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Top 100 Quotes About Obvious Things

#1. But once you allow yourself to recognize necessity, you find two things: One you find your options so restricted that the only course of action is obvious, and, two, that a great sense of freedom comes with the decision. - Author: Steven Brust
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#2. I don't think, post 9/11, we're going to wait for real obvious things like Country A attacking Country B - because Country A doesn't attack Country B any more. - Author: Thomas P.M. Barnett
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#3. My issue with the state of women became incredibly stimulated when I was visiting developing countries and it became obvious that women bore the brunt of so many things in society. - Author: Annie Lennox
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#4. I saw that show, 50 Things To Do Before You Die. I would have thought the obvious one was 'Shout For Help'. - Author: Jimmy Carr
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#5. If you make things sound inoffensively obvious, then it is likely that no one will listen. - Author: B.W. Powe
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#6. The problem with improvisation is, of course, that everyone just slips into their comfort zone and does sort of the easy thing to do, the most obvious thing to do with your instrument. - Author: Brian Eno
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#7. The curious measure, of course, is that we fail to recognize the most obvious notion in all of this: that we ourselves are the best magicians we know. What our bodies do, what our minds accomplish, and the context we can give to things, how we make it all fit together, this is something. - Author: Alberto Alvaro Rios
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#8. Everybody's got something to tell you. And most people have told me to do the obvious thing as far as my career goes. Which would have sent me tottering into the abyss. - Author: Robert Plant
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#9. We need to look at less obvious paths, things like the wind in the jet stream, which is very high up. The material science of what type of kite string you would need to connect up to that. That's still at the basic research level. - Author: Bill Gates
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#10. One of the over-riding things for many who grow up in poverty is the simple desire to escape. I think it was sort of obvious to me that escape had to be through education. - Author: Mildred S. Dresselhaus
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#11. Goblins burrowed in the earth, elves sang songs in the trees: Those were the obvious wonders of reading, but behind them lay the fundamental marvel that, in stories, words could command things to be. - Author: Francis Spufford
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#12. Mathematics consists in proving the most obvious thing in the least obvious way. - Author: George Polya
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#13. You try your best to love the world despite obvious flaws in design and execution and you take care of whatever needy things present themselves to you during your passage through it. Otherwise you're worthless. - Author: Charles Frazier
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#14. Africa is people may seem too simple and too obvious to some of us. But I have found in the course of my travels through the world that the most simple things can still givwe us a lot of trouble, even the brightest among us: this is particularly so in matters concerning Africa. - Author: Chinua Achebe
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#15. It's like how science fiction in the '50s was a way of talking about war without actually having to risk any political capital. The obvious metaphor is power and powerlessness, but I also think it's a way of experimenting with dangerous feelings in a safe arena and trying things out. - Author: Margaret Stohl
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#16. It is obvious that God is looking at the heart when sacrifices are given to Him. He takes no delight in those who give up things for Lent and then act like it's such a struggle to perform what they said they wanted to do for Him. - Author: Monica Johnson
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#17. It seems obvious that there comes period in your life when you have to learn to say no to things you don't want to do. But the biggest trickiest lesson in holding on the stalwart committment to your creativity is learning how to say no to the things you do want to do. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#18. Trouble is, just because things are obvious doesn't mean they're true. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#19. It wasn't closure, really. But I'd said the right things. I'd hit on some truths. Maybe some things didn't get closure. Maybe some things weren't really worth it, or didn't really need it, and after a while the unimportance would become obvious. - Author: Vee Hoffman
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#20. - It doesn't do anything obvious. But it might be able to do something in here. - Then she touched her hand to her heart. - Beautiful things sometimes do. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#21. Never too late to learn some embarrassingly basic, stupidly obvious things about oneself. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#22. Different directors offer you different things, and it's not necessarily the most obvious things. - Author: Malcolm McDowell
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#23. The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were. - Author: John Keats
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#24. We can't any longer have the conventional understanding of genetics which everybody peddles because it is increasingly obvious that epigenetics - actually things which influence the genome's function - are much more important than we realised. - Author: Robert Winston
