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#1. I love football and beer and have a normal girlfriend. - Author: Josh Duhamel
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#2. And now," Eric yelled into his mircophone, "we're going to sing a new song-one we just wrote. This one's for my girlfriend. We've been going out for three weeks, and, damn, our love is true. We're gonna be together forever, baby. This one's called 'Bang You Like a Drum. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#3. Don't leave a piece of jewelry at his house so you can go back and get it later; he may be with his real girlfriend. - Author: Amy Sedaris
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#4. A man knows he's in love when he's totally happy just watching his girlfriend do even the simplest things - peeling an apple, combing her hair, fluffing up a bed pillow, laughing. - Author: James Patterson
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#5. I have said nothing because there is nothing I can say that would describe how I feel as perfectly as you deserve it. - Author: Kyle Schmid
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#6. I was 14 and madly in love for the first time. He was 21. He made me suddenly, unaccustomedly beautiful with his kisses and mix tapes. During the year of elation and longing, he never mentioned that he had a girlfriend who lived across the street. - Author: Daphne Gottlieb
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#7. I love my girlfriend to bits. I'd never do anything to hurt her. - Author: Charlie Simpson
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#8. He was so different and special and brave that it didn't matter that they would never be his girlfriend because he was too beautiful and they were too ordinary. Their love for him made them love each other more. - Author: Tanya Egan Gibson
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#9. If true love came at a price, the price would be all worth while if i was spending it on you. - Author: William Lane Craig
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#10. Even then, when the hike was perfect, I would wonder, 'Now what?' And take a picture. Take another picture. Like a man with a photogenic girlfriend he didn't love. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
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#11. I went to the University of Vermont because I had a kind of unrequited love for this high school girlfriend. She wasn't even at the University but at another school nearby. But I thought if went to a school near her, just maybe ... I was really remedial about girls in so many ways. - Author: Ben Affleck
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#12. I know I am in love because I am finding it difficult to fall asleep nowadays. This is because after having you around me now I find that reality is better than dreams. - Author: Dr. Seuss
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#13. I know you think I'm crazy. Maybe that's because I am. About life, about this moment, about you. - Author: Crystal Woods
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#14. I love being outdoors, playing beach tennis, going for runs in the sand, or doing a three-hour hike with my best girlfriend, Mieko. - Author: AnnaLynne McCord
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#15. Do you have a girlfriend?'
'No,' I said quickly.

Deny Honour again. Peter only denied Jesus three times. I must have denied Honour like three thousand times. - Author: Ruth Ahmed
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#16. Love is like a promise. Once you break it.. it doesn't come back unless you really fight for it. - Author: Caitlin Rose
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#17. A dream my girlfriend and I have is to move to New York for a year or two because we just love the city. I would take some acting classes. - Author: Daniel Bruhl
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#18. Losing hope means ceasing to love my son and my girlfriend and many friends and people around the world. - Author: Hassan Blasim
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#19. I do love playing games, but once I have a girlfriend, she will be my princess. - Author: Cho Kyuhyun
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#20. Description by the former girlfriend of a grossly overweight MP, who had said that making love to him was like having a wardrobe fall on top of her with the key still in the door. That - Author: Peter James
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#21. My girlfriend is sad and quiet and keeps me up all night worrying about her. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#22. One thing concerns me a little, nick has a girlfriend, right? Well, how do you think she'll feel about all of this? He probed. He had this look on his face that he always had when I'm doing something a little bit naughty. You know, something you can get away with, but it's still a bit dodgy. - Author: Jessica Thompson
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#23. I love getting a smile out of my girlfriend - that makes me feel like I'm seen, or heard. - Author: Jason Mraz
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#24. Umm ... abit gross it kinda about boyfriend and girlfriend kinda going throw then they break up then they love each other then they make up again and the girl father said u have to come home until 9pm but the girls want more time to be with her boyfriend - Author: Jacqueline Wilson
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#25. Jamie Dornan is one of those guys who has no idea how gorgeous he is. He's crazy in love with his girlfriend and a crazy talent and a great singer and a great actor; just a lovely, lovely human being. It kind of makes you want to throw up a bit, but in all the right ways! - Author: Jennifer Morrison
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#26. I really just want to do the best at everything I do. I just want to have all the great people around me that I feel is family, as well as my friends, and I have an amazing girlfriend. I think having love in your life is most important. - Author: Evan Ross
