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#1. Part of the great wonder of reading is that it has the ability to make human beings feel more connected to one another, which is a great good, if not from a pedagogical point of view, at least from a psychological one. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#2. From a social point of view, it's beneficial that homeownership encourages commitment to a given town or city. But, from an economic point of view, it's good for people to be able to leave places where there's less work and move to places where there's more. - Author: James Surowiecki
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#3. In my view it is time to pass a good bill, a fair bill, a comprehensive bill ... Too many have been waiting too long for fairness. - Author: Patrick Leahy
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#4. Komatsu's view is that there are always two sides to everything," Tengo said. "A good side and a not-so-bad side. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#5. I found an approach to investing that made enormous sense to me: rigorously analyzing a company's fundamentals, understanding exactly how it makes money, developing a view on the business's future prospects, and deciding if it's a good business. - Author: Joe Mansueto
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#6. Travel is the best investment you can make in yourself. It teaches you that there are many ways to live a good, fulfilled life. It broadens your world view, yet makes you appreciate home all the more. - Author: Joel Sartore
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#7. When we go to war, our politicians will be guided by our popular will. And if we believe that torture 'got' bin Laden, then we will be more prone to accept the view that a good 'end' can justify brutal 'means.' - Author: Alex Gibney
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#8. When it comes to climate and energy, Gates is a radical consumerist. In his view, energy consumption is good - it just needs to be clean energy. - Author: Jeff Goodell
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#9. I'm aware people will think I've had an easy way into a dream career. My view is, if anyone has opportunities, they'll take them. My surname opens doors, but those doors will slam firmly if I'm no good. - Author: Tamara Ecclestone
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#10. I would hope that people might view their fellow beings, all beings, with more empathy, more compassion, with a desire to understand. Even if they can't know why people are the way they are, to understand that they're probably that way for a good reason. - Author: Peter Hedges
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#11. Scuse me, lady, but I'm Wisp, 'cause that's all I am, a wisp of a thing, not much good for changing a thing in the world, said the boy for when he stepped inside, the light from the grimy window gave her a good view of his anxious, pointed little face. - Author: Anne McCaffrey
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#12. It's good to stand in life and not sit,when you stand you get a better view - Author: Marcelle Hinkson
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#13. I have always been the first on the dance floor. Before fame, people thought it made me a good laugh; now, people point and call me an attention seeker! I'm very aware of the way people can view me, but I'm very aware that I have to just enjoy my life. - Author: Jessie J.
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#14. When you play a character, you get to see the world through their eyes. Whether it's a fictional world or a real world, you do get to see somebody else's point of view, whether he's a good guy or a bad guy. - Author: Faran Tahir
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#15. Yes, Miss Masters, but walking is also a way to announce who you are." Gideon waved one arm impassionedly. "How you view yourself in the world. The way you hold yourself, the way you move, how you occupy a space, tells other people a good deal about you," ~from To Love a Thief - Author: Julie Anne Long
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#16. the Christian view that this is a good world that has gone wrong, but still retains the memory of what it ought to have been. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#17. I view my role now as providing more of a macro-level skepticism, rather than saying this poll is good or this poll is evil. - Author: Nate Silver
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#18. To me, good health is more than just exercise and diet. Its really a point of view and a mental attitude you have about yourself. - Author: Albert Schweitzer
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#19. Granny Weatherwax was not a good loser. From her point of view, losing was something that happened to other people. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#20. With film, you have very limited tools to convey subjectivity - voiceover, the camera's point of view, good acting - but even the very best actor in the world is crude by comparison with what you can do in a written paragraph. - Author: William Boyd
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#21. My personal view is that such total planning by the state is an absolute good and not simply a relative good ... I do not myself think of the attitude I take as deriving from Marx - though this undoubtedly will be suggested - but from Fichte and Hegel. - Author: John Grierson
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#22. A place where you can see a good view is also a good place to sit and dream! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#23. The Judeo-Christian heritage has left us with the view of a universe composed of warring opposites, which are valued as either good or evil. They cannot coexist. - Author: Starhawk
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#24. People share everything on Facebook. That can be a very good thing or a very noisy thing. With Foursquare, people know that they're getting information specifically about a place, advice about where they are and what they could be doing. It's a very filtered view of the world. - Author: Dennis Crowley
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#25. For the real difference between humans and other animals is that humans alone have perception of good and evil, just and unjust, etc. It is the sharing of a common view in these matters that makes a household and a state. - Author: Aristotle.
