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#1. You might think being the target of an international terrorist organization, an amnesiac, and a girl with hair dyed in the middle of the night by Macey McHenry would make people stare at you. Well, try walking into the Grand Hall with seriously puffy eyes while holding hands. With a boy. - Author: Ally Carter
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#2. At night when I lie awake I can hear it, quiet but unrelenting, undeniable: a whisper in my head, Slip away. When I close my eyes, my head is filled with images of past and future lives, the things I dreamed I wanted, the things I had and threw away. - Author: Paula Hawkins
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#3. My eyes have never seen the moon so lovely as tonight;
In silence wrapped, it is the breathless music of the night. - Author: Galaktion Tabidze
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#4. He set a finger beneath her chin and gently forced her head up so she was looking in his eyes. "Good night, my little Esme. I look forward to continuing this tomorrow. Rest well. You'll need it for everything I have planned. - Author: Tracy Anne Warren
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#5. The courage to continue before the face of despair is the recognition in those eyes of darkness we find our own night vision. Women blessed with death-eyes are fearless. - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
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#6. My eyes filled with tears. "Get out."
"Pigeon," he said, taking a step toward me.
"Get OUT!" I said, grabbing the glass from the night stand and throwing it at him. He ducked, and it shattered against the wall in hundreds of tiny, glistening shards. "I hate you! - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#7. Last night. When I was bleeding out. I heard you.
Our eyes locked. And in that moment everything shifted. I saw what I had really done. I saw that I could be somebody's centre, their reason for staying. I saw that I could be enough. - Author: Jojo Moyes
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#8. We are little flames poorly sheltered by frail walls against the storm of dissolution and madness, in which we flicker and sometimes almost go out ... we creep in upon ourselves and with big eyes stare into the night ... and thus we wait for morning. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#9. This was why I did what I
did," she whispered. "I looked at those men at the ball, and I thought of that night in the carriage when
you touched me, and I knew I could never let any of them touch me." She tilted her head back and
closed her eyes, pressing his hands to her breasts. "Only you. - Author: Laura Lee Guhrke
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#10. Ash sighed after he left, feeling somehow even more exhausted than she had when she'd crawled into bed the night before. She climbed back under the covers and closed her eyes.
Just in time for more knocking on the door.
"I hate everybody," Ash mumbled into her pillow ... - Author: Karsten Knight
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#11. A very loud popping sound echoed across the seminar room. Each graduate student gazed in complete and utter shock as they realized that Professor Emerson had snapped the whiteboard marker in two. Black ink spread across his fingers like a starless night, and his eyes ignited into an angry blue fire. - Author: Sylvain Reynard
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#12. In honor of October, really just hours away now ...
Brew me a cup for a winter's night.
For the wind howls loud and the furies fight;
Spice it with love and stir it with care,
And I'll toast our bright eyes,
my sweetheart fair. - Author: Minna Thomas Antrim
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#13. The previous night, for the first time in a long time, he had felt whole, and his eyes returned to the rearview, where his dignity was held within a few square centimeters of glass. - Author: Anthony Marra
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#14. There'd been blood in his eyes and Johnny was dying, but it was the most beautiful and frozen dawn Elisha had ever seen. He'd laid on the ground and stared through red stains at a bloody sun and bloody clouds and night's last death whisper. Even the blind remember a dawn like that. - Author: Kendra L. Saunders
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#15. Night and day a picture of the showcase of the Lame Novelty Company and its gambling content would seem to appear before my eyes. Then I realized that I could not rest content and continue practising to become a magician until I knew what those gambling gimmicks in that showcase click. - Author: John Scarne
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#16. All men dream: but not equally. Those that dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. - T.E. Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia - Author: Ash Maurya
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#17. All men dream; but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. - Author: Bear Grylls
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#18. A word of advice: If you get the choice between the upper and lower bunks in a cell, choose the lower. Prisons do not turn off their lights at night, and I spent a sleepless night, without a mattress, with a five-hundred-watt bulb shining directly into my eyes. - Author: William Powell
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#19. Purple haze all in my eyes, don't know if it's day or night. You got me blowin', blowin' my mind. Is it tomorrow or just the end of time? - Author: Jimi Hendrix
