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#1. My father had always dreamed of getting a Ph.D., but certain life circumstances prevented him from following through. It was a tremendous, deep regret. The day I got my Ph.D., I saw in my father's face what it meant that I had done this. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
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#2. [A]ny desired additional nicotine 'kick' could be easily obtained through pH regulation. - Author: R. J. Reynolds
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#3. I was actually already doing my Ph.D. in neuroscience when September 11 happened. 'The End Of Faith' is essentially what September 11 did to my intellectual career at that moment. - Author: Sam Harris
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#4. There is no greater way to ensure that universities remain a hotbed of leftist thought than to guarantee that professors knight their own successors. But that's basically how the Ph.D. system works, with sitting professors approving the work of would-be professors. - Author: Ben Shapiro
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#5. I think that after Church got his Ph.D. he studied in Europe, maybe in the Netherlands, for a year or two. - Author: Stephen Cole Kleene
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#6. I am a native of Taiwan, and I earned my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University. I received my master's and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. - Author: Min Kao
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#7. Most of my friends from Columbia are going on to get advanced degrees. And why not? A Ph.D. is the new M.A., a master's is the new bachelor's, a B.A. is the new high school diploma, and a high school diploma is the new smiley-face sticker on your first-grade spelling test. - Author: Megan McCafferty
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#8. My Ph.D. is in operations research. I was interested in making things work better and using mathematics to help do that. So operations research is what I studied as an undergraduate and graduate student. - Author: Alvin E. Roth
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#9. The childhood poverty of both my parents and their minimal education did much to influence me and my two younger brothers in our education and career choices. One brother became a dentist and the other, a professor of anthropology with a Ph.D. degree. - Author: Ferid Murad
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#10. I earned my Ph.D. in philosophy, and one of my specializations was the logic and mathematics of game theory. I've also got a degree in drama, so I know about stories, characterizations, plot arcs, and the like. Lots of game designers can do one or the other: I've got the skills for both. - Author: Brendan Myers
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#11. If all those Ph.D.'s were wrong, the country would be in very serious trouble. - Author: Anonymous
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#12. It may be true too that I would not have encountered the most important books and art and ideas of my life had I not chased down a Ph.D. I've thought about that a lot ... MAYBE I would have found the same books on my own, but I can't know for sure. - Author: Lidia Yuknavitch
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#13. Very few, if any, first-generation black or white or Asian kids will pursue a Ph.D. They'll pursue the professions for economic security. Many will go to law school and/or business school. - Author: Henry Louis Gates
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#14. If you say you want to automate cars and save people's lives, the skills you need for that aren't taught in any particular discipline. I know - I was interested in working on automating cars when I was a Ph.D. student in 1995. - Author: Larry Page
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#15. There is nothing about a Ph.D. that guarantees a person will be wiser, kinder, or more ethical than someone with only a high school education. - Author: Dennis Prager
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#16. I willed myself through a junior college to a university and, ultimately, a Ph.D. - Author: Craig Venter
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#17. You do not question an author who appears on the title page as T.V.N. Persaud, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.C.Path. (Lond.), F.F.Path. (R.C.P.I.), F.A.C.O.G. - Author: Mary Roach
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#18. All the kids that I grew up with, in an almost idyllic environment - I've got to tell you, it was so wonderful - they've gone on and they're doctors and Ph.D.'s and everybody has a four-year college degree. None of our parents, I think, had a four-year degree. - Author: Jeff Sessions
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#19. I'm supposed to have a Ph.D. on the subject of women. But the truth is I've flunked more often than not. I'm very fond of women; I admire them. But, like all men, I don't understand them. - Author: Frank Sinatra
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#20. How much more complicated life is than the attainment of a Ph.D. would lead one to believe! - Author: Robertson Davies