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#26. There is no such thing as good influence, Mr. Gray. All influence is immoral- immoral from a scientific point of view. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#27. Bad writing is not easier than good writing. It's just as hard to make a toilet seat as it is a castle window. Only the view is different. - Author: Ben Hecht
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#28. Judge stood tall and gestured for Michaels to walk ahead of him. "You didn't get a good enough view of my ass last night?" he whispered on his way by. Judge grabbed his arm and pulled him back into his chest. "No. But I will." They - Author: A.E. Via
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#29. Every good historian is almost by definition a revisionist. He looks at the accepted view of a particular historic episode or period with a very critical eye. - Author: Paul Johnson
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#30. I've talked a lot about the discipline and high, high skills of the British actors as seen from my Danish point of view. But I also have to say that Peter is unusually intelligent, humble and a good friend to everyone. - Author: Lone Scherfig
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#31. From Britain's point of view the 1939 war had been a liberal war which had been entered into in a condition of moral indignation without the resources to fight it, that it had been providential good fortune which had placed the burden of fighting on the Russians and the Americans. - Author: Maurice Cowling
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#32. I don't understand why people in this country are so bent on doing the 'perfect', when you have something that is good and makes sense from a cost-benefit point of view. - Author: George Voinovich
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#33. I am highly variable in my devotion. From a doctrinal point of view or a dogmatic point of view or a strictly Catholic adherent point of view, I'm first to say that I talk a good game, but I don't know how good I am about it in practice. - Author: Stephen Colbert
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#34. I can discern that certain things have an effect on certain other things, but I don't view those effects as good or bad. If a context and a goal is defined, I could say if it's good or bad. But overall, I don't view things as good or bad. - Author: Tao Lin
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#35. We all have the tendency to believe self-doubt and self-criticism, but listening to this voice never gets us closer to our goals. Instead, try on the point of view of a mentor or good friend who believes in you, wants the best for your, and will encourage you when you feel discouraged. - Author: Kelly McGonigal
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#36. (A writer's working space, Montaigne also believed, ought to have a good view of the cemetery; it tended to sharpen one's thinking.) - Author: Oliver Burkeman
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#37. The idea that there's good and evil knowledge ... well, that's strictly a religious point of view. Actions can be either moral or immoral, yes, but knowledge can't be labeled that way. To a scientist, to any educated man or woman, all knowledge is morally neutral. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#38. Traditional social media, in the view of our company, has become a bit repetitive. It doesn't feel very good to be marketed to by your friends. Snapchat is different because it says, look, friends aren't valuable to you just because they can get you into a cool party. - Author: Evan Spiegel
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#39. I love the ability to work with very good managers, and to provide the right incentives for them, and truly become a partner with that management, and make that management take a long view. - Author: Henry Kravis
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#40. I must have made a good impression because a club official to us into his office and asked me if I would sign on for a year with a view to becoming a professional. - Author: Harold Larwood
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#41. No house is ugly with a good view! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#42. ...I always took the rearmost seat in the classroom - it gave me a good view of things. And I must confess, the location taught me more about human nature and justice than could be learned from the professors' lectures. - Author: Rohinton Mistry
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#43. Three of my novels and a good number of my short stories are told from the point of view of men. I was brought up in a house of women. - Author: Colm Toibin
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#44. Writing is incidental to my primary objective, which is spinning a good yarn. I view myself as a storyteller more than a writer. The story - and hence the extensive research that goes into each one of my books - is much more important than the words that I use to narrate it. - Author: Ashwin Sanghi
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#45. I don't really have any regrets because if I choose not to do something there is usually a very good reason. Once I've made the decision I don't view it as a missed opportunity, just a different path. - Author: Andrew Lincoln
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#46. The money was good while it lasted. The best part was clearly that it changed my view of what's possible, as far as thinking how you can have an impact on a national level. - Author: Andrew Shue
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#47. Not surprisingly, my parents' generation did everything they could to make life easier for their own children. Was that good for us? I wonder. It certainly didn't do us any good from a cultural point of view. I'm struck by how few boomers have embraced adult culture in middle age. - Author: Terry Teachout
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#48. The gorgeous man presents a gorgeous view;
The good man will in time be gorgeous, too. - Author: Sappho
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#49. I think that part of being a good journalist, part of being an awake member of the world you're in, is to view yourself as an outsider, and I always have, to some degree. - Author: Mark Leibovich
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#50. I think there's a certain objectivity that comes from being Canadian. You're partly British and partly American; you have a good bird's-eye view of both countries. So much of the comedy that comes out of Canada is impersonation - it's less 'look at me' than it is 'look at me playing other people.' - Author: Eric McCormack