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#25. We wonder how people can't see the most obvious things about themselves, yet we forget those people are us. - Author: Ezra Bayda
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#26. That's good. I was worried. Of course, I do have a few things wrong with me, but those are strictly problems I keep inside. I'd hate to think they were obvious to anybody else. Especially at the swimming pool in the summer. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#27. It's about having a comprehensive vision that includes things like social supports while providing a high-quality education. It seems obvious, but when you look at schools that are really struggling, you don't see high-quality education. - Author: Pedro Noguera
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#28. It's funny how sometimes you don't see the obvious things coming. You think you know what life has in store for you. You think you're prepared. You think you can handle it. And then-boom, like a thunderclap-something comes at you out of nowhere and catches you off guard. - Author: Cynthia Hand
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#29. One of the things Ford Prefect had always found hardest to understand about humans was their habit of continually stating and repeating the very very obvious. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#30. Those things that are the most obvious are the very things we've most likely to overlook. - Author: Pittacus Lore
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#31. The main thing in our design is that we have to make things intuitively obvious. - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#32. Once you open your eyes and start looking around you, you start picking up things that are very obvious. - Author: Kobe Bryant
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#33. I do not believe that there are any such things as gods and goddesses, for exactly the same reasons as I do not believe there are fairies, goblins or sprites, and these reasons should be obvious to anyone over the age of ten. - Author: A.C. Grayling
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#34. One of the obvious things that went wrong with Multics as a commercial success was just that it was sort of over-engineered in a sense. There was just too much in it. - Author: Dennis Ritchie
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#35. It is obvious that you like to be in control of things. With this girl, you lose control. You despise that, especially since she is younger.- Maria Delgado - Author: AlTonya Washington
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#36. Drugs are merely the most obvious form of addiction in our society. Drug addiction is one of the things that undermines traditional values. - Author: Christopher Lasch
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#37. He who only sees the obvious, wins his battles with difficulty; he who looks below the surface of things, wins with ease - Author: Sun Tzu
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#38. It's a strange city ... filled with things that are not obvious. - Author: A.M. Homes
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#39. The most obvious characteristic of science is its application: the fact that, as a consequence of science, one has a power to do things. And the effect this power has had need hardly be mentioned. The whole industrial revolution would almost have been impossible without the development of science. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
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#40. Sometimes it seems like "pain" is too obvious a place to turn for inspiration. Pain isn't always deep, anyway. Sometimes it's awful and that's it. Or boring. Surely other things can be as profound as pain. - Author: Ellen Forney
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#41. All science requires mathematics. The knowledge of mathematical things is almost innate in us. This is the easiest of sciences, a fact which is obvious in that no one's brain rejects it; for laymen and people who are utterly illiterate know how to count and reckon. - Author: Roger Bacon
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#42. There's often more than one correct thing. There's often more than one right thing. There's often more than one obvious thing. - Author: Larry Wall
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#43. The fact that the people who built the site didn't care enough to make things obvious - and easy - can erode our confidence in the site and the organization behind it. - Author: Steve Krug
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#44. Give me a minute to catch my breath," I said, sneaking glances at him. "Then we can head to the car. I need a few more things to make the demon spell, but I'm too tired to do it now." It grated on me to admit it, but it was kinda obvious. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#45. You see so many surprising things and you think they're obvious. - Author: Courtney Milan
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#46. To me "King Kong" is a metaphor for America's fear of the black male and to me that's obvious. All right, so I mean that was one of the first things I said when I was talking to a friend of mine after he saw Peter Jackson's version of "King Kong." - Author: Quentin Tarantino
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#47. The worse things are, the more they play philosopher. The more obvious the nonsense, the profounder their thoughts. The more lawlessness there is, the more laws. The more widespread the chaos, the more insistent their love of symmetry. - Author: Tadeusz Konwicki
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#48. Race and sexual preferences are two different things. One is a behavior-related and preference-related and one is something inherently - skin color, something obvious, that kind of stuff. - Author: James Lankford
