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#1. The fickle populace always change with the prince. - Author: Claudius Claudianus
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#2. Only when human sorrows are turned into a toy with glaring colors will baby people become interested - for a while at least. The people are a very fickle baby that must have new toys every day. - Author: Emma Goldman
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#3. Fame is a fickle thing that only lasts as long as you can be out there offering yourself to the public. And as soon as you relax for five minutes, they're gone, you know, and they're following somebody else. - Author: Jesse Stone
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#4. Designers are very fickle. I never wanted to be a victim of that. You're in one minute, out the next. - Author: Tyra Banks
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#5. I don't give a damn, laddie. Until the actual moment, when they cut me down, I shall still be looking to win. And the gods of war are fickle at best. - Author: David Gemmell
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#6. Writing songs always trumps whatever else was on the schedule, it really is the most important and can be so fickle, you have to grab it when it's there. - Author: Beth Moore
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#7. I am not alive if I am only a wispy memory in someone's fickle brain . . . - Author: Brian M. Holmes
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#8. We are a puny and fickle folk. Avarice, hesitation, and following are our diseases. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#9. Fickle as water,
our life is as dreamlike as smoke
- at our expense,
fate's private joke.
-The Bronze Horseman - Author: Alexander Pushkin
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#10. I don't speculate too much about the future. That's the thing about this job - it's so fickle. You take the jobs, you read the scripts and, if something interests you and you like the people who are working on it, you go for it. - Author: Aidan Turner
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#11. I have come to know well that fates are fickle in the business of English football. And I feel that I have pushed mine well past the limit. - Author: Randy Lerner
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#12. But there were certain moments in life that forever defined one as a person - in one's own estimation, anyway. And one's own self esteem, when all was said and done, was of far more importance than the fickle esteem of one's peers. - Author: Mary Balogh
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#13. Cynical, self-deprecating, affected, indiscriminate, patronizing, immature, as sloppy intellectually as he was with his desk, fickle, vain, virile, brooding, pedantic, short, Byronic, Byronic, Byronic, almost to the point of parody. - Author: Laura Elizabeth Woollett
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#14. Men like fun much more than they like clever - Author: Mhairi McFarlane
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#15. Don't allow feelings of any kind to dominate you, but instead remember that feelings are fickle. They are ever-changing. The bad ones are there when you wish they weren't, and the good ones disappear when you need them most. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#16. O, swear not by the moon, the fickle moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circle orb, Lest that thy love prove likewise variable - Author: William Shakespeare
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#17. Womankind Is ever a fickle and a changeful thing. - Author: Virgil
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#18. Most of authors seek fame, but I seek for justice - a holier impulse than ever entered into the ambitious struggles of the votaries of that fickle, flirting goddess. - Author: Davy Crockett
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#19. To trust the God of the Bible is to trust an irascible, vindictive, fierce and ever fickle and changeful master. - Author: Mark Twain
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#20. Mortals were such fickle creatures. They called into the dark, demanded answers and attention from forces they could not comprehend, and yet when they had that attention and those answers, they complained about them. - Author: Philippa Ballantine
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#21. As anywhere else, political instability provided an opportunity for local scores to be settled, for personal grievances to be aired, for heroes to be acclaimed and discarded, giving full reign to the fickle fortunes of war. - Author: Charles Emmerson
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#22. O fortune, fortune! all men call thee fickle. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#23. A lot of people don't trust the pitch. There's this kind of reputation it has for being untrustworthy and fickle and capricious and everything else, and those are words that big league managers and general managers and organizations aren't too fond of. - Author: R.A. Dickey
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#24. The gay community is very fickle. And I know because I'm part of it and I see it every day. - Author: Lance Bass
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#25. As usual, the fickle, unreasoning world took Muff Potter to its bosom and fondled him as lavishly as it had abused him before. But that sort of conduct is to the world's credit; therefore it is not well to find fault with it. - Author: Mark Twain
