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#1. Was he the only one who was just old enough to speak out, not yet so old and jaded that he acceded to authority over anything else?

Or was it the opposite? Was he of the age where he had the ignorance of youth coupled with the arrogance of adulthood? - Author: Wildbow
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#2. In retrospect, the political and cultural climate in the early '60s seems both a time of innocence and also like a sultry, still summer day in the Midwest: an unsettling calm before a ferocious storm over Vietnam, which was not yet an American war. - Author: Tom Brokaw
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#3. Yet the motion of the saw has not faltered, as though it and the arm functioned in a tranquil conviction that rain was an illusion of the mind. - Author: William Faulkner
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#4. A hundred men, women and children died on that voyage and were dropped over the side; and some of the captives who were dropped over the side had not yet died, but the green chill of the ocean cooled their final fever and they went down flailing, choking, lost. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#5. Tiago turned to survey the large, crowded ballroom. "Good job not killing anybody."
"That's what Pia said," Dragos told him. "Night's not over yet. - Author: Thea Harrison
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#6. Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering - Author: Ida Scott Taylor
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#7. It is true that the king has made a truce with the duke of Burgundy for fifteen days and that the duke is to turn over the city of Paris at the end of fifteen days. Yet you should not marvel if I do not enter that city so quickly. - Author: Joan Of Arc
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#8. I know a little about Hack (Wilson) because his picture is next to my locker. I am lucky to be there at the right time. People will now remember two guys, Hack Wilson and myself, and the season is not over yet. - Author: Sammy Sosa
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#9. There's this food that's evolved over thousands of years and people have made their own kind of thing, but it's not art-food, yet. It can be, but it's just food. It's the thing that people do because they have to, because they need it. I feel music is one of those things, too. - Author: Frank Fairfield
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#10. When I look over later, I see that Eli is crying, but it's not enough to drown in so I don't do anything yet. - Author: Ally Condie
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#11. If I am good enough and quiet enough, perhaps after all they will let me go; but it's not easy being quiet and good, it's like hanging on to the edge of a bridge when you've already fallen over; you don't seem to be moving, just dangling there, and yet it is taking all your strength. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#12. Della was my go all in. She was my winning hand. You can't play when you go all in and lose. I'm out."
"No, you're not. This hand ain't over yet," Rush said. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#13. If you do not trust life to unfold, the mind takes over and it becomes a game of strategy, motivated by anxiety. This mistrust is unfair. Life has given us so much, and yet we do not trust it. - Author: Mooji
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#14. This was I and not yet I, this was the wife of the President of the United States and she took precedence over me; my personal like and dislikes must be subordinated to the consideration of those things which were required of her - Author: Grace Coolidge
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#15. The history of the Holocaust is not over. Its precedent is eternal, and its lessons have not yet been - Author: Timothy Snyder
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#16. Echo withdrew into her hair the moment she entwined her fingers with mine. I hadn't touched weed in over a week yet somehow i floated above the ground, my blood ran warm in my veins and i felt high-no, not high ... invicible. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#17. Not yet!" said she [Goneril], trying to roll me over and get back to smacking my bum.
She honked my codpiece.
You honked my codpiece."
