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Top 65 Quotes About False Knowledge

#1. There's no weakness as great as false strength. - Author: Stefan Molyneux
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#2. When people rely on surface appearances and false racial stereotypes, rather than in-depth knowledge of others at the level of the heart, mind and spirit, their ability to assess and understand people accurately is compromised. - Author: James A. Forbes
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#3. Most of us are living in a prison of our fixed, false beliefs and never try to find the door to get out to see and feel the beauty of life, even when the door is wide open and welcoming. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#4. Knowledge is two-fold, and consists not only in an affirmation of what is true, but in the negation of that which is false. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#5. Knowledge is happiness, because to have knowledge - broad, deep knowledge - is to know true ends from false, and lofty things from low. - Author: Helen Keller
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#6. Even if false gold makes a man happy:
At the mint it will be identified. - Author: Idries Shah
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#7. We're starting to behave as if we've reached the end of human knowledge. And while that notion is undoubtedly false, the sensation of certitude it generates is paralyzing. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#8. The false man is more false to himself than to any one else. He may despoil others, but himself is the chief loser. The world's scorn he might sometimes forget, but the knowledge of his own perfidy is undying. - Author: Horace Mann
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#9. Much of our suffering is caused by our false perceptions and attachment to mental images. We assume things to be true without really knowing whether they are true or not, then create a world of hurt for ourselves and others. - Author: Joseph P. Kauffman
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#10. Had it not been for you, I should have remained what I was when we first met, a prejudiced, narrow-minded being, with contracted sympathies and false knowledge, wasting my life on obsolete trifles, and utterly insensible to the privilege of living in this wondrous age of change and progress. - Author: Benjamin Disraeli
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#11. A stronghold is a false premise that denies God's promise. It "sets itself up against the knowledge of God" (v. 5 NIV). It seeks to eclipse our discovery of God. It attempts to magnify the problem and minimize God's ability to solve it. Does - Author: Max Lucado
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#12. Never had there been such an opportunity for the dissemination of knowledge ... . But the obverse is also true. We can have thrust upon us a false picture of reality as distorting as the trick mirrors in a Coney Island funhouse. - Author: Howard E. Koch
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#13. I realize now that what I was trying to do with the Armaghast data was offer the Church not a rebirth but only a transition to a false life such as these poor walking corpses inhabit. If the Church is meant to die, it must do so - but do so gloriously, in the full knowledge of its rebirth in Christ. - Author: Dan Simmons
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#14. t takes great courage to stand up against your fixed, false beliefs. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#15. Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#16. Nothing is so false as human life, nothing so treacherous. God knows no one would have accepted it as a gift, if it had not been given without our knowledge. - Author: Seneca The Younger
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#17. Stress is a false perception of fear of the unknown. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#18. There is a constant rush to judgment in Foucault. He is filled with specious generalizations, false categories, distortions, fudging, pretenses to knowledge in areas where he was ignorant. He had no ability whatsoever to distinguish among historical sources, where he makes terrible blunders. - Author: Camille Paglia
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#19. What men call knowledge, is the reasoned acceptance of false appearances. Wisdom looks behind the veil and sees. - Author: Sri Aurobindo
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#20. All false practices and affections of knowledge are more odious to God, and deserve to be so to men, than any want or defect of knowledge can be. - Author: Thomas Sprat
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#21. Counter-knowledge covers the propagation of false legends and conspiracy theories often used for political purposes or fundamentalist religious propaganda. - Author: Antony Beevor
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#22. The dawn of knowledge is usually the false dawn. - Author: Bernard DeVoto
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#23. The truth is perilous never to the true, Nor knowledge to the wise; and to the fool, And to the false, error and truth alike, Error is worse than ignorance. - Author: Philip James Bailey
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#24. The Path to the Truth is a labour of the heart, not of the head. Make your heart your primary guide. Not your mind. Meet, challenge, and ultimately prevail over your nafs (false ego) with your heart. Knowing your ego (higher self/soul) will lead you to the knowledge of God. (2) - Author: Various
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#25. When we see things through our fixed, false beliefs, science becomes superstition. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#26. I don't want to inhabit the human world under false pretenses. - Author: Janet Frame
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#27. Continual intellectual study results in vanity and the false satisfaction of an undigested knowledge. - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
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#28. The (false) suspicion that we can somehow be separated from God is the root of every form of anxiety in the universe, and the cure for it - which I received partially within the Gateway and completely within the Core - was the knowledge that nothing can tear us from God, ever. - Author: Eben Alexander
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#29. We are never free when we imprison ourselves in the prison of our fixed, false beliefs. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#30. This is the first duty of parents, and no false delicacy should keep them from the watchful care, the gentle warning, which makes self-knowledge and self-control the compass and pilot of the young as they leave the safe harbour of home. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#31. If everything had a label, we would live in a fully delineated but false world. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#32. On religion in particular, the time appears to me to have come, when it is a duty of all who, being qualified in point of knowledge, have, on mature consideration, satisfied themselves that the current opinions are not only false, but hurtful, to make their dissent known. - Author: John Stuart Mill