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#49. Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#50. Research gathered over recent years has highlighted the countless benefits to people, wildlife and the environment that come from planting trees and creating new woodland habitat. It's obvious trees are good things. - Author: Clive Anderson
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#51. People used to say obvious things ironically or as a form of understatement, but in the last few decades they seem to say it with a sense of discovery, and it worries me. - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#52. I'm a big cat person. It's one of those things that's like, everybody that knows me thinks it's so weirdly apparent and obvious. - Author: Chelsea Leyland
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#53. They criticize me for harping on the obvious; if all the folks in the United States would do the few simple things they know they ought to do, most of our big problems would take care of themselves. - Author: Calvin Coolidge
Quotes About Obvious Things #218823
#54. Things are always obvious after the fact. The civil servant was a very intelligent person, and this mistake is much more prevalent than one would think. It has to do with the way our mind handles historical information. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Quotes About Obvious Things #216860
#55. The late W. Edwards Deming, guru of Quality management, once declared, 'The most important things we need to manage can't be measured.' If that's true of what we need to manage, it should be even more obvious that it's true of what we need to teach. - Author: Alfie Kohn
Quotes About Obvious Things #208647
#56. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they've had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people."36 - Author: Charles Duhigg
Quotes About Obvious Things #183064
#57. Anybody can be charming if they don't mind faking it, saying all the stupid, obvious, nauseating things that a conscience keeps most people from saying. Happily, I don't have a conscience. I say them. - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#58. I guess that as life is speeded up and our capacity for concentration is being nibbled away at by all the obvious things, that leads us actually to be more susceptible to boredom. - Author: Geoff Dyer
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#59. Things always become obvious after the fact - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#60. Keep it simple. Let's do the obvious thing -the common thing- but let's do it uncommonly well. - Author: Leo Burnett
Quotes About Obvious Things #154172
#61. Corporations do a lot of things well, but not run nations, for obvious reasons. - Author: Michael Ian Black
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#62. The most obvious things are often right there, but you don't think about them because you've narrowed your vision. - Author: Steven Levitt
Quotes About Obvious Things #143808
#63. One of the things I like about doing science, the thing that is the most fun, is coming up with something that seems ridiculous when you first hear it but finally seems obvious when you're finished. - Author: Fischer Black
Quotes About Obvious Things #109155
#64. These kids understood what is not immediately obvious; that they were going to pay the bills for tax cuts that had been passed today or in the last 4 years, and for the war in Iraq, because essentially we are borrowing money to do those things. - Author: Tom Allen
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#65. One of the things it was obvious you could do with an online store is have a much more complete selection. - Author: Jeff Bezos
Quotes About Obvious Things #96601
#66. Understand clearly that when a great need appears a great use appears also; when there is small need there is small use; it is obvious, then, that full use is made of all things at all times according to the necessity thereof. - Author: Dogen
Quotes About Obvious Things #79515
#67. It's easy to get rid of things when there is an obvious reason for doing so. It's much more difficult when there is no compelling reason. - Author: Marie Kondo
Quotes About Obvious Things #73775
#68. The one obvious thing is that the devices are so good now that you can also see their limitations extremely well. - Author: Tod Machover
Quotes About Obvious Things #63192
#69. One of the main things when you get notes from a studio is they don't want anyone to be confused ever, everything has got to be so obvious at all times unless it's a twist ending. - Author: Rob Zombie
Quotes About Obvious Things #51948
#70. I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen her actually relax and sit still in a way that made it obvious she wasn't already thinking about the next six things she had to do, and maybe the six after that - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#71. I enjoy looking beyond the obvious and look at the stories happening all around me - you kind of formulate things in your mind and get excited about them. - Author: Imtiaz Ali
Quotes About Obvious Things #22423
#72. I was always good at math, but I was good at everything. It sounds obnoxious, but I was just smart. In school, it's kind of obvious when you're learning things faster than other kids. - Author: Lisa Randall
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#73. Besides, as a patriotic citizen, I have serious issues with shadowy government conspiracies." "Jess, we are a shadowy govern - " "Ones that aren't mine," she said. "God, do I really need to qualify that? Some things should be obvious. - Author: Craig Schaefer
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#74. There are a few obvious consequences and perhaps one subtle possibility. One obvious thing is that, to stimulate the economy, President Obama has committed to creating millions of green jobs that will leave a legacy - much as Roosevelt's public works did during the new deal. - Author: Denis Hayes
Quotes About Obvious Things #19509
#75. One of the things Ford Perfect had always found hardest to understand about humans was their habit of continually stating and repeating the very very obvious, as in It's a nice day, or You're very tall, or Oh dear you've fallen down a thirty-foot well, are you alright? - Author: Douglas Adams
