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#1. If you live in a ghetto and really want not to just change your life and your family's life but change your ghetto's life, make your ghetto a good neighbourhood, learn science; try to be like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

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#2. Bill Gates recently picked up the ukulele. And Warren Buffett is a huge ukulele fan. I even got to strum a few chords with Francis Ford Coppola. It blows my mind that these people, who have everything in the world they could want, have picked up the ukulele and found a little bit of joy.

Jake Shimabukuro

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#3. Nilekani's technocratic obsession with gathering data is consistent with that of Bill Gates, as though lack of information is what is causing world hunger.

Arundhati Roy

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#4. Bill Gates has 90 billion dollars ... If I had 90 billion dollars, I wouldn't have it for long because I would just dream of all the crazy stuff I could do with it. This guy, 90 billion dollars. He could buy every baseball team and make them all wear dresses and still have 88 billion dollars.

Louis C.K.

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#5. Many years ago, Bill Gates said that one day we'd be able to click on the shoes of a character in a TV show and buy them online. Whether that happens or not, are you thinking about new ways to combine your assets in programming, customer knowledge, and technology?

Brian L. Roberts

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#6. It's a myth that Sanskrit is the best language for writing computer code. Patriotic Indians have spread this lie for many years - Bill Gates

Manu Joseph

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#7. It's been said that Bill Gates has come up with something that'll be released in December that's gonna put a lid on counterfeiting. If that's a fact then it's really interesting to own your own product - with all the potential methods of downloading.

Merle Haggard

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#8. Bill Gates did predict that computers for people made sense because he wrote a basic.

Steve Wozniak

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#9. I may have invented Control-Alt-Delete, but Bill Gates made it famous

David Bradley

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#10. I don't like accidental success. It's what Bill Gates calls 'random,' a term he uses with the opposite of respect.

Masayoshi Son

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#11. Bill Gates, who is the classic computer nerd, as opposed to Steve who is, like the coolest guy in the world. And who is really doing things to make the world a better place?

Alex Gibney

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#12. I give Bill Gates an A for vision because, as a business person and a strategist, he's brilliant. His flaw is that his view is not informed by a humanistic or compassionate vision of how to make computers work for people.

Mitch Kapor

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#13. Sometimes you have to suffer a little bit in your youth to motivate yourself to succeed in later life. If Bill Gates had got laid in high school, do you think there'd be a Microsoft?

Greg Giraldo

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#14. I tell my children that a man like Bill Gates has a personal fortune of $100 billion. They can't even comprehend that. Then I explain that he has more money than some countries.

Kenneth Rogoff

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#15. No matter how much Bill Gates may claim otherwise, he missed the Internet, like a barreling freight train that he didn't hear or see coming.

Jim Clark

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#16. Bill Gates wants people to think he's Edison, when he's really Rockefeller. Referring to Gates as the smartest man in America isn't right ... wealth isn't the same thing as intelligence.

Larry Ellison

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#17. We're fat, we're greedy, and we don't give a shit. Our religion is TV. Our saviour is Bill Gates. We've learned our lessons well. We know how to put number one first.

Dan Fante

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#18. The idea that Bill Gates has appeared like a knight in shining armor to lead all customers out of a mire of technological chaos neatly ignores the fact that it was he who, by peddling second-rate technology, led them into it in the first place.

Douglas Adams

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#19. The richest Indonesians have maybe $5 billion. Bill Gates has $50 billion.


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#20. Being an altruist I have an urge in mylife to help poor's but im not Bill Gates

Bilal Bashir Magry

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#21. I watched as an extremely nerdy exhibitor - I'm talking about a guy who makes Bill Gates look like Brad Pitt ...

Dave Barry

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#22. Bill Gates really seems to be much more of a business man than a technologist, while I prefer to think of Linux in technical terms rather than as a means to money. As such, I'm not very likely to make the same kind of money that Bill made.

Linus Torvalds

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#23. I just did an ad with Microsoft. I'm dressed as Napoleon, and I get to slap Bill Gates.

Jon Heder

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#24. As a parent and a citizen, I'll take a Bill Gates (or Warren Buffett) over Steve Jobs every time. If we must have billionaires, better they should ignore Jobs's example and instead embrace the morality and wisdom of the great industrialist-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

Eric Alterman

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#25. I actually think the one who is underestimated in terms of impact he's had on society is Bill Gates. The reason is that with the innovation of software, he really allowed the computer revolution to take hold.

Fabrice Grinda

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#26. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have their 'Giving Pledge,' where billionaires promise to give away the majority of their wealth when they die. My Social Security Pledge is better - to give money to good causes when you are alive. Besides, more Americans can participate.

Mark Skousen

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#27. Bill Gates' Success Factors for Microsoft 1. Long-term Approach 2. Passion for Products and Technology 3. Teamwork 4. Results 5. Customer Feedback 6. Individual Excellence

Bill Gates

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#28. I look at Bill Clinton, the way I look at Bill Gates. As long as my Microsoft stock is going up, I don't care what Bill Gates does in the privacy of his own home.

Will Smith

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#29. I told [Bill Gates] I believed every word of what I said but that I should never have said it in public. I wish him the best, I really do. I just think he and Microsoft are a bit narrow. He'd be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.

Steve Jobs

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#30. We celebrate the Bill Gateses of the world. We're not mad at Bill Gates.

Mark Burnett

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#31. Bill Gates said, 'Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.

Tony Attwood

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#32. Ferdinand was a gold trader. He was a lawyer for mining companies. When he entered politics in l949, he had tons and tons of gold. When Bill Gates was a college dropout, Ferdinand already possessed billions of dollars and tons of gold. It wasn't stolen.

Imelda Marcos

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#33. Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs did not start out wealthy, and actually added to income inequality, but we all benefit from their creative effort.

Foster Friess

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#34. Atari showed that young people could start big companies. Without that example it would have been harder for Jobs and Bill Gates, and people who came after them, to do what they did.

Nolan Bushnell

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#35. To me, Arnold was a pioneer in the spirit of Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin, while Tiger is a pioneer in the spirit of Bill Gates.

Mark McCormack

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#36. When I buy Windows 98, I'm not only buying something useful, I'm giving money to Bill Gates, which is a really good thing.

Penn Jillette

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#37. I mean, before this, I would have said playing Bill Gates, because I'm playing someone obviously who is alive and is the richest man in the world. That was a heavy responsibility.

Anthony Michael Hall

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#38. What Steve Jobs and I did-and at the same time Bill Gates and Paul Allen did-we had no savings accounts, no friends that could loan us money. But we had ideas, and I wanted all my life to be a part of a revolution.

Steve Wozniak

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#39. When we think about online learning, it's such 'early days.' Bill Gates is a wildly smart insightful guy. Yet, even a guy as smart and insightful as that, 30 years ago can say things like, 'Who's every going to need more than 640K of memory?'

Reed Hastings

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#40. I see something happening in the world, and I want to share it. It's why, during 9/11, I wrote every few minutes what I saw happening. It's why I write about meeting Steve Wozniak or Bill Gates or Larry Page.

Robert Scoble

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#41. Good intentions can often lead to unintended consequences. It is hard to imagine a law intended for the workforce known to Henry Ford can serve the needs of a workplace shaped by the innovations of Bill Gates.

Tim Walberg

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#42. Trash bags are among my favorite consumer products. I wish I had invented them. What a racket. People buy them, take them home, and throw them away. Let's see Bill Gates top that.

Gary Reilly

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#43. Yes, we worship the idea of the "self-made man" - otherwise we'd go on strike against Bill Gates having all that money! We worship that idea.

James Hillman

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#44. Bill Gates is a very rich man today ... and do you want to know why? The answer is one word: versions.

Dave Barry

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#45. I think people like Bill Gates, who have given away enormous sums of money, are shining examples for all of us to follow.

N. R. Narayana Murthy

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#46. Bill Gates is the pope of the personal computer industry. He decides who's going to build.

Larry Ellison

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#47. We have been through a period where we see power leaching away from Washington. Who is more important in the world today: Bill Clinton or Bill Gates? I don't know.

Peter Jennings

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#48. Geeks run the world. Condoleezza Rice is a geek, Bill Gates is clearly a geek, many of the big filmmakers and writers are geeks, lots of military people are geeks. Anyone who has heard Donald Rumsfeld talk about military hardware knows they are in the presence of a geek.

China Mieville

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#49. I'm not Bill Gates. And I'm not Ted Turner.

James Jannard

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#50. If you're a person struggling to eat and stay healthy, you might have heard about Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali, but you'll never have heard of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates

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#51. I bought Windows 2.0, Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1415926, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows RSVP, The Best of Windows, Windows Strikes Back, Windows Does Dallas, and Windows Let's All Buy Bill Gates a House the Size of Vermont.

Dave Barry

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#52. I give away about 50 percent of my income, so my, you know, desire to give back to the country is pretty strong and I intend to give away a lot more. I've signed the giving pledge with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, and I intend to give away the bulk of my money.

David Rubenstein

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#53. Americans understand that one of our great national strengths is innovation. Great innovators - Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and others - are household names.

Robert Hormats

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#54. Oprah is rich; Bill Gates is wealthy. If Bill Gates woke up tomorrow with Oprah's money, he'd jump out of a ... window and slit his throat on the way down saying, 'I can't even put gas in my plane!'

Chris Rock

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#55. I'd love to open a private museum in Paris, London, or New York, but I don't have the money. If I were Bill Gates or Paul Allen, the first thing I would do is build a museum.

Jean Pigozzi

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#56. My current computer, in addition to 'DOS,' has 'Windows,' which is another invention of Bill Gates, designed as a security measure to thwart those users who are somehow able to get past DOS.

Dave Barry

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#57. An international team of psychiatrists has flown to Redmond, WA in an attempt to discover exactly what makes Bill Gates tick. And, more especially, what makes him go cuckoo every half hour.

David Pogue

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#58. Bill Gates has become the patron saint of philanthropy and the poster child of rebirth, and from what I can tell, rightly so.

John Battelle

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#59. Bill Gates is just a monocle and a Persian Cat away from being one of the bad guys in a James Bond movie.

Dennis Miller

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#60. Jobs would have ever have asserted that Bill Gates was not serious about technology. He was a huge pioneer in that world, albeit doing something quite different in approach from what Steve did. He was dismissive of Gates' foundation work as something he did to make himself feel better.

Alex Gibney

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#61. Bill Gates says, 'Wait till you can see what your computer can become.' But it's you who should be doing the becoming. What you can become is the miracle you were born to work-not the damn fool computer.

Kurt Vonnegut

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#62. There's nothing nice about Steve Jobs and there's nothing evil about Bill Gates

Chuck Peddle

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#63. A few years ago, Bill Gates was boasting that we'll soon have sensors which will turn on the music that we like or show on the walls the paintings we like when we walk into a room. How boring! The hell with our preexisting likes; let's expand ourselves intellectually.

Denis Dutton

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#64. The most successful people in American life are those that have had horrific failures and have come back, done it again and again until they got it right, whether it's Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

Frank Luntz

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#65. In trying to understand the Linux phenomenon, then, we have to look not at a single innovator but to a sort of bizarre Trinity : Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, and Bill Gates. Take away any of these three and Linux would not exist.

Neal Stephenson

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#66. Let's just hope that all the world is run by Bill Gates before the Perl hackers can destroy it.

Erik Naggum

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#67. And I sort of look at us as two of the luckiest guys [Bill Gates the other] on the planet because we found what we loved to do and we were at the right place at the right time and we've gotten to go to work every day with super bright people for 30 years and do what we love doing.

Steve Jobs

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#68. So, what you can do in Microsoft Word is what Bill Gates has decided. What you can do in Oracle Database is what Larry Ellison and his crew have decided.

Ted Nelson

Quotes About Bill Gates #152149
#69. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg didn't finish college. Too much emphasis is placed on formal education - I told my children not to worry about their grades but to enjoy learning.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Quotes About Bill Gates #157812
#70. Bill Gates finds people in Russia to hire them to Microsoft. That's the Russian interest in this process.

Anatoly Chubais

Quotes About Bill Gates #167710
#71. The next Bill Gates will not start an operating system. The next Larry Page won't start a search engine. The next Mark Zuckerberg won't start a social network company. If you are copying these people, you are not learning from them.

Peter Thiel

Quotes About Bill Gates #196675
#72. Michael Rafferty was a good
man. A solid man. He was never going to be Hugh Jackman handsome or Bill Gates rich or King of England powerful. But he was hers and he was Sean's and that was more than enough

J.R. Ward

Quotes About Bill Gates #196696
#73. If Bill Gates is worth $30 billion then a good haircut must cost $31 billion

Dennis Miller

Quotes About Bill Gates #212612
#74. I was the happiest man in the world, happier than Bill Gates

Tamim Iqbal

Quotes About Bill Gates #216749
#75. EVERY MOMENT IN business happens only once. The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won't make a search engine. And the next Mark Zuckerberg won't create a social network. If you are copying these guys, you aren't learning from them.

Peter Thiel

Quotes About Bill Gates #242063
#76. I'm not rich as Bill Gates neither I'm famous as Tom Cruise, But trust me I am happier than all of them.

Rishabh Surya

Quotes About Bill Gates #248684
#77. I'm giving away 2 percent of my net income every month. I don't think Bill Gates is doing that.