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#33. Children naturally believe without question and absorb knowledge at an incredible rate; since there is no other frame of reference; they believe their parental reality, true or false. - Author: David W. Earle
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#34. The image of the disinterested, dispassionate scientist is no less false than that of the mad scientist who is willing to destroy the world for knowledge. - Author: Lewis Wolpert
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#35. Sacred writings are beneficial in stimulating desire for inward realization, if one stanza at a time is slowly assimilated. Continual intellectual study results in vanity and the false satisfaction of an undigested knowledge." Sri - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
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#36. The science of political economy is essentially practical, and applicable to the common business of human life. There are few branches of human knowledge where false views may do more harm, or just views more good. - Author: Thomas Malthus
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#37. Epistemologists have come to a loose description of knowledge as justified true belief which is not based off false assumptions, but even this is fallacious as the prerequisite knowledge required for justification makes this a circular definition. - Author: Chris Matakas
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#38. Goodreads could be a source for knowledge but instead does all readers a supreme disservice by allowing the spread of false quotes on the Internet. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#39. The origin of all science is the desire to know causes, and the origin of all false science is the desire to accept false causes rather than none; or, which is the same thing, in the unwillingness to acknowledge our own ignorance. - Author: William Hazlitt
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#40. And, in fine, of false sciences I thought I knew the worth sufficiently to escape being deceived by the professions of an alchemist, the predictions of an astrologer, the impostures of a magician, or by the artifices and boasting of any of those who profess to know things of which they are ignorant. - Author: Rene Descartes
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#41. You have the chance to remain silent. Everything you say will be misused. - Author: Ljupka Cvetanova
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#42. Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.' - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#43. I am not pretty, I am not ugly,
I am not true, I am not false,
I am just me,
a reality, a conception not a misinterpretation. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#44. Over and over, expanding scientific knowledge has shown religious claims to be false. - Author: Paul D. Boyer
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#45. The people I go after are the false experts, those who do not accept the limits of their knowledge. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#46. An artist needs knowledge and the power of observation only so that he can tell from what he is abstaining, and to be sure that his abstention will not appear artificial or false. - Author: Andrei Tarkovsky
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#47. The knowledge of true danger may cure us of false fears - Author: Denis De Rougemont
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#48. Meditation is an insight that all goals are false. Meditation is an understanding that desires don't lead anywhere. Seeing that ... And this is not a belief that you can get from me or from Buddha or from Jesus. This is not knowledge; you will have to see it. You can see it right now! - Author: Rajneesh
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#49. Sadness is not out there. It's inside you. Sadness is often a misperception and false interpretation of a situation. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#50. Know this! They (false prophets) are the judgment of God upon a wicked defiled people who although they have a knowledge of God they do not want him. And so God sends them the teachers that they themselves desire. - Author: Paul Washer
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#51. The person that you feel yourself to be, according to the Sufis, is a false person, which has no true reality. - Author: Idries Shah
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#52. Revealed insights should leave us stricken with the knowledge of how little we really know. It should never lead to an emotional arrogance based upon a false assumption that we somehow have all the answers - that we in fact have a corner on truth. For we do not. - Author: Hugh B. Brown
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#53. Illusion is a false perception but delusion is a fixed false belief. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#54. The occultist is brought into intelligent communication with the spirits of the air, and can receive any knowledge which they possess, or any false impression they choose to impart ... the demons seem permitted to do various wonders at their request. - Author: G. H. Pember
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#55. The purpose of the false self is to defend against pain - not deal with reality - Author: Robert W. Firestone
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#56. A sing-song of shouts filled the air as the merchants tried to attract buyers. Their voices had that end of the workday lift - a false brilliance composed of the hope that old dreams would be fulfilled, yet coloured by the knowledge that life would not change for them. - Author: Frank Herbert
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#57. When you know who you are, you won't have false modesty - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#58. No is a false perception.
Yes is a positive conception.
Go with reality and reason. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#59. When you see things through your heart, there is no right or wrong, true or false, only there is love to share. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#60. Humanity suffers because most of us are living in our prison of fixed, false beliefs and we don't want to get out of it. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#61. To free a man from error is to give, not to take away. Knowledge that a thing is false is a truth. Error always does harm; sooner or later it will bring mischief to the man who harbors it. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#62. Just as evolution is a series of trial-and-error experiments, life is full of false starts and inevitable stumbling. The key to success is the ability to extract the lessons out of each of these experiences and to move on with that new knowledge. For - Author: Tina Seelig
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#63. I have learned throughout my life as a composer chiefly through my mistakes and pursuits of false assumptions, not by my exposure to founts of wisdom and knowledge. - Author: Igor Stravinsky
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#64. What can give us more sure knowledge than our senses? How else can we distinguish between the true and the false? - Author: Lucretius
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#65. I prefer true but imperfect knowledge, even if it leaves much undetermined and unpredictable, to a pretense of exact knowledge that is likely to be false. - Author: Friedrich August Von Hayek
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