Quotes About Obvious Things #17983
#76. Are you prepared to have quite
obvious things explained to you, to ask futile questions, to give me
chances of scoring off you, to make brilliant discoveries of your own
two or three days after I have made them myself all that kind of thing? - Author: A.A. Milne
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#77. Throughout the '90s and early 2000s, our financial industry and governments leaned on a snake-oil mirage of wealth creation, a bubble predicated on the obvious falsehood that things could only get better. - Author: Nick Harkaway
Quotes About Obvious Things #647274
#78. Science is made up of so many things that appear obvious after they are explained. - Author: Frank Herbert
Quotes About Obvious Things #607087
#79. I've been asking myself: 'Why put together these things - CDs, albums?' The answer I came up with is, well, sometimes it's artistically viable. It's not just a random collection of songs. Sometimes the songs have a common thread, even if it's not obvious or even conscious on the artists' part. - Author: David Byrne
Quotes About Obvious Things #598928
#80. It's obvious that I'm a stranger to her; she doesn't even know what I think about the most ordinary things. - Author: Anne Frank
Quotes About Obvious Things #576904
#81. I've discovered that life doesn't always turn on the obvious things - people dying, marriages, all the stuff that gets carved on the tombstones - but little unrecorded things too. - Author: Eve Chase
Quotes About Obvious Things #573896
#82. Go down." It seemed obvious. "You have to go down before you can come out - that's how these things always work. - Author: Tad Williams
Quotes About Obvious Things #542911
#83. Wisdom is all about the simple, often tiny, obvious things, done consistently, one at a time. - Author: Craig Groeschel
Quotes About Obvious Things #525736
#84. It already seems pretty obvious that the world is divided into two groups: the doers and the watchers. The people things happen to and the rest of us, who just sort of plod on with things. - Author: Gayle Forman
Quotes About Obvious Things #523848
#85. Things that are obvious don't need to be talked about. Things that are missing, do. - Author: Ron Kaufman
Quotes About Obvious Things #491004
#86. Never take things for granted. Never ignore what is obvious. - Author: Arnold Arre
Quotes About Obvious Things #489801
#87. Sometimes I have thought that a song should look disappointing on the page - a little thin, perhaps, a little repetitive, or a little on the obvious side, or a mixture of all of these things. - Author: James Fenton
Quotes About Obvious Things #443798
#88. When I went blind at 13, I realized that I wasn't going to be a good baseball or basketball player like I enjoyed before. It forced me to look beyond the obvious, to things that I could still do well. - Author: Erik Weihenmayer
Quotes About Obvious Things #425021
#89. But what's regret anyway? Regret, I am learning these days, is a lot of things. But mostly, it's a slippery seed of longing, of looking back and asking yourself why you didn't know better when the answers were so obvious all along. - Author: Allison Winn Scotch
Quotes About Obvious Things #6777
#90. He wrestled his focus back to his present dilemma. The two of them standing in a cheap hotel room with nothing to do besides the obvious things a man and woman could do in a room with not much more than bed in it. - Author: Cat Johnson
Quotes About Obvious Things #411170
#91. Men have got more of a discerning eye. They appreciate cut and details, things that aren't so obvious. They like things that have cachet and gentlemanliness. - Author: John Galliano
Quotes About Obvious Things #374535
#92. One of the the things she most liked about the city -apart from all its obvious attractions, the theatre, the galleries, the exhilarating walks by the river- was that so few people ever asked you personal questions. - Author: Julia Gregson
Quotes About Obvious Things #372872
#93. I guess it's kind of the obvious thing for me to do 'cuz it's what I grew up listening to. The songs growing up and everything kind of seem like old music to them, but to me, it's just ... good music. And of course I did grow up in England in the 21st Century and that does come into it as well. - Author: George Ezra
Quotes About Obvious Things #367307
#94. Well I would say that we're regular people first of all and we're normal and it's obvious by some of the things that have happened just because our name is famous we're not immune to tragedy. - Author: Brett Favre
Quotes About Obvious Things #353410
#95. As a bubble you cannot change the world, this is obvious, but you can still make a child happy! Even the most worthless things can achieve very noteworthy things! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Quotes About Obvious Things #353335
#96. Few things in this world evoke scrotum-shriveling fear in a man like a group of frowning women, enraged to the point of atypical silence, ambling toward him with an obvious agenda. - Author: Michael Gurnow
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#97. To state the obvious, romantic comedies have to be funny and they have to be romantic. But one of the most important things, for me anyway, is that they be about two strong people finding their way to love. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#98. But my experiences slowly flattened and blended together until it became obvious that there's a huge difference between not giving a fuck and not being able to give a fuck. Cognitively, you might know that different things are happening to you, but they don't feel different. - Author: Allie Brosh
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#99. Early on, a story's meaning and rationale seem pretty obvious, but then, as I write it, I realize that I know the meaning/rationale too well, which means that the reader will also know it - and so things have to be ramped up. - Author: George Saunders
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#100. I don't have to worry about the obvious things like money. - Author: Abbey Clancy
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