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Top 100 Quotes About Hurt Feelings

#1. She hadn't pulled her punches, and he certainly wasn't holding back for fear of hurting her feelings. He was the first person she'd come across in a long time who didn't dance around her for fear of saying something that would hurt her. - Author: Katee Robert
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#2. Sometimes, falling back on or using an old method or habit, is like sliding into a pair of worn running shoes and a corset. Doesn't make sense to others, but it's not for them. It's what keeps you together, what keeps you going. - Author: Alyse M. Gardner
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#3. This is a deep and personal topic in our society today. Read the papers. America is hurting because of it. For God's sake, speak up. Don't we need to learn respect for people's feelings? What is going to school for? To learn how to add? - Author: Hal Holbrook
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#4. Reduce your wants and lead a happy and contented life. Never hurt the feelings of others and be kind to all. Think of God as soon as you get up and when you go to bed. - Author: Dharma Mittra
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#5. If I hurt your feelings we ought to discuss it. I don't like this kiss-and-forget.'
'But I don't want to argue. I think it's wonderful that we can kiss and forget, and when we can't it'll be time to argue. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#6. I hope I haven't hurt your feelings,' he said.
'I don't have feelings, at least not the inconvenient ones. - Author: Sarah Beth Durst
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#7. They hurt you. You hurt 'em back. Or maybe it is the other way around. Whatever. Someday you might find a way to forgive each other. But it won't be like it used to 'cause that pain never really goes away. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#8. Tab's mom said that when people reached out to hurt your feelings, it was because they secretly felt they deserved to be talked to that way. She said that they had 'long, hard roads ahead' and that you should just wish them well. - Author: Rebecca Stead
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#9. If I was someone else, I'd leave and give them privacy, but I'm not. I won't leave her out here with him. My brain knows he'd never hurt her and she doesn't have feelings for him. My heart, however, tells me to take her by the waist and pull her away... - Author: Michelle Dare
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#10. Henry watched her go. And then he looked down at the sword he was carrying. When it came to weapons, he thought sadly, sometimes words could be just as hurtful, and just as forbidden. - Author: Violet Haberdasher
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#11. The sharp, superficial pain at being spoken to unkindly had obscured the deeper pain, which had not yet turned into something hard and heavy. - Author: Olivia Sudjic
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#12. It is the spirit of trade unionism that is most important, the service of fellowship, the feeling that the hurt of one is the concern of all and that the work of the individual benefits all. - Author: Rose Schneiderman
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#13. I want to give a really BAD party. I mean it. I want to give a party where there's a brawl and seductions and people going home with their feelings hurt and women passed out in the cabinet de toilette. You wait and see. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#14. People's feelings get hurt when they figure out what I'm worth. - Author: Paul Wall
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#15. Competition can damage self-esteem, create anxiety, and lead to cheating and hurt feelings. But so can romantic love. - Author: Mariah Nelson
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#16. Mindfulness won't ensure you'll win an argument with your sister. Mindfulness won't enable you to bypass your feelings of anger or hurt either. But it may help you see the conflict in a new way, one that allows you to break through old patterns. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#17. I believe in courtesy, the ritual by which we avoid hurting other people's feelings by satisfying our own egos. - Author: Kenneth Clark
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#18. Love and friendship are a respect of the beauty of these feelings when they hurt deeply the respect stopped - Author: Adele Mandez
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#19. I loved my baby dolls when I was a kid. I used to pray with them and say good night to each and every one of them because I didn't want their feelings to get hurt. I remember having that connection with my baby dolls. - Author: Jessica Alba
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#20. Life wants you to know that feelings are more important than facts, and you should never hurt someone just to be right. - Author: Bryant McGill
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#21. I tried eHarmony, because I liked the white hair and glasses of that guy on the commercials, and his manner was gentle, but eHarmony told me that the system and it's twenty nine levels of compatibility couldn't find anyone for me.
That hurt my feelings. - Author: Craig Lancaster
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#22. She would not have hurt the old man's feelings for anything in the world. - Author: Beverly Cleary
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#23. Much as I have no wish to hurt anyone's feelings, my first obligation has not been to be nice but to be true to my perhaps peculiar memories, experiences and feelings. - Author: Edward W. Said
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#24. It hurt her to stir up these feelings, but yet she knew that that was the best part of her soul, and that that part of her soul would quickly be smothered in the life she was leading. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#25. I knew it was easier to drill things in than to take them out.'
