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Top 100 Quotes About Giving Out

#1. There is no easy way out of our circumstances...Sometimes you stick it out even when you want to give up because you know that on the other side is either a better situation or a better you." -Watercrossing (Phantom Island Book 3) - Author: Krissi Dallas
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#2. The physical is inherently entropic, giving off energy in ever more disorderly ways. The metaphysical is antientropic, methodically marshalling energy. Life is antientropic. It is spontaneously inquisitive. It sorts out and endeavors to understand - Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
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#3. If thou art able, O stranger, to find out all these things and gather them together in your mind, giving all the relations, thou shalt depart crowned with glory and knowing that thou hast been adjudged perfect in this species of wisdom. - Author: Ivor Bulmer-Thomas
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#4. It's so important to reach out to people you trust, and who can give you honest feedback, and keep those people close to you. You don't want to surround yourself with enablers. - Author: Tim Gunn
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#5. I believe becoming healthy and working out saved my life by giving me the confidence and self worth to achieve my goals. - Author: Kim Lyons
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#6. I never give advice unless someone asks me for it. One thing I've learned, and possibly the only advice I have to give, is to not be that person giving out unsolicited advice based on your own personal experience. - Author: Taylor Swift
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#7. Each person designs his own life, freedom gives him the power to carry out his own designs, and power gives the freedom to interfere with the designs of others. - Author: Eric Berne
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#8. It is the crushed grape that gives out the blood-red wine: it is the suffering soul that breathes the sweetest melodies. - Author: Mary Abigail Dodge
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#9. Jesus came to give us life without leaving out any of life in the giving. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#10. Before you can pick a social-media strategy, you have to think of your customer and what the value proposition is for them. Social media is a way to engage customers, not to give your business a 'shout out.' - Author: Carol Roth
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#11. I do things - whether it's donations or events for good causes or giving back to my community - for the right reason: because I want to. Because it's the best thing to do. I wanna help someone else out. - Author: LeSean McCoy
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#12. I said to the players before the start, 'Just go out and give it 100 per cent. I am not asking for any more than that'. - Author: Carlton Palmer
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#13. So I hope that there are people out there laughing. Laugh loud, please. Laugh until your lungs give out because I will have the last laugh. - Author: Kanye West
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#14. I don't really go out and do too much like networking and Hollywood events kind of thing. But I do some writing, and I find it helps me as an actor in terms of giving yourself back the power and feeling a bit of strength in that respect. - Author: Scottie Thompson
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#15. Balance is not a passive resting place - it takes work, balancing the giving and the taking, the raking out and the putting in. - Author: Robin Wall Kimmerer
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#16. You need to understand the receiver and the offense you're facing that week. Know his tendencies and what routes he runs out of what formations. This will help you understand the concepts of what the receiver is going to give you on a given play, and make you that much better defending him. - Author: Antonio Cromartie
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#17. Well, I feel that we're kind of fortunate that this book gives the whole world a lesson in economics and how to get out of the mess that we're all in. It's basic message is to try and stop spending as much and try to release some of your assets to pay off your debt. - Author: Jerry Bruckheimer
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#18. Everybody uses labels: they give you a handle on things - an over-simplified handle, sure, but without labels, without ads, without words, the world would be an indistinguishable mass, a blur. You can hope, maybe, that people ascribe so many labels to you that none wins out - Author: Vito Acconci
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#19. The fundamental message of the Wu Tang music is as vast as the ocean in all reality, but it's still a straight path. You can take one lyric and by researching what that lyric is giving out to you, it should give you more than a day's worth of school, maybe three days' worth of school. - Author: RZA
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#20. Find out for yourself what is truth, what is real. Discover that there are virtuous things and there are non-virtuous things. Once you have discovered for yourself give up the bad and embrace the good. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#21. Happiness is like a kiss, in order to get any good out of it, you have to give it to someone else. - Author: Zig Ziglar
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#22. Baking may be regarded as a science, but it's the chemistry between the ingredients and the cook that gives desserts life. Baking is done out of love, to share with family and friends, to see them smile. - Author: Anna Olson
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#23. Any belief in Creators or Purpose is wishful thinking. And when you point out that perhaps ALL thinking is wishful, reactions of intense irritation give evidence that we are not dealing with logic but with faith. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#24. When you choose to live a generous life, you start to change and so does the world around you. Something incredible happens when giving becomes your own idea, not something you do out of duty or obligation. - Author: Brad Formsma
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#25. It turns out that the Bible is right - "It is better to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). People generally do find greater joy in giving freely to others than they do in rampant self-indulgence. - Author: Francis Chan