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#27. Sweetness flows from your appearance and your beauty makes me fall more in love with you. Anytime I feel low, I think about the good times you have given me and everything seems good again. - Author: Billy Joel
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#28. When in a relationship, a real man doesn't make his woman jealous of others, he makes others jealous of his woman. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#29. I want to fall in love, I think. I've never. I know. Everyone I know's been in love or in relationships now and ... There's only ever been ... there's been people telling me they love me, but it freaks me out and I just run, run. I think I'm a bad girlfriend. - Author: Cara Delevingne
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#30. I'm the man that'll make your nights shine bright like day light. - Author: Jonathan Anthony Burkett
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#31. I don't look girls in the eyes, I am afraid to fall in love - Author: Bangambiki Habyarimana
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#32. I want a serious girlfriend. Somebody I can love, that's gonna love me back. Is that psycho? - Author: Michael Schoeffling
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#33. You know that moment when you hug somebody, when your heart feels warm and high in your chest and tingly? When you feel just for a second like a baby in a womb ... that nothing matters? That's how I want you to feel. That's what a girlfriend should do, I think. - Author: Jake Vander Ark
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#34. Every time I thought to, I wrote about you. - Author: Crystal Woods
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#35. I was never fond of this boyfriend-girlfriend game. Outsmart me, make me feel challenged and I can walk with you forever but to act like love smitten puppies in love is not my thing. - Author: Parul Wadhwa
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#36. My girlfriend Siri is a food blogger, and we both love to entertain and eat. This is what happens when you're in your thirties: what was once a passion and real appetite for nightlife in New York City manifests itself into other things, like entertaining at home. - Author: Carson Daly
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#37. In the dictionary, beautiful, love, amazing, and sweet all have the same definition: the definition is you. - Author: Kevin Huizenga
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#38. Be drunk in love and high on life. - Author: Karen Quan
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#39. One show was talking about how guys can have sex without love, so women can do it too? And I have girlfriends who do that. But I just really have to be into someone. If not, what's the purpose? - Author: Britney Spears
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#40. Real girlfriend will be on your ass, text you everyday, fight with you, cares about you, listens to you, and loves you like no girl has. - Author: Abdul'Rauf Hashmi
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#41. I have a box of things from Becca, my high school girlfriend, and Vanessa; and each one of them was love. I have the notes, the valentines, 20 mixed tapes, all of it. It's important to keep that stuff. - Author: Oliver Hudson
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#42. I'm in love with my corporate girlfriend,
with the Cyclops heart - Author: Phil Volatile
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#43. You want to know what it feels like to be castrated? Try having your nine-year-old brother protect you from your ex-girlfriend after you've told her you're in love with a man. - Author: T.J. Klune
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#44. Leave ... my girlfriend ... alone. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#45. I always see people tweeting about these crazy amazing things their boyfriend or girlfriend did for them. You shouldn't have to constantly be trying to prove your love when you're in a relationship. - Author: Matt Prokop
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#46. We had been texting for exactly thirteen minutes, asking random questions, trying to figure out if we knew any of the same people, or if we liked the same kind of music--the usual interview process you go through when you're trying to get the job as boyfriend. - Author: Jason Reynolds
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#47. I had a dream about you. You was a crocodile and i was always looking for you with fear. Your teeth were alabaster and your skin green as grass. Unfortunate you had already a girlfriend. And i hoped she finish like a handbag. I love you from my all reptile heart, which is poikilothermic. - Author: Kattie Belgar
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#48. Your boss takes a dim view of SEX? - Author: Vincent H. O'Neil
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#49. The more time went by, the more something just happened, an Oh my god - I want to love someone freely and walk down the street and hold my girlfriend's hand, - Author: Ellen Page
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#50. A beautiful girlfriend is worth two more. - Author: Raheel Farooq
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#51. If you're going to be a musician's girlfriend, you have to know that your man will always love his bandmates in a way you can't even touch, because they are the guys who help him create music. You can only help him create a living human being, with your dumb uterus. - Author: Julie Klausner
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#52. Every kind of relationship needs encouragement from both parties. Be it marriage, dating, friendship, enmity etc. - Author: Nike Thaddeus
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#53. I am fortunate to have a lot of love in my life. I love my family, I love my dog, I love my close friends, and I absolutely love my incredible girlfriend. - Author: Benjamin Stone
