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#1. The idea of brotherhood re-dawns upon the world with a broader significance than the narrow association of members in a sect or creed. - Author: Helen Keller
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#2. We want to go further than preventing people from becoming terrorists and focus on a broader approach to counter-extremism - both violent and non-violent. - Author: Theresa May
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#3. Each attraction, limited as it may appear to be, is a cosmic happening-it occurs within the broader pattern of things, within the endlessly complex structure which underlies our lives. - Author: Amalia Kahana-Carmon
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#4. Human nature is deeper and broader than the artificial contrivance of any existing culture. - Author: Edward O. Wilson
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#5. And when I read, and really I do not read so much, only a few authors, - a few men that I discovered by accident - I do this because they look at things in a broader, milder and more affectionate way than I do, and because they know life better, so that I can learn from them. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
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#6. While a lab Director can get done the things that he regards as important, he has the more important job of bringing out the best ideas of the broader scientific community. - Author: Burton Richter
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#7. Companies and leaders are role models - not just with the business community - but in the broader world. - Author: Chip Conley
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#8. Where a love of natural beauty has been cultivated, all nature becomes a stupendous gallery, as much superior in form and in coloring to the choicest collections of human art, as the heavens are broader and loftier than the Louvre or the Vatican. - Author: Horace Mann
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#9. Romantic fiction, in the broader sense, can be any novel that has a love story somewhere in it. It can be a mystery or a historical novel, as long as it has this very strong romantic thread running through it. - Author: Susanna Kearsley
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#10. At any moment, one company stands in the spotlight of the middle ring in the stock market's never-ending circus. It may not be the biggest corporation in the world, or the most profitable, but somehow it both mirrors and leads the market's broader action. - Author: Alex Berenson
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#11. 'Vanity pages,' is somewhat of a derogatory term; personal pages are still the heart of blogging, but now there are more topic-oriented blogs. It's really about personal expression, and that's just gotten bigger and broader. - Author: Evan Williams
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#12. In a small company, you often see a lot more of what goes on in a broader range of things. And that's good. - Author: Vint Cerf
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#13. I count this thing to be grandly true: That a noble deed is a step toward God
Lifting the soul from the common clod To a purer air and a broader view. - Author: J.G. Holland
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#14. The closer the source of light is to a subject, the broader the beams are. - Author: Conrad Hall
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#15. I'm an interior designer from the soul. It's not about just putting things in a room. It's much deeper and broader. It's about self-discovery. - Author: Alexandra Stoddard
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#16. Drummers haven't managed to develop their individuality quite as well as guitarists have. We can be so focused on the nuts and bolts that we overlook the importance of individuality - the broader picture, if you will. - Author: Bill Bruford
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#17. You have to maintain your principles but have a broader appeal. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#18. It's hard to pay attention these days because of multiple affects of the information technology nowadays. You tend to develop a faster, speedier mind, but I don't think it's necessarily broader or smarter. - Author: Robert Redford
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#19. If we're going to reach a broader audience, we have to stop thinking about that audience strictly in terms of teenage boys or even teenage girls. We need to think about things that are relevant to normal humans and not just the geeks we used to be. - Author: Warren Spector
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#20. He released her with obvious reluctance and shoved open his door, then came around to open her door. His chivalry brought an even broader smile. "Bet this doesn't last long", she teased. He took her hand. "You keep waiting for me to open it, and I will keep coming around. - Author: Colleen Coble
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#21. Becoming an Earth Citizen means that you are breaking out of a self-imposed idea of who you are and embracing the broader reality of who you truly are. - Author: Ilchi Lee
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#22. I think I have broken into the mainstream, and I think that may happen in a broader way, but I want to do it on my own terms, not become a standard producer. - Author: Joe R. Lansdale
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#23. I went to study English for two reasons. Principally because when I was in university, studying drama wasn't considered an option. You couldn't get a degree course for it. And so many plays and things that I was interested in landed themselves in a broader spectrum of literature. - Author: James Callis
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#24. A lot of victims, for example, have become addicted to alcohol and drugs. It seems to me that the church's healing ministry is going to be enhanced through this in much broader strokes. That's good, it's all positive. - Author: Roger Mahony
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#25. Finding Mecca in America weaves social theory and concrete ethnography into a significant contribution on Muslims in the United States, illuminating broader questions about the integration of minority and immigrant groups along the way. This is an important work and a joy to read. - Author: Eboo Patel
