Top 100 Quotes About Eating Out

#1. If any man, out of an humour, should turn all his Estate into Money, and keep it dead, he would soon be sensible of Poverty growing upon him, whilst he is eating out of the quick stock.

Dudley North

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#2. Eating out doesn't have to be a formula. Eating out is about having fun. I get really frustrated when it's badly done.

Gordon Ramsay

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#3. Launching an innovative premium jelly bouillon into a highly competitive market at the height of austerity, for example, might not have been thought the wisest move. Yet with people eating out less, the demand for high-quality convenience products that enable people to cook at home has grown. As

Jaideep Prabhu, Paul Polman, The Economist Navi Radjou

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#4. There is no general doctrine which is not capable of eating out our morality if unchecked by the deep-seated habit of direct fellow-feeling with individual fellow-men.

George Eliot

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#5. I spend my money on holidays and eating out, and it allows me to be generous.

James Nesbitt

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#6. My garden in England is full of eating-out places, for heat waves, warm September evenings, or lunch on a frosty Christmas morning.

Mary Quant

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#7. We have higher quality conversations in restaurants than at home. It's as though we rise to the occasion by selecting worthwhile, less mundane subjects to discuss when eating out, just as we dress more carefully ...

Mimi Sheraton

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#8. I like eating out. I like buying beautiful paintings and being surrounded by beautiful things. I have to finance that life. I can barely afford a pension scheme because I don't make enough money.

Andrew Motion

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#9. People come up to me all the time and say, 'Oh, I love to watch Food Network,' and I ask them what they cook, and they say, 'I don't really cook.' They're afraid, they're intimidated, they know all about food from eating out and watching TV, but they don't know where to start in their own kitchen.

Michael Symon

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#10. The fact that most kids aren't eating at home with their families any more really means they are eating elsewhere. They are eating out there in fast food nation.

Alice Waters

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#11. One married couple goes out to a restaurant twice a week for dinner. They spend $160 a month on eating out. They get fat. Another married couple invests $160 a month in their own network marketing business. They stay slim and healthy. In a few years they retire.

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

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#12. We need to eat."
"So, we'll get breakfast out?" I stupidly asked.
"Yes, breakfast. What else would I be eating out?

Penelope Ward

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#13. My obsession with eating out partly comes from having spent 10 long years at English boarding schools in the 1980s, where food was pretty low on the list.

Ben Elliot

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#14. She'd have the two of them eating out of her shoe. I've watched her in action, but I could never get away with it. And, I console myself, being cute hasn't made her all that happy.

Michael Dorris

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#15. If eating out, order your meal and ask the server to wrap up half of the portion to take home with your for the next day, keeping your portion size in check, and stretching your dollar into two meals.

Cat Cora

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#16. I do have a thing for eating out; that's one of life's great middle-age pleasures.

Rick Astley

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#17. Even if you can't afford to travel the world, you can take your children to the museum, zoo or local park. And don't be afraid to take them to grown-up spots. Eating out in a restaurant teaches children how to be quiet and polite and gives them the pleasure of knowing you trust them to behave.

Kimora Lee Simmons

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#18. Everything people do is because their need to do it,if it is not for direct need,then for indirect one, as: eating out of boredom not hunger.


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#19. I love eating out. I don't deny that. But I don't want 12 or 15 courses because the chef wants me to taste this or taste that. I just want to be able to decide.

Gordon Ramsay

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#20. I would say that I had to change about eating out. I used to love eating out all the time. Eating out isn't always good. I ate a lot of fast food. So I had to slow that down and that's helped me a lot.

Jadeveon Clowney

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#21. I do not eat breakfast. i never eat breakfast. I haven't eaten breakfast since I was able to walk out the back door without eating breakfast first.

David Levithan

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#22. Of course, we all inevitably work too hard, then we get burned out and have to spend the whole weekend in our pajamas, eating cereal straight out of the box and staring at the TV in a mild coma (which is the opposite of working, yes, but not exactly the same thing as pleasure).

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#23. I am staring into the hissing face of a cobra. A surprisingly pink tongue slithers in and out of a cruel mouth while an Indian man whose eyes are the blue of blindless inclines his head towards my mother and explains in Hindi that cobras make very good eating.