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#51. Good records - from my point of view, where I grew up which was Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull ... bands that were pushing the envelope a little - musically and in production. - Author: Kip Winger
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#52. If you're going to play a hooker in a movie, the movie has to have the perspective, of course, that it isn't such a great thing. Probably the only way to really play a hooker well is to believe you're doing something that's good. But at the same time, the movie can't have that point of view. - Author: Maggie Gyllenhaal
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#53. I'm not really saddened that [Pussy Riot] ended up in jail, though there is nothing good in that. What saddens me is that they took things to such a level, here, from my point of view, that they degraded the dignity of women. - Author: Vladimir Putin
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#54. All I've done is put into words what all of us are about. We're now at the archetypal stage of being ready to move from a material to a transcendent world view of culture. I'm only articulating what dwells in the consciousness of a good part of the masses now. That's why the response. - Author: James Redfield
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#55. Should there be cameras everywhere in outdoor streets? My personal view is having cameras in inner cities is a very good thing. In the case of London, petty crime has gone down. They catch terrorists because of it. And if something really bad happens, most of the time you can figure out who did it. - Author: Bill Gates
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#56. There are a lot of male directors who are directing female-driven pieces. I think that its good to get the girl's point of view and they should write stuff that they know. - Author: Jerusha Hess
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#57. Once people see you cry, it's like they own part of you. It's like you ripped a hole in yourself, and they saw through whatever armor you had on, got a good long view of all the screaming alien goop underneath. - Author: Stefan Bachmann
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#58. As free persons, citizens recognize one another as having the moral power to have a conception of the good. This means that they do not view themselves as inevitably tied to the pursuit of the particular conception of the good and its final ends which they espouse at any given time. - Author: John Rawls
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#59. Each visible planet is the embodiment of a great and exalted spiritual intelligence Who is the minister of God in that department of His Kingdom, endeavoring to carry out His Will, the latter having in view the ultimate highest good, regardless of temporary ill. - Author: Max Heindel
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#60. One cannot expect positive results from an educational or political action program which fails to respect the particular view of the world held by the people. Such a program constitutes cultural invasion, good intentions notwithstanding. - Author: Paulo Freire
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#61. If you have a beautiful view, you don't need a good wine to feel dizzy. - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#62. The Sufi Muslims say, "Praise Allah, but also tie your camel to the post." In other words, it's good to take a transcendent view of the world, but don't be a chump. - Author: Dan Harris
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#63. Whatever power there is in the urban pictures is bound to the closeness with which they skirt banality. For a shot to be good - suggestive of more than just
what it is - it has to come perilously near being bad, just a view of stuff. - Author: Robert Adams
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#64. If a context and a goal is defined I could say if it's good or bad. But overall I don't view things as good or bad. So I'm like a robot or computer in that sense. So maybe that's why people don't think they know me when they read my writing. - Author: Tao Lin
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#65. I was always the class clown, although many teachers view the class clown as a trouble maker. But I always had good grades, so the only thing my parents were told was that while I was intelligent, I talked too much. - Author: Godfrey
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#66. It is good to be attracted out of ourselves, to be forced to take a near view of the sufferings, the privations, the efforts, the difficulties of others. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#67. Resurrection, by contrast, has always gone with a strong view of God's justice and of God as the good creator. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#68. Mountains are all right, I guess, because you can get on top of them and get a good view of the plains. - Author: Thomas D. Isern
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#69. One of the big things that if you've got a guy who is doing things that other people could view as evil or bad, then you've got to find the silver lining: you've got to find the thing that makes this guy a good guy. - Author: Dylan Baker
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#70. I don't want to sound disingenuous here - controversy is obviously good for business, especially if your business is satire. And it does amplify the discussion - in my view, a good thing. - Author: Garry Trudeau
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#71. I think you have to have a real point of view that's your own. You have to tell it your way. And, I think that it's a mistake to shoot for a specific magazine's point of view because it's never going to be as good. You have to shoot for yourself and photograph [ the way] you believe it.. - Author: Mary Ellen Mark
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#72. I would say I have sort of a natural gift for character, and following one person's point of view at a time, and dialogue, but I'm not naturally good at strong plot. - Author: Emma Donoghue
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#73. I really do see the good in people, and I don't want to change that. That's really how I view things, so sometimes I'll look past a lot of huge red flags because I see something else in someone. Then, of course, it always comes back to haunt me in the long run. - Author: Jennifer Morrison
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#74. Einstein was a great advocate of the notion that good ideas look absurd at the beginning. Camus expressed a similar view. - Author: Michael Leunig
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#75. Depression and hopelessness are not the only reasons terminally ill patients wish to end their lives. Many individuals see nothing undignified about choosing to end their lives at the time and manner of their choosing - and many view such a choice as the meaningful culmination of a good life. - Author: Jacob M. Appel