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#26. Keeping this facility [Guantanamo prison] open is contrary to our values. It undermines our standing in the world. It is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. - Author: Audie Cornish
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#27. We believe Russian-American relations are broader and larger than emotions and mutual grudges, including the situation with the U.S. fugitive Edward Snowden. - Author: Sergei Lavrov
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#28. Don't just talk about Hispanics and say immediately we must have controlled borders. It's kind of insulting when you think about it. Change the tone would be the first thing. Second, on immigration, I think we need to have a broader approach. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#29. Our generation delimited the definition & horizon of Love in a box that mainly refers to love between a boy & a girl. Love has a broader & profound meaning beyond this box. Surely, the highest state of love is Love of God, a love between creations & the Creator. - Author: Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb
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#30. The more and more each is impelled by that which is intuitive, or the relying upon the soul force within, the greater, the farther, the deeper, the broader, the more constructive may be the result. - Author: Edgar Cayce
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#31. The world is as large as the range of one's interests. A narrow-minded man has a narrow outlook. The walls of his world shut out the broader horizon of affairs. Prejudice can maintain walls that no invention can remove. - Author: Joseph Jastrow
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#32. I'm a quarter Chinese and three-quarter Filipino. I don't look Filipino; I look more Chinese or Korean. It actually works in my favor: in terms of roles, it gives me a broader canvas. - Author: Reggie Lee
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#33. On almost every issue involving postwar Iraq, [Bush's] assumptions and policies have been wrong. This strange combination of arrogance and incompetence has not only destroyed the hopes for a new Iraq. It has had the much broader effect of turning the United States into an international outlaw. - Author: Fareed Zakaria
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#34. Rather than disliking theatre, I've expressed a preference for television because it tends to deal in its small way much more with issues and is able to reach a broader church of people than theatre. - Author: Christopher Eccleston
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#35. He stood taller, and straighter, and broader, and infinitely more human than anything else Marcii could possibly imagine. - Author: Ross Turner
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#36. Food has it over sex for variety. Hedonistically, gustatory possibilities are much broader than copulatory ones. - Author: Joseph Epstein
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#37. To get hold of the human condition, we need next a much broader definition of history than is conventionally used. - Author: Edward O. Wilson
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#38. I wanted it to be as readable as possible. I had the ambition of reaching a broader audience. - Author: Adrian Tomine
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#39. Late-blooming success can be complicated. As people age, they are more likely to judge their accomplishments on their own terms; however, late bloomers often use the benefits of broader acknowledgment and publicity to help them meet their personal and professional goals. - Author: J.M. Orend
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#40. By 1950, he had come to view the pedestrian as a threshold or indicator species capable of foretelling things to come - if the rights of the pedestrian were threatened, it would be an early indicator that broader freedoms of thought and action were also at risk. - Author: Jonathan Eller
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#41. I feel the whole issue has been a witchhunt from day one as part of a broader Republican political agenda. - Author: Kojo Annan
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#42. The broader the topic, the easier it is, not only to fill a book, but to set the bar pretty high for really great stuff. - Author: Mary Roach
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#43. The rates of soda consumption in our poorest communities cannot be explained by individual consumer preferences alone, but rather are linked to broader issues of access and affordability of healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods, and to the marketing efforts of soda companies themselves. - Author: Geoffrey Canada
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#44. True Love can be no deeper than your capacity for friendship, no higher than your ideals, and no broader than the scope of your vision. - Author: Helen Rowland
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#45. One reason the broader world does not look to Christianity for guidance is that we Christians have not spoken with a credible voice. - Author: Philip Yancey
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#46. We have faith in the photograph not only because it works on a physically descriptive level, but in a broader sense because it confirms our sense of omnipresence as well as the validity of the material world. - Author: Fred Ritchin
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#47. Is Wall Street the rightful master of our economic fate? Or should we choose a broader form of sovereignty? - Author: Thomas Frank
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#48. The reality of having a kid involves day-to-day practicality - not broader philosophical outlooks. - Author: John Darnielle
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#49. But in a broader sense, when I have more control, I want to expose people to new ideas. - Author: Ryan Phillippe
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#50. The policeman on the beat or in the patrol car makes more decisions and exercises broader discretion affecting the daily likes of people every day and to a greater extent, in many respects, than a judge will ordinarily exercise in a week. - Author: Warren E. Burger
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#51. Education exposes young people to a broader world, a world full of opportunity and hope. - Author: Christine Gregoire