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#26. I no longer criticize anyone
not even myself. I only give out positive vibes. - Author: Louise Hay
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#27. I want people to be inspired to do what's in front of them. If you won't give a dime out of a dollar, don't talk to a billionaire about giving their money away because if you don't give a dime out of a dollar, I can promise you, you're not going to give a 100 million out of a billion. It's a lie. - Author: Tony Robbins
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#28. With photography, I like to create a fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society's natural prejudice and giving this a twist. - Author: Martin Parr
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#29. True kindness is rooted in a deep sense of abundance, out of which flows a sense that even as I give, it is being given back to me. - Author: Wayne Muller
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#30. Never lose hope, be persistent and stubborn and never give up. There are many instances in history where apparent losers suddenly turn out to be winners unexpectedly, so you should never conclude all hope is lost. - Author: Theodore Kaczynski
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#31. I was compelled to perform. When I say perform, I was compelled to go out and do my engagements and not let people down and support them and love them. In a way, by being out in public, they supported me although they weren't aware of just how much healing they were giving me. It carried me through. - Author: Princess Diana
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#32. I have crushes, but they're all too old. Like Beyonce -she has a husband, I might get shot. I went up to give Beyonce a hug at the Grammys and Jay-Z said, watch out buddy! He was kidding, but you know ... - Author: Justin Bieber
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#33. When they asked me, couldn't you give money out of the United Jewish Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe, I said, 'NO!' and I say again 'NO!' ... one should resist this wave which pushes the Zionist activities to secondary importance. - Author: Yitzhak Gruenbaum
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#34. It is up to you civilians to give a hand to show that we intend to take our responsibilities to maintain the integrity of our Empire, by giving the world proof that we have not all sold out to the Jew or Plutocrat. - Author: John Amery
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#35. There is actually only one thing you can dedicate to God, and that is your right to yourself. If you will give God your right to yourself, He will make a holy experiment out of you - and His experiments always succeed. - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#36. The best way to come to terms with anything that is out of harmony is never to fear it - that gives it power. Bring good influences to bear upon it; make yourself a good example. - Author: Peace Pilgrim
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#37. If you take Christ out of Christianity, Christianity is dead. If you remove grace out of the gospel, the gospel is gone. If the people do not like the doctrine of grace, give them all the more of it. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#38. I started producing out of necessity. It's not that I want to become a full time producer, but it gives me control over my creative life. - Author: Michelle Glick
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#39. If you take from the most wealthy and give to the least wealthy, it's good. It starts to balance out. - Author: Bill Gates
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#40. The Bible says that when we obey God's commands, we benefit. I think we naturally assume that if we look out for our own interests and concerns, we will be happy. But people who sacrifice for others will tell you that seasons of giving are the most rewarding of their lives. - Author: Francis Chan
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#41. In order to bring out the best in people, you need to give them your best. - Author: Omar Suleiman
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#42. Those who get the most out of life and those who give the most are those who make the choice to act. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#43. He had lived to please himself instead of God all those years, giving little more than lip service to His holy laws. And now when Zechariah cried out to God, his numberless sins swallowed up his prayers before they reached heaven. His guilt filled the yawning gulf between him and God. - Author: Lynn Austin
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#44. Netflix has such a knack for giving a new life to those B-movies that you thought and hoped no one would ever see. Especially when you have a new project coming out and they're looking to mine some of your lesser-known films. - Author: Spencer Grammer
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#45. We are like cosmic magnets. Our thoughts and feelings send out a vibration, and universal energy matches our vibration by giving us more of the same, resonant energy. - Author: Anella Wetter
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#46. She looks like a jumper to me. Jumpers do that a lot, stand on the edge and stare out. Never kill yourself in a Tube station. Tip number one. You might end up down here forever, staring at the wall." Stephen coughed a little. "Just giving advice," Callum said. - Author: Maureen Johnson
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#47. On every front there are clear answers out there that can make this country stronger, but we're going to break through the fear and the frustration people are feeling. Our job is to make sure that even as we make progress, that we are also giving people a sense of hope and vision for the future. - Author: Barack Obama
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#48. I think there are people out there who just kind of say, let's repot the plant. Let's give somebody else a chance. And it's not just anger or disappointment in their lives, it's the sense of, let's shake this up. And no one is shaking it up as much as Trump. - Author: Bob Woodward
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#49. The truth is that our wellbeing is dependent on our giving love. It is not about what comes back; it is about what goes out! - Author: Jack Canfield