Aye, give it up, fool." [ ... ] - Author: Christopher Moore
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#18. Although not a very old man, I have yet lived a great deal in my life, and I have known sorrow too bitter and joy too keen to allow me to become either cast down or elated for more than a very brief period over any success or defeat. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#19. Reality is harsh. It can be cruel and ugly. Yet no matter how much we grieve over our environment and circumstances nothing will change. What is important is not to be defeated, to forge ahead bravely. If we do this, a path will open before us. - Author: Daisaku Ikeda
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#20. I wanted to the best player in the state - [the best] the area has ever seen. That's always been my goal. Guys like Elgin Baylor, Adrian Dantley and Dave Bing, it's tough to pass those guys. So I'm studying, working. My project's not over yet. Hopefully, I get there. - Author: Kevin Durant
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#21. Yet consider now, whether women are not quite past sense and reason, when they want to rule over men. - Author: John Calvin
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#22. I always see those of whom I have heard well with a slight disappointment. They are so much better than the great herd, and yet the heavens are not shivered into diamonds over their heads. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#23. It is a well-known fact among prophecy scholars that there were more than one thousand prophecies contained within the Bible at the time that it was written, and over five hundred of these have been fulfilled. The remainder are end-time prophecies whose time has not yet come. - Author: Tim LaHaye
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#24. Meng flew low over the darkness of the treetops, thinking of Meabel's silky body, his jealousy like a living entity inside him, swelling with each mortal that fell to his sister's myriad charms - men she had not yet consumed. - Author: Georgina Anne Taylor
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#25. No virtue fades out of mankind. Not over-hopeful by inborn temperament, cautious by long experience, I yet never despair of human virtue. - Author: Theodore Parker
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#26. The waves have rolled upon me, the billows are repeatedly broken over me, yet I am not sunk down. - Author: Mercy Otis Warren
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#27. I play to win and if it looks like I've lost, its only because its not over yet. - Author: Kiera Dellacroix
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#28. Yet what kind of choice is free when to choose one thing over the other brings condemnation? How is "free will" free when it is not your will, but someone else's, which must be done? - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#29. The old Romans all wished to have a king over them because they had not yet tasted the sweetness of freedom. - Author: Livy
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#30. In my opinion, the unjust man whose tongue is full of glozing rhetoric, merits the heaviest punishment; vaunting that he can with his tongue gloze over injustice, he dares to act wickedly, yet he is not over-wise. - Author: Euripides
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#31. I hate how we never get out chance to see how things could've turned out. I hate how I know I'm not over you yet I pretend to be. - Author: Drake
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#32. Meanwhile, Singapore has implemented an Electronic Road Pricing System that has virtually eliminated congestion. Americans collectively spend over one hundred billion hours stuck in traffic jams, a testament to the fact that road pricing is not yet widely adopted. - Author: Erik Brynjolfsson, Andrew McAfee
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#33. Yet I am not writing with ordinary ink, but with red blood that drips
from my heart. All its wounds long scarred over have opened and it
throbs and hurts, and now and then a tear falls on the paper. - Author: Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch
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#34. I once told Ren our story wasn't over.
And it's not.
Not yet. - Author: Colleen Houck
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#35. I'm a master of heels. I'm used to them. I'm tiny, so I wear them all the time. Apart from to the beach. That would be slightly psycho. I'm over the top, but not that much yet. - Author: Josephine De La Baume
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#36. And yet now, after all these years, I find that it doesn't matter whether I filmed it or not, because we lose our children not once but over and over again. That loss, I can feel it now, yesterday, tomorrow, every minute, and I promise you, I do. - Author: Neil Gordon
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#37. Somewhere over the Atlantic, at thirty-five thousand feet, she wrapped herself around me, and my brain decided to equate her scent, the sound of her voice, the feel of her skin, with comfort.
I have no idea how I'm supposed to dissuade myself of this notion, and I am not yet ready to try. - Author: Kristen Callihan
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#38. How many time have I talked with people who have ridden the trails where I have ridden, yet had seen nothing? They passed over the land just to get over it, not to live with it and see it, feel it.
There was beauty out there ... - Author: Louis L'Amour
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#39. It only looks like such a mess because it's not over yet. - Author: Andrea Randall
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#40. An affirmation is almost like a mantra. It does not really matter if what you are affirming is not totally true as yet. By repeating an affirmation over and over again, it becomes embedded in the subconscious mind, and eventually it becomes your reality. - Author: Stuart Wilde
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#41. There are people out there hiding all kinds of things. People who have all this success and all this fame and all this money, and yet there are secrets that they think if we found out about, it would be over for them. And it's a horrible way to live whether you're famous or not. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#42. I'm not most guys." I tugged her over so she was sitting in my lap. "Haven't you figured that out yet?" She dropped her hands to my shoulders. "I'm a little slow sometimes." I laughed, and she responded with a smile. "Good thing I don't like you for your brains. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#43. His tone dripping condescension, Lothaire crooned, "Ah children, it's not yet story time." He closed his eyes and turned away, saying over his shoulder, "To anyone who contemplates even nearing me while I sleep: I will garrote you with your own viscera. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#44. I've tried to start my kids on 'Doctor Who,' but they're just not there yet. Someone had given me these TARDIS stick-em notes, so I gave them to Tucker, and he finally put them all over his locker. I'm like, 'You're the coolest fifth grader, ever!' - Author: Kristian Bush
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#45. Yet she resigned herself: reverently she put away in the chest of drawers her beautiful dress and even her satin shoes, whose soles had been yellowed by the slippery wax of the dance floor. Her heart was like them: contact with wealth had laid something over it that would not be wiped away. - Author: Gustave Flaubert
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#46. Why do you get to act all crazy over a guy and I don't?" Anna asked.
