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#1. Millstone sputtered, I don't know where you're getting your information, G.T., but that's as bogus as a barking cat! - Author: Joan Bauer
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#2. Arf, arf, arf." I yipped back at it. "Princess," Victor grumbled behind me. "Please stop barking at the neighbors."
Stone, C. L. (2014-01-19). Drop of Doubt: The Ghost Bird Series: #5 (Kindle Locations 1721-1722). Arcato Publishing. Kindle Edition. - Author: C.L.Stone
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#3. Barking dogs occasionally bite, but laughing men hardly ever shoot. - Author: Konrad Lorenz
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#4. Keep your eye on the main chance and don't stop to kick every barking dog. - Author: Morton Blackwell
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#5. I like dogs
Big dogs
Little dogs
Fat dogs
Doggy dogs
Old dogs
Puppy dogs
I like dogs
A dog that is barking over the hill
A dog that is dreaming very still
A dog that is running wherever he will
I like dogs. - Author: Margaret Wise Brown
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#6. I met Keith Haring at SVA college where he was having an art show, later we had a group art show at the Mud Club in NYC. Keith owed me $50, so he gave me a large framed canvas with barking dogs that had large dicks. I painted over Keith's painting to paint flowers for my mom's living room. - Author: Steve Kaufman
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#7. If you are barking up the wrong tree, it doesn't mean you are acting like a dog. You may be accusing the wrong person, accepting the wrong explanation, or looking for something where you are not likely to find it. - Author: Peter Bengelsdorf
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#8. Yeah, Dumbledore's barking, all right, - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#9. Who else would find me at just this moment? First he found me drunk, now he found me cleaning up poo from a barking pony who was about to go into attack mode. - Author: Rachel Cohn
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#10. Dusty rarely barks, but did she ever send up a clamor now, barking like there was no tomorrow. - Author: Will Hobbs
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#11. As night fell, the prehistoric landscape came alive with sound: howling and shrieking, screaming, calling and barking. "I've suddenly realized why all of these animals died out," Scathach - Author: Michael Scott
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#12. When you go and create something, you want to believe in it. If they don't, we're barking up the wrong tree. But when you believe in something and you see other people believing in it too, it just feels like you're doing something right in the world, and that feels good. - Author: Zachary Levi
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#13. So don't be worried if you have the sub-standard version barking out the orders. It will continue to do so, just be aware of it. Than call it for what it is, gremlin for the best you. Then grab that vision of the best you and get up and give it everything you have got. - Author: Tony Curl
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#14. What does it matter if a few barking dogs snap at the heels of the weary travelers? ... The caravan moves on - Author: Bruce R. McConkie
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#15. We can talk in here. Dodgson led him to a glass-walled superintendent's booth, in the center of the building. The glass cut down the sound of the barking. But through the windows, they could look out at the rows of animals. - Author: Michael Crichton
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#16. I wanted to play a good guy after doing this lunatic on The Sopranos for two years. And then they did the sequel to Bad Boys, where I get to play the barking captain again. - Author: Joe Pantoliano
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#17. Dogs have important jobs, like barking when the doorbell rings, but cats have no function in a house whatsoever. - Author: W. Bruce Cameron
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#18. You take off that pretend ring and get yourself a real man. You tell him to put his head between your legs and don't come up 'til you're howling his name load enough to get all the dogs in the neighbourhood barking. - Author: Mimi Strong
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#19. We were, to quote the proverb,
The one dog who barks at nothing answered by a thousand dogs barking at something ... - Author: David Mitchell
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#20. Human beings, Isao realized, could descend to communicating their feelings like dogs barking in the distance on a cold night. - Author: Yukio Mishima
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#21. Some actresses are just insane. I've never worked with a nasty actress - they're all absolutely delightful. But completely barking. - Author: Daniel Radcliffe
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#22. Back in high school, I wrote a novel about a character named Bart Simpson. I thought it was a very unusual name for a kid at the time. I had this idea of an angry father yelling 'Bart,' and Bart sounds kind of like bark - like a barking dog. - Author: Matt Groening
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#23. My sister and I practiced our howling and barking so we would be able to talk to our dogs if our mother ever let us get any. - Author: Cynthia Kadohata
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#24. When a child is locked in the bathroom with water running and he says he's doing nothing but the dog is barking, call 911. - Author: Erma Bombeck
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#25. Feed the dogs. I hate to hear them barking like that. - Author: Lillie Langtry
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#26. Sometimes you have to understand that you push ahead, there's going to be a lot of flak, there's going to be a lot of dogs barking, but the wagon train moves ahead. - Author: Juan Williams
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#27. Puppies, like all babies, grow up fast. Before long, Gracie was no longer barking at her reflection, instead offering a blase look that seemed to say, 'I know what that is now. I know it's not another dog.' - Author: Patti Davis
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#28. Whimper in the dark, and knew that Vixen had found me at last. She knew as well as I did that if there is one thing in the world the elephant is more afraid of than another it is a little barking dog. So she - Author: Rudyard Kipling
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#29. The danger in promiscuity is that it's always barking at your heels. - Author: Rick Springfield
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#30. Flowers were blooming, withered soon.. Rains kept falling, wasn't forever.. Dogs were barking, just for sometime.. Sun, moon & stars were invisible at times, but they kept watching you.. Let them shine for you, before it's too late.. - Author: Heshan Udunuwara
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#31. A black pit bull barreled against the fence, jaws dripping with saliva, viciously barking like Old Yeller after the hydrophobia kicked in. - Author: Chris Fabry
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#32. Public holoCans yapping and barking the dog language of distraction. All stirred and boiled together to make a thick soup of noise and shadowy light. Rollo - Author: Pierce Brown
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#33. Nationalism is a self-constructed cage in which family members can huddle in safety when they're not growling and barking at someone outside the cage. - Author: Charles Simic
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#34. The door opened with a crash, and the dark echoed with outlandish orders in that curt, barbaric barking of Germans in command which seems to give vent to a millennial anger. - Author: Primo Levi
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#35. Really, you might make an effort. Honestly, I don't know what's the matter with all of you!
I do, Tiffany thought. You're like a dog worrying sheep all the time. You don't give them time to obey you and you don't let them know when they've done things right. You just keep barking. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#36. A leaky faucet, a barking dog-those are things you tolerate. - Author: Candace Gingrich-Jones
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#37. Barking hard work, being a boy. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#38. So the saying goes, there are two dogs barking over your shoulder, fear or determination. Which one wins? The one you feed. Never feed the dog who's afraid. - Author: Katy Evans
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#39. Shadows on the wall Noises down the hall Life doesn't frighten me at all Bad dogs barking loud Big ghosts in a cloud Life doesn't frighten me at all. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#40. Leadership isn't about simply being in charge and treating your people like soldiers and barking orders. Leadership is sharing your knowledge and your direction so that others grow and reach their potential. - Author: Cal Ripken Jr.
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#41. unreasonable.' She felt like saying it was barking mad but restrained herself. 'Aahh, not quite ready yet. Not quite evolved enough. But you're getting there, Judith. You have taken the first tentative steps. The fact that you came to me proves that. You'll be back.' Sheeva jumped up from the - Author: Patricia Scanlan
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#42. As simple an act as reading or writing a sentence must be surrounded by perceptory nap and weave ... an itch, a stray memory from childhood, the distant sound of a barking dog, or something left over from the lunch that is found caught between the teeth. - Author: David Brin
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#43. Miss Rogers waved a hand. "But Mr. Hearst just wants a dramatic story. If the rebels destroy us, he'll get no story at all!"
"Aye, but has anyone explained that to the barking rebels?"
"These are civilized rebels, young man. They have movie deals!"
"That's no guarantee of sanity! - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#44. You spend so much time barking up the civil-rights tree, you don't even know there's a human-rights tree on the same floor. - Author: Malcolm X
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#45. The odious little dogs that French people seemed to like so much rushed out at him as he rode by, barking furiously. - Author: Paul Bowles
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#46. Barking dogs don't bite, but they themselves don't know it. - Author: Sholom Aleichem
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#47. Leave it to a naive world-saver like you to view our love as a Sacred Cause when in actual fact all it was was some barking at the moon. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#48. Even in the middle of barking dogs, you can hear the footsteps of a big revolution! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#49. The weaker you are the louder you bark.