Libba Bray

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#24. I went on to say that no lies, after all, were as strong as the lies we tell ourselves and then unfortunately have to keep telling to make the whole puke stay down in our stomachs, eating us alive, as he would find out soon enough.

Alice Munro

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#25. God turns clouds inside out to make fluffy beds for the dogs in Dog Heaven, and when they are tired from running and barking and eating ham-sandwich biscuits, the dogs find a cloud bed for sleeping. God watches over each one of them. And there are no bad dreams.

Cynthia Rylant

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#26. If you want to be in the best shape, diet is super important. You can exercise all you want, but if you're not eating the right foods, it's not going to equal out. You're not going to get the results you want.

Misty May-Treanor

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#27. Sometimes it's good just to be seduced by the particular cheeses spread out in front of you on a cheese counter.

Nigella Lawson

Quotes About Eating Out #50181
#28. And if that weren't bad enough, the next sound he heard was a loud click.
The damned woman had locked him out. She'd taken all the food and locked him out.
"You'll pay for this!" he yelled at the door.
"Do be quiet," came the muffled reply. "I'm eating.

Julia Quinn

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#29. She'd lost two more pounds. A picture of the models she'd cut out of the magazine flashed through Kessa's mind. And the winner is ... seventy-three!

Steven Levenkron

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#30. Kids out there now have learning issues. Having mental issues. And everybody is looking towards what drug to give them, but is anyone looking at the food that the children are eating? What you're eating has a big impact.

Ziggy Marley

Quotes About Eating Out #81999
#31. I am a firm believer in eating a full plant-based, whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person. It is tricky dining out, but I just stick to what I know - veggies, fruit and salad - then when I get home I'll have something else.

Ariana Grande

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#32. A poem doesn't come out and tell you what it has to say. It circles back on itself, eating its own tail and making you guess what it means.

Franny Billingsley

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#33. Writing is 90 percent procrastination: reading magazines, eating cereal out of the box, watching infomercials. It's a matter of doing everything you can to avoid writing, until it is about four in the morning and you reach the point where you have to write.

Paul Rudnick

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#34. On a train, why do I always end up sitting next to the woman who's eating the individual fruit pie by sucking the filling out through the hole in the middle?

Victoria Wood

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#35. There are worse things than eating the dead, my dear fellow. Far worse things. There is, for instance, making a huge profit out of their funeral, which is the normal custom in the civilized world.

Leonard Wibberley

Quotes About Eating Out #139038
#36. We don't ask when people age out of singing, or eating ice cream; why would we stop making love?

Ashton Applewhite

Quotes About Eating Out #140268
#37. Hunger.
It's like an animal trapped inside you, Thomas thought. After three full days of not eating, it felt like a vicious, gnawing, dull-clawed animal was trying to burrow its way out of his stomach. He felt every second of every minute of every hour.

James Dashner

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#38. Hell no / I ain't going to go / Clean out my cell / And take my tail / To jail / Without bail / Because it's better there eating / Watching television fed / Than in Vietnam with your white folks dead.

Muhammad Ali

Quotes About Eating Out #148142
#39. Nothing else seems out of the ordinary for a horrible haunted forest being inhabited by a child eating witch.

Seanan McGuire

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#40. Beckett planned to go out with a shit-eating grin because, well, fuck you, world.

Debra Anastasia

Quotes About Eating Out #175366
#41. I'm saying the American way is to overcome, to conquer, to come out on top. And we do it by spending and eating and screwing our women harder than anyone else. That's all I'm saying.

Neil LaBute

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#42. Today's children are taught by our culture that we are a cosmic accident. Something slithered out of the primal slime and over billions of years evolved into a human being. We are cousins, ten times removed, to the ape at the zoo eating his own excrement.

Gary Bauer

Quotes About Eating Out #188116
#43. All of us carry around countless bags of dusty old knickknacks dated from childhood: collected resentments, long list of wounds of greater or lesser significance, glorified memories, absolute certainties that later turn out to be wrong. Humans are emotional pack rats. These bags define us.

Marya Hornbacher

Quotes About Eating Out #202989
#44. I think sometimes what happens is that all of this feeling out of control manifests itself in trying to control your body; whether it's an eating disorder or talking about getting your nose fixed, as if that's going to be the solution to all the pressure.