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#26. The female need for true love is a fickle bitch. It forces itself into your life and shapes your actions, always driving you to find that one guy who'll love you unconditionally. - Author: L. H. Cosway
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#27. Dame Fortune is a fickle gipsy, And always blind, and often tipsy; Sometimes for years and years together, She 'll bless you with the sunniest weather, Bestowing honour, pudding, pence, You can't imagine why or whence; Then in a moment Presto, pass! Your joys are withered like the grass - Author: Winthrop Mackworth Praed
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#28. People's musical tastes are fickle, and music can be a fashion. - Author: Alex Kapranos
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#29. Dogs are more loyal. Cats are fickle. - Author: Carol Thatcher
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#30. This is to be asserted in general of men, that they are ungrateful, fickle, false, cowardly, covetous and as long as you succeed they are yours entirely; they will offer you their blood, property, life and children when the need is far distant; but when it approaches they turn against you. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#31. So we have only one place of hope, one solid rock on which to stand, and that rock is Christ Jesus. Only when we admit that we have awe-fickle hearts will we begin to reach out for and cling to the forgiving, transforming, rescuing, and delivering grace of Jesus. - Author: Paul David Tripp
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#32. Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate. - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#33. Mother nature is a fickle and forgetful bitch," she snapped. "She needs a helping hand and I am trying to hurry her along for their sake. - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
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#34. My first YA novel, not many people have read. It's a fickle business. There's a degree of timing and luck involved. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#35. We often bow down to our feelings without realizing how fickle and unreliable they are. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#36. Man (in good earnest) is a marvellous vain, fickle, and unstable subject, and on whom it is very hard to form any certain and uniform judgment. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#37. I found that of the senses, the eye is the most superficial, the ear the most arrogant, smell the most voluptuous, taste the most superstitious and fickle, touch the most profound and the most philosophical. - Author: Helen Keller
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#38. Write from the soul, not from some notion about what you think the marketplace wants.The market is fickle; the soul is eternal'. - Author: Jeffrey Carver
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#39. Love is fickle and fleeting," Tsukiko continues. "It is rarely a solid foundation for decisions to be made upon, in any game. - Author: Erin Morgenstern
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#40. Fickle Fortune reigns, and, undiscerning, scatters crowns and chains. - Author: Alexander Pope
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#41. Fame is fickle, but Obscurity is usually faithful to the end. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#42. Justice required resort to law and that could be a fickle mistress, subject always to the whims and prejudices of those who administered the laws. - Author: Frank Herbert
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#43. If you think fate is fickle, try tempting it - Author: S. Spencer Baker
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#44. The sooner we learn feelings are fickle, the better off we are. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#45. Acting isn't a sure thing. We're not set to have jobs for the rest of lives, and fame is really fickle. - Author: Nolan Gould
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#46. In these fast and fickle times, it's nice to know that there are some things you can always count on: the enduring brilliance of the last page of The Great Gatsby; the near-religious harmonies of the Beach Boys' "California Girls"; and the lifelong friendship of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. - Author: Sarah Vowell
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#47. Fortune's a fickle wench. She can knee you in the groin at any time. - Author: Isolde Martyn
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#48. That is the true mingling of kinship when a man can tell someone all his thoughts; anything is better than to be fickle; he is no true friend who only says pleasant things. - Author: Anonymous
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#49. Even the most fickle are faithful to a few bad habits. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#50. Fame will go by and, so long, I've had you, fame. If it goes by, I've always known it was fickle. So at least it's something I experience, but that's not where I live. - Author: Marilyn Monroe
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#51. The heart is a pump, xxx weak and fickle as any other machine, and sometimes an embolism of indifference stops affection's flow. - Author: James K. Morrow