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#52. And broader still became the blaze, and louder still the din, And fast from every village round the horse came spurring in. - Author: Nathan Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild
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#53. Seek out influencers, those who are connected to broader networks of potential customers. - Author: Darren Hardy
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#54. Even if individual researchers are prone to falling in love with their own theories, the broader process of peer review and institutionalized skepticism are designed to ensure that, eventually, the best ideas prevail. - Author: Chris Mooney
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#55. Laurent, just turned twenty, and possessing an elaborate mind with a gift for planning, detached it from the petty intrigues of the court and set it loose on the broader canvas of this, his first command. - Author: C.S. Pacat
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#56. The criminal-justice system is, obviously, the sole source of racial tension in this country [USA] or the key institution to resolving the opportunity gap. It is a part of the broader set of challenges that we face in creating a more perfect union. - Author: Barack Obama
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#57. The Broader interpretation that often seems to underlie the new economy label is that we are witnessing a more fundamental change in the paradigm. The old rules no longer apply. Throw out the NAIRU. Heck, throw out supply and demand. No limits, no business cycles. - Author: Laurence Meyer
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#58. Among other objectives, liquidity guidelines must take into account the risks that inadequate liquidity planning by major financial firms pose for the broader financial system, and they must ensure that these firms do not become excessively reliant on liquidity support from the central bank. - Author: Ben Bernanke
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#59. Before you can achieve success in the higher and broader sense you must gain such thorough control over yourself that you will be a person of poise. - Author: Napoleon Hill
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#60. The passions and pain of the Vietnam War have subsided to a degree to which we are now able to look at the broader achievements of the Johnson administration," said playwright Robert Schenkkan, whose Broadway show about the president, "All the Way," is playing to packed houses. - Author: The Washington Post
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#61. We've all read, I'm sure, a Superman book where we didn't really feel like we knew the character. Where the writer, often with the best of intentions, has tried put a personal stamp on the character, whether it be to try and make him more current, or cool, or have a broader appeal, etc. - Author: Gary Frank
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#62. One way to have broader access to wealth is to reduce the tax on the large group and increase the tax on the very top so concentration of wealth doesn't get to extreme levels. - Author: Thomas Piketty
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#63. Pretty is so boring now. There are so many different definitions of 'pretty.' It's so much broader than before. The old pretty is boring - nobody cares anymore. - Author: Zendaya
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#64. We give Supreme Court justices this freedom because we expect them to remain above the pull of politics, to avoid the effects of public excitement and allow a broader view, not tied to the whims of the majority at a certain moment in history. - Author: Herb Kohl
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#65. In order to more fully understand this reality, we must take into account other dimensions of a broader reality. - Author: John Archibald Wheeler
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#66. In some sense, list-making is to mind-mapping as black and white photography is to color photography. Both are good, both are useful. One gives you precision and clarity; the other gives you a broader spectrum of potential beauty, as well as access to otherwise-unseen features. - Author: Anonymous
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#67. Cultivation of positive emotions, including self-love and self-respect, strengthens our inner resources and opens us to a broader range of thoughts and actions. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#68. I can't say that the college-bred woman is the most contented woman. The broader her mind the more she understands the unequal conditions between men and women, the more she chafes under a government that tolerates it. - Author: Susan B. Anthony
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#69. So how as a nation can we sit around and eat Mexican food, and drink beer and make friends? That's the question. If we can do that on a broader scale, I think we'll come out of it all right. - Author: Sandra Day O'Connor
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#70. The average voter out there understands that the next president is going to have to be prepared to immediately step in without hesitation and end our involvement in Iraq. It's very difficult to figure out how to move on to broader foreign policy concerns without fixing Iraq first. - Author: Joe Biden
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#71. Scientifically, information is a choice - a yes-or-no choice. In a broader sense, information is everything that informs our world - writing, painting, music, money. - Author: James Gleick
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#72. Travel is rich with learning opportunities, and the ultimate sourvenir is a broader perspective. - Author: Rick Steves
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#73. Rhosh, remember the being's skin, smooth, dark brown skin, like this one's skin, and the being's hair. The hair was the same, thick like this and with loose curls and the very same golden streak in it, only broader and on the right side of the head. - Author: Anne Rice
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#74. What is invaluable about Angela Davis' work is that she does not limit her politics to issues removed from broader social considerations, but connects every aspect of her scholarship and public interventions to what the contours of a truly democratic society might look like. - Author: Henry Giroux