-Tenten - Author: Masashi Kishimoto
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#50. If Jarod Kintz was a cat, he'd stalk people silently and deadly. Right now, all he does is bark at them for no good reason, like all the good people do. - Author: Will Advise
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#51. LOL is rarely OL, or even really L. A real out-loud laugh - not the forced social variety, which is closer to barking than laughing - is uncommon among adults. - Author: Mary Roach
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#52. Aya, that's the barking strangest thing about battle - that it's real - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#53. I used to have a big dog, a rottweiler, to guard the place. One night I was working late, and he was outside barking in the snow. He wouldn't stop. Then he stopped. I went out ten minutes later with a lamp, and there was a ring of wolves eating my dog. - Author: Martin Cruz Smith
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#54. Only the long melancholy call to prayer, or the wail of women over the dead, or the barking of dogs, breaks the silence which at sunset falls as a pall over Baghdad. - Author: Isabella Bird
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#55. I didn't know baboons could drive recreational vehicles, but Khufu did okay. When I woke up around dawn, he was navigating through the early morning rush hour in Houston, baring his fangs and barking a lot, and none of the other drivers seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#56. The boys at the baths loved me. Of course, they were all drunk and high and would've loved a French poodle barking out "Jingle Bells"! - Author: Holly Woodlawn
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#57. You are beyond mad," said Locke after several moments of silent, furious thought. "Full-on barking madness is a state of rational bliss to which you may not aspire. Men living in gutters and drinking their own piss would shun your company. You are a prancing lunatic. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#58. You know, I'm terribly pleased to hear you're barking and snarling when you think some tramp is sending you sexy little surprises," she teased. "But since I'm the tramp...can you maybe come in the room?"
-Alexis to her husband - Author: J.C. Daniels
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#59. Conscience is the dog that can't bite, but never stop barking. - Author: Proverb
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#60. We're all making castles in the sand, wonderful tapestries, an exquisite corpse. But is it meaningful? No. It's dogs barking. It doesn't mean anything beyond our yelping, at the pain of being alive. - Author: Ariel Pink
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#61. The dog which frightens the people by barking loud thinks he is the king of the universe! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#62. Her voice is thin and her moan is high,
And her cackling laugh or her barking cold
Bring terror to the young and old.
O Molly, Molly, Molly Means
Lean is the ghost of Molly Means. - Author: Margaret Walker
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#63. We have always had dogs, and they have faithfully performed many valuable services for us, such as: 1. Peeing on everything. 2. When we're driving in our car, alerting us that we have passed another dog by barking real loud in our ears for the next 114 miles. 3. Trying to kill the Avon lady. - Author: Dave Barry
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#64. My dog was barking at everyone the other day. Still, what can you expect from a cross-breed. - Author: Tommy Cooper
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#65. There's a quiet moment when my Noise fills the room with Manchee, just fills it with him, side to side, barking and barking and needing a poo and barking some more. And dying. - Author: Patrick Ness
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#66. If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. The free mind is not a barking dog, to be tethered on a ten-foot chain. - Author: Adlai E. Stevenson II
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#67. This is a little off subject, but I'm interested in those cases where someone is barking up the wrong tree, or misapplying their talent. - Author: David Salle
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#68. walls, the upturned cars, the barking dogs, the - Author: Anthony Doerr
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#69. Jason had joked that dust bunnies under the bed were pets he didn't mind keeping: they never whined for food and didn't require a litter box. They also didn't wake you up at night by barking at passing raccoons. - Author: Erik Bundy
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#70. Oh, most think he's barking, the potty wee lad, but some are more kindly and think he's just sad, but Peevesy knows better and says that he's mad. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#71. My films usually start with an idea that I get while walking the streets. For example, I got the idea for 'Guard Dog' when I was walking in the park and I saw a dog barking at a bird. - Author: Bill Plympton
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#72. The screen blanked, then produced a book cover. The jacket image - in black-and-white - showed barking dogs surrounding a scarecrow. In the background, shoulders slumped in a posture of weariness or defeat (or both), was a hunter with a gun. The eponymous Cortland, probably. - Author: Stephen King
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#73. Conscience is a dog that does not stop us from passing but that we cannot prevent from barking. - Author: Nicolas Chamfort