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#21. My pick for Best Political Move of the Year, which is the decisive (ph) and this means it is actually the best political movement is Bill Clinton getting on the phone and encouraging Donald Trump to run for the president. - Author: Lawrence O'Donnell
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#22. It's not like you need a Ph.D to slave your tits across a hot stove. - Author: Nick Wilgus
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#23. In terms of writing about horses, I fell backwards into that. I was intent on getting a Ph.D., becoming a professor, and writing on history but I got sick 14 years ago when I was 19. Getting sick derailed that plan completely. - Author: Laura Hillenbrand
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#24. In 1946, I re-enrolled at the University of Budapest in order to obtain a Ph.D. in philosophy with minors in sociology and in psychology. - Author: John Harsanyi
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#25. I tell people, 'I have a Ph.D. from Google University.' - Author: Kris Carr
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#26. In 2007, a very inspired New York University Ph.D. student counted all the models on the runway, every single one that was hired, and of the 677 models that were hired, only 27, or less than four per cent, were non-white. - Author: Cameron Russell
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#27. I fished inside my head for something, some way to prove it. And those strange words floated to the surface of my need. In as clear a
voice as l could, l looked at Prospero and said, "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. - Author: Jonathan Maberry
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#28. My dad was a composer and a musician, but he never finished high school. His formal education was rather minimal from the standards of today's college graduates and Ph.D.'s, but he had a deep interest in questions of science and questions of the universe. - Author: Brian Greene
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#29. If a child hasn't been given spiritual values within the family setting, they have no familiarity with the values that are necessary for the just and peaceful functioning in society. - Author: Eunice Baumann-Nelson Ph.D PENOBSCOT
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#30. Frederick Sweet Ph.D. - Author: Martin Marsi
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#31. If you have the opportunity to watch Nathan Fillion or Jim Carrey do a scene, it's like getting a Ph.D. in acting. - Author: Molly Quinn
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#32. Well," she said, getting more comfortable, "Here's what I've got so far. I'm going to college and getting a Ph.D. in being awesome. That's a thing, right? Everyone will call me Dr. Kitten and pay me megabucks to diagnose all their problems. Because, of course, I will have all the answers. - Author: Gena Showalter
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#33. Caterpillars can fly, if they just lighten up. - Author: Scott J. Simmerman Ph.D.
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#34. I've always done more than I ever thought I would. Becoming a professor - I never would have imagined that. Writing books - I never would have imagined that. Getting a Ph.D. - I'm not sure I would even have imagined that. I've lived my life a step at a time. Things sort of happened. - Author: Drew Gilpin Faust
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#35. My decision to come to Bell Telephone Laboratories immediately after obtaining my Ph.D. in 1936 was strongly influenced by the fact that my supervisor would be C. J. Davisson. - Author: William Shockley
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#36. The dairy man had a Ph.D. in mathematics, and he must have had some training in philosophy. He liked what he was doing and he didn't want to be somewhere else - one of the few contented people I met in my whole journey. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#37. Nobody ever washes a rental car. - Author: Scott J. Simmerman Ph.D.
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#38. My first ideas of human in vitro fertilization (IVF) arose with my Ph.D. in Edinburgh University in the early 1950s. Supervised by Alan Beatty, my research was based on his work on altering chromosomal complements in mouse embryos. - Author: Robert Edwards
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#39. Read Talking With Young Children About Adoption by Susan Fisher, M.D., and Mary Watkins, Ph.D. (Yale University Press, 1995). - Author: Sherrie Eldridge
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#40. Ultimately, my Ph.D. is in mathematical physics, focusing on quantum field theory and curved space-time, and I worked with Stephen Hawking. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
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#41. In the U.S.A., technical innovations come out of universities and the research produced by Ph.D. students. We don't have that happening in India. - Author: Ram Shriram
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#42. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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#43. It is the classic fallacy of our time that a moron run through a university and decorated with a Ph.D. will thereby cease to be a moron. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#44. Facts are accumulated by effort, but truth reveals itself effortlessly. - Author: David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.