Susan Sarandon

Quotes About Eating Out #206036
#45. I work out every morning. Only half an hour. I get on the treadmill. That's it. Every morning, I don't care what time. It gets your blood flowing. It gets your adrenaline flowing. I believe in eating well. It's not fanatical. Eat good food. Make sure you've got good vegetables.

Kamala Harris

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#46. I used to have a big dog, a rottweiler, to guard the place. One night I was working late, and he was outside barking in the snow. He wouldn't stop. Then he stopped. I went out ten minutes later with a lamp, and there was a ring of wolves eating my dog.

Martin Cruz Smith

Quotes About Eating Out #221777
#47. When I was in the leverage buy-out business we bought Weetabix and we leveraged it up to make our return. You could say that anyone who was eating Weetabix was paying for our purchase of Weetabix. It was just business. It is the same for Liverpool.

Tom Hicks

Quotes About Eating Out #223304
#48. With any video you see online, like with YouTube, you gotta watch an ad, and that's gotta stop. And I think it'll stop by ... the shitty network shows they put out will just have the ads in the shows. The characters will be eating Cheetos or whatever.

Derek Waters

Quotes About Eating Out #225599
#49. Buttercup," I say. Thousands of people are dead, but he has survived and even looks well fed. On what? He can get in and out of the house through a window we always left ajar in the pantry. He must have been eating field mice. I refuse to consider the alternative. I

Suzanne Collins

Quotes About Eating Out #226796
#50. A mistake a lot of girls make is that they work out but don't eat enough. If you're not eating enough, all the work outs are doing, it's not going to show.

Erin Heatherton

Quotes About Eating Out #230885
#51. Hey!' Bruno called out 'Give me the rest of that banana I was eating.

Roald Dahl

Quotes About Eating Out #235546
#52. Do I want to die from the inside out or the outside in?

Laurie Halse Anderson

Quotes About Eating Out #243817
#53. I've never been on a date before," Isabella said to Mary as she got ready that night.
"You've been on plenty of dates," Mary said.
"No," Isabella said. "I've been out to eat with boys who were my boyfriend, but that's not dating. That's just parelle eating.

Jennifer Close

Quotes About Eating Out #249573
#54. Childbirth is no more a miracle then eating food and a turd coming out of your ass.

Bill Hicks

Quotes About Eating Out #251728
#55. I hadn't meant to slay that dragon. It wouldn't have hurt me, I don't think. (I still dream about it sometimes. The way the fire consumed it from the inside out, like a cigarette burn eating a piece of paper.)

Rainbow Rowell

Quotes About Eating Out #252189
#56. How bad do you want it? How bad do you need it? Are you eating, sleeping, dreaming with that one thing on your mind? How bad do you want it? How bad do you need it? 'Cause if you want it you gotta lay it all out on the line.

Tim McGraw

Quotes About Eating Out #252702
#57. Apple"

Sometimes when eating an apple
I bite too far
and open the little room
the lovers have prepared,
and the seeds fall out
onto the kitchen floor
and I see
that they are tear-shaped.

Jay Leeming

Quotes About Eating Out #253763
#58. I am eating more. I think you do eat more when you're working out. And you want to eat healthily, so it's good all round.

Victoria Beckham

Quotes About Eating Out #254632
#59. I can't kill myself, I thought. I'm too insignificant. I'm nothing. I'm a thumbprint on the first-floor window of a skyscraper, a smudge of excrement on a tissue surging out to sea along with millions of tons of raw sewage, a squirrel eating a nut as a car bore down on him.

Rex Pickett

Quotes About Eating Out #258823
#60. Before it began to open new wounds, the war healed quite a few old ones: it shook us out of our lethargy, our life took on new meaning, we no longer lived without a purpose, eating and sleeping and excreting like animals.

Costas Taktsis

Quotes About Eating Out #258842
#61. What you need to do is get that tape measure out, and start measuring that gut. Then you start working out and you start eating properly till that gut gets down close to it was when you were in your 20's. Then you'll find out what your weight should be.

Jack LaLanne

Quotes About Eating Out #264665
#62. Lucy: Yes, as usual I bought so many books that my food budget ran out. I was left with no choice but to eat bread crusts. But! On the other hand, this means that I was able to feed my word addiction! I feel no shame whatsoever about eating bread crusts!

Hasebe: Have a little shame.