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#20. Live like a Flower, close our eyes in the night for to sleep and in the morning we show our best. - Author: Jan Jansen
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#21. She preferred having her eyes lost in the night sky wondering about the stars, the universe and the creator. - Author: Pierre Alex Jeanty
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#22. I Sellotape whole tins of sardines to my face at night, attach two squeezed lemon rinds to my armadillo-skinned elbows, and put cucumber on my eyes. By the time I'm finished, I look like a fruit salad with added fish. In the morning, the pillow is pretty much a write-off. - Author: Barry Humphries
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#23. Sleep lingers all our lifetime about our eyes, as night hovers all day in the boughs of the fir tree. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#24. Naomi looks at me, her orange-brown eyes rimmed in dark shadow flecked with silver sparkles. All of that darkness around the pop of color in her irises makes them seem huge, like two sunsets floating in a night sky. I smirk again. There I go getting all poetic; good for me. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#25. Jesse said, "You know what we are, Tim? We're nighthawks. We're the ones who go out at night and guard everything so people can sleep in peace. We've got our eyes peeled; no one's going to slip anything past us. - Author: Ron Hansen
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#26. ... I could feel a nostalgia for the evening already setting in, a longing for the existence of this night building before my eyes. - Author: Deirdre Shaw
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#27. My skin is kind of sort of brownish pinkish yellowish white. My eyes are greyish blueish green, but I'm told they look orange in the night. My hair is reddish blondish brown, but its silver when its wet, and all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet. - Author: Shel Silverstein
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#28. Look at him. The face of a bad angel and eyes like the night sky in Hell. He's very pretty, and vampires like that. I can't say I mind either. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#29. I pictured myself in a Denver bar that night, with all the gang, and in their eyes I would be strange and ragged and like the Prophet who has walked across the land to bring the dark Word, and the only Word I had was 'Wow! - Author: Jack Kerouac
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#30. Loretta's eyes flashed. "Is that what gets you through the night, Philip?" she asked. "Choosing to believe something, whether it's true or not?"
"In one way or another, Loretta, isn't that what gets everyone through the night?" I asked. - Author: Thomas H. Cook
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#31. For there was nothing in his eyes but the black night and the cold stars. - Author: Susanna Clarke
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#32. Through our sunless lanes creeps Poverty with her hungry eyes, and Sin with his sodden face follows close behind her. Misery wakes us in the morning and Shame sits with us at night. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#33. People's eyes are blobs of jelly. That's what the medic told me one I'd lost my right eye. But her eyes? Her eyes were limitless, like the night sky. Her gaze dissolved into space, as though all human experience could be found in her glassy eyes. I - Author: Fran Seen
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#34. Night is here. All is at rest. My eyes close in order to see without actually understanding the dream that flees before men infinite space; and I experience the languorous sensation produced by the mournful procession of my hopes. - Author: Paul Gauguin
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#35. In the hazy afternoon light through the windows he looked beautiful and dissolute, shirt open at the collar and streaks of golden hair falling into his eyes, like some Regency buck after a long night's dancing. - Author: Tana French
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#36. when Billy had turned his gaze upon them. They saw an intense knowing in his eyes beneath the surface pain and ravages of the four-day and -night ordeal, a deepness of sight that would have appeared out of place even in an ancient scholar or a wise sage. - Author: L.E. Thissell
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#37. In the dark I rest,
unready for the light which dawns
day after day,
eager to be shared.
Black silk, shelter me.
I need
more of the night before I open
eyes and heart
to illumination. I must still
grow in the dark like a root
not ready, not ready at all. - Author: Denise Levertov
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#38. Oh, dreams! In one night, lying with one's eyes shut, one may sometimes live through more than ten years of happiness. - Author: Anton Chekhov
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#39. Each night, I close my eyes and dream. In the morning, I open my eyes again, but the dreaming doesn't stop. - Author: Christy Hall
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#40. My sleep that night was restless and unquiet, haunted by the ungodly howls of the horrible creature. Its yellow eyes lingered in my mind's eye as I awoke the next morning, - Author: Brad Meltzer
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#41. The mirror's light sparks in the eyes,

And horrified, my lids drawn tight,

I step back to that realm of night

Where not a single exit lies...