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#75. The aesthetic of architecture has to be rooted in a broader idea about human activities like walking, relaxing and communicating. Architecture thinks about how these activities can be given added value. - Author: Thom Mayne
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#76. It takes a huge amount of effort to move from a successful high-tech prototype to broader adoption of an imaging technology. - Author: Eric Betzig
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#77. You've changed me, she thought. Not just showing me that boys aren't all pond scum. You've made me different, made me look at the broader picture. Given me vision. - Author: L.J.Smith
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#78. In theory, the Internet provides an opportunity to widen knowledge-to see beyond screens and neighborhoods into a broader universe-and yet the first thing many people want to do is wall themselves off and broadcast how narrow-minded they are. It seems to absolutely miss the point of the experience. - Author: Jason Gay
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#79. You always want to translate as much emotion as you can, even if it's broader with bigger emotions. - Author: Alicia Vikander
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#80. The entertainment options for young people are a lot broader now, and the quality of films is slumping a little bit. - Author: Peter Jackson
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#81. Life can be much broader. You can embrace it, change it, improve it, make your mark upon it. - Author: Steve Jobs
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#82. There is no broader way to apostasy than to reject God's sovereignty in all things concerning the revelation of himself and our obedience ... - Author: John Owen
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#83. Just as the right to speak and the right to refrain from speaking are complementary components of a broader concept of individual freedom, so also the individual's freedom to choose his own creed is the counterpart of his right to refrain from accepting the creed established by the majority. - Author: John Paul Stevens
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#84. As women have played an increasingly important role in politics, there is no question that they've brought a different perspective, focusing attention on a broader set of issues and building alliances with other women. - Author: Dee Dee Myers
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#85. And what excites me most is the type of public, the fact that the Parisian people have a broader cultural understanding than many Americans do. - Author: Herb Ritts
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#86. Most people my age, their musical life ended in the '80s. They stick with what they know. But my tastes are much broader. And I don't want to stop learning. - Author: Paul Weller
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#87. Your vision becomes broader when you encounter God daily - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#88. And, in the past, it has been all too easy for legislators to load costs onto business in order to meet broader social goals. And costs for business means costs for consumers. - Author: John Hutton
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#89. We are approaching a new age of synthesis. Knowledge cannot be merely a degree or a skill ... it demands a broader vision, capabilities in critical thinking and logical deduction without which we cannot have constructive progress. - Author: Li Ka-shing
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#90. Ideas are born, they struggle, triumph, change, and they are transformed; but is there a dead idea which in the end does not live on, transformed into a broader and clearer goal? - Author: Eugenio Maria De Hostos
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#91. If you see yourself in everyone and everything, you will naturally strive for win/win scenarios in all aspects of life. If you wish well for others, you are manifesting success for your broader self. - Author: Russell Anthony Gibbs
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#92. I was attracted to filmmaking in college because of my love of storytelling. You can have such an impact and reach a broader audience than conventional journalism. - Author: Rory Kennedy
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#93. The suffering of the Christian or anyone else in this world is never ultimately an accident. All suffering is within the pale of divine sovereignty. All suffering comes within the broader context of the sovereignty of God. - Author: R.C. Sproul
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#94. Evolutionary biologists are not content merely to explain how variation occurs within limits, however. They aspire to answer a much broader question-which is how complex organisms like birds, and flowers, and human beings came into existence in the first place. - Author: Phillip E. Johnson
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#95. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in March 2011 was an immense tragedy that sparked a global response. The international community came forward with aid to the victims and came together to address the broader concerns about nuclear security and safety. - Author: Ban Ki-moon
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#96. 'In Country' was also made into a film, which opened the story up to a broader audience. - Author: Bobbie Ann Mason
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#97. As a cartoonist I do what I find funny. As an editor I have a broader approach realizing that humor is inherently subjective and I don't want my preferences to rule out what others might like. - Author: Robert Mankoff
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#98. A lot of YouTubers, because they have such pride in what they do, have a negative connotation towards television. I don't feel that way. I feel like it's another medium to reach a broader audience. - Author: Grace Helbig
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#99. History shows one important fact: the results of competitive special elections from Hawaii to New York are poor indicators of broader trends or future general election outcomes. - Author: Pete Sessions
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#100. It is impossible to dissociate an individual from the environment of which he is a part. No story of achievement should ever be removed from its broader social context. - Author: Reid Hoffman
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