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Top 61 Quotes About Office Jobs

#1. I was frustrated because I couldn't get going, as I was trying to figure out how to make films. I had various jobs, I taught a SAT class, I was a bartender, I had a day job at an office and was making short films. - Author: David O. Russell
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#2. Basically I was a theatre fanatic. I had a job with Home Box Office as a theatre consultant for a long time. - Author: Rob Urbinati
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#3. If a journalist shows a facility for praise he's liable to be offered a job in public relations or advertising and the next thing you know he's got a big office, a huge salary and is living in a fine home with a lovely wife and swell kids - another career blown to hell. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#4. My primary mission as president will be to create more opportunity and more good jobs with rising wages right here in the United States. From my first day in office to my last, especially in places that for too long have been left out and left behind. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#5. SCUM will become members of the unwork force, the fuck-up force; they will get jobs of various kinds and unwork... SCUM office and factory workers, in addition to fucking up their work, will secretly destroy equipment. SCUM will unwork at a job until fired, then get a new job to unwork at. - Author: Valerie Solanas
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#6. You've never had a job that you thought was secure. You don't think the Tonight Show is risk free. Especially when you saw what happened with your buddy Conan O'Brien. There is always a Plan B.I am ready to apply to the post office. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#7. I studied business in school, so I worked for Chanel in marketing. And I also worked part-time in an office. So I had office jobs. And then I realized I needed to get the hell out of there, just realizing there was no fulfillment. - Author: Stephanie Szostak
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#8. The office of Master of Traditions had fallen inevitably on Ponder Stibbons, who tended to get all the jobs that required someone who thought that things should happen on time and that numbers should add up. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#9. I'm not involved in politics, and I've never had any political role. I've never been in office. I've never taken any public administrative jobs. - Author: Isabel Dos Santos
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#10. In many ways I think the company's doing quite a good job. If you look at the transition to Office 365 we started when I was there, I'm excited about that and I think the company's doing a great job on that. - Author: Steve Ballmer
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#11. I don't think I am a star; I consider myself like any other girl who is of my age. Others may be working in office and doing different jobs. Similarly I don't think I am doing something different ... I am also working. - Author: Deepika Padukone
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#12. President Bush went out touting his economic record in Ohio last week. Now this is a state that lost 225,000 jobs since Bush took office. You know, if Bush wants to tout his record, he should do it somewhere where the Bush economy has actually created jobs, like India, or Thailand, or China. - Author: Jay Leno
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#13. The best discussion of trouble in boardroom and business office is found in newspapers' own financial pages and speeches by journalists in management jobs. - Author: Russell Baker
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#14. The number of CEOs voluntarily leaving their jobs or being forced out spiked early. Many of those companies will be turning to an interim CEO to take the reins. These temporary leaders are increasingly in demand, according to those who watch corner office trends. - Author: Steve Inskeep
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#15. One of my first office jobs was cleaning the windows on brown envelopes. - Author: Rita Rudner
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#16. From the day he first walked through the door of the Oval Office, President Obama's top priority has been growing our economy, creating good jobs, and rebuilding middle class security. - Author: Denis McDonough
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#17. I went from buying my own condominium and a car for myself when I was 17 on 'The Facts of Life' to not being able to pay my rent. I was at the unemployment office all the time. I had to sell my record collection just to make ends meet. And then I started getting these voice-over jobs. - Author: Pamela Adlon
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#18. Financial firms are sending their back-office jobs overseas. But what do fine artists do? They create something new, unexpected, and delightful that changes the world. MFA abilities are harder to outsource and more important in an abundant world. - Author: Daniel H. Pink
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#19. I've had jobs that allow me the flexibility to achieve work-life balance, to be there when one of the kids sinks a jump shot or for the parent-teacher meetings. I can move tasks around. If I don't get something done at the office at 4:30 in the afternoon, I can go back to it at 10:00 in the evening. - Author: Thomas Perez