"You have to earn the crazy," Grace said. "You're not old enough yet. - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#47. Trystero. The word hung in the air as the act ended and all lights were for a moment cut; hung in the dark to puzzle Oedipa Maas, but not yet to exert the power over her it was to. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#48. The job of the press is to speak truth to power. And yet, for doing our job, we are persecuted. I say that these aggressive and illegal tactics to silence us - inventing arbitrary legal interpretations, over-zealous charges and disproportionate sentences - must not be permitted to succeed. - Author: Sara Harrison
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#49. Damon Laughed. "I'm only at the service of one person in particular."
My cheeks flamed as I scooted my chair over. "You are not servicing me in any way."
He leaned in, closing my newly gained distance. "Not yet. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#50. Protestant church tradition developed over several centuries when Christians were not yet forced, by virtue of the culminating evidence, to see the Bible in its ancient context. - Author: Peter Enns
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#51. After four tortured years, more than 400 over life-sized figures, I felt as old and as weary as Jeremiah. I was only 37, yet friends did not recognize the old man I had become. - Author: Michelangelo
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#52. Her life was not yet over, she decided. It just felt this way. - Author: Hugh Howey
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#53. Big flashy things have my name written all over them. Well ... not yet, give me time and a crayon. - Author: Matt Smith
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#54. Every inch of land there is so contested," I observed, more to myself than to him. "How many lives have been lost fighting over Jerusalem? Yet it is not special in terms of architecture, or location, or works of art. - Author: Margaret George
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#55. I believe this generation should know their history and they should know that the struggle's not over yet. - Author: Mary J. Blige
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#56. Our destiny exercises its influence over us even when, as yet, we have not learned its nature: it is our future that lays down the law of our today. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#57. I've just worked out what the music on the speakers is," he said. "It's John Martyn, Over The Hill."
"And ?"
"And nothing. It's just, maybe I'm not there yet. - Author: Ian Rankin
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#58. Why are not more gems from our great authors scattered over the country? Great books are not in everybody's reach; and though it is better to know them thoroughly than to know them only here and there, yet it is a good work to give a little to those who have not the time nor means to get more. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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#59. All my instincts are one way, and all the facts are the other, and I much fear that British juries have not yet attained that pitch of intelligence when they will give the preference to my theories over Lestrade's facts. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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#60. Our destiny rules over us, even when we are not yet aware of it; it is the future that makes laws for our today. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#61. But it is not at all certain that this superiority of the many over the sound few is possible in the case of every people and every large number. There are some whom it would be impossible: otherwise the theory would apply to wild animals- and yet some men are hardly any better than wild animals. - Author: Aristotle.
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#62. She reached for the hilt of her sword, but like a flash he drew the dagger that was at his waist and held it at her throat with his other hand pressed behind her neck.