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#76. A cardinal principle of good fiction [is]: the theme and the plot of a novel must be integrated - as thoroughly integrated as mind and body or thought and action in a rational view of man. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#77. If I like a movie, I'm definitely advocating for it, but it's not "you should see this" or "you shouldn't see this." I try to take a longer view about what the movie is doing and where it fits in the context of other things, in the way that certain good literary criticism tries to do the same thing. - Author: Wesley Morris
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#78. I became a terrible drunk or alcoholic - or a good one depending on your point of view. - Author: Craig Ferguson
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#79. Cultivate," I said, "a sense of humor. From a humorous point of view this lunch is rather good. - Author: Jerome K. Jerome
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#80. Lynch is not as strange as his films. He's a complex guy with a very interesting view of the world. But he's very accessible, with a good heart. - Author: Kyle MacLachlan
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#81. Every act has a consequence, Ellie. In my view the world divides into people who can see that, and make a decision accordingly, and those who just go for what feels good at the time. - Author: Jojo Moyes
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#82. And why should it not be terrifying? A little terror, in my view, is good for the soul, when it is terror in the face of a noble object. - Author: Robertson Davies
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#83. The judge punishes lawbreakers as a burning house injures its occupants. A person may be burned to death while robbing a home or saving a friend. Similarly, from a moral point of view, the judge's work is good or evil, depending on whether the laws he enforces are good or evil. - Author: Thomas Szasz
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#84. We see everything from the narrator's point of view, so exposition about the world is limited to what impinges directly on him and the story he's telling. Considering how old the world is, we learn very little about its history, which I think is a good thing. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#85. Most people view the artistic process as something of a mystery. Leverage that, and engage your prospective clients with good stories. For many, buying art is their escape from the real world. Make it entertaining and enjoyable. - Author: Cory Trepanier
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#86. I personally cannot in good faith continue to contribute to a process [IPCC process] that I view as both being motivated by pre-conceived agendas and being scientifically unsound. - Author: Christopher Landsea
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#87. If you never play you will never lose, but you won't win either. If you never climb a mountain you will never know for sure how good the view is. - Author: Debbie Shapiro
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#88. Success is feeling good about the work you do throughout the long, unheralded journey that May or may not wind up at the launch pad. You can't view training solely as a stepping stone to something loftier. It's got to be an end in itself. - Author: Chris Hadfield
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#89. Friendship, as has been said, consists in a full commitment of the will to another person with a view to that person's good. - Author: Pope John Paul II
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#90. The man who begins to speculate in stocks with the intention of making a fortune usually goes broke, whereas the man who trades with a view of getting good interest on his money sometimes gets rich. - Author: Charles Dow
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#91. It is a very good exercise, at least from a historian's point of view, to imagine oneself a devout pagan while reading various Christian writings. - Author: Ramsay MacMullen
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#92. You might as well baptize a bag of sand as a man, if not done in view of the remission of sins and getting of the Holy Ghost. Baptism by water is but half a baptism, and is good for nothing without the other half-that is, baptism of the Holy Ghost. - Author: Joseph Smith Jr.
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#93. In the modern view, unbridled personal freedom is the only good to be pursued; any obstacle to it is a problem to be overcome. - Author: Anthony Daniels
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#94. My view of civilization is that there have always been small pockets of good, decent, kind people surrounded by corrupt and evil power structures. It's always a battle to stay on the side of good. - Author: Nancy Farmer
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#95. I can remember a lot of nights performing in those early years where you felt that you hit some good moments, but a lot of the time you're thinking, "Oh, God, this isn't quite making it." So I think that is what makes you in the end refine your view of things a little bit. - Author: David Gilmour
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#96. It feels great to have your own views reflected back to you, and you feel so right, but actually it's very dangerous. Because to make good decisions, you need to have a clear view of what all the options are. - Author: Eli Pariser
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#97. The media only wants to get the view of the flaming radicals because they make better copy than those of us who are more sensible. I'm a feminist and I think I've done a lot of good. - Author: Betty Dodson
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#98. We like to have a point of view in our stories, not an obvious moral, but a worthwhile theme ... All we are trying to do is give the public good entertainment. That is all they want. - Author: Walt Disney
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#99. A good deal of so-called atheism is itself, from my point of view, theologically significant. It is the working of God in history, and judgement upon the pious. An authentic prophet can be a radical critic of spurious piety, of sham spirituality. - Author: James Luther Adams
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#100. Insects have their own point of view about civilization a man thinks he amounts to a great deal but to a flea or a mosquito a human being is merely something good to eat. - Author: Don Marquis
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