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#50. I feel like 45. I don't look bad for someone my age, with my history of illnesses and operations and all those anesthetics. When they knock you out, it gives you time to catch up on your beauty sleep. - Author: Elizabeth Taylor
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#51. The fact that the president (Michelle Bachelet) was out giving minute-to-minute reports a few hours after the quake in the middle of the night gives you an indication of their disaster response, - Author: Cameron Sinclair
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#52. Out of what I had received in my development, I was also able to give. The confidence I gained from personal growth gave me credibility and made me believe I could start developing others. And in that, I found life's greatest joy and reward. - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#53. You have to go out onto the pitch feeling good about yourself. That can give you that extra 30 per cent. - Author: Alan Shearer
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#54. Gather my leaves,
Twist them into crowns
Let me be the king of your forest
Climb on my branches,
I will seek out your hide
s you sleep beneath the shade
Of my giving tree - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#55. This, I believe, is the great Western truth: that each of us is a completely unique creature and that, if we are ever to give any gift to the world, it will have to come out of our own experience and fulfillment of our own potentialities, not someone else's. - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#56. Armed with my positive attitude and inherent stubborn nature, I keep my mind focused and my life moving forward. I stop to rest, pout and even cry sometimes, but always, I get back up. Life is giving me this challenge and I will plow through it, out of breath with my heart racing if I have to. - Author: Amy B. Scher
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#57. We're all here to figure out how to best give ourselves away. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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#58. I'm just a journalist. I shine a mirror to the culture. I give the cop-out answer. - Author: Mark Leibovich
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#59. I'm giving all that I have in this life. I'm opening up my notebook and I'm saying everything in there out loud. - Author: Kanye West
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#60. John Kerry is finding out that it is no fun to be the front runner, that's when you get all the heat. He had to deny internet rumors this week that he had Botox treatments. The Republicans say Kerry should have a clear, unfurrowed brow the old fashioned way by not giving a sh
. - Author: Bill Maher
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#61. If this prinicpal thinks blogging isn't educational, he needs his head examined: he should be seeking out every student blogger in the school and giving them special time to blog more - and giving them extra credit besides. - Author: Cory Doctorow
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#62. V tired to imagine giving up his proclivities. My monster needs to get out. Especially now. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#63. What subsists to-day by violence continues to-morrow by acquiescence and is perpetuated by tradition; till at last the hoary abuse shakes the gray hairs of antiquity at us, and gives it-self out as the wisdom of ages. - Author: Edward Everett
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#64. Money is not the only commodity that is fun to give. We can give time, we can give our expertise, we can give our love or simply give a smile. What does that cost? The point is, none of us can ever run out of something worthwhile to give. - Author: Steve Goodier
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#65. The word "essay" means to try out, test, probe. In the essay style, successive clauses and sentences are not produced by an overarching logic, but by association; the impression that prose gives is that it can go anywhere in a manner wholly unpredictable. - Author: Stanley Fish
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#66. Coach Hedge grunted like he was pleased to have an excuse. He unclipped the megaphone from his belt and continued giving directions, but his voice came out like Darth Vader's. The kids cracked up. The coach tried again, but this time the megaphone blared: The cow says moo! - Author: Rick Riordan
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#67. The government is somewhat inept, but the private sector is inept in general. How many companies do venture capitalists invest in that go poorly? By far most of them. However, every once in a while a Google or a Microsoft comes out, so people keep giving them money. - Author: Bill Gates
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#68. Like the marathon, life can sometimes be difficult, challenging and present obstacles, however if you believe in your dreams and never ever give up, things will turn out for the best. - Author: Meb Keflezighi
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#69. Give him threepence, since he must make a gain out of what he learns. - Author: Euclid
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#70. There's a great tradition at the BFI of giving fellowships and I thought one of the great jobs that I'd have at the BFI would be to give them out on a regular basis. - Author: Anthony Minghella
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#71. Sometimes you just create a joke out of thin air in the editing room. So I'm really glad I've had that experience. It gives me a little more confidence in front of the camera. - Author: Ed Helms
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#72. These women need to feel that we're all aware of what they may be going through, to give them the confidence to speak out. - Author: Anna Friel
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#73. I was burned out from exhaustion, buried in the hail, poisoned in the bushes,
blown out on the trail; hunted like a crocodile, ravaged in the corn,
"Come in," she said, "I'll give ya shelter from the storm." - Author: Bob Dylan
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#74. What I find really difficult is making career decisions. Normally it will take me two weeks, until the very last minute and I have to say yes or no. For a couple of weeks, I will tune everyone out who is giving me advice, so that I can make a clear decision on my own and it takes time. - Author: Paul Walker