(Untitled: "I pass away this life of mine...") - Author: Alexander Blok
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#42. What are books good for?"
"Hitting intruders?" Nick mumbled. He rubbed his eyes again. "Doorstops. Insomnia. Special interrogation techniques. Silencing bedmates in the middle of the night. - Author: Abigail Roux
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#43. Love is priceless. And all I really want is a good night kiss. So if tears were diamonds, more valuable gold, then a fortune in the corners of my eyes I would hold. - Author: Drew Chadwick
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#44. The night she'd been captured, she'd also snapped, and come SO CLOSE to killing the person she most wanted to destroy before someone knocked her out and she awoke in a rotting dungeon. She smiled bitterly as she opened her eyes. It was always the same story, the same loss. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#45. What I would really like to do is live in a university town and be an intellectual bum. I just want to write, read, whatever. I'm very eclectic. I read every night until my eyes burn. - Author: Wayne Rogers
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#46. Why should I trust you?" Her eyes narrowed. "All I really know about you is that you're not loyal to your girlfriends, you treat one-night stands like crap, and apparently you've made quite a name for yourself not only in the business world, but also in the bedroom since we last met. - Author: Zoe Forward
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#47. Leave me in peace, let me sleep one night at least without my pillow being wet with tears, my eyes burning and my head throbbing - Author: Anne Frank
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#48. Eyes were keep seeking for sleep whole night, but in seeking they skipped it near by Eyes lash! - Author: Samar Sudha
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#49. Bullshit," says Viv. "Did you have your eyes open the other night in the pub? Mabe, I've never, ever seen him so happy and the way he was looking at you made even me melt. He's in love with you."
"No, he isn't."
"Yes, he is. It's just unfortunate that he's a fuckwit as well. - Author: Lily Morton
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#50. A moment later he was in his garden, walking, meditating, contemplating, his heart and soul wholly absorbed in those grand and mysterious things which God shows at night to the eyes which remain open. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#51. Hannah. He looks at me, the same way he looked at me last night in the diner, with longing and sadness, and it's like everything I'm feeling I can see in his eyes. I want to kiss him so bad it hurts, but I know I can't. So instead, I tear my gaze from his and look down at the ground. - Author: Lauren Barnholdt
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#52. That night we push our cots just a little closer together, and look into each other's eyes in the moments before we fall asleep. When he finally drifts off, our fingers are twisted together in the space between the beds.
I smile a little, and let myself go. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#53. I hope he has them chasing blue squirrels all day!" Graystripe hissed to Fireheart as they headed toward the corner where a few pieces of fresh-kill remained from last night. "But there aren't any blue squirrels," Fireheart mewed in confusion.
Precisely!" Graystripe's amber eyes gleamed. - Author: Erin Hunter
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#54. His eyes are unfathomably sad as he lifts my chin. "Most people," Cain says, "are nothing but glimmers in the great darkness of time. But you, Helene Aquilla, are no swift-burning spark. You are a torch against the night - if you dare to let yourself burn." "Just - Author: Sabaa Tahir
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#55. Something in your eyes captured my soul, and every night I see you in my dreams. You're all I know. I can't let go. - Author: Mariah Carey
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#56. I forced myself to keep my eyes open so I could memorize every curve of her face. I wanted the image burned so deeply in my memory that when I closed my eyes to sleep at night, she would be the last thing I saw and the first person on my mind when I woke. - Author: Teresa Mummert
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#57. I wander all night in my vision,
Stepping with light feet, swiftly and noiselessly stepping and stopping,
Bending with open eyes over the shut eyes of sleepers ... - Author: Walt Whitman
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#58. In the middle of the night she woke up dreaming of huge white heads like turnips, that came trailing after her, at the end of interminable necks, and with vast black eyes. But being a sensible woman, she subdued her terrors and turned over and went to sleep again. - Author: H.G.Wells
