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Top 88 Quotes About Changing Times

#1. Her eyes are like her personality. A chameleon. Always changing. They can be feline at times, warm like brandy. But they can be a whole lot of dark too, the color evaporating into an endless void. - Author: A. Zavarelli
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#2. Remember that the people you are talking to are a hundred times more interested in themselves and their wants and problems than they are in you and your problems. - Author: Dale Carnegie
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#3. Most successful people can identify one minute, one moment, where their lives changed, and it usually occurred in times of adversity. - Author: Willie Jolley
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#4. I wonder if it is possible to have two boyfriends. I mean, times are changing. Relationships are more complicated. In France men always have mistresses and wives and so on. Henri probably has two girlfriends. He would laugh if you told him you just had one. He would say, 'C'est tres, tres tragique.' - Author: Louise Rennison
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#5. Life. Unfair and painful at times. But always moving forward, always shifting,changing, with times relentless passage smoothing down jagged parts until it no longer hurts quite so much to breathe. - Author: Suzanne Brockmann
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#6. With the level of uncertainty we see today, more people are asking, how can you develop a strategy in a world that keeps changing so fast? They are afraid that a set of rigid principles will hinder their ability to react quickly. I argue that it is precisely at such times that you need a strategy. - Author: Orit Gadiesh
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#7. The Christian versions of the household codes were clearly progressive for their time, but does that mean they have the last word, that Christians in changing places and times cannot progress further? - Author: Rachel Held Evans
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#8. Nothing that doesn't push you past your limits can change your life. It's true of work, it's true of parenting, and it's true - a hundred times over - of love. - Author: Katherine Center
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#9. A vision should be attainable subject to current times and its ability to adapt to changing times. - Author: Pearl Zhu
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#10. A man who is used to acting in one way never changes; he must come to ruin when the times, in changing, no longer are in harmony with his ways. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#11. Back in the old days, everyone was shocked if a band had a sponsor for their tour. Now, Bob Dylan can do a commercial for Victoria's Secret and people don't really blink; the Beatles' songs are in all sorts of commercials these days and it doesn't seem to offend anybody. The times are changing. - Author: Judd Apatow
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#12. Times change, as do our wills, What we are - is ever changing; All the world is made of change, And forever attaining new qualities. - Author: Luis Vaz De Camoes
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#13. Every person is the master of his or her own destiny. What we think about alters our character. Our character organizes our personality, and our personality scripts how successfully we interact with other people and respond to a changing environment. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#14. The biggest challenge is how you get money for independent films, in these ever-changing times when most people don't really want to invest in that anymore. - Author: Famke Janssen
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#15. You think maybe if you just work harder and faster, you can hold off the chaos, but then one day you're changing a patio light bulb with a five-year life span and you realize how you'll only be changing this light maybe ten more times before you'll be dead. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#16. Times do keep changing - thank God. - Author: Cokie Roberts
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#17. I've been on sets where the turnaround is so fast and the budget so small that the actors have been asked to speed things up and save money by changing in the public toilets. There's no room for vanity at times like that. It's the best way: get on with it! - Author: Anna Friel
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#18. Times are a'changing, my man. Welcome to the new real world where fat people don't have to hate themselves anymore. Thank God for women like Melissa McCarthy and Adele so we can all start really believing that now. - Author: Stephanie McAfee
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#19. Online is such an important platform ... it's all one giant melting pot of talents. The times are changing. It's just art now. You can share your audiences with everyone, and it's exciting. - Author: Lindsey Stirling
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#20. With 'Supermoms,' my ex-husband and father of my 15-year-old child was a writer-producer on that project. We're both of the mind that we should try and handle these changing times as best we can. He's very forward-thinking about brand marketing. - Author: Julie Warner
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#21. For our times are not satisfied with faith and not even with the miracle of changing water into wine - they 'go right on,' changing wine into water. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#22. Don't fear technology. Embrace it and adapt with the changing times. Disruption is needed agitation to unlock new possibilities. - Author: K.J. Kilton