Husnu Ozyegin

Quotes About Bill Gates #287023
#78. I had e-mail in 1984! I had an e-mail address then, which means that all you could write to was Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. There were three of us, writing to each other.

Penn Jillette

Quotes About Bill Gates #291316
#79. Why do people venerate Einstein or Bill Gates? Clive Bell explains: Genius worship is the inevitable sign of an uncreative age ...

John Geddes

Quotes About Bill Gates #317054
#80. Technology ventures can succeed with very little investment, unlike many other industries. A lot of the big Internet players like Google or Yahoo were started by a couple of guys with computers. Microsoft was started in Bill Gates' garage.

Jonathan Raymond

Quotes About Bill Gates #340025
#81. Humanity is filled with beautiful and positive and powerful people who care. I'm so glad we have people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in the world.

Judy Collins

Quotes About Bill Gates #353332
#82. If Dr. King marched today, would Bill Gates march?
I know Obama would, but would Hillary take part?

Jayceon Terrell Taylor

Quotes About Bill Gates #368348
#83. If Bill Gates woke up with Oprah's money he'd jump out the window.

Chris Rock

Quotes About Bill Gates #374158
#84. We didn't want to be presidents, or astronouts, or Bill Gates. We had pathetically simple dreams: to do meaningful work that we could be proud of, to be together, and to be happy. That certainly wasn't too much to ask. Or was it?

Tiffanie DeBartolo

Quotes About Bill Gates #380989
#85. Ask Bill [Gates] why the string in function 9 is terminated by a dollar sign. Ask him, because he can't answer, only I know that.

Gary Kildall

Quotes About Bill Gates #391613
#86. There's a lot of money being generated by nerds right now. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, the list goes on and on. Nerds make more money than our government. And with money comes power.

Chris Hardwick

Quotes About Bill Gates #401647
#87. They're currently sulking, by the way, and comforting themselves by sending abusive e-mails to Bill Gates.

Simon R. Green

Quotes About Bill Gates #407826
#88. The biggest start-up successes - from Henry Ford to Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg - were pioneered by people from solidly middle-class backgrounds. These founders were not wealthy when they began. They were hungry for success, but knew they had a solid support system to fall back on if they failed.

Eric Ries

Quotes About Bill Gates #424304
#89. One day about 10 years ago the door to my office opened and who walked in but Bill Gates ... Seemed like a nice guy and has done more with his money than most billionaires. But that's as far as I want to go being kind to Bill Gates.

Andy Rooney

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#90. Even if you're Bill Gates, you've got problems. I'm sure he would probably easily give a few billion dollars to get rid of all the problems that he has.

Ben Carson

Quotes About Bill Gates #776132
#91. Nobody ever inferred from the multiple infirmities of Windows that Bill Gates was infinitely benevolent, omniscient, and able to fix everything.

Simon Blackburn

Quotes About Bill Gates #779353
#92. Steve Jobs was never going to let Flash on any Apple product again like that after in 1997 - he's got a long memory - they said no and Bill Gates said yes.

Walter Isaacson

Quotes About Bill Gates #782316
#93. Kids in college often look for mentors and role models to model their careers after, and women don't have the equivalent of a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. I think it's a self-perpetuating loop.

Ruchi Sanghvi

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#94. I actually think Bill Gates is conventionally smarter, even though it's a dumb word, but mental processing power - I've watched him use four different screens, process information, get to the right answer, boom boom boom.

Walter Isaacson

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#95. I had one typewriter for 50 years, but I have bought seven computers in six years. I suppose that's why Bill Gates is rich, and Underwood is out of business.

Andy Rooney

Quotes About Bill Gates #850265
#96. I discovered what I call the Bill Gates effect. That is, the more successful you are, the uglier you get.

Scott Adams

Quotes About Bill Gates #860256
#97. Bill Gates is a relative newcomer to the fight against global warming, but he's already shifting the debate over climate change.

Jeff Goodell

Quotes About Bill Gates #916214
#98. In China today, Bill Gates is Britney Spears. In America today, Britney Spears is Britney Spears-and that is our problem.

Thomas L. Friedman

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#99. Our people, our shareholders, me, Bill Gates, we expect to change the world in every way, to succeed wildly at everything we touch, to have the broadest impact of any company in the world.

Steve Ballmer

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#100. They said these North Korean missiles had enough range to hit Seattle, but residents in Seattle were not worried. Today Bill Gates said Microsoft has enough missiles to destroy North Korea ten times over.

Jay Leno

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