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#59. If you love them in the morning with their eyes full of crust; if you love them at night with their hair full of rollers, chances are, you're in love. - Author: Miles Davis
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#60. While I am compassed round With mirth, my soul lies hid in shades of grief, Whence, like the bird of night, with half-shut eyes, She peeps, and sickens at the sight of day. - Author: John Dryden
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#61. They sat on the boarding house porch and saw the sun plunge into the same crack in the earth from which the night emerged. - Author: Zora Neale Hurston
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#62. Starry, starry night, flaming flowers that brightly blaze, swirling clouds in violet haze reflect Vincent's eyes of china blue. - Author: Don McLean
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#63. Her eyes in the half-light suggested night and violets, and for a moment he stirred again to that half-forgotten remoteness of the afternoon. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#64. It was down in Jake's old barroom Behind the Patsies' park; Jake was settin' 'em up as usual And the night was agittin' dark. At the bar stood ole Verne Mackenzie, And his eyes was bloodshot red - Author: Robert Coover
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#65. My family were symphonic musicians and in the opera. Also, it was my era, the love of radio. We used to listen to the radio at night, close our eyes and see movies far more beautiful than you can photograph. - Author: Francis Ford Coppola
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#66. When stars are in the quiet skies, Then most I pine for thee; Bend on me, then, thy tender eyes, As stars look on the sea. - Author: Ernst Gottlieb Baron
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#67. Life goes on
It gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear, a waterfall
In the night, the stormy night
She closed her eyes
In the night, the stormy night
Away she'd fly.
And dreamed of paradise. - Author: Coldplay
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#68. I close my eyes, knowing that afterward we will fall asleep together on our small mattress, as we do every night, listening to the wind in the palm trees outside our window, believing in our thick dreams that we are capable of nothing cruel. - Author: Andrew Porter
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#69. At some point, Jesper realized Kaz was gone.
"Not one for goodbyes, is he?" he muttered.
"He doesn't say goodbye," Inej said. She kept her eyes on the lights of the canal. Somewhere in the garden, a night bird began to sing. "He just lets go. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#70. [M]y only route was trust: trust in a *deeper* wisdom, the wisdom responsible for making my heart beat, my eyes shine, my hair grow; trust in the infinite intelligence responsible for making my cells replicate; trust in the part of me that is awake when I'm asleep at night. - Author: Brandon Bays
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#71. Starry Starry night
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer's day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul
Shadows on the hills
Sketch the trees and the daffodils
Catch the breeze and the winter chills
In colors on the snowy linen land. - Author: Don McLean
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#72. Your heavenly eyes are shining like a late night star
To be in heaven, I like to get lost in those eyes forever. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#73. Before he sat down, my internal heat-seekers sensed what was coming my way: deep blue eyes that melted girls like Velveeta in a microwave. I tried to resist those microwave eyes, but sometimes there's no defense against them. I had a feeling I'd be seeing him weeping over my coffin later that night. - Author: Natalie Standiford
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#74. The stars were only sparks of the fire which devoured us. Should that fire die out one day, there would be nothing left in the sky but dead stars, dead eyes. - Author: Elie Wiesel
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#75. One summer night I fell asleep hoping the world would be different when I woke. In the morning, when I opened my eyes, the world was the same. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#76. The weirdness of the night was starting to get to me. When tears started to form in the corners of my eyes, it was Brooke Shields, of all people, who asked me if everything was all right. - Author: Leah Remini
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#77. You never knew the last time you were seeing someone. You didn't know when the last argument happened, or the last time you had sex, or the last time you looked into their eyes and thanked God they were in your life.
After they were gone?
That was all you thought about.
Day and night. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#78. The way you seem nervous makes me think you don't know that I'm in love with you."
I looked up at him, eyes wide and hands froze. Click.
"I love you, Petal. I've known it for a while now, but everything changed for me last night. - Author: Christina Lauren
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#79. I wish I had a brush that could paint the whole sky and turn every morning into night. I wish I could always sleep next to you in the never ending night and hold your hand, watching the reflection of all the stars in your eyes, while you smile and watch them in the sky with wonder. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#80. I was in such an ugly, dark place the night we met. I looked into your eyes, and you were right there with me - my angel in the darkness. You saved me." He buries his nose in my hair and inhales audibly. "You saved me and I love you. - Author: Lexi Ryan
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#81. Heart ring in the night; Lights shine from your eyes - Marble crunching the snow. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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#82. There are a lot of things I can take, and a few that I can't. What I can't take is when my older brother, who's everything that I want to be, starts losing faith in things. I saw that look in your eyes last night. I don't ever want to see that look in your eyes again. - Author: M. Night Shyamalan
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#83. What most people find festive - a weekend at a beach shack with friends, a boat trip down a river, a crackling bonfire on a summer night - I see as a bleak nightmare to be grimly endured. I would sooner put lit cigarettes in my eyes than share a vacation house with a crowd. - Author: Jancee Dunn
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#84. Maybe life is all about twirling under one of those midnight skies,
cutting a swathe through the breeze
and gently closing your eyes. - Author: Sanober Khan
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#85. Em," he said again, his eyes wide and dark blue in the dim light. "Did you kiss Mark the other night? - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#86. Upon a darkened night the flame of love was burning in my breastAnd by a lantern bright I fled my house while all in quiet rest.Shrouded by the night and by the secret stair I quickly fled.The veil concealed my eyes while all within lay quiet as the dead - Author: John Of The Cross
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#87. To break out of the chaos of my darkness Into a lucid day is all my will. My words like eyes in night, stare to reach A centre for their light: and my acts thrown To distant places by impatient violence Yet lock together to mould a path of stone Out of my darkness into a lucid day. - Author: Stephen Spender
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#88. In the night, I wish to speak with the angel to find out if she recognizes my eyes, if she will ask me: do you see Eden? And I'll reply: Eden burns. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#89. Evil exists in this world because it has its place. For had you never sat blindly through the darkness of night, your eyes wouldn't turn toward the sunrise to appreciate its warmth and illumination. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#90. Little faults become great, and even monstrous in our eyes, in proportion as the pure light of God increases in us; just as the sun in rising, reveals the true dimensions of objects which were dimly and confusedly discovered during the night. - Author: Francois Fenelon
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#91. I never spend a day in idleness; I appropriate even a part of the night for study. I do not allow time for sleep but yield to it when I must, and when my eyes are wearied with waking and ready to fall shut, I keep them at their task. - Author: Seneca.
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#92. Come to me in the silence of the night,
Come to me in the speaking silence of a dream.
Come with soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright as sunlight on a stream.
Come back in tears,
O memory, hope, love of finished years. - Author: Christina Rossetti
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#93. When Daniel Boone goes by at night
The phantom deer arise
And all lost, wild America
Is burning in their eyes. - Author: Stephen Vincent Benet
Quotes About Eyes In Night #352023
#94. I think you could have a really good night tonight," she said huskily. Jade's eyes danced over her cheap outfit, taking in her costume jewelry and her ruby-red lipstick. "Yeah?" he said. "Thanks for the premonition. - Author: Gregg Hurwitz
Quotes About Eyes In Night #347484
#95. You meaner beauties of the night, That poorly satisfy our eyes More by your number than your light; You common people of the skies, What are you when the sun shall rise? This was printed with music as early as 1624, in East's Sixth Set of Books, and is found in many manuscripts. - Author: Henry Wotton
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#96. It is madness," Brisbane said, and he laughed until tears gathered in his eyes. "It may be madness, but it is an entirely March Christmas," I told him. "And do not forget, this is only half the family. The rest will be here for Twelfth Night." But that is a tale for another time. - Author: Deanna Raybourn
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#97. Never mind the creepy eyes peeking in our windows at night, and following our every move as we drove around. No, that was all good, but stalking us in a grocery story? Line crossed, man. - Author: Brandy Nacole
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#98. NIGHT. No one was praying for the night to pass quickly. The stars were but sparks of the immense conflagration that was consuming us. Were this conflagration to be extinguished one day, nothing would be left in the sky but extinct stars and unseeing eyes. - Author: Elie Wiesel
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#99. I spent nearly two years in a small village - perhaps seventy families. I've never worked harder or learned so much so fast in my life; as an anthropologist you are at work from when you open your eyes in the morning to when you close them at night. - Author: James C. Scott
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#100. He pass'd the flaming bounds of place and time: The living throne, the sapphire blaze, Where angels tremble while they gaze, He saw; but blasted with excess of light, Closed his eyes in endless night. - Author: Thomas Gray
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