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#20. I've always wanted an office job so I can tell someone, "I'm going to take a long lunch," or "I'm out of the office." I don't know why, but I've always seen so much stability in clocking in. - Author: SZA
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#21. When I gave up my office job and became a full-time professional photographer, my fortunes certainly improved markedly. We moved away from the council estate into our own house and for the first time in my life, I had a little spare money. - Author: Derek Ridgers
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#22. Far from the richest rapper, but my biggest personal achievement thus far in my life has been retiring my mom early from her job at the Post Office. It's a tiny payback for the sacrifices she made that allowed me to chase a far-fetched dream of becoming a successful artist. I'm forever grateful, - Author: J. Cole
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#23. People get distracted by box-office figures and take jobs because they think it will advance their careers. - Author: Andrew Scott
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#24. My acting ability would have sent me back to the post office. It was my singing that got me jobs. Ironically, now, people think of me as an actor and don't know me much as a singer. - Author: Robert Guillaume
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#25. A housewife deserves to be honored as much as a woman who earns her living in the marketplace. I consider bringing up children a responsible job. In fact, being a good housewife seems to me a much tougher job than going to the office and getting paid for it. - Author: Betty Ford
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#26. I set up this little office space with a piano in it and I thought that would be quite a novel way of writing the album, to make it like a job - a romanticised version of the 9 to 5. I think that was probably my favourite time. I made sure I walked there every day, which took me about an hour. - Author: Sarah Blasko
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#27. In my generation, if a man washes the dishes, the older women still tend to cluster around and coo and thank him and praise him. But if a woman washes the dishes, it's business as usual, even if both man and woman have tough office jobs. - Author: Sherwood Smith
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#28. Acting is the most insecure of all the trades, the most risky. In their professional lifetime most actors rehearse longer than they play, spend more time traipsing from office to office in search of jobs than they rehearse and play combined. - Author: Tallulah Bankhead
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#29. If you really want to be successful and you really want to be happy, don't have a job, have a purpose ... When you've got a purpose, the whole world is your office. - Author: Robert Holden
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#30. When Mrs. Clinton ran for office, she promised economic growth across New York state, to bring in more than 200,000 jobs, ... She has not. We have lost jobs to outsourcing and globalization and to sending our jobs and industries to foreign countries. - Author: David Brenner
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#31. There is nothing normal about a musician's lifestyle; I don't have a nine-to-five job at the post office. - Author: Robin Thicke
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#32. In their nomination to office they will not appoint to the exercise of authority as to a pitiful job, but as to a holy function. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#33. I think I would never be ready to do a regular job. I couldn't go to the office every day at the same hour. I love my life. This freedom. - Author: Gaspard Ulliel
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#34. We are a long way from getting back the jobs lost since President Bush took office. - Author: Pete Stark
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#35. Having companies like PotashCorp based in Saskatoon or Cameco based in Saskatoon that have worldwide presence but have the head office jobs, the head office managers and head office employees in your local economy are important from a job creation and wealth creation point of view. - Author: N. Murray Edwards
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#36. I took a job in a comedy club - not doing stand-up comedy, because that's my idea of hell, but in the office - and I went traveling. - Author: Phoebe Fox
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#37. I've been very lucky in my employment over the years. You would think that the worst job I've ever had was as janitor, but it really wasn't, because I was a janitor at my dad's office building when I was younger. - Author: Chris Carmack
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#38. I don't know what I expected, but my first morning in the Oval Office had a surprising ring of familiarity to it. It reminded me a lot of my job as governor. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#39. There were no jobs created in America from 1945, when the war ended, through 2003. How could there be? Taxes were too high. Preposterously so under Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan (who left office with a 28 percent rate on long-term capital gains) and Bush the Elder. - Author: Andrew Tobias
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#40. Members of Congress are incredibly blessed and fortune to have the jobs that we have. Nobody makes us run. Every two years we offer for public office, and if you don't want to do it then don't run. But the notion that you can make $174,000 in this country and be underpaid is laughable. - Author: Trey Gowdy
