Top 100 Quotes About Jewels

#1. Her mother walk all the way back to their car, hand in hand, like two jewels on a delicate strand that might at any moment be broken.

Jodi Picoult

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#2. Books are more precious than jewels. She truly believed this. What did a diamond bring you? A momentary flash of brilliance. A diamond scintillated for second; a book could scintillate forever.

Veronica Henry

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#3. Some women need no jewels to make them sparkle. You are one of them.
-Royce Westmoreland

Judith McNaught

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#4. When I was a child, the FA Cup was one of the crown jewels of the sporting year, along with the Grand National, Wimbledon and The Open. But with every announcement it seems to lose another piece of its identity. First it was sponsors added to the name, followed by the semi-finals at Wembley.

Gary Neville

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#5. The Vampire Masquerade
Mask of jewels across a pale face
Disguise the evil that makes no mistakes
Drops of red blood on delicate white lace
The body lies still and only time awaits.

S.L. Ross

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#6. How could he deny the jewels of posterity within his loins?

Frank Herbert

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#7. As long as their fear of the dragon is stronger than their greed, this is a reasonable loss, said he. What's concerned us is that someone will become bold and organize a way to maim or kill her. The hoard is only metals and jewels. Nothing essential to life. Egnis's mystery is.

Ronlyn Domingue

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#8. Even when it comes to zippers and buttons, Italy reigns supreme. The luxury market is ours, as demonstrated by the voracity with which various foreign conglomerates are buying up the jewels of our manufacturing sector.

Lapo Elkann

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#9. Love is when Looking at a glance at you
I found laughter in my eyes, Thoughts turns into jewels Where luster of your aura dwells

Seema Gupta

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#10. Sometimes in June, when I see unearned dividends of dew hung on every lupine, I have doubts about the real poverty of the sands. On solvent farmlands lupines do not even grow, much less collect a daily rainbow of jewels.

Aldo Leopold

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#11. I'll give my jewels for a set of beads,
My gorgeous palace for a hermitage,
My gay apparel for an almsman's gown,
My figured goblets for a dish of wood,
My scepter for a palmer's walking staff
My subjects for a pair of carved saints
and my large kingdom for a little grave.

William Shakespeare

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#12. All our land was enriched with my treasures buried in it, thickly inhabited just below the surface with my marbles and my teeth and my colored stones, all perhaps turned to jewels by now, held together under the ground in a powerful taut web which never loosened, but held fast to guard us.

Shirley Jackson

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#13. Here in this moment we are beautiful, nocturnal creatures and our thoughts and words are jewels guarded by the moon.

Henry Rollins

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#14. The reason I love teaching, it's like being a miner. I find all these undiscovered jewels and, with the right motivation, they're amazed at what they can do. I have to show them their capability.

Rafe Esquith

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#15. Mariotta listened to it all, sitting judicially in a whirl of velvet with all
the Culter jewels and the emerald necklace for moral support.

Dorothy Dunnett

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#16. Green and living jewels drip into my eyes" from the poem "All Green and Living Things" in the book "Terra Affirmative

Jay Woodman

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#17. Do not buy finery or jewels, because books are worth more than they are. Adorn your understanding with their precious ideas, because there is no luxury that dazzles like the luxury of science.

Luisa Capetillo

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#18. If you wish to be a mine of jewels, open the deep ocean within your heart.


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#19. The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#20. A good name is seldom regained. When character is gone, all is gone, and one of the richest jewels of life is lost forever.

Josiah Johnson Hawes

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#21. Strong women- precious jewels all- their humanness is evident in their accessibility. We are able to enter into the spirit of these women and rejoice in their warmth and courage.

Maya Angelou

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#22. I would sooner be flesh and blood than silks and jewels.

George R R Martin

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#23. The new mythology of love was that it bent to the fashion of the day, obligated to take the shape of doves, lilies, jewels. This is a lie. Love is sometimes as passionate as war.

Brenna Yovanoff

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#24. (...)books, pocket-size jewels, open up like doors to worlds you never knew existed.

Antonio D'Alfonso

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#25. Living jewels dropped unstained from heaven.

Robert Pollok

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#26. A good wife is heaven's last, best gift to man, - his gem of many virtues, his casket of jewels; her voice is sweet music, her smiles his brightest day, her kiss the guardian of his innocence, her arms the pale of his safety ...

Jeremy Taylor

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#27. I didn't think they even existed. They're in stories, in legends, and we have Dragon Eye jewels and dragon threads and dragon this and that, but no one ever seriously thought these things came from actual dragons. That would have been... ridiculous. - Skulduggery

Derek Landy

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#28. know you think I'm stupid; I guess you're probably right. But if you really cared, I figured that you wouldn't make me feel stupid, too. Jewels

Brandon Sanderson

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#29. The total number of Dirichlet's publications is not large: jewels are not weighed on a grocery scale.

Carl Friedrich Gauss

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#30. One really understands testicles after reading 'The Family Jewels,' and one is gratified.

Cathleen Schine

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#31. I was planning a death, not a burglary, but in many ways that just made it easier. Taking a life was, in my experience, a damned sight less complicated than taking jewels from a hidden strongbox.

Michael McClung

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#32. Historically, art has always had a market. When one medieval fiefdom defeated another they would drag back its jewels, gold, tapestries and art objects as the spoils of war. Art equaled power, riches and culture.

Arne Glimcher

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#33. If we learn to love the earth, we will find labyrinths, gardens, fountains and precious jewels! A whole new world will open itself to us. We will discover what it means to be truly alive.

Teresa Of Avila

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#34. Posterity preserves only what will pack into small compass. Jewels are handed down from age to age; less portable valuables disappear.

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley

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#35. I did not have any magnificent jewels to give you, but I hoped you would understand that I would give you the world if I could.

Patricia Rice

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#36. Understated jewellery is not for me. It's too itsy-bitsy. My husband is lucky, as I've never had a yen for real jewels.

Iris Apfel

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#37. If motorcycles - or any object from a person's past - could cure this thing, it would no longer exist. People would unearth their family treasures, polish up the old jewels, bring their loved ones back from the moon.

Sarah Ockler

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#38. These ecstatic moments of delight or fear, or both, "radioactive jewels buried within us, emitting energy across the years of our lives," as Chawla eloquently puts it, are most often experienced in nature during formative years.

Richard Louv

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#39. "Take it easy, Jewels," Sebastian said, trying to sound playful, but worry was written all over his face.
"Why can't you ever call me by my real name?" "Well, at least I know you're coherent- you're back to asking your heap of questions."' Concealed

Sang Kromah

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#40. Had I access to what is mine, I would shower you with jewels.

Jude Deveraux

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#41. You know, I've held women and babies and jewels and money, but nothing will ever feel as good as holding that Cup.

Wayne Gretzky

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#42. Richard couldn't adorn David's ears with jewels and doubted very much he'd want them. Even the plainest gifts would be attention-grabbing, inappropriate, dangerous. Richard would just have to give his valet the world instead.

K.J. Charles

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#43. Stop searching here and there, the jewels are inside YOU.


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#44. I have seven different jewels for my piercing. Every day I wear a different one, according to the clothes I am wearing.

Alessandra Ambrosio

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#45. Truth is the first of jewels.

Margaret Fuller

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#46. Not on one strand are all life's jewels strung.

William Morris

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#47. Dragons," I said. "They're hoarders. They keep the things they think are pretty. Gold and jewels. In this case, Justin. To each his own, I guess.

T.J. Klune

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#48. Lord, decked with jewels, sitting at the head of a table. It is a poetry of assonance

Peter Ackroyd

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#49. your body, was as good as anyone's, because your blood was as precious as jewels, and it should never be sold for magic, for spirituals inspired by the unknowable hereafter.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

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#50. When one is traveling, everything looks brighter and lovelier. That does not mean it IS brighter and lovelier; it just means that sweet, kindly home suffers in comparison to tarted-up foreign places with all their jewels on.

Catherynne M Valente

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#51. You had a pile of rocks, and you cleaned them up pretty and made a necklace. Meg got jewels, and she hung herself with them

Gayle Forman

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#52. Remember, I was only in to fighting; I wasn't a high-ranking underworld figure selling the Crown Jewels! I wasn't the Merthyr Mafia and I had no connections with the goings on of petty criminal matters.

Stephen Richards

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#53. Some men's memory is like a box where a man should mingle his jewels with his old shoes.

George Savile

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#54. Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with

Thomas Carlyle

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#55. He rolled his eyes. "You just like me for my body. Admit it." "Well, yeah ... " His lashes lifted and his eyes glittered like jewels. "I feel like man-candy

Jennifer L. Armentrout

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#56. You may think you see plenty of stars, friend reader, but you are wrong. Night is both blacker and more brilliant than you can imagine, and the sky a glory that puts to shame the most splendid jewels at Renwick's.

Marie Brennan

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#57. I'll go to an event wearing some designer gown and tens of thousands of dollars in jewels that were lent to me for the night, and I'll walk around and meet people who I always thought were such a big deal.

Blake Lively

Quotes About Jewels #1322315
#58. Cosmology is serious business and in our hearts we are nothing if not cosmologists, hanging in a cold cage sifting the ruthless jewels of existence.

Dennis Overbye

Quotes About Jewels #1329892
#59. The old woman was a witch shadow - hair like matted spiderwebs, hooded 'round darkness of features, eyes like glittering jewels.

Frank Herbert

Quotes About Jewels #1329908
#60. 'I shall have heaven and earth for my coffin and its shell; the sun and moon for my two round symbols of jade, the stars and constellations for my pearls and jewels; and all things assisting as the mourners. Will not the provisions for my funeral be complete? What could you add to them?'


Quotes About Jewels #1333113
#61. A weapon is a tool, and if it is beautiful, then it is beautiful because it is useful. A sword that could not fulfill its function would be ugly to my eyes no matter how fair its shape, not even if it were adorned with the finest jewels and the most intricate engraving.

Christopher Paolini

Quotes About Jewels #1336091
#62. And I say let a man be of good cheer about his soul. When the soul has been arrayed in her own proper jewels - temperance and justice, and courage, and nobility and truth - she is ready to go on her journey when the hour comes.


Quotes About Jewels #1340096
#63. Helmet was joined to helmet, and spear to spear, and jewels, baggage, and elephants without number went with them, and you would have said it was a host that none could understand.


Quotes About Jewels #1345149
#64. The difference between false memories and true ones is the
same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the
most real, the most brilliant.

Salvador Dali

Quotes About Jewels #1349570
#65. In first grade, I told my friends I had a third story in my house filled with jewels and lions.

Kendall Jenner

Quotes About Jewels #1351833
#66. Sleep with one eye open and one hand on the jewels.

Madelaine Montague

Quotes About Jewels #1357313
#67. Companions in pathos,who barely murmur,go with your lamp spent and return the jewels. A new mystery sings in your bones. Cultivate your legitimate strangeness.

Rene Char

Quotes About Jewels #1362727
#68. Stars, spattered out through lifeless night from end to end, like jewels scattered in a dead king's grave, tease, torment my wits toward meaningful patterns that do not exist.

John Gardner

Quotes About Jewels #1364347
#69. Good thing she didn't kick hard enough. My jewels are still intact! My meat is still edible! My tube steak is fully functional! The frank is still above the beans!

Jennifer Foor

Quotes About Jewels #1367654
#70. Souls are God's jewels.

Thomas Traherne

Quotes About Jewels #1380163
#71. She spread her hands. That morning they had been soft as feathers, jeweled, polished, and perfumed. Now they were crisscrossed with blood and dirt, wearing only bruises for jewels

Patricia A. McKillip

Quotes About Jewels #1385637
#72. Children ... they string our joys, like jewels bright, upon the thread of years.

Edgar Guest

Quotes About Jewels #1757121
#73. There are no more Elizabeth Taylors. You could be fascinated by her, she lived so many lives, she lived far, she loved the jewels; she had gaudy taste but she had extraordinary talent.

Andre Leon Talley

Quotes About Jewels #1653806
#74. The crown of a man is his freedom, and the jewels are his achievements

Mohammed F. Abad Alrazak

Quotes About Jewels #1658407
#75. Each day of the holidays comes bringing its own gifts.
Open your heart,
Untie the ribbons,
and enjoy the contents!
Were earth a thousand times as fair
Beset with gold and jewels rare
She yet were far too poor to be
A narrow cradle,
Lord, for Thee.

Martin Luther

Quotes About Jewels #1658912
#76. Lay hand upon me again, sir, and I'll feed your jewels to the fucking drakes.

Jay Kristoff

Quotes About Jewels #1659400
#77. In ten years I will be a beautiful charming lovely lady writer without any husband or children but lots of lovers and everyone will read the books I write and want to marry me but I will never marry any of them. I will have lots of money and jewels too.