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#52. A fickle lover, sleep takes us as it will, when it wants, and how. Sensing her desperate need, however, it draws Corrie deeply into its embrace, somewhere between her tears and terror. - Author: Kimberly Morgan
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#53. He was a prince. He was fickle. He was rude. He was arrogant. I knew better. I was lowborn. He was WRONG. I didn't even like him. - Author: Rachel E. Carter
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#54. A king is he who has laid fear aside and the base longings of an evil heart; whom ambition unrestrained and the fickle favor of the reckless mob move not. - Author: Seneca The Younger
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#55. Science, literature, and common sense tell us that the self is a fickle thing, subject to revision in real time, and that the chasm that exists between any two people exists inside each and every one of us. - Author: Jesse Kellerman
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#56. Love is a fickle, slippery serpent that coils around its victim when they're least aware and slowly suffocates them by the token fantasy that all it promised ever really existed. Love is a big, fat, fake, and I intend to blow its cover - ironically between the covers. - Author: Addison Moore
Quotes About Fickle #216883
#57. It appeared to me that there were already too many dreams festering on shelves with a promise return to them someday, and time was too fickle to trust with such a precious progeny as dreams. - Author: Wes Jacobs
Quotes About Fickle #216812
#58. Indian summer is like a woman. Ripe, hotly passionate, but fickle, she comes and goes as she pleases so that one is never sure whether she will come at all, nor for how long she will stay. - Author: Grace Metalious
Quotes About Fickle #213389
#59. Real life is messy and hard and never turns out like I've imagined. Usually it's better. So, I try not to dream but rather to pray. If there is one thing I know, it's that I have no clue what I want. I'm fickle. I'm picky. And I'm scared of a lot of things. Especially commitment. - Author: Katie Kiesler
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#60. Gratitude is a fickle thing, indeed. A person taking aim presses the weapon to his chest and cheek, but when he hits, he discardsit with indifference. - Author: Franz Grillparzer
Quotes About Fickle #204737
#61. This may be the very nature of love, a passion as fickle as the sea, full of certainty when the object of desire is absent, yet dubious when confronted again with the lover's presence. - Author: Tobsha Learner
Quotes About Fickle #195433
#62. Oh the irony life sometimes throws our way. It's almost like fate plays a sadistic joke on us just because she's in a mood that day - fickle bitch that she is. - Author: Suzanne Steele
Quotes About Fickle #194641
#63. If 'Party of Five' hadn't done well, it would have been a bunch of names involved in the demise. But if 'Time of Your Life' doesn't do well, it will be my name. You have to prepare for the worst. This is a very fickle business. - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Quotes About Fickle #192789
#64. What is the student but a lover courting a fickle mistress who ever eludes his grasp? - Author: William Osler
Quotes About Fickle #238860
#65. Fate is a fickle bitch who dotes on irony. The Black Company pg 447 - Author: Glen Cook
Quotes About Fickle #153233
#66. I built with my own hands ... a large swimming-pool which was filtered to limpidity and could be heated to supplement our fickle sunshine. - Author: Winston Churchill
Quotes About Fickle #151837
#67. Restlessness is a fickle catalyst; it can drive you to achieve or it can coax your demise, and sometimes the choice isn't yours - Author: Slash
Quotes About Fickle #134306
#68. People are by nature fickle, and it is easy to persuade them of something, but difficult to keep them persuaded. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Quotes About Fickle #118494
#69. The question was not death; living things die. It was love. Not that we died, but that we cared wildly, then deeply, for one person out of billions. We bound ourselves to the fickle, changing, and dying as if they were rock. - Author: Annie Dillard
Quotes About Fickle #61096
#70. The passion for money is never fickle. - Author: Mason Cooley
Quotes About Fickle #60776
#71. Once in a while, though, he could not help seeing how shallow, fickle, and meaningless all human aspirations are, and how emptily our real impulses contrast with those pompous ideals we profess to hold. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Quotes About Fickle #55606
#72. A fickle heart is the only constant in this world - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
Quotes About Fickle #55284
#73. Everything you have ever read about vampires - most of it is inaccurate or downright false. We are not beautiful, we don't turn into bats, we don't shrivel up in the sunlight and we are most definitely not afraid of something as fickle as garlic. - Author: K.A. Poe
Quotes About Fickle #51901
#74. Over the obsidian hills and the sunken yellow dale, through the vast oceans of fog and the fires of nevermore, sits the fickle doors of the land of twilight. I will traverse it all, and execute righteous judgment on all that oppose me. - Author: H.S. Crow
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#75. This Force, by troth, I'll never comprehend!
It doth control and also doth obey?
And 'tis within and yet it is beyond,
'Tis both inside and yet outside one's self?
What paradox! What fickle-natur'd pow'r!