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#75. In the world take always the position of the giver. Give everything and look for no return. Give love, give help, give service, give any little thing you can, but keep out barter. Make no conditions and none will be imposed on you. Let us give out of our own bounty, just as God gives to us. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#76. The one piece of advice I can give you is, do what turns you on. Do something that if you had all the money in the world, you'd still be doing it. You've got to have a reason to jump out of bed in the morning. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#77. You give out the words and then sing them. You give out the words, you know, and the people can hear what you're giving out, and they sing that song or that line and they do the same thing again. - Author: Ralph Stanley
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#78. Know whatever comes to you unexpected to be a gift from God, which will surely serve you if you use it to the fullest. It is only that which you strive for out of your own imagination, that gives you trouble. - Author: Brandon Bays
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#79. To find out how much protein you need, take your weight and divide it by three. Rest assured, a whole foods, varied plant-based diet will give you all the protein you need. - Author: Sharon Gannon
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#80. Reminding people what in reality it is all about, giving them a theme on which to ponder, creating a shock within them, pulling them out of the delusion of non authenticity, enabling them to become aware of their true possibilities. - Author: Antoni Tapies
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#81. Out of communion with Me comes creativity. Creativity is My life force, giving release to new potential and new things.4 - Author: Dale A. Fife
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#82. Your legs are not giving out. Your head is giving out. Keep going. - Author: Jillian Michaels
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#83. I'm beating all the weakness out of myself, beating all the give-up out of myself, I'm beating the lack of cardio, I'm beating the lack of confidence - any sign of weakness that's in my heart, I'm getting rid of it - Author: Jon Jones
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#84. Lord, give me the heart of a child, and the awesome courage to live it out as an adult. - Author: Catherine Doherty
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#85. If enough species are extinguished, will the ecosystems collapse, and will the extinction of most other species follow soon afterward? The only answer anyone can give is: possibly. By the time we find out, however, it might be too late. One planet, one experiment. - Author: E. O. Wilson
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#86. They always give you three ketchup packets. When you go back up and ask for more, the guy handing them out always treats you like you're taking from his personal stash. "Looks like my kids aren't having ketchup tonight." - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#87. Every day, I have something that is so full of nutrition and so full of foods that give you life, rather than take them away, that it makes me feel amazing and really good inside. It balances my blood sugar, balances out all of the things that I need, the nutrition that I need to get into my body. - Author: Vani Hari
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#88. Not everybody can create a foundation that's worth a billion dollars, but all of us can figure out those things we do. I really think God loves us too much to give us an assignment we don't enjoy doing. - Author: Max Lucado
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#89. We must bring light to as many people as possible. Who has time to indulge in self-pity or guilt? In advanced self-giving you have no time for this. You just push these emotions out. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#90. I'll bring a flower out there and then give them a peace sign and hopefully they'll make it happen. - Author: Nonito Donaire
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#91. I'm thrilled by the fact that I made something out of nothing. There it is! It wasn't there before: there it is - I made it! That's pretty powerful, and that's the power that Buddhists give to every single person. - Author: Laurie Anderson
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#92. The difference is as great between The optics seeing as the objects seen. All manners take a tincture from our own; Or come discolor'd through out passions shown; Or fancy's beam enlarges, multiplies, Contracts, inverts, and gives ten thousand dyes. - Author: Alexander Pope
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#93. [Science] has challenged the super-eminence of religion; it has turned all philosophy out of doors except that which clings to its skirts; it has thrown contempt on all learning that does not depend on it; and it has bribed the skeptics by giving us immense material comforts. - Author: Katharine Fullerton Gerould
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#94. I learned that you have to respect how much time and work a writer has put into their book. I always give the writer I'm publishing a good deal of control in shaping the book and figuring out how it looks, but I'll make suggestions on how to make it stronger. - Author: Kevin Sampsell
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#95. He Giving Treed me out of existence. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#96. I give out Atlas Shrugged as Christmas presents, and I make all my interns read it. - Author: Paul Ryan
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#97. I'd love to give Malcolm the truck. We're going to figure out how to make that happen. - Author: Tom Brady
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#98. There's times you want to give up and times you want to move on ... you get so much satisfaction out of staying and sticking with it, and seeing things turn around. - Author: Paul Pierce
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#99. The most effective teachers embody the teaching they give out. - Author: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
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#100. There's a pounding at the bedroom door, followed by my mum's voice. "I know your in there, you little shit, and I'm giving you two minutes to shut it down, get dressed, and get out of there."
We look at each other in the mirror and laugh as we simultaneously say. "Busted. - Author: Georgia Cates
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