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#45. I have a Ph.D. in masturbation. - Author: Amelie Nothomb
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#46. You go to more doctors. You celebrate Arlenny's Ph.D. defense. And then one June night you scribble the ex's name and: The half life of love is forever. - Author: Junot Diaz
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#47. My main graduate training was received at the University of Chicago from which I received the Ph.D. in 1938. - Author: George Stigler
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#48. I am not a Ph.D. in economics or a doctorate in literature that I can afford to take my singing lightly. Even if I sing a jingle, I take it as seriously as oxygen. - Author: Kailash Kher
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#49. It was failing part of my Ph.D. that led me into novel-writing. By then I was 29, had remarried and had a second baby. It struck me that I'd lost my path in life and I felt frustrated. That's when I started to write. - Author: Kate Atkinson
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#50. I started out when I was 29 - too young to write novels. I was broke. I was on unemployment insurance. I was supposed to be writing a Ph.D. dissertation, so I had a typewriter and a lot of paper. - Author: Alan Furst
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#51. Remember, I have a Ph.D. in English literature. - Author: Henry Louis Gates
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#52. In the 1970s, I did a Ph.D. with Fred Sanger in Cambridge who was in the process of inventing ways to map what's inside DNA. He later won the Nobel Prize. - Author: Elizabeth Blackburn
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#53. The pH of a must will go up as fermentation progresses. - Author: Jeff Cox
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#54. I eat tons of green veggies to keep my PH balance in check. - Author: Valerie Cruz
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#55. On completing my degree, I started a Ph.D. in statistics, although I knew very little about the topic. My supervisor was Professor Harry Pitt, who was an excellent pure mathematician and probabilist. - Author: Clive Granger
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#56. I've always had this unresolved desire to prove that I could get a Ph.D., or contribute something else to the world. - Author: Diane Lane
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#57. For example, I was privileged to be working at the White House under the Clinton administration and had not finished my Ph.D., and I thought I was the cat's meow. - Author: Peter Orszag
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#58. My family always encouraged my drawing ability. Kids in school who teased me about my reading would get out of their seats and stand behind my desk as I worked and go, 'Wow, you can really draw.' Later, I earned a degree in Fine Art and got a Ph.D. in Art History. - Author: Patricia Polacco
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#59. Wait. You have two Ph.D.'s?"
"Yeah." Shane passed it off as if it were as common as having two nipples. - Author: K.A. Mitchell
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#60. I'm a Ph.D. in economics, and so you analyze every situation uniquely because every international situation is unique. - Author: Dave Brat
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#61. Patient Zero, Three Years to Live By Margaret Kane, Ph.D. - Author: Margaret Kane
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#62. I was going to France to do my masters and my Ph.D., but I didn't know how to say, 'bonjour.' You really feel like a baby, starting everything from scratch. - Author: Zeresenay Alemseged
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#63. Various circumstances, mainly to do with my military service, prevented me from doing a Ph.D., and I have often regretted it, though you do need to choose the 'right' supervisor in the 'right' discipline - no easy task when you are totally inexperienced. - Author: Yves Chauvin
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#64. Don't just DO something. Stand there! (and get perspective and understanding) - Author: Scott J. Simmerman Ph.D.
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#65. I have no doubt that Brian May would have had a brilliant career in science had he completed his Ph.D. in 1971. - Author: Garik Israelian
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#66. Shortly after my Ph.D., Alfred Kastler urged me to accept a teaching position at the University of Paris. I followed his advice and started to teach at the undergraduate level. - Author: Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
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#67. I was always curious about the anxiety a person would feel when you open your mouth and you have an accent. You could have a Ph.D. or be a lawyer, but as soon as you say something, you may be diminished in the eyes of someone else. - Author: Dinaw Mengestu
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#68. Pearsall is not a doctor, or not, at least, one of the medical variety. He is a doctor of the variety that gets a Ph.D. and attaches it to his name on self-help book covers. - Author: Mary Roach
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#69. In poetry, and in my study in graduate school, I was drawn to a particular poet, Theodore Roethke. I did a dissertation on "The Evolution of Matter and Spirit in the Poetry of Theodore Roethke" for my Ph.D. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#70. I am a doctor. A.B ... M.A ... PH.D ... ABMAPHID! Abmaphid has been variously described as a wasting disease of the frontal lobes, and as a wonder drug. It is actually both.I'm really very mistrustful. - Author: Edward Albee
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#71. Photography has always been a passion of mine, but I began to study light field photography when I was in the Ph.D. program at Stanford University. - Author: Ren Ng
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#72. When I was nine, we moved to Stanford University in San Francisco so that my father could do a Ph.D. I went to Terman Junior High in Palo Alto. It was terrible, because my hormones were all over the place, and I became an ugly adolescent full of rage and loathing. - Author: Caroline Lawrence
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#73. And she's like, you know, the 'Grace' in U2's song, the one that 'carries the world on her hips'." - Diana Rigsby, M.D. Ph.D. - Author: L.A. Kragie
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#74. I was never strong at maths, but I eventually got onto a university physics/astronomy course, and that led on to my Ph.D. and eventual employment. - Author: Alastair Reynolds