Aye: frailty, thy name
is Force. - Author: Ian Doescher
Quotes About Fickle #35381
#76. We all want to convince ourselves that it is about hard work and education and perseverance, but the truth is, life is much more about the fickle and the random. We don't want to admit it, but we are controlled by luck, by timing, by fate. - Author: Harlan Coben
Quotes About Fickle #328042
#77. Human beings are consistent with regard to codes of honor, but endlessly fickle with regard to whom those codes apply. E.N. Wilson - Author: Andrew Zolli
Quotes About Fickle #432486
#78. How fickle it is, memory - preferring some days to others, granting first a blue sky, offering next the sound of laughter, swelling our remembrances until a largeness seeps into the grain of things and memory itself becomes billowed and flapping. - Author: Sonja Livingston
Quotes About Fickle #423967
#79. I set my genius to portray the pleasures of cruelty! These are no fickle, artificial delights, they began with man and with him they will die. - Author: Comte De Lautreamont
Quotes About Fickle #409968
#80. How could I alone have invented it or imagined it in my dream? Could my petty heart and fickle, trivial mind have risen to such a revelation of truth? - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Quotes About Fickle #409190
#81. Dylan prided himself in the gift of reading women's minds. They were such fickle little creatures, as apt to change their minds as their thongs. - Author: Cat Byrd
Quotes About Fickle #407919
#82. Children were quite disturbing really. It was difficult to think about children for long. They were all fickle little nihilists and one was forever being forced to protect oneself from their murderousness. - Author: Joy Williams
Quotes About Fickle #391132
#83. But man is a fickle and disreputable creature and perhaps, like a chess-player, is interested in the process of attaining his goal rather than the goal itself. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Quotes About Fickle #355922
#84. Fate is a fickle bitch. Just when you believe you've secured the goose that lays the golden egg, she back heels you in the bollocks. - Author: Ken Scott
Quotes About Fickle #355185
#85. Time is a fickle whore. Whenever you want it to pass slowly, it speeds up, and whenever you're full of nervous impatience, it crawls like a sloth on sedatives. - Author: Leisa Rayven
Quotes About Fickle #354505
#86. I keep your soul
In my ageing wallet,
The unimportant stuff
(Money, cards, coins)
Stay loose in my pocket,
A place as fickle as they. - Author: Phen Weston
Quotes About Fickle #347335
#87. It provides a convenient excuse for arbitrary decisions: asked why it rejected a student, a college can say that he or she looked wonderful on paper but didn't fit into the mix. The image of a fair but fickle process also pumps up the applicant pool: - Author: Daniel Golden
Quotes About Fickle #342375
#88. Art is a Great Goddess of infinite intrigue and illusion, and even a lifetime of worship may not find her fickle soul. - Author: Robert Genn
Quotes About Fickle #337487
#89. Such fickle days of love when pain and ecstasy share the same hour - Author: Richard Paul Evans
Quotes About Fickle #5833
#90. I'm fickle, tied to a life that doesn't exist any more - true love, perfect life, good friends. Everything is so damned difficult for me! Like a never- ending dance where the choreographer is never satisfied! - Author: Sarah Iles
Quotes About Fickle #322632
#91. Vision is also a fickle creature. You can see an object a hundred times, a thousand times, and it remains unchanged. Then in one swift second you realize it has been changing all along and your eyes hid it from you. - Author: Cherie Priest
Quotes About Fickle #319295
#92. I know people are fickle. - Author: William Hague
Quotes About Fickle #307516
#93. Opportunity can benefit no man who has not fitted himself to seize it and use it. Opportunity woos the worthy, shuns the unworthy. Prepare yourself to grasp opportunity, and opportunity is likely to come your way. It is not so fickle, capricious and unreasoning as some complain. - Author: B.C. Forbes
Quotes About Fickle #306563
#94. The muse is fickle; ergo, when she knocks, ANSWER! It may take a while, but trust me, she WILL knock. In the meantime, keep your ear pressed firmly to the door. - Author: Quentin R. Bufogle
Quotes About Fickle #301560
#95. I came to feel how far above
All fancy, pride, and fickle maidenhood,
All earthly pleasure, all imagined good,
Was the warm tremble of a devout kiss. - Author: John Keats
Quotes About Fickle #293096
#96. Time flies on fickle wings - Author: Seneca.
Quotes About Fickle #276231
#97. Regardless of whether I can shift my affections to another - and the heart, as you observed, is a notoriously fickle beast - the question remains: should I? - Author: Christopher Paolini
Quotes About Fickle #270069
#98. That's it. Fate is a fickle whore. We're not going. Take your clothes off and get back in my bed. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Quotes About Fickle #260162
#99. Those that are meant to be in your life won't degrade you, judge you, or talk about you, because they're too busy loving you and uplifting you. If you put your faith in fickle opinions you'll never be good enough. Focus on God's truth and purpose for your life and you'll find your perfect self - Author: Trent Shelton
Quotes About Fickle #257794
#100. Hollywood is fickle; your career can end pretty fast. If the acting jobs dry up, you have to have something to fall back on. In fact, that would be my advice to kids interested in acting - make sure you get an education too. - Author: Matthew Lawrence
Quotes About Fickle #244454

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