"Now, now princess, that is not the proper way to behave. I have not even threatened you," he looked her over, "yet. - Author: B.C. Morin
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#63. You hit a certain age, and you haven't died yet, and you become an elder statesman. I think I get a lot of applause because I'm not keeling over. - Author: Alan Arkin
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#64. I have actually directed over thirty plays and about one hundred commercials for cable TV, but have not yet had the opportunity to direct a feature film. - Author: Sid Haig
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#65. In any case, her fight was not over yet - not nearly over. It had only begun. And yes, Cleo would be strong. Just as her father and Emilia had asked her to be. She would be strong. She would reclaim her rightful throne. She would be queen. - Author: Morgan Rhodes
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#66. Sleep is a state in which a great part of every life is passed. No animal has yet been discovered, whose existence is not varied with intervals of insensibility; and some late philosophers have extended the empire of sleep over the vegetable world. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#67. The ride's not over yet, princess. - Author: Codi Gary
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#68. Writers are troubled about finding time to write and writer's block and publicizing books that aren't books yet. They agonize over how to write and what to write and what not to write. - Author: Deb Caletti
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#69. The computer field is intoxicated with change. We have seen galloping growth over a period of four decades and it still does not seem to be slowing down. The field is not mature yet and already it accounts for a significant percentage of the Gross National Product. - Author: Fernando J. Corbato
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#70. Things of a day! what are we and what not? A dream of a shaddow is man; yet when some god-given splendor falls, a glory of light comes over him and his life is sweet

(Pindar) - Author: Gilbert Murray
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#71. I have lived now for over a century, yet I can still say with complete confidence that no one can claim to have plumbed the depths of human misery who has not shared the fore-ends of a submarine with a camel. - Author: John Biggins
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#72. The world is now changing, reviving fears that were familiar in Hitler's time, and to which Hitler responded. The history of the Holocaust is not over. Its precedent is eternal, and its lessons have not yet been learned. - Author: Timothy Snyder
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#73. Tears never yet saved a soul. Hell is full of weepers weeping over lost opportunities, perhaps over the rejection of an offered Saviour. Your Bible does not say " Weep, and be saved." It says, "Believe, and be saved." Faith is better than feeling. - Author: Theodore L. Cuyler
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#74. The other work we started in 1992, it is called Over the River, Project for the Arkansas River in the state of Colorado, we haven't got the permit yet. And, we are working at both of those, trying to get the permit. Therefore, we do not know which one will be realized next. - Author: Christo
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#75. Often we can achieve an even better result when we stumble yet are willing to start over, when we don't give up after a mistake, when something doesn't come easily but we throw ourselves into trying, when we're not afraid to appear less than perfectly polished. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#76. There are times you just want to put the tools down and say 'I can't do this, I'm done, I'm a failure.'I just want to say you are not a failure as long you not yet quitting your dream.Keep going brother, sister, friend is not over yet. - Author: Euginia Herlihy
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#77. A metamorphosis had come over us. It was something internal, an electrical pulse in the brain, some slight variation in the aortic rhythm that had forever altered our states, transformed our external structures. We were not who we had been, nor yet what we would become. - Author: Cliff James
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#78. The love she had felt for him in the past was still there within her, covered over now like a bandaged wound, not yet healed underneath and perhaps still easily reopened. - Author: Lee Server
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#79. And then I feel the sun itself
as it blazes over the hills,
like a million flowers on fire
clearly I'm not needed,
yet I feel myself turning
into something of inexplicable value.
-from The Buddha's Last Instruction - Author: Mary Oliver
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#80. Pooh and Piglet were sitting together over breakfast at that pleasant time of the day when you know that there is much to be done but not quite yet. - Author: David Benedictus
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#81. There were dragons, in his dreams, as though some part of him knew the trials were not yet over, that there were battles yet to be fought. He slept fitfully, fidgeting, tossing and turning, groaning and crying out in his sleep. - Author: Barry Lyga
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#82. In the event of some sort of gathering, if one of the bossy, over bearing, possessive, fur balls has not flipped his switch and attacked some poor young pup in some misguided attempt to protect his woman's virtue, then the night is not yet over. - Author: Quinn Loftis
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#83. He could not help knowing that when he thought of death, he thought with all the force of his intellect. He knew too that the brains of many great men, whose thoughts he had read, had brooded over death and yet knew not a hundredth part of what his wife and Agafea Mihalovna knew about it. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#84. And yet, quite often, she comes to me. Seldom to have anything explained, but often to tell me something.
When she comes over to me, I sit down on the floor. It does not seem right to tower over her when she is talking to me. Instead I sit down, then our heads are on a level. - Author: Peter Hoeg
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#85. Over the last two decades, America has increased its demand for oil by nearly 30 percent, yet we have not expanded our ability to produce domestic sources of fuel. - Author: Tim Murphