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#1. You should eat more than that. It must take a lot of lettuce and carrots to keep up any kind of normal body weight. - Author: Thea Harrison
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#2. It's not his body
that changes
right away.
it's something
inside. he says
he wants to
be a little
weaker. i don't
i say 'thinner?'
and he says
'no, i want
to be stronger
in a different
way.' not
because of me,
but for me. - Author: David Levithan
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#3. According to aerodynamic laws, the bumblebee cannot fly. Its body weight is not the right proportion to its wingspan. Ignoring these laws, the bee flies anyway. - Author: Andre Sainte-Lague
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#4. I'm very hard on myself because I know how good my body can look. Dorie has taught me to use less weight and more repetition so I don't become too muscular. - Author: Donna Dixon
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#5. I do this system called TRX. It was developed by a Navy SEAL and is basically a simple cord that you can wrap around something anywhere, anytime, and you use your body weight as resistance. We installed one in our home gym, but you can also attach it to a tree. It's very easy to travel with. - Author: Elizabeth Banks
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#6. Ultimately, what may be needed to address the obesity problem are direct taxes on body weight. - Author: Jonathan Gruber
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#7. She was almost there. She could feel the weight of herself, the ponderousness of her body, the distant memories of the dawn of time when rock was molten and free. For the first time in her life she knew what it was like to have balconies. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#8. See what it is you would like to attract into your life. See how you would like your business to go, your relationships to go, and even your body to go in terms of overcoming addictions and dealing with weight and health issues. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#9. Putting it another way: A group of fat teenagers who lost 25 percent of their body weight were in worse health than teenagers with anorexia. It - Author: Rebecca Jane Weinstein
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#10. Don't try to lose weight. Take delight in gaining fitness. - Author: Alan Cohen
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#11. If I could have a Barbie body, which has no cellulite, I totally would. I would like to have a flatter stomach, but that won't happen either. That is never going to happen. No matter how much weight I lose, my stomach, below the belly button, always pooches out. - Author: Holly Madison
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#12. Eating smart is all about having an awareness of your body. The most obvious way to do that is by seeing it. So when you're trying to lose weight, spend more time wearing less. I don't think I could eat a plate of nachos naked - could you? - Author: Marisa Miller
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#13. Some of my battles with weight have been very public. But most of them have been internal. Even at my thinnest, when my body was being praised, I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror or how I felt about myself. - Author: Janet Jackson
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#14. Every human body has its optimum weight and contour, which only health and efficiency can establish. Whenever we treat women's bodies as aesthetic objects without function we deform them. - Author: Germaine Greer
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#15. You are a spirit, bearing the weight of a dead body, as Epictetus used to say. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
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#16. Eating is more than a fix, it's nature's way to nourish cells -- it's a way to extend life. Don't give a natural body unnatural food. - Author: Nancy S. Mure
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#17. People are still grasping for the miracle, and unfortunately, there are no miracles, if you do not exercise for a year, and let your body remain dormant, then you will gain weight. - Author: Richard Simmons
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#18. I feel myself floating without the weight of him on my body. - Author: Amy Reed
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#19. She once watched a documentary and learned that the brain was 2 percent of a human's body weight, and it was a testament to the neck and the spinal cord that it managed to hold the whole thing upright. - Author: Tracy Ewens
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#20. To escape from the weight of the world, I leave my body where it is, in conversation or at dinner, and walk through a series of winding streets to a house standing back from the road. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#21. A fruit is not afraid of its own weight. It grows into its skin fully. It is whole, each part of its body equally alive. - Author: Gayle Brandeis
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#22. Permanent weight loss doesn't come with an on and off switch. It is not something you do for a little while and think it is going to change your body. - Author: Jennifer Hudson
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#23. I think the body responds to more reps better than heavier weight. As long as I got those reps in three or four sets, it didn't bother me and I could come down on the weight. Teams didn't want me to do it as much, but that's just the way it is. - Author: Frank Thomas
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#24. Good management is the lifeblood of the healthy corporate body. Getting rid of it to save cost is like losing weight by giving blood. - Author: Tom DeMarco