Karino Takatsu

Quotes About Eating Out #300168
#63. I stay healthy through eating well, working out - simply living a healthy lifestyle.

Roselyn Sanchez

Quotes About Eating Out #301369
#64. I do not believe in eating fish hot. People always insist on hot fish, but that leaves it dried out.

Geoffrey Zakarian

Quotes About Eating Out #302818
#65. As far as luxury goes, about the only thing I do is ... I go first class all the way. I live on the road, so when I'm out there, I'm getting the nice hotel suite, I'm getting the luxury car, I'm eating the good food, and I make sure I take care of myself on the road.

Trish Stratus

Quotes About Eating Out #311272
#66. My brother has absolutely no sense of self-preservation or survival instinct," Eli said. "He has no idea we're out here. We could be silver-eating, flesh-regenerating, vampire zombies, and when we busted through the door to eat his brilliant brain, he'd look up and say, 'Huh?

Faith Hunter

Quotes About Eating Out #314985
#67. Keep a strict, predictable schedule 365 days a year that has you eating, sleeping, and exercising at about the same times day in and day out.

David Agus

Quotes About Eating Out #325395
#68. If people recognize me when I'm out in public, I'm very nice to them. I'm very nice to people even when they don't recognize me. I don't even mind if people come up to me while I'm eating dinner, but if they recognize me while I'm having sex, I refuse to sign autographs.

Harrison Ford

Quotes About Eating Out #325917
#69. She was the kind of girl
who loved to stretch out
under the sheets,
eating chocolate,
reading books
and fucking on
rainy afternoons.

Michael Faudet

Quotes About Eating Out #330383
#70. I lift my arm out of the water. It's a log. Put it back under and it blows up even bigger. People see the log and call it a twig. They yell at me because I can't see what they see. Nobody can explain to me why my eyes work different than theirs. Nobody can make it stop.

Laurie Halse Anderson

Quotes About Eating Out #336120
#71. Thrifty, to think not only of eating the people you did not like, but eating them out of their own skull. The

Philip K. Dick

Quotes About Eating Out #339592
#72. I weigh more than I used to. I've been eating a lot of fast food, so I must have put on some muscle - without even working out!

Jarod Kintz

Quotes About Eating Out #348616
#73. Try to think of working out and healthy eating as a lifestyle. Rather than go on a diet or try a crazy exercise routine, try making them something you do every day.

Allyson Felix

Quotes About Eating Out #354830
#74. Most of those who make collections of verse or epigram are like men eating cherries or oysters: they choose out the best at first, and end by eating all.

Nicolas Chamfort

Quotes About Eating Out #355552
#75. I don't sign autographs when I'm out for a meal or out with my kids. I think that's rude and disrespectful. I would never ask anyone for an autograph while they were eating dinner; that's what I was taught by my parents.

Tim Howard

Quotes About Eating Out #366626
#76. I loved her- I always loved her- no matter what she was-I wanted her safe- not shut up- a prisoner for life, eating her heart out. And we did keep her safe- for many years
Phillip Stark

Agatha Christie

Quotes About Eating Out #379250
#77. You should always care about what you're eating because it's your body, and you should always want to eat healthy foods, but dieting tactics in Los Angeles are really confusing. There are so many different weird diets out there.

Laura Slade Wiggins

Quotes About Eating Out #384242
#78. It needs to be said that sometimes my mom forgets important details when she talks. Like the time she told us she was considering leather (couches, it turns out), or when I was little and she said, "Here's a napkin to put your balls in" (the Atomic Fireballs that I was eating, she meant).

Bill Konigsberg

Quotes About Eating Out #388790
#79. We can't get kicked out of McDonald's! This is like the DMZ of drunk eating.

Tucker Max

Quotes About Eating Out #389201
#80. Look at that eye-candy you literally have right out your window. Why aren't you glued to this plate of glass, eating popcorn and posting Instagram photos?

J.L. Berg

Quotes About Eating Out #389905
#81. I love vegging out in front of the TV, eating pizza!

Emma Bunton

Quotes About Eating Out #393548
#82. Freedom of speech means nothing to a people who are too weak in their convictions to speak out against the evil that is eating at the heart of the nation like a cancer.

Billy Graham

Quotes About Eating Out #393751
#83. My homicidal maniac is of a peculiar kind. I shall have to invent a new classification for him, and call him a zoophagous (life-eating) maniac; what he desires is to absorb as many lives as he can, and he has laid himself out to achieve it in a cumulative way..