Shirley Jackson

Quotes About Jewels #1659598
#78. Jewels! It's my belief that when woman was made, jewels were invented only to make her the more mischievous.

Douglas William Jerrold

Quotes About Jewels #1667287
#79. Mothers are like dungeons. Some really stink and you'll do anything to avoid them. And some are lush sanctuaries filled with gold, jewels, and butterscotch schnapps-spiked Nestle Nesquik.

Shelly Mazzanoble

Quotes About Jewels #1674574
#80. Then the hard, dry Spaniards came exploring through, greedy and realistic, and their greed was for gold or God. They collected souls as they collected jewels. They gathered mountains and valleys, rivers and whole horizons, the way a man might now gain tittle to building lots.

John Steinbeck

Quotes About Jewels #1682530
#81. You have the colours of
Those jewels you so inordinately love,
And yet you seem -- like your excuses -- lame.

Farid Al-Din Attar

Quotes About Jewels #1688867
#82. Dress suitably in short skirts and sitting boots, leave your jewels and gold wands in the bank, and buy a revolver.

Constance Markievicz

Quotes About Jewels #1691587
#83. Already Buenos Aires was dyeing the horizon with pink fires, soon to flaunt its diadem of jewels, like some fairy hoard.

Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Quotes About Jewels #1692423
#84. the countless unnamed jewels of Mars,

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Quotes About Jewels #1693743
#85. Whenever you surrender the most precious areas of your life to GOD, it's like trading in a pile of worthless pebbles for a truckload of priceless jewels.

Leslie Ludy

Quotes About Jewels #1701200
#86. The place where I think social media fails is in showing the knowledge, the tradition of stitching the clothing, of cutting the fabric, of the tannery, of the skinning of the jewels - this knowledge needs respect. Online and social media is the future, but we need to learn from the past, too.

Giuseppe Zanotti

Quotes About Jewels #1729696
#87. I have money. I have properties I didn't buy, cars and carpets, antiques and jewels-and none of them means a damn to me if I don't have her. So-give me a number.

Emma Chase

Quotes About Jewels #1736334
#88. Nearly all God's jewels are crystallized tears.

Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

Quotes About Jewels #1739621
#89. And jewels and words are no less and no more necessary than cotton and silence.

Charles Williams

Quotes About Jewels #1756704
#90. If I was a woman, I would be dressed in the same thing for a month and just change my hat and gloves. Maybe my shoes too; yes, I see what you mean but, really, it's jewels that change an outfit.

Manolo Blahnik

Quotes About Jewels #1845461
#91. Long friendships are like jewels, polished over time to become beautiful and enduring.

Celia Brayfield

Quotes About Jewels #1878305
#92. Be frugal of your time. It is one of the best jewels we have.

Matthew Hale

Quotes About Jewels #1869853
#93. I have seen youths bright eyed and fair groping after bubbles in rapture, and conceiving them diamonds and the glitter of fine jewels, until their hand closed over a something that was not to be felt nor longer seen, mere colored air.

Theodore Dreiser

Quotes About Jewels #1869282
#94. Bone-white moths drop one by one to cover cuts on Odette's legs and obscure mud-water splotches patterning her skirts. They rest at the bases of her fingers like heaving white jewels on rings lighter than air.

Camille Alexa

Quotes About Jewels #1861679
#95. The stars are the jewels of the night, and perchance surpass anything which day has to show.

Henry David Thoreau

Quotes About Jewels #1861376
#96. The worth of a wife is a man's good fortune;His jewels are his good children.


Quotes About Jewels #1857432
#97. Men would not be so hasty to abandon the world either as monks or as suicides, did they but see the jewels of wisdom and faith which are scattered so plentifully along its paths; and lacking which no soul can come again from beyond the grave to gather.

William Mountford

Quotes About Jewels #1856579
#98. Some people are jewels in the wrong setting.

Sophie Irene Loeb

Quotes About Jewels #1849958
#99. Common men should esteem learning as silver, noble men prize it as gold, and princes as jewels.

Pope Pius II

Quotes About Jewels #1807876
#100. I live within the vivid colors of my imagination, soaring with rainbow-feathered birds, racing the desert winds on horseback, wrapped in ancient tribal jewels, dancing with mythical tigers in steamy jungles.

Laurel Burch

Quotes About Jewels #1812596

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