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#54. True love is hard to find, sometimes you think you have true love and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend - Author: Luke Wilson
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#55. I can't go to bed with John Wayne, so I do the next best thing: I go to bed with my girlfriend, who once met the great man. That's how much I love westerns. - Author: Clive Sinclair
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#56. I like the company of guys. I have a lot of good girlfriends that I really love, but you know, most of my close friends are men. - Author: Aisha Tyler
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#57. I'm the biggest nerd - I love comic books and stuff like that! I don't have any friends who are actresses. I only had one girlfriend when I was growing up. Most of my friends were boys. I was such a tomboy. I enjoyed doing guy things. - Author: Megan Fox
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#58. You've read about the goddesses, come on. They're an international sensation. These are my girlfriends. These are the women that I love that have completed the three parts of my heart. - Author: Charlie Sheen
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#59. It's amazing how people can sound like retards when they're talking to their girlfriend, especially if they really love her a lot. Because when you're just fucking someone you make a point of keeping your cool, but when you're really in love - it can sound pretty repulsive. - Author: Etgar Keret
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#60. Thanks to arranged marriages: There are countless women who have never been their husband's girlfriend. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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#61. I also have no idea how to be a girlfriend. I love sleeping alone and I avoid sick people at all costs. I don't even cook for myself, so I need someone who appreciates a lovingly baked frozen pizza. - Author: Jessica Pan
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#62. The same way all the people I love factor in - my parents, my sister, my girlfriend [Lena Dunham], my best friend, all the people I love are always right there. I don't have a lot of people in my life, but there's a small group of people that I don't like to do things without. - Author: Jack Antonoff
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#63. There are things some people can never understand.there's no point to telling them. - Author: Chetan Bhagat
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#64. By loving you,
I learn everything
because your soul
contains the entire universe. - Author: Kamand Kojouri
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#65. It would be a bit awkward to be with a girlfriend who didn't love what you do. - Author: Ashton Irwin
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#66. Well, a girlfriend once told me never to fight with anybody you don't love. - Author: Jack Nicholson
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#67. I don't know why you care.
He doesn't even know you're there - Author: NSYNC
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#68. She didn't want me; she wanted all of me. I didn't mind saying it. My girlfriend scared the crap out of me. - Author: T.J. Forrester
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#69. She was a source of love and comfort and friendship and companionship and like-mindedness without any of the difficulties of a girlfriend - Author: Anthony Kiedis
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#70. I'd love to go back to school for philosophy. I love philosophy, so I'm always reading philosophy books, annoying my girlfriend with that type of stuff. - Author: Parker Young
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#71. I'm so in love with the United States. Not as a patriot. I'm in love with America like it's my first girlfriend. The geography, the people, the smell, the touch, the taste, the gas stations. I'm madly in love with America. - Author: Vincent Gallo
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#72. I don't think that we really know our animals. We think we do because we're humans, and we think we can control things like that. We don't know anybody that we love. It could be a girlfriend or a cat. I think we just have to be at peace with that. - Author: Caroline Paul
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#73. People say love is a gift but i say love is a burden, loving someone and having to watch them be in love with someone else. - Author: Joshua
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#74. Why is your skin the best feeling in the world? - Author: Kamand Kojouri
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#75. I don't date my girlfriend because she's a model. I date her because I love her. - Author: Adam Levine
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#76. I am hopeless, romantic, and I love to spoil my girlfriend - Author: Orlando Bloom
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#77. I would love to close my eyes and see myself with my girlfriend when we're 99 years old and I have a pipe and she's knitting a sweater, and I hope that's the way it goes. I think it's a challenge every day. - Author: Chris Messina
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#78. I think I'm a really good girlfriend, and I think that I could be a really good wife. I know that I love being able to give my love out to someone. I know there is somebody great out there for me. - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
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#79. My girlfriend and I never let each other forget how much we love each other. It's all about reminding the other person how important and special she is to you. - Author: Tyler Hoechlin
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#80. I love it when he talks and says things that make me shiver.'