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#23. It's important to get in the habit of growing as a human being, developing and refining leadership and management skills and entrepreneurial instincts and changing to accommodate the times. - Author: Ivanka Trump
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#24. You are going through difficult moments of life. Times when you do not understand the ways of our world or the ways of our people. Hold on to yourself in these moments. These times will change. Calm will return to your being. Hold on to yourself. Please. - Author: Avijeet Das
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#25. Happiness requires changing yourself and changing your world. It requires pursuing your own goals and fitting in with others. Different people at different times in their lives will benefit from drawing more heavily on one approach or the other. - Author: Jonathan Haidt
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#26. If you're not changing, evolving with the times, there's a pretty good chance that you're stagnant, dying, already dead, or just a rock in someone's shoe. - Author: Ray Palla
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#27. Changing your mind is okay. It shows wisdom and maturity. Never wavering from a belief no matter what is a mistake. What matters is trying to be as closely aligned with truth and reality as you can be at all times. And that requires many navigational adjustments over a lifetime. - Author: Guy P. Harrison
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#28. Cosmopolitanism has offered me an ethical perspective and a conceptual framework with which to read the signs of our times as a theologian and intellectual who has a public responsibility for constantly offering a way to engage in this rapidly changing public world. - Author: Namsoon Kang
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#29. Law grows, and though the principles of law remain unchanged, yet (and it is one of the advantages of the common law) their application is to be changed with the changing circumstances of the times. Some persons may call this retrogression, I call it progression of human opinion. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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#30. I've always shot on film, but the times are changing. - Author: Richard LaGravenese
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#31. I know men and women can banish worry, fear and various kinds of illnesses, and can transform their lives by changing their thoughts. I know! I know! I know! I have seen such incredible transformations performed hundreds of times. I have seen them so often that I no longer wonder at them. - Author: Dale Carnegie
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#32. Throughout the ages, Christians have adapted John of Patmos's visions to changing times, reading their own social, political and religious conflicts into the cosmic war he so powerfully evokes. Yet his Book of Revelation appeals not only to fear and desires for vengeance but also to hope. - Author: Elaine Pagels
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#33. Those who still believe the Brahmins should take a serious not of the changing times and start leading an awakened life. - Author: Periyar E.V. Ramasamy
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#34. COMMON SENSE CONCLUSION: Your retirement identity is of a successful person who creatively and effectively manages your money and lifestyle to adapt to the ever changing conditions of our times. - Author: Lee Johnson
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#35. The entire Nintendo group will carry on the spirit of Mr. Yamauchi by honoring, in our approach to entertainment, the sense of value he has taught us
that there is merit in doing what is different
and at the same time, by changing Nintendo in accordance with changing times - Author: Satoru Iwata
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#36. In changing times, question everything you take for granted. - Author: Gyan Nagpal
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#37. You cannot change any world unless you become a vital part of the changing. - Author: Munia Khan
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#38. We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#39. Put the ballast of biblical truth
in the belly of our little boats,
lest the crashing waves of calamity
of these changing times
cause us to capsize in the sea of trouble - Author: John Piper
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#40. They stopped a few times along the way, the early start affording them the opportunity. Marc exposed several rolls of film of the changing coastline and took several pictures of her as well. By the time they reached - Author: Bonnie Blythe
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#41. Life is a journey of faces. Each face sees a new group of people changing the face of life and living! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#42. World events can shape culture. Music is either a soundtrack for or a narration of changing times. And who knows how that's going to go? - Author: L.A. Reid
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#43. The Constitution is the fundamental rule for people to live in society. If the rule no longer suits the lives of the general public due to changing times, it should be changed. That goes for regular laws as well as the Constitution. - Author: Ichiro Ozawa
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#44. She doesn't know I cry for the changing times. That just as I reread favourite books, some small part of me hoping for a different ending, I find myself hoping against hope that the war will never come. That this time, somehow, it will leave us be. - Author: Kate Morton