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#25. In some cases, people with a body (whose size) they did not long for are victims of having a bank balance (whose size) they longed for. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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#26. I shall have a great advantage over you, Mr. Gerry. When we are all hung for what we are now doing. From the size and weight of my body I shall die in a few minutes, but from the lightness of your body you will dance in the air an hour or two before you are dead. - Author: Benjamin Harrison
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#27. At times I was desperate and could find no solace anywhere. Nothing seemed to work, and the weight of being trapped in my own body made it difficult to lift even a hand off the sheets. - Author: Lucy Grealy
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#28. I wanted to get really fit. I wanted to lose some weight. So I've been doing Pilates and yoga, trying to lean out my body so I won't be bulky. - Author: Serena Williams
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#29. But as the years passed, Ned's silence grew and grew. It pressed upon his face and his body. It leaked into the house and spread outward into the yard. His silence had weight. It had substance and presence and teeth. - Author: Kelly Barnhill
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#30. I can't remember a time where I really battled with my body, but I can remember being asked to lose weight and battling with the advice. It hurt me. Especially as my baby fat naturally melted away as I got older. - Author: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
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#31. Hung in the scales
with beauty and atrocity:
with the Dying Gaul
too strictly compassed
on his shield
with the actual weight
of each hooded victim,
slashed and dumped. - Author: Seamus Heaney
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#32. You can be in excellent physical shape, with low cholesterol, a healthy body weight and good overall physical fitness - but that doesn't necessarily mean you're healthy. - Author: Michael Greger
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#33. And when he
catches me
off guard
and says
'i love you'
i catch him
off guard
and say 'i need your help. - Author: David Levithan
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#34. All other things being equal, you will
generally live up or down to expectations. - Author: Mark Dilworth
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#35. Her whole body shivered and her face fell apart like a bride's pie crust. She put it together again slowly, as if lifting a great weight, by sheer will power. The smile came back, with a couple of corners badly bent. - Author: Raymond Chandler
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#36. Women get boob jobs to give themselves a certain edge. Frankly, I don't see why they nearly kill themselves trying to diet off their equally bulbous hips. - Author: Kim Brittingham
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#37. I'm a body builder, but I don't use weights. I use snacks. It's kind of a different building process. - Author: Demetri Martin
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#38. The doctor looked at it after the game and he thought it didn't look too bad, but we'll see what happens. My skate got caught and I twisted it. I heard it twist and I couldn't get up. All my body weight fell on it. I had to be really hurt to leave the game - we were still in the game at that point. - Author: Martin Brodeur
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#39. Just the other day in the Underground I enjoyed the pleasure of offering my seat to three ladies. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#40. With the weight of his body, he pressed her back against the wall, and licked the soft spot below her earlobe. "Tell me how much you f***ing want me," he breathed. - Author: Gail McHugh
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#41. A man bears the weight of his own body without knowing it, but he soon feels the weight of any other object. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that a man cannot forget- but not himself. - Author: Beryl Bainbridge
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#42. Weight loss can change your whole character. That always amazed me: Shedding pounds does change your personality. It changes your philosophy of life because you recognize that you are capable of using your mind to change your body. - Author: Jean Nidetch
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#43. There definitely was a time when I was pretty obsessed with my weight, but I'm better off not stressing about my body all the time. - Author: Hilary Duff
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#44. Most of the human body disease such as Obesity, Cancer, Heart disease are linked with our food which we eat in our day to day life. If people are eating health food than how come there be more than 50% death from heart and cancer disease alone in a developed nation such as USA? - Author: Subodh Gupta
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#45. Jay's large body covered her. Oh God, the welcome weight of him. His mouth descended on hers, not asking, not seeking, but demanding she meet his need. She wrapped her arms around his neck and arched up into him as her tongue darted into his mouth, met his, and mated in a hot, heady tangle. - Author: Kate Kelly
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#46. The only time I did not know how to be, physically, was when I lost a lot of weight. That was the only time I didn't understand my body. - Author: Dawn French
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#47. If you look at body fat, it seems to increase with age, even though your weight does not. That's a physiological fact of aging, they say. Heck it is. It is an adaptive effect of aging. - Author: Kenneth H. Cooper
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#48. The thing is, when I feel like I have to lose weight, the opposite happens. I remember stuffing loads of chocolate on the plane to the shoot, and I thought, 'Why don't you have the courage to show up in a body that's natural, not overly worked out?' - Author: Geri Halliwell
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#49. Ted was no longer on the ground at all. He rolled his eyes and moaned, dimly aware of giggling outside the closet. His feet were a good six inches off the ground, his ass singing as Kevin used all of his weight and his power to pound away at Ted's body. Ten - Author: Ethan Scarsdale
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#50. Weight loss does not make people happy. Or peaceful. Being thin does not address the emptiness that has no shape or weight or name. Even a wildly successful diet is a colossal failure because inside the new body is the same sinking heart. - Author: Geneen Roth
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#51. Mindfulness practices enhance the connection between our body, our mind and everything else that is around us. Mindful living is the key to understanding our struggles with weight and to empowering us to control our weight. - Author: Nhat Hanh
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#52. As the earth presses a lump of prehistoric sung in heat and crushing weight deep under the ground. I hate him. Hate. I hate him. A jerk is forming inside my body. No it's not my heart.This it's harder, cold and clean. I wrap myself around this new jewel, cradle it within me - Author: Janet Fitch
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#53. A scale can tell what a body weighs, but not its value. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#54. The ocean knew where her sailor was. We have seen him, said the waves. He is sleeping with us. You will never kiss his lips or feel the weight of his body again. - Author: Francine Prose
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#55. The official toxicity limit for humans is between one and one and half grams of cocaine depending on body weight. I was averaging five grams a day, maybe more. I snorted ten grams in ten minutes once. I guess I had a high tolerance. - Author: George Jung
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#56. ... his solid body, the weight of him, his movement, all so real, all so there. It doesn't matter who he is. There are so many of them. Him. Me. Our movement together. Proof, I think again and again, of being worthwhile. Proof of being loved. - Author: Kerry Cohen
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#57. I was happiest when he just came and lay down next to me, and I could almost feel the weight of his body against mine. - Author: Meg Rosoff
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#58. Kids nowadays ... tend to go overboard [on] protein - something I believe to be totally unnecsssary ... [I state in] my formula for basic good eating: Eat about one gram of protein for every two pounds of body weight. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
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#59. When I'm at the greatest odds with my body, it's usually because I feel my body's betraying me, whether that's been in the past, struggling with my weight and feeling that I couldn't eat what I wanted to eat, or that I couldn't get my body to do what I wanted it to do. - Author: Demi Moore
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#60. That's a good weight ... for a small woman - Author: Dorian Yates
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#61. The voice, for its part, has the peculiarity that when released it carries the weight of the body from which it has come; since that weight is erotic reality, lovers believe they can embrace words of love, they believe they can make them into a continuum of love that will last forever. - Author: Cesar Aira
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#62. There's a tiredness of abstract inteligence, and it's the most horrible of tirednesses. It doesn't weight on you like the tiredness of the body, nor does it worry you like the tiredness of knowledge and emotion. It's a weightiness of the conscience of the world, an inability of the soul to breathe. - Author: Fernando Pessoa
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#63. This may sound surprising for someone who works in Hollywood, but I do not count calories, and I don't even care about weight gain, which I know sounds really bizarre. I listen to my body. I don't just wake up in the morning and cook whatever I eat. - Author: Nikki Reed
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#64. Weight-bearing exercise builds bone density, builds your muscular strength so that you can hold your body up where those bones have a tendency to get weak. - Author: Ann Richards
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#65. The magnitude of the atomic weight determines the character of the element, just as the magnitude of the molecule determines the character of a compound body. - Author: Dmitri Mendeleev
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#66. You can do this (this thing, where your body will cease to produce hormones and your skin, hair, muscles and bones ... basically every part of you will notice, go into withdrawals, and stage a coup). Be prepared for this mentally, and you'll own this thing. - Author: Lisa Jey Davis
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#67. I'm on the curvy side, which has somehow become a crime. - Author: Sara Farizan
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#68. Managing perfect body weight is not a complicated rocket science. Our body is made up of food which we eat during our day to day life. If we are overweight or obese at the moment then one thing is certain that the food which we eat is unhealthy. - Author: Subodh Gupta
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#69. Just like a dancer's body finds its points and an equestrian incorporates her body weight into the movement of the horse, the Christian learns how to melt her will into God's. - Author: Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
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#70. Chubby chasers don't prove that fat is beautiful. Chubby chasers show us that ugliness is optional. - Author: Dan Oliverio
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#71. If you work out, you will loss weight. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#72. He caught my hands as they pulled through my hair, and pulled my body against his, and I felt all the holes in me. My sobs echoed through them like caverns, and I never would have thought empty could be made of such weight.