'It's like a screw!' Craig-Vyvyan shouted.... 'If you pull off it's head, you never get it out. - Author: Mark Helprin
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#26. Feelings are intangible," he said. "You can't see them, can't touch them. You can hurt and no one would know. But physical pain is real. You can see blood and broken bones. It's simple in a way feelings are not, and cutting makes the abstract pain of feelings substantial. - Author: Shaun David Hutchinson
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#27. I see people giving me looks because I'm so opinionated. That hurts my feelings, but at the end of the day I have to live with me and respect myself. And I've done enough things in my life where I was confused and didn't respect myself that I will not do it any more. - Author: Sherilyn Fenn
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#28. I'm always afraid, because I do most of my stuff at home, where nobody bothers me, and I don't have to stroke somebody's ego or be careful about hurting someone's feelings. But I also want to know that I can still go into the world and be with other people and make music. - Author: Jack White
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#29. Love is not a Subject, but it has some great lessons..! - Author: Sarvesh Jain
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#30. It's with a feeling of despair that I return her to his arms. I want him to be angry. I want him to challenge me. Because then the truth will be out and I won't have to hide my feelings. But he trusts me too much to suspect me. And I love him too much to hurt him. - Author: Amy Plum
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#31. She never said anything that would hurt anyone's feelings - which may be a negative talent but is likewise a rare and enviable one. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#32. If you're really looking to hurt somebody's feelings, just break up with them. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#33. Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#34. I want to shake them for their ignorance and scream that their Sistine Chapel is filled with cracks. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#35. There are words that I wouldn't say because they hurt people's feelings. I just happen to be a white guy who writes for a lot of black comedians but if I wrote for a lot of gay comedians there might be stuff I would say then. - Author: Neal Brennan
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#36. My father looked as if I'd just gutted him, and I felt a pang of regret - but it was mingled with a twisted sense of satisfaction. It felt good to hurt his feelings - it was payback for the way his choices had irrevocably damaged my own. - Author: Ernest Cline
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#37. I believe that we are put here in human form to decipher the hieroglyphs of love and suffering. And, there is no degree of love or intensity of feeling that does not bring with it the possibility of a crippling hurt. But, it is a duty to take that risk and love without reserve or defense. - Author: Allen Ginsberg
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#38. Anger is a symptom, a way of cloaking and expressing feelings too awful to experience directly - hurt, bitterness, grief and, most of all, fear. - Author: Joan Rivers
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#39. My policy is I am always more than happy to say, "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings." What I am not willing to do is take back what I said. Unless I am wrong. - Author: Bill Maher
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#40. Even a really bad ordinary argument, where feelings were hurt, would be so much better than this permanent sense of dread. She could feel it everywhere: in her stomach, her chest, even her mouth had a horrible taste to it. What was it doing to her health? - Author: Liane Moriarty
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#41. Just when I thought my feelings could not be hurt any worse. It was one thing to be betrayed. It was another thing to be considered less important than a diapered fruit spirit. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#42. What hurts the most?
Rejection.. - Author: Anna Todd
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#43. This mix of love and hate, this blend of trust and hurt I have for him is so confusing even I can't understand it.
He leaves, and I break. - Author: Tammy Faith
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#44. Our goal, then, is not to eliminate the feelings of anger from our parental repertoire. We couldn't, even if we wanted to. Rather, it is to find ways to express ourselves when we are angry that do not hurt, insult, demean, or inspire revenge and rage in our children. - Author: Nancy Samalin
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#45. I wasn't only hurt by love. I was ruined too. - Author: Shahrukh Ahmad
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#46. Your government does not exist and should not exist in order to keep you or anybody else, no matter what color, no matter what race, no matter what religion, from getting your damn fool feelings hurt. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#47. It is difficult to deal successfully, he decided, with a woman whose feelings cannot be hurt. - Author: Ellen Glasgow
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#48. There's just nothing funnier than, like, a guy awkwardly explaining to another guy that he's hurt his feelings, and then later, awkwardly, you know, forgiving him for doing that. - Author: Seth Rogen
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#49. So many times you will see people wringing their hands and saying 'I want to know what my mission in life is,' all the while they are cutting people off on the highway, refusing to give time to people, punishing their mate for having hurt their feelings or lying about what they did. - Author: Richard N. Bolles
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#50. I don't want to sell myself short. You hurt your spouse, not so much by the infidelity, but by the negative feelings about yourself that you bring home. - Author: Michael Zaslow
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#51. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. - Author: Bob Marley
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#52. A lot of what children's hurt feelings are about is how the parents react. - Author: Laura Schlessinger
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#53. Prideful fool. It hurt his feelings that he couldn't make my crazy go away. You know how men are. Always trying to fix things can't be fixed. - Author: Ken Wheaton
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#54. I'm really sensitive. And they don't understand that, because my most comfortable feeling is anger. So I'll get angry if you said something to hurt my feelings or you're making me uncomfortable, I'll get angry, and be ready to do something about it. - Author: Curtis Jackson
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#55. It's a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you're hurt. - Author: Tom Gates
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#56. That really pissed me off, because I am worth it, goddamn it!"
"I know you - "
"Still talking here! - Author: Robin L. Rotham
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#57. I love that I can stay connected with my fans and be able to tell them what's going on - their opinions are so important to me. But at the same time, it's very weird. I think the Internet can be a great thing but also really evil. Something can instantly hurt your feelings. - Author: Selena Gomez
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#58. Tears are perhaps 1% water but 99% emotions. They contain hurt, pain, sorrow, disappointment, sadness ... so cry sometimes and let go of the feelings welling in your heart. Crying won't necessarily solve your problems but it will make you feel better. - Author: Rita Zahara
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#59. Life is a beautiful journey, full of joy and pain
You never know when it will end, don't let a moment pass in vain ...
In the whole ruckus of life, nothing had I gained,
I just wanted freedom, no more did I wanted to be chained ... - Author: Mehek Bassi
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#60. When you're as important as I am, getting your feelings hurt by me is almost an honor. - Author: Matt Groening
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#61. I feel hurt or attacked, jealousy or fear, what works for me is thinking of life as an adventure. This way, I remember that all these feelings or situations are part of a greater whole and that they need to be there to make life exactly what it is. - Author: Richard Brancatisano
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#62. Sit down and tell me everything, child. Hurt feelings and hopeless despair are no match for tea and biscuits. - Author: Elizabeth Jane Howard
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#63. Some people use their own hurt as an excuse for hurting others - Author: Roland Merullo
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#64. Aunt Mary, you hurt my feelings." "Well, child, I'm glad to learn your feelings are hurt," returned the aunt. "I'm sure, Carley, that underneath all this--this blase ultra something you've acquired, there's a real heart. Only you must hurry and listen to it--or-- - Author: Zane Grey
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#65. Life. It's your birthday present. Open it up and play with it. Act like you like it. (The One who gave it to you is watching, after all. Don't want to hurt his feelings.) And if you don't like your life, CHANGE IT. It is all yours. - Author: Jill Conner Browne
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#66. At this moment I am feeling disappointed with myself and I am hurt and numb - Author: Ronnie O'Sullivan
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#67. There is a limit for everything. You can't just load tons and tons of peacock feathers in a cart considering it's light weight. If you do, it will damage the axle of the cart. - Author: Thiruvalluvar
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#68. Nobody ever cares what I say! I feel badly about it, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. - Author: Marnie Stern
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#69. You like me." "I do not," she lied. "But I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." He was undaunted. "Aye, you like me, lass. I can tell. You called me by my given name and you are frowning, with dewy eyes. I forgive you for being cruel and thoughtless. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#70. If you choose to believe in a God who somehow needs something - and has such hurt feelings if He doesn't get it that He punishes those from whom He expected to receive it - then you choose to believe in a God much smaller than I. You truly are Children of a Lesser God. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#71. Black trauma is never given space to heal because we have to make sure the white people who hurt us don't feel too bad about it. Even as victims, we're told to care about the feelings of those who harm us. - Author: Luvvie Ajayi
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#72. And they can't understand, what hurts more - Missing the other person, or pretending not to. - Author: Khadija Rupa
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#73. I really didn't mean to hurt anybody. I liked John Lennon. - Author: Mark David Chapman
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#74. I could take all the cartoons in the tabloid newspapers, but I couldn't take my daughter punching me in the belly and asking why I was so fat. That was my inspiration to lose the weight. And probably the last time anyone hurt my feelings. - Author: Al Sharpton
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#75. Losing something she loved had ripped her open in a way she had not expected. The pain hurt, but the pain was right. The Order had wrought a galaxy in which good capitulated to evil, where human feelings - Aryn's feelings - were crushed under the weight of Jedi nonattachment. - Author: Paul S. Kemp
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#76. If we love each other without creating a race war, people wouldn't get hurt that much, and feelings too. - Author: Werley Nortreus
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#77. Feelings of hurt and betrayal and utter loss poured through me like batter hitting a hot skillet. - Author: Karen White