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#45. When he talked about a Higher Power, he used words like gratifying, restorative and life-changing. It was something that "got you through the tough times," which "any young person could manage with a little hard work, trust and tenacity." God was a trip to Cancun. - Author: Marisha Pessl
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#46. Huh! Mankind always comes up with ideas to make up for the follies of the status quo. But what happens if those ideas are inflexible and fail to respond to the changing times. They end up betraying the people who believed in them. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
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#47. I write a sentence a thousand times, changing it all the time to look at it in different ways. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
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#48. In the changing of the times," Abe wrote to one of his students, "they were like autumn lightning, a thing out of season, an empty promise of rain that would fall unheeded on fields already bare. - Author: Dave Lowry
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#49. As Christians living in changing times, we must keep three things open: our heads, our hearts, and our Bibles. - Author: Kevin DeYoung
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#50. Vision is also a fickle creature. You can see an object a hundred times, a thousand times, and it remains unchanged. Then in one swift second you realize it has been changing all along and your eyes hid it from you. - Author: Cherie Priest
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#51. In my experience, in the real-estate business past success stories are generally not applicable to new situations. We must continually reinvent ourselves, responding to changing times with innovative new business models. - Author: Akira Mori
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#52. In changing times, we should all lend our support to the independent retailers. Without independent retailers, many of the biggest names in music would still be undiscovered. They break new artists and movements. We all know the industry is changing, but we can't forget where we came from. - Author: Gorilla Zoe
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#53. There aren't many kids today as good as you are. Kids today are selfish; they don't think of others. They're too busy listening to devil music on their eight-track players to think of anyone else. - Author: K. Martin Beckner
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#54. "Adjust to changing times but sticking to unchanging principles" - committing me and all Americans to real ideals of justice and truth, no matter what difficulties faced us. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#55. To our eyes, our crude eyes, nothing is changing, but if we could see it a billion times magnified, we would see that from its own point of view it is always changing: molecules are leaving the surface, molecules are coming back. - Author: Richard Feynman
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#56. With film, you read the whole script three or four times, and you really have a solid blueprint of who your character is. Whereas in television, that blueprint is constantly changing and adapting, and sometimes you have to take a risk. - Author: Graham Phillips
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#57. In the past, the Republican Party has depended on unified support at election time from Evangelical Christians. But times are changing! - Author: Tony Campolo
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#58. Sometimes I feel that what used to be once casual conversations between friends are now being substituted with forced conversations containing none of the warmth it possessed earlier. It's better to not have any conversation at all than have forced conversations. - Author: Adhish Mazumder
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#59. All times are changing times, but ours is one of massive, rapid moral and mental transformation. Archetypes turn into millstones, large simplicities get complicated, chaos becomes elegant, and what everybody knows is true turns out to be what some people used to think. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#60. This trail is never-changing, it won't lead you astray. It won't always be easy to follow and at times it will look too narrow for your paws. Follow it anyway, and you'll overcome every challenge you face." -Faolan - Author: Brittany L. Engels
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#61. Our lives are constantly changing. Different things become relevant at different times in our lives. We are motivated by our changing sensibilities. Why can that not be applied to art? - Author: Sarah Thornton
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#62. The laws of a state change with the changing times. - Author: Aeschylus
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#63. You know what's fun about basketball? It keeps evolving, and it keeps changing a little bit. And the older guys want to try to hold it back to how they grew up, and it's not the same. You've got to change with the times, and some of the guys you've got to drag across the finish line. - Author: Mike D'Antoni
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#64. There's an interesting trend that occurs in times of mounting pressure and high uncertainty, which is that it's a natural human tendency to seek out people that agree with us, that are similar to us because it's a source of comfort in a world that's so rapidly changing. - Author: John Hagel III
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#65. We don't care what the framers would have thought of violent video games. Times are changing. - Author: Dahlia Lithwick