I couldn't breathe around it. - Author: Cora Carmack
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#73. I could live here, I think. Live where gravity does not know my name. Here I am unbound, untethered by the chains of this life. I am a different body, a different shell, and my weight is carried by the hands of friends. So many nights I've wished I could fall asleep under this sheet. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
Quotes About Body Weight #600354
#74. Making negative assumptions based on a person's weight is never healthy. Overweight or thin, it sends the same damaging message: Your body does not conform. - Author: Melissa Milne
Quotes About Body Weight #619316
#75. Having applied ancient principle of aligning the Mind-Body-Spirit in my own challenges, I applied the same concept to my weight loss patients. The results exceeded my and their wildest." expectations. - Author: Sergey Sorin
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#76. When your body absorbs toxins, it stores them in fat, which is why fiber and probiotics are strategic weapons for weight loss. Fiber keeps your colon healthy and reduces your body's absorption of toxins. - Author: Suzanne Somers
Quotes About Body Weight #643669
#77. Stop wasting so much energy hating your body; it makes you weaker. Everything good in your life begins from the moment you begin accepting, understanding, respecting, and loving your true self. - Author: Harry Papas
Quotes About Body Weight #648272
#78. I work extremely hard in the weight room, and also on the court to get better and make sure I keep my body in shape. - Author: Dwight Howard
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#79. If women cannot eat the same food as men, we cannot experience equal status in the community. - Author: Naomi Wolf
Quotes About Body Weight #654910
#80. Fascinating," he said. "Such maneuverability! How does the wingspan compensate for the weight of the horse's body, I wonder?"
Blackjack cocked his head. Whaaaat? - Author: Rick Riordan
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#81. Eating healthy nutritious food is the simple and right solution to get rid of excess body weight effortlessly and become slim and healthy forever. - Author: Subodh Gupta
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#82. It's not about weight or size or fat - weight is a measure of gravity and nothing else - it's about living joyfully inside your body, as it is, today. - Author: Emily Nagoski
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#83. According to recognized aero technical tests, the bumblebee cannot fly because of the shape and weight of his body in relation to the total wing area. The bumblebee doesn't know this, so he goes ahead and flies anyway. - Author: Igor Sikorsky
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#84. I know what it is to put on weight. But when I got back to my routine, my body knew how to react. That's muscle memory, and you'll be amazed at what it can do. - Author: Arjun Rampal
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#85. I pick up Dylan. He certainly takes after his father: about three-quarters of his body weight seems to be head, and three-quarters of that is ears. - Author: Ken Jennings
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#86. I grew up with a lot of body image issues - not just about my weight, but I would always see these perfect orb, domed boobs on television, and think, "Mine don't look like that." I thought there was something wrong with me. - Author: Ronda Rousey
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#87. I've never had body issues, I've never had an eating disorder. I've never had to go on a diet and that's because of Weight Watchers. - Author: Ginnifer Goodwin
Quotes About Body Weight #686051
#88. While weight loss is important, what's more important is the quality of food you put in your body - food is information that quickly changes your metabolism and genes. - Author: Mark Hyman
Quotes About Body Weight #727450
#89. Oftentimes, heavy weights can tear the muscle fiber causing it to bulk, but using a lighter weight for a longer duration and allowing your body to move in many different ways to target all of the muscles will lengthen them without tearing. - Author: Tracy Anderson
Quotes About Body Weight #734776
#90. I've long struggled with my body image and have worked hard to achieve a healthy weight. - Author: Adam Richman
Quotes About Body Weight #746127
#91. They will often tell me they can't love themselves because they are so fat, or as one girl put it, 'too round at the edges.' I explain that they are fat because they don't love themselves. When we begin to love and approve of ourselves, it's amazing how weight just disappears from our bodies. - Author: Louise Hay
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#92. I think yoga has given me better posture. People don't realise how strong it makes you. You have to use your body weight to hold yourself. As you get older, you're supposed to lift weights, but I find that kind of boring. Yoga is lifting my own body. - Author: Andie MacDowell
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#93. I lost count of how many times photographers and designers would tell me to lose a bit of weight, especially as I got a little older and my body started to develop. - Author: Marie Helvin
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#94. Even the models we see in magazines wish they could look like their own images. - Author: Cheri K. Erdman
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#95. Bet you weren't expecting this," before my other hand grabbed the back of her head and used all my body weight to slam her head into the table. - Author: Tijan
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#96. The natural movement of one's soul is upwards. But just as any object is dragged down when a heavy weight is tied to it, the burden of the body drags down the soul. - Author: Vinoba Bhave
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#97. Nicole had put on weight. This is the effect which, in three cases out of four, unhappiness has upon women. The process of eating guarantees at least the health of the body. - Author: Francoise Sagan
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#98. Isabella pauses as something in her body holds itself erect, then arches towards the voice of Oskar's little girl, like a flower tilting under the weight of its hoard of pollen. - Author: Glenn Haybittle
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#99. I find when I'm overly concerned about what I eat, I stress out my body and put on weight. - Author: Hayden Panettiere
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#100. And yet the feeling of injustice itself turned out to be strangely physical. Even realer, in a way, than a her hurting, smelling, sweating body. Injustice had a shape, an a weight, and a temperature, and a texture, and a very bad taste. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
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