Bram Stoker

Quotes About Eating Out #396433
#84. I lurched away from the table after a few hours feeling like Elvis in Vegas - fat, drugged, and completely out of it.

Anthony Bourdain

Quotes About Eating Out #418006
#85. No," Isabella said. "I've been out to eat with boys who were my boyfriend, but that's not dating. That's just parallel eating.

Jennifer Close

Quotes About Eating Out #429088
#86. I could have made a casserole out of these things, but you always say you like to know what you're eating.

John Ashbery

Quotes About Eating Out #435810
#87. If you're working out in front of a mirror and watching your muscles grow, your ego has reached a point where it is now eating itself. That's why I believe there should be a psychiatrist at every health club, so that when they see you doing this, they will take you away for a little chat.

Lewis Black

Quotes About Eating Out #451460
#88. Since we're living with antibiotic drugs and chlorinated water and antibacterial soap and all these factors in our contemporary lives that I'd group together as a 'war on bacteria,' if we fail to replenish [good bacteria], we won't effectively get nutrients out of the food we're eating.

Sandor Katz

Quotes About Eating Out #463773
#89. Many museums are drawing audiences with art that is ostensibly more entertaining than stuff that just sits and invites contemplation. Interactivity, gizmos, eating, hanging out, things that make noise - all are now the norm, often edging out much else.

Jerry Saltz

Quotes About Eating Out #467906
#90. A little," panted Mrs. Peagrim, who, though she danced often and vigorously, was never in the best of condition, owing to her habit of neutralizing the beneficent effects of exercise by surreptitious candy-eating. "I'm a little out of breath.

P.G. Wodehouse

Quotes About Eating Out #472195
#91. But he was not a coward...not so much to the idea of pouring out human blood and life, but at the idea of waste of wearing out and eating up and shooting away material in any cause whatever.

William Faulkner

Quotes About Eating Out #472721
#92. It's too hot out here. Let's go inside. I'll teach you how to properly enter a room based on who is already there, and whether they are sitting, standing, or eating." Aladdin groans. "I'm sick of playing prince. Let's pick pockets.

Jessica Khoury

Quotes About Eating Out #475238
#93. If Helen of Troy could have been seen eating peppermints out of a paper bag, it is highly probable that her admirers would have been an entirely different class.It is the thing you are found doing while the horde looks on that you shall be loved for - or ignored.

Djuna Barnes

Quotes About Eating Out #492324
#94. I waited for him to come out. He didn't. I considered going in after him, but knew the fact that I had readied myself to kill him did not mean that he had readied himself to die.

Derrick Jensen

Quotes About Eating Out #494450
#95. He would go east and fight the emperor's wars, carrying out the bloody business of larger countries eating up the littler ones. It wasn't a matter of theory in a tiny office in the emperor's palace. It was the work of their lives and the end of many of them.

Megan Whalen Turner

Quotes About Eating Out #502556
#96. I think the place fed me completely. Not only was I in Uganda, but I was around many people who had a personal relationship with Idi Amin. I was eating the food constantly. I was culturally hanging out with the people. You can't help but absorb the energy, and try to get inside the culture.

Forest Whitaker

Quotes About Eating Out #504581
#97. Salt is one of the flavors that makes food taste good - salt, sugar and fat. So it's a natural thing for all chefs and cooks to add salt, because it enhances the flavor of the food. If you go out to eat, I guarantee you're going to be eating a lot of salted foods that you are going to have no idea.

Brett Hoebel

Quotes About Eating Out #508304
#98. The thought of continually eating something like macaroni, spat out by machinery, fills me with fear and revulsion, so I make macaroni sculptures. I make them and make them and then keep on making them, until I bury myself in the process. I call this 'obliteration.'

Yayoi Kusama

Quotes About Eating Out #515599
#99. Food-what is chosen from the possibilities available, how it is presented, how it is eaten, with whom and when, and how much time is allotted to cooking and eating it-is one of the means by which a society creates itself and acts out its aims and fantasies.

Margaret Visser

Quotes About Eating Out #535591
#100. Sitting eating sushi in the city, incredibly chilled out reading Nietzsche.

Joey Barton

Quotes About Eating Out #544943

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