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#66. When it is mid week, pause and ponder! The very single days we disregard are what become the very years we wished to have used effectively and efficiently. If we disregard today, we shall remember our had I know tomorrow. Time changes therefore think of the changing times. - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#67. Changing irrational beliefs can impact multiple areas of life. It doesn't matter how many times you repeat affirmations for success but if you don't change your core beliefs, the changes will be temporary. - Author: Hina Hashmi
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#68. Down is up, up is down. Good is Wicked, Wicked is Good. The times are changing. This is what Oz has come to. - Author: Danielle Paige
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#69. Sometimes something catastrophic can occur in a split second that changes a person's life forever; other times one minor incident can lead to another and then another and another, eventually setting off just as big a change in a body's life. - Author: Jeannette Walls
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#70. The times they are a-changing. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#71. Numerous times throughout history, a single person has made a tremendous impact on the world. I don't know why anyone would think that can't still happen. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#72. Of course, when I was a girl, a housemaid's face would have betrayed no emotion if the corpse were being dismembered on the carpet and she had to step over bits of it to reach the table, but times are changing - Author: Catriona McPherson
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#73. Times change and discoveries are made that render earlier techniques and approaches less effective. Change is inevitable. To remain rigid when the whole world is changing and advancing is to invite misfortune. The AA program in particular is challenged with an opportunity of unprecedented magnitude. - Author: Chris Prentiss
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#74. Perhaps it's a good time to reconsider pleasure at its roots. Changing out of wet shoes and socks, for instance. - Author: Barbara Holland
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#75. Actually, my friendships are changing because my friends have kids, so that's a new aspect to the material. Not just that I don't want to have kids, it's that I'm having a hard time relating to people I know. - Author: Jen Kirkman
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#76. And then as I frequently do, some times I'll peek out from underneath the focusing cloth and just look around the edges of the frame that I'm not seeing, see if there's something that should be adjusted in terms of changing the camera position. - Author: John Sexton
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#77. You could not stop times from changing, his mother said, no more than you could stop the surf from rolling. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#78. What's universal is the texture of our relationships. It's evolving. Times are changing with the women's movement. Men's roles are being redefined and, in some ways, they're confused. - Author: Terry McMillan
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#79. I'm grateful for believing in a religion that can naturally adapt to changing times yet uphold timeless values and principles. - Author: Nouman Ali Khan
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#80. What happened in the United changing room has happened to me 50 times in my career. I have kicked bottles of mineral water, bags and shoes but I never hit a player. It's a question of technique, and the Scots must have a better technique. - Author: Marcello Lippi
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#81. Activating is about changing people's perceptions of overlooked or invisible spaces. A building can become an archetype, invisible, like for a New Yorker, for example, the Statue of Liberty. You look at it, and it disappears into the thousands of times you've already seen it. - Author: Chris Jordan
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#82. The times are a-changing and if we don't we will sink like a stone. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#83. I had maybe heard 'The Times Are A-Changing' on the radio, but I had no idea who Dylan was. No idea. - Author: D. A. Pennebaker
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#84. We live in a very different world than the one that we inherited from our parents and from our grandparents. Times are changing, and states must adapt to win. - Author: Martin O'Malley
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#85. I was changing my outfits, my looks, my wig, sometimes several times a day. That's when I know my soul is restless. - Author: Lady Gaga
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#86. Today, the growers are like a punch-drunk old boxer who doesn't know he's past his prime. The times are changing. The political and social environment has changed. The chickens are coming home to roost - and the time to account for past sins is approaching. - Author: Cesar Chavez
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#87. President Bush offers the American people an optimistic vision and a clear choice in November. The President has provided steady leadership in remarkably changing times. He knows exactly where he wants to lead this country, and he has complete confidence in the American people. - Author: Henry Bonilla
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#88. Times were changing. Clothes were changing. Morals were changing. We went from romantic loves songs like I used to do to rock 'n roll. Now that has changed to rap. So, there's always a new generation with new music. - Author: Bobby Vinton
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