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#75. I was writing my Ph.D. in the late 1980s and was keeping an eye on what was happening in the world. It became obvious to me that Russia couldn't live without computers. I think I worked this out a year before anyone else. I started looking for people who could help import them. - Author: Bidzina Ivanishvili
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#76. Many Christians with Ph.D.'s have simply absorbed a two-track approach to their subject, treating science or sociology or history as though it consisted of religiously neutral knowledge, where biblical truth has nothing important to say. - Author: Nancy Pearcey
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#77. I grew up in Adelaide, Australia. No one in my family had finished high school, and I was smart at mathematics, so I became an academic and got my Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford. I didn't set out to be a businessperson. - Author: Rodney Brooks
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#78. Prig and philistine, Ph.D. and C.P.A., despot of English 218c and big shot of the Kiwanis Club-how much, at bottom, they both hate Art, and how hard it is to know which of them hates it the more. - Author: Louis Kronenberger
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#79. I know a person with a Ph.D. who goes to a church based on Star Wars: May the force be with you. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#80. If you desecrate a white grave, you wind up sitting in prison. But desecrate an Indian grave, and you get a Ph.D. - Author: Gerald Vizenor
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#81. If my idea was just to maintain a certain lifestyle, there would be no need to get a Ph.D. But I do care very deeply about the idea side as well. - Author: Evgeny Morozov
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#82. I finished my Ph.D. at Berkeley in November 1987 and took a position as an independent fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in January 1988. - Author: Carol W. Greider
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#83. Doctoral training is devoted almost entirely to learning to do research, even though most Ph.Ds who enter academic life spend far more time teaching than they do conducting experiments or writing books. - Author: Derek Bok
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#84. Acid strength is measured by the pH scale, with lower numbers being stronger, and in 2005 a chemist from New Zealand invented a boron-based acid called a carborane, with a pH of -18 - Author: Sam Kean
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#85. But you see now baby, whether you have a ph.d., d.d. or no d, we're in this bag together. And whether you are from Morehouse or Nohouse, we,re still in this bag together. - Author: Fannie Lou Hamer
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#86. I spent 10 years working on a math Ph.D., and I finally got kind of good at it. - Author: Jerry McNerney
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#87. After all, it isn't the facts of one's environment, but one's attitude toward them, that determines whether one will be defeated or victorious. - Author: David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.
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#88. Each of us may be a diamond-in-the-rough, needing only a muse and a change in circumstance to go from humble caterpillar to majestic butterfly." - Peter Whitmer, Ph.D. ~from The Inner Elvis: A Psychological Biography of Elvis Aaron Presley - Author: Peter Whitmer
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#89. I want to see a doctor," I said.
He beamed. "But you've already seen one. Lucky Chang has M.I).s and Ph.D.s from every school between Seoul and Pusan. You were treated by the most capable surgeon to ever come out of Korea."
"I want to see a less capable doctor. - Author: Yongsoo Park
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#90. It is easy to be seen as either a genius or a crank. If you have a Ph.D., at least you somewhat lower the chances that you will be seen as a crank. - Author: Evgeny Morozov
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#91. I know you're competent and your thesis advisor knows you're competent. The question in our minds is are you really serious about what you're doing?"

This was said to a young woman who had already spent five years and over $10,000 getting to that point in her Ph.D. program. - Author: Joanna Russ
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#92. Freshly minted Ph.Ds typically teach the way their favorite professors taught. - Author: Derek Bok
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#93. Actually, I have an interest in finishing my Ph.D., but I just know I never will. - Author: David Duchovny
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#94. High soil potassium is directly linked to high pH in the juice. - Author: Jeff Cox
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#95. Asceticism, also called ascesis, is the practice of rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint and is performed as a spiritual discipline. Like - Author: Randi Fredricks, Ph.D.
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#96. I'm probably a little more like my dad. But because of my mom, I never saw being a woman as being an impediment to being able to do something. She had her Ph.D. before I was born. - Author: Mary Cheney
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#97. If Satan gave you instructions for writing the book report from Hell, it would closely resemble those of a Ph.D. dissertation. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
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#98. Most people come out of their Ph.D. experience trying to prove themselves, trying to get ahead, trying to get published. You're scared everybody else is going to do your research and get your topic. - Author: Bernice Johnson Reagon
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#99. After earning my Ph.D., I stayed at the Max-Planck Institute as a postdoc, working on laser excitation of Rydberg states of triatomic hydrogen and helium hydride. I also succeeded in analyzing all the emission spectra of helium hydride, which I had discovered during my Ph.D. - Author: Wolfgang Ketterle
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#100. Then I studied theology in college, and when I was getting a Ph.D. in literature, I took courses in New Testament studies and studied Greek versions of the Gospels. - Author: Jay Parini
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