a lot of planning and plotting. That's my greatest weakness. If I'm not terribly careful, I'll plan to a point where it could come out cut and dried. - Author: Hume Cronyn
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#78. So, on the day after we lost Ted Kennedy's seat, when everyone in town was reading last rites over our health care bill, Obama began plotting the miracle of its resurrection. - Author: David Axelrod
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#79. Storytelling is as natural as breathing; plotting is the literary version of artificial respiration. - Author: Stephen King
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#80. It's okay to take the food out of the mouths of the citizens from a government that's plotting an attack directly on American soil. - Author: Mark Kirk
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#81. Anybody can do research. The plotting of the novel, writing the ending before you write anything else, which I always do - I don't know that everybody can do that. That's the hard part. - Author: John Irving
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#82. Introduction of deus ex machina is a tell-tale sign of sloppy plotting. - Author: Mike Mehalek
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#83. We must stop planning, plotting and scheming, and let Infinite Intelligence solve the problem in its own way. - Author: Florence Scovel Shinn
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#84. According to Francis, Narkis and Zoltar have been plotting against their dad."
"He did name his boys Narkis and Zoltar."
"Good point. I'd have shot him too. - Author: Faith Hunter
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#85. The person who walks too slowly could be plotting a crime or - even worse - might be a tourist. - Author: Valeria Luiselli
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#86. I feel like my mum is in heaven sharing a cup of tea with Lady Fate and plotting my life out like a chess game. - Author: Jenny Frost
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#87. If a writer is daydreaming, leave them be. They could be plotting their next great story. - Author: Graeme Roberts
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#88. You can assume that if a writer's work has survived for centuries, there are reasons why this is so, explanations that have nothing to do with a conspiracy of academics plotting to resuscitate a zombie army of dead white males. - Author: Francine Prose
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#89. Don't you like surprises?' No, Frances didn't like surprises. She hated the thought of people plotting and planning on her behalf. She loathed the burden of being delighted once the surprise was disclosed. - Author: Sarah Waters
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#90. We need to stop plotting the course and instead just land the plane on our plans to make a difference by getting to the "do" part of faith. - Author: Bob Goff
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#91. You have to step through the gate, the false barrier of your critical mind, to see all the ways we habitually reject the very place our lives have landed us. And then, we have to stop plotting an escape. That's what practice is for: staying put. - Author: Karen Maezen Miller
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#92. Sex to a woman can be like a bad emotion or imbalanced hormones, if you can't get a handle on it, it'll have you walking around mixed up and messed up, happy one moment and inthe next plotting to kill somebody
value ypur goodies and know who you giving them to. - Author: Jacqueline Ewing
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#93. She sometimes thought she was going crazy. Her first thought when she woke up was always how to get him out of her thoughts. And she would keep watch, hoping to see him next door, while plotting ways to never have to see him again. - Author: Sarah Addison Allen
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#94. The intricacy of plotting a thriller is akin to writing formal poetry. - Author: Julianna Baggott
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#95. I don't spend my hours plotting for somebody else's downfall. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#96. Then life began, and since then we remember each dumpster, abandoned house, and foot-chase by retail security. At night, after running around, plotting and scheming, our checklist items all crossed out, we paused to think - 'What to do tomorrow?' and the answer was always, 'As we please ... - Author: CrimethInc.
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#97. I think I'm very strong at dialogue, I think I'm very strong in characterization. I think sometimes I use dialogue and character work to cover weaknesses in my plotting. - Author: Kelly Sue DeConnick
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#98. The most temptation I'd experienced had been with Tomas, the Senate's spy who had been feeding off me without permission, and Mircea, who was probably plotting some nefarious scheme. I have no taste in men. - Author: Karen Chance
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#99. I love magic and playing with magic systems. But to me, good fantasy like all fiction comes down to good character and plotting. - Author: David B. Coe
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#100. Because the kind of nonfiction I write has a plot, the events and transactions that make up a life, nonfiction offers me a break from plotting. - Author: Kathryn Harrison
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