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#1. We have people in our lives who help us evolve along the way. If you're lucky, you find someone who evolves along with you, and that's what you call a long-term relationship.

Richard LaGravenese

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#2. Don't forget, as you enjoy your mild spring days and peaceful summer evenings, how lucky you are to live in the temperate region of the Solar System, where the air never freezes and the rocks never melt ... Earthlight by Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke

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#3. You ought to be thankful a hole heaping lot, for The places and people you're lucky you're not!

Dr. Seuss

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#4. Has your father ever gone to prison?" She shakes her head. "I don't think so." "Your mother?" "I don't think so." "You're lucky. You should be grateful that's never been a part of your life." Takahashi smiles. "I don't suppose you know that." "Never thought about it." "Most people don't. I do." Mari

Haruki Murakami

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#5. You don't get miracles. You can pray for them. You can wait for them. If you wait, life passes you by. You don't get miracles. If you're lucky, you get your life.

Michelle West

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#6. You're a liar!"
He turned around, his black eyes snapping. "I'm also a thief, a gambler, a cheat, and a murdered. But this happens to be one of the rare times when I'm telling the truth. Go home. Consider yourself lucky. You've got a chance to start fresh. Not everyone can say the same.

Becca Fitzpatrick

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#7. Animal Man: 'Listen, just tell me one thing: am I REAL or what?'
Grant Morrison: 'Of COURSE you're real! We wouldn't be here talking if you weren't real.
'You existed long before I wrote about you and, if you're lucky, you'll still be young when I'm old or dead.
'You're more real than I am.

Grant Morrison

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#8. It's a corny old gag about Las Vegas, the temporal city if there ever was one, trying to camouflage the hours and retard the dawn, when everybody knows that if you're feeling lucky you're really feeling time in its rawest form, and if you're not feeling lucky, they've got a clock at the bus station.

Michael Herr

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#9. In the NFL you get one first-round draft pick if you're lucky. You couldn't really outwork anybody else. In college I could recruit ten players with first-round talent every year.

Nick Saban

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#10. Turn your scars into stars by realising how lucky you are that things aren't worse.

Robert H. Schuller

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#11. Funny how when life was that simple, you never really realized how lucky you were.

Jenny Downham

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#12. If you're born lucky, you don't have to be good.

Sara Paretsky

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#13. No one is born just once. If you're lucky, you'll emerge again in someone's arms; or unlucky, wake when the long tail of terror brushes the inside of your skull.

Anne Michaels

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#14. People tell you the world looks a certain way. Parents tell you how to think. Schools tell you how to think. TV. Religion. And then at a certain point, if you're lucky, you realize you can make up your own mind. Nobody sets the rules but you. You can design your own life.

Carrie-Anne Moss

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#15. Other people are human. They're sensitive. They can't devote their whole life to metals and engines. You're lucky- you've never had any feelings. You've never felt anything at all.

Ayn Rand

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#16. You start at the stupid end of the book, and if you're lucky you finish at the smart end.

Salman Rushdie

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#17. This is for writers yet to be published who think the uphill climb will never end. Keep believing. This is also for published writers grown jaded by the process. Remember how lucky you are.

Terry Brooks

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#18. I thought music could take you to a place where you didn't even feel ownership of it, you just felt lucky you were there. It's like church without God, or something. It's about feeling, hope and catharsis and things that are nurturing.

Wesley Schultz

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#19. Sometimes you wake up from a dream.
Sometimes you wake up from a dream.
Sometimes you wake up from a dream.
And sometimes, if you are very lucky, you wake up and it's real ...

Jose N. Harris

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#20. If you are lucky, you have your moment. But it is never more than a moment. You have to enjoy it while it lasts.

Julian Fellowes

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#21. Every single person suffers; every marriage has some major battles. Life pulls you in different directions. But if you try, and you're lucky, you can find your way back to each other.

Taya Kyle

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#22. Bitch, you are SO lucky you didn't try to eat my dog.

Jeaniene Frost

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#23. People say to me, 'You're so lucky. You get to see the world.' But I don't. I go to the hotel and to the pools and back again. That's it.

Michael Phelps

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#24. At some point, if you're lucky, you realize you're not the story. You're part of the story. The story is much bigger than you.

Maynard James Keenan

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#25. If you grow up poor you're always going to worry about money, no matter how successful or lucky you become. I'm not moaning about what actors get paid - I'm very, very lucky - but the difference between what leading actors get paid and supporting actors get is a lot.

Jason Flemyng

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#26. You don't know how lucky you are, my dear. Don't waste it with regrets of the places and people you have lost. You have a lifetime to fill, so many good times and good years and great people ahead of you. You must rush to meet it.

Danielle Steel

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#27. I've had an unbelievable life. I've been very lucky. You do create your own luck too, you know? I never forget where I'm from. Whenever I pass a building site or see somebody digging a ditch, I always think, 'That's real work.'

Liam Neeson

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#28. A monster?"

Yeah, And it was cleaning my sweater!"
Oh, yeah, lucky you were there, we can't have Monsters running around the perseve Washing Sweaters!

Rachel Roberts

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#29. Who says you only get one? If you're lucky, you will meet The One, The Two, The Three ... and so on.

Cathy Hopkins

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#30. You're lucky. You're getting this over with now. You only fall in love for the first time once."
"That's very Taylor Swift of you," I say.

Jennifer Salvato Doktorski

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#31. Security comes first from inside of you. Then, if you are very lucky, you will be in a position to find other people who also possess that same sort of security, and build some sort of family or community as a team.

Anthony D. Ravenscroft

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#32. Sometimes you just work, you work, you work, and you have no life, no boyfriend, you have no more friends, no more nothing, you just make movies, and you're tired, and you don't know why. Then everybody says, 'Oh you are so lucky, you are working!' And you're like, 'Oh yeah, oh yeah, it's so great!'

Melanie Laurent

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#33. It's better to be born lucky than rich. If you're rich, you may lose your money, but if you're born lucky, you will always have more money.

D.H. Lawrence

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#34. How lucky you are, Noah. Everyone wants to enjoy you, even from a distance.

Pierce Smith

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#35. Do you know how lucky you are to have a daughter who loves you so much?

Ingrid Ricks

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#36. A man turns to the guy next to him who's covered in bandages from head to toe and asks "What happened?". "I fell through a glass window," explains the man. The first man says: "Lucky you were wearing all those bandages."

Frank Carson

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#37. A monster. You and your friends, all of you. Pretty monsters. It's a stage all girls go through. If you're lucky you get through it without doing any permanent damage to yourself or anyone else.

Kelly Link

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#38. After 58 years you'd think writing would get easier. It doesn't. If you're lucky, you become harder to please. That's all right, it's still a pleasure.

Elmore Leonard

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#39. As long as you are lucky, you will have many friends; if cloudy times appear, you will be alone. -Donec eris felix, multos numerabis amicos; tempora si fuerint nubila, solus eris


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#40. What now? (Shahara)
I'm thinking. (Syn)
Could you think a little quicker? (Shahara)
You're not helping. (Syn)
You're lucky you're still breathing and not limping. (Shahara)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#41. If you're lucky you find something that reflects you, Helps you feel your life, protects you, Cradles you and connects you to everything.

Dar Williams

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#42. Yeah you were lucky, you had your chances to don't get shoot, but after all you done it for your girlfriend, but what kind of love is that?
So far you got lucky a lot of shoots touched you, so far you are the lucky shooty victim.

Deyth Banger

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#43. You got to find your own places. The places you get, girl, the ones that stick in your heart. And if you're lucky, you find people to share them with.

Kirsten Hubbard

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#44. If you're afraid of death, I would say, either fight for your life or come to grips with the fact you may not make it. And in doing that there shouldn't be bitterness. There should be a celebration. There should be an understanding of how lucky you are. That's how I feel.

Robby Benson

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#45. I think I'm an actor. You can hire me. I can do a good job. But you also have to get lucky now and then. Every film-maker knows how hard it is to do a good film. You have to just make many, and see how lucky you get.

Rutger Hauer

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#46. Anyone would be lucky to be involved with you. I'm lucky you kissed me. So fucking lucky.

Chanel Cleeton

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#47. I guess it goes to show that you just never know where life will take you. You search for answers. You wonder what it all means. You stumble, and you soar. And, if you're lucky, you make it to Paris for a while.

Amy Thomas

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#48. Well, lucky you, you've landed in the right nest. Come, come, follow me, young hatchling.
-Keeper of the chronicles (Alister)

Candace Knoebel

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#49. Sometimes you get lucky - you don't put much work in and you're successful anyway. But over the course of time, if you really want to shape your path, I think it's about the quality of the time you put in.

Blake Griffin

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#50. You are about to start the greatest improvisation of all. With no script. No idea what's going to happen, often with people and places you have never seen before. And you are not in control. So say 'yes.' And if you're lucky, you'll find people who will say 'yes' back.

Stephen Colbert

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#51. If you're truly lucky, you only need to buy ONE lottery ticket.

Gusto Dave

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#52. Fate never promises to tell you everything up front. You aren't always shown the path in life you're supposed to take. But if there was one thing she'd learned in the past few weeks, it was that sometimes, when you're really lucky, you meet someone with a map.

Sarah Addison Allen

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#53. Sometimes you have to stop to think, regroup and regather yourself and realize how lucky you are to still be living and to still be breathing and still be able to even have a chance.


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#54. Sometimes a wind comes up, blows you off course. You're not ready for it, but if you're lucky, you end up in a more interesting place than you'd planned.

Nora Roberts

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#55. Life is about making plans from which you deviate, almost always. If you are lucky, you do come up with a plan.

Kenneth Branagh

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#56. If you're lucky you find your way into a spiritual community and you start to find the great teachers of all the ages who said the same thing. There's only love, you're made of love.

Anne Lamott

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#57. If you're a bit spongy, vulnerable to the unsettling energy of others, count yourself lucky. You've been given an incentive to armor up, to consciously screen out the ubiquitous stresses that afflict humanity.

Martha Beck

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#58. If you are very lucky, you're allowed to be in certain places during just the right season of your life: by the sea for the summer when you're seven or eight and full of the absolute need to swim until dark and exhaustion close their hands together, cupping you in between.

Jonathan Carroll

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#59. It was very necessary I think 'cause you know, when the band's over, or at least in our heads, for a year it makes you really realize how lucky you are to be doing this and why piss in the well?

Jess Margera

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#60. Youth is an unrecoverable asset. Unless you are a hydra, lucky you.

Anca Iovita

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#61. Fairy tales have rules. You are a princess or you aren't. You are pure at heart or you aren't. If you are pure at heart, or lucky, you might catch a break.

Richard Siken

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#62. That's match play. You've got to get lucky. You've got to try to catch somebody on a down day when you have a down day.

Peter Uihlein

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#63. My main goal is to stay healthy because when you're injured you realise how lucky you are to have your health.

Maria Sharapova

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#64. You are lucky you are a writer because you will sort through this in ways other souls cannot; the bad part is you feel and see all of this in ways non-writers don't.

Ann Hood

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#65. No one could tell you: you just had to go through it on your own. If you were lucky, you came out on the other side and understood. If you didn't, you kept getting thrust back, retracing those steps, until you finally got it right.

Sarah Dessen

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#66. Do you know how lucky you are?" She smiled rather wryly. "Not most of the time.

Madeleine L'Engle

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#67. You are still lucky - you have a certain type of people who keep buying your music - but then you can get typecast and have to keep making that same music, and you can change only slightly. It's risky to bounce around and change your type of music.

Randy Bachman

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#68. Real loneliness is having no one to miss. Think yourself lucky you've known something worth missing.

Emma Donoghue

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#69. I'm not sure that's quite what I asked,"
said Laurent. His voice had the same
quality as his gaze. "This is close
"Close enough to see your eyelashes,"
said Damen. "It's lucky you do not have
the size to breed great warriors.

C.S. Pacat

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#70. That friend of hers has got to go, though. You're lucky you got stuck with that Dexter guy instead of her.'

'Yeah, but that Dexter couldn't shut his piehole either,' Marlon says. 'I mean, Christ. Artists and writers - let them kill each other off in cage matches; let God sort 'em out.

Dexter Palmer

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#71. Luke: Boy, it's lucky you have these compartments.
Han: I use them for smuggling. I never thought I'd be smuggling myself in them. This is ridiculous.

George Lucas

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#72. She could hear him swallow, and then his face was against hers, his own damp. "I'm so lucky you would have me, my Phoebe, as my wife and my love. You've brought the sun into my lonely, gray life." (Captain James Trevellion)

Elizabeth Hoyt

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#73. Beauty is nothing, beauty won't stay. You don't know how lucky you are to be ugly, because if people like you, you know it's for something else.

Charles Bukowski

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#74. We're born alone and we die alone, but we get to travel with people along the way, and if you get lucky, you have a worthy consort.

Emma Forrest

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#75. You don't get lucky. You choose to be lucky.

Dhaval Gajera

Quotes About Lucky You #585649
#76. 'SNL' is one of those jobs where you are constantly reminded of how lucky you are and that you get to meet some of these people whose work you enjoy. Then you get to meet them, and they are just wonderful people. It turns out wonderfully, and you have a great conversation.

Bobby Moynihan

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#77. You is born lucky, and it's better to be born lucky than born rich, cause if you is lucky you can git rich, but if you is born rich and you ain't lucky you is liables to lose all you got.

Margaret Walker

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#78. We all get so caught up in our day-to-day lives and have so many gripes. But when you see the way others live and how they make the best of it, you'll realize how lucky you are.

Kristin Davis

Quotes About Lucky You #528113
#79. Initially, new ideas are rejected. Later they become dogma if you're right. And if you're really lucky, you can publish your rejections as part of your Nobel presentation.

Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

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#80. What I love about drafts is the experimental nature of them. The draft is what you know about writing a poem running up against what you don't know about the subject. If you're lucky, you get to surprise yourself.

Cornelius Eady

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#81. You don't get lucky. You create lucky.

Robin Sharma

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#82. You won't know how lucky you are to be able to spend your life with the other half of your soul until you have to spend your life without them.

Anna Todd

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#83. If smallness was fortune, then I had come across a treasure, infinitesimal and beyond value. I felt lucky. You had to decide what was estimable and precious in your life and set out to find it. The objects you valued defined you.

Pat Conroy

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#84. No matter what you have, or how lucky you think you are, there's nothing in this world you can hold on to so tightly that it can't be taken from you.

Adam Sternbergh

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#85. Tell him what I told the others-that I'm happy to have you watch me, and serve as my assistant, but only on my terms. Or,if you're feeling lucky ... you can tell him that Dearly said he can go to hell.

Lia Habel

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#86. So unless you have been very, very lucky, you know that a good, long session of weeping can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed one bit. So

Lemony Snicket

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#87. You're just lucky you got your bag back," said Cruz gravely.
Megan snorted," Cruz is more impressed with Gucci than he is with a supernatural being! "
"Honey," Cruz snapped, "Gucci is supernatural!

Derrolyn Anderson

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#88. I think maybe 'in love' has the shelf life of whipping cream. No matter how you handle it, it goes sour. But if you're lucky, you get past 'in love' and end up just loving someone.

Kristin Hannah

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#89. Because your master doesn't control you anymore. He hasn't for years. You're a free bird, Lucky. You are responsible for all your actions now.

Jim Tan

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#90. When you had to do something, you had to do it. And eventually, if you were lucky, you did it well.

Sarah Dessen

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#91. Becoming successful is a relentless pursuit. It's good that it's that way: When it does come, you learn to know how to appreciate it, and know how lucky you are to be doing something that you love so much.

Frankie Valli

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#92. When I met your father, it was magic. Not for him - not then - but for me. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can look into a pair of eyes and see your whole future.

Kristin Hannah

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#93. A young man's ambition is to get along in the world and make a place for himself-half your life goes that way, till you're 45 or 50. Then, if you're lucky, you make terms with life, you get released.

Robert Penn Warren

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#94. I read somewhere that it's called American roulette. It was invented in America, in the goldfields. You put a single shot in the cylinder, give it a twirl, and then - bang! If you're lucky you break the bank; if not, then it's good-bye

Boris Akunin

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#95. Face it; life's gonna chew you up and spit you out. If you're lucky you'll get stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe and be carried far, far away from it all.

Richelle E. Goodrich

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#96. There. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll get a scar! That's what you want, isn't it?

J.K. Rowling

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#97. Note to self: Always remember how lucky you are to wake up next to someone who thinks you're the shit.

Tiffanie DeBartolo

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#98. Why hasn't anyone killed him yet?"
"Dumb luck," Wit said. "In that I'm lucky you're all so dumb.

Brandon Sanderson

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#99. I was lucky, you know, I always had a beautiful girl and the money was good. Although I would have done the whole thing over for, oh, perhaps half.

Bob Hope

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#100. You're only a first year!" Tina cried. "And you're already getting death threats! Do you have any idea how lucky you are?

Stuart Gibbs

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