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#78. Sometimes I think that when people become famous, there's a public perception that they are not human beings any more. They don't have feelings; they don't get hurt; you can act and say as you like about them. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#79. You were a child, you didn't mean to hurt my feelings. Children are ignorant. It takes an adult to choose to be cruel. - Author: Jan Strnad
Quotes About Hurt Feelings #296649
#80. I don't think I'm complicated at all. I'm not political, and I'm not trying to be diplomatic. I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, and I don't say bad things about people. There is no agenda. There's no trying to fool somebody. - Author: Nick Saban
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#81. I hide my true feelings to avoid causing you trouble or pain, I act strong to show you that I'm not unreliable, I hold my tears back to show you that I'm happy but what hurts the most is knowing the fact that I'm not all these things I portray to be. - Author: Harriet Morgan
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#82. A date once leaned in to kiss me, and he ended up kissing my cheek. He was a little offended, but I didn't want to kiss him just to not hurt his feelings. - Author: Denise Richards
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#83. I know ... and I love you. But I don't think we love each other in the same way. And ... I think keeping you near me, would destroy me. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#84. My family never talks about feelings, and we certainly never talk about plutonium. It's hard to take something seriously if you can't see it, smell it, touch it, or feel it. Plutonium is a cosmic trick. The invisible enemy, the merry prankster. Can it hurt you or not? None of us know. - Author: Kristen Iversen
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#85. Blasphemy: a law to protect an all-powerful, supernatural deity from getting its feelings hurt. - Author: Ricky Gervais
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#86. My feelings were hurt. Once I started I couldn't seem to let it go.
Be strange if the person who matters most in the whole world couldn't hurt your feelings, wouldn't it? - Author: Eileen Wilks
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#87. Never give anyone permission to hurt your feelings. Always face them by standing up for what is right and you will feel strong. If you do not stand strong, people will pity you, and then you lose something adults call dignity. Never accept pity. No one on earth is better than anyone else. - Author: John J. Siefring
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#88. Whether you get hurt by weapons or feelings, it hurts when you get shot in the heart. - Author: Hui-bin Jang
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#89. I talk to friends who get their feelings hurt when they read Twitter mentions. I have an amazing solution - don't read Twitter mentions. - Author: Sarah Silverman
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#90. Remember, no one can hurt your feelings without your permission - Author: Ricky Gervais
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#91. It was the look on her face when she said it. And how much she meant it. It suddenly made everything seem like it really was. I felt terrible. Just terrible. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
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#92. It takes only one word to hurt a woman, a matter of seconds, one stupid, impatient blow of the crop. But winning back her trust takes years. And sometimes there isn't the time. - Author: Nina George
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#93. Remove the expectations from others and no one can hurt your feelings anymore - Author: Anuj Singhal
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#94. When I sing for myself, I probably sing for anyone who has any kind of hurt, any kind of bad feelings, good feelings, ups and downs, highs and lows, that kind of thing. - Author: Etta James
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#95. The most easy and simple thing to do in world is to say someone I Love You.
And most difficult thing to do is keep on yourself on your these 3 words. - Author: Mohammed Zaki Ansari
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#96. I'm sorry," he muttered. "If I ... uh, hurt your feelings or something."
She glared at him. "I'm not hurt. I'm pissed off and sexually frustrated."
His head snapped back on his spine. Well ... then. Okaaaaay. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#97. Prayers and wishes should always be good, but we all think bad thoughts when our feelings get hurt. It's human, V." -Mom - Author: Brenda Woods
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#98. Behind this smile in my face
Lies the dark shadow of emptiness
Hiding from your eyes within my gaze
Concealed with sham happiness. - Author: Alexia Chase
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#99. That's the funny thing about old hurts- they just wait for new heartache to come along and then show up, just as sharp and horrible as the first day you woke up with the world changed all around you. - Author: Lilith Saintcrow
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#100. The interior of the arms dealer's private jet was so ugly it hurt my feelings as well as my eyeballs. - Author: Terry Hayes
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