'Shut up! I seriously need a girlfriend. Holy shit, I'm so alone!'

'You have me.'

'Yes of course! Because you have a pair of tits and two holes where I could stick my dick. - Author: Debra Strattford
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#81. I would love to introduce you all to my girlfriend, she's ... Imaginary - Author: Haresh Daswani
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#82. Having a girlfriend was no longer my greatest need. Knowing and obeying Him was . I wanted to please Him in my relationships even if it meant looking radical and foolish to other people - even if it meant kissing dating goodbye. - Author: Joshua Harris
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#83. No, my girlfriend is sad and quiet and keeps me up all night worrying about her.'
'Bummer. Sounds like you need a different girlfriend. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#84. I love you with the passion of a drowning man for breathing air. I can't just have enough of you and having you a little would be disastrous. - Author: Sandra Thomas
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#85. Won't you be my girlfriend
I'll treat you good
I know you hear your friends when they say you should
'Cause if you were my girlfriend
I'd be your shining star
The one to show you where you are - Author: NSYNC
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#86. You didn't tell Summer about it, did you?"
"What?" Gage scoffs. "Yeah, telling your girlfriend the Angel of Death might visit her if some switch is flipped is normal pillow talk. - Author: Laura Kreitzer
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#87. She was the kind of girlfriend God gives you young, so you'll know loss the rest of your life. - Author: Junot Diaz
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#88. A lover goes toward his beloved as enthusiastically as a schoolboy leaving his books, but when he leaves his girlfriend, he feels as miserable as the schoolboy on his way to school. (Act 2, scene 2) - Author: William Shakespeare
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#89. You want to take me to a movie?" I asked.
"Well, not really," he said. "What I really want is for you to be my girlfriend. But I thought saying that might scare you off. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#90. They call her love, love, love, love, love. She is love, and she is all I need. - Author: Parachute Band
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#91. Sometimes you have to leave someone special without any reason, Sometimes you can't leave the person with thousands of reason to leave - Author: Sid
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#92. ... sitting on the sidewalk outside of his workplace like some creepy stalker ex-girlfriend, waiting for him to come out so I can ambush him with love. - Author: Cynthia Hand
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#93. I love to cook and really enjoy cleaning my house. People always tease me about getting a maid. My girlfriend tells me that they are only $40 and will do everything. But that is my time to unwind, put my hair in a ponytail, throw on sweats, and be myself. - Author: Amy Weber
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#94. I have one good girlfriend and then most of my friends are guys. Which I love, because they're just like so easygoing and I love to play like Xbox and just chill out when I'm not working, so boys are probably the way to go for me. - Author: Ashley Benson
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#95. One of the many things I love about Daenerys from Game of Thrones is she's given me an opportunity to fly the flag for young girls and women, to be more than just somebody's wife and somebody's girlfriend. - Author: Emilia Clarke
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#96. I don't think I've ever referred to any girl I dated as my girlfriend. I think that would freak me out. Even the girl that I dated for two years in college I don't think I ever referred to her as my girlfriend."
"How would you introduce her?" I asked.
"I'm just going to say her name," he said. - Author: Daniel Amory
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#97. She stared into my eyes. "Oh shit. You idiot. You totally did! You fell in love with the porn star!" She groaned, leaning back and sliding down in her chair. "Oh God, this is worse than I thought. When you let loose, you really go all out, don't you girlfriend? Holy crapola. - Author: Mia Sheridan
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#98. That Love is Supreme which is above all the attributes of a Person. - Author: Rajasaraswathii
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#99. My girlfriend always told me, 'Send roses while they can still smell them, tell people you love them while they can still hear.' - Author: Manti Te'o
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#100. One of us," said Malcolm, "is worth five hundred of you. I can burn you to the ground in six seconds flat and use the ashes to stuff a teddy bear for my girlfriend. Not that I have a girlfriend at the moment," he added, "but one lives to hope. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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