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#41. I have held the following jobs: office temp, ticket seller in movie theatre, cook in restaurant, nanny, and phone installer at the Super Bowl in New Orleans. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
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#42. On my way to the office in the morning, there are, in front of me, behind me, other men going to their jobs. I see them; if I dared, I would smile at them. I think to myself that I am a socialist, that they are the purpose of my life, of my efforts and that they do not know it yet. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
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#43. Since President Bush took office, we have lost 3 million more good jobs. - Author: Marcy Kaptur
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#44. When this president was sworn into office, he was handed a deficit of over a trillion dollars. Republicans were in control of Congress for much of the time that President George W. Bush was in office, and they didn't do a great job of controlling spending. - Author: Jay Carney
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#45. You say, Wait a minute, God, you spared me from a slave job in an office, and now I have a slave job onstage. I am not on that clock no more. - Author: Lauryn Hill
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#46. The theatre is a place where one has time for the problems of people to whom one would show the door if they came to one's office for a job. - Author: Tennessee Williams
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#47. I've always managed by walking around. Any CEO or leader who spends the majority of his time in his office is not doing his job. - Author: Donny Deutsch
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#48. There's a rumor that President George Bush had a nose job, that he had some kind of plastic surgery, that he actually had a nose job. If this is true, that's the first new job he's created since taking office. - Author: David Letterman
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#49. There are jobs, particularly database-oriented ones, for which computers are necessary, but for everyday office life, I question whether they have brought the productivity that their enormous cost, up to £10,000 per person, demands. - Author: Felix Dennis
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#50. We begin to resemble what we focus on. If we devote our lives to our jobs, then we mentally take the office to our daughter's lacrosse game. - Author: Paul Miller
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#51. We admire people who work hard, who are objective and thorough. We detest office politicians, toadies, bullies, and pompous asses. We abhor ruthlessness. The way up our ladder is open to everybody. In promoting people to top jobs, we are influenced as much by their character as anything else. - Author: David Ogilvy
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#52. A surefire method of setting up regular communication with your kids is to get a job in an office which discourages personal phone calls. Your kids will then call you every hour on the hour. - Author: Teresa Bloomingdale
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#53. I imagined more than office jobs. - Gretchen Vitamvas - Author: Rachel Fershleiser
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#54. Some of you guys must have real jobs - office jobs. Anybody? By a show of broken spirits. - Author: Christian Finnegan
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#55. You know, it was once said of the first George Bush that he was born on third base and thought he'd hit a triple. Well, with the 22 million new jobs and the budget surplus Bill Clinton left behind, George W. Bush came into office on third base, and then he stole second. - Author: Ted Strickland
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#56. Coaches have the worst hours in the world. They go home maybe twice a week. They're sleeping in their office. They're watching film. It's a brutal, brutal job and that's why I respect them so much. - Author: Eli Manning
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#57. Kick-start your brain. New ideas come from watching something, talking to people, experimenting, asking questions and getting out of the office! - Author: Steve Jobs
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#58. I have only been working in the office for a few months, but I already have a development plan and had the opportunity to job shadow someone in a role that is of interest to me. - Author: Chris Barber
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#59. You can become an alcoholic working in an office in Los Angeles. It's very easy to say because I do this shameful job I take drugs or drink, but the real reason prostitutes take drugs and drink is because prostitution is a party area. It's not about desperation, it's the surroundings. - Author: Michael Glawogger
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#60. Although he too was heading to work, Shahid was glad he wasn't dragging himself off to some office job. Shahid's view: anybody who had to wear a suit to work died a little inside, every day. - Author: John Lanchester
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#61. When the president offered me this job, he told me that if there were situations in which I needed to speak to him or I needed his advice or I needed to ask him a question, that I could go into the Oval Office and I could ask him. - Author: Josh Earnest
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