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#74. God turns clouds inside out to make fluffy beds for the dogs in Dog Heaven, and when they are tired from running and barking and eating ham-sandwich biscuits, the dogs find a cloud bed for sleeping. God watches over each one of them. And there are no bad dreams. - Author: Cynthia Rylant
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#75. Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone. Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come. - Author: W. H. Auden
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#76. He made a lousy passenger, barking instructions I ignored - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#77. I can tell by your eye shadow, you're from Brooklyn, right? ... Me too. My mother has plastic covers on all the furniture. Even the poodle. Looked like a barking hassock walking down the street. - Author: Elayne Boosler
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#78. The moonlight came in with the sounds of the city: juke boxes, automobiles, curses, dogs barking, radios ... We were all in it together. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#79. Intellectual controversies tend to be like dog fights without the teeth, in which the barking not the biting does the damage. - Author: Luis Fernando Verissimo
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#80. The barking hounds ran in and out of the creek, making slapping waves, turning the Georgia earth to mud under the longleaf pines. With the dogs at play, they were, for a lovely short time, naive boys on a glorious summer's day, lost in clamorous youth. - Author: Jo-Ann Costa
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#81. With my dog I don't get no respect. He keeps barking at the front door. He don't want to go out. He wants me to leave. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#82. Lionel Essrog, the twitching, barking, gabbling narrator of Jonathan Lethem's new novel, 'Motherless Brooklyn,' is no movie-of-the-week novelty grafted onto a noir mystery. Maybe his Tourette's is a gimmick, but it's a gimmick with depth, with soul. - Author: Gary Krist
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#83. I think you is barking up the wrong dog. - Author: Roald Dahl
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#84. I shut him out. Maybe I'd send a water-dog barking after him later - let it bite him in the ass. I - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#85. A pure white puppy followed on the girl's heels, barking, and the girl laughed in the breathless, drunken way of children as she ran into the hallway. - Author: Kit Alloway
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#86. If I stop to kick every barking dog I am not going to get where I'm going. - Author: Jackie Joyner-Kersee
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#87. The quoting of an aphorism, like the angry barking of a dog or the smell of overcooked broccoli, rarely indicates that something helpful is about to happen. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#88. There was some arking and barking at dinner... - Author: Stephen King
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#89. The worst part of it is you don't know if he's barking at an owl, the moon or a burglar!"
"That's one of the drawbacks of a limited vocabulary! - Author: Charles M. Schulz
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#90. And barking famous, these friends are - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#91. I want to be a barking public embarrassment as soon as possible. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#92. When true love broke my heart in half,
I took the whiskey from the shelf,
And told my neighbors when to laugh.
I keep a dog, and bark myself. - Author: Theodore Roethke
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#93. A person that doesn't read and doesn't have any ethics complaining about a writer feels like a Chihuahua barking at a Rottweiler. - Author: Robin Sacredfire
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#94. I've never been convinced that the sun would come up without me barking. - Author: John R. Erickson
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#95. Truth is a good dog; but always beware of barking too close to the heels of an error, lest you get your brains kicked out. - Author: Francis Bacon
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#96. The only way to avoid eternal punishment for sins we never committed from this all-loving God is to accept his son - who is actually himself - as our savior. So ... God sacrificed himself to himself to save us from himself. Barking mad! - Author: Peter Boghossian
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#97. Your next-door neighbor is not a man; he is an environment. He is the barking of a dog; he is the noise of a piano; he is a dispute about a party wall; he is drains that are worse than yours, or roses that are better than yours. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
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#98. Fear is the guard dog that is protecting the fortress of spiritual prosperity. When the dog starts barking, we know that the treasure he is guarding is near. - Author: Bill Johnson
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#99. The sea lions felt it and their barking took on a tone and a cadence that would have gladdened the heart of St. Francis. Little girls - Author: John Steinbeck
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#100. Please don't ask me for the actual answer to anything, because I don't have it. Because all I do is look at stuff and ask questions. What can I say? I just think the world's barking mad. Look, I'm not an expert. I'm just an ordinary person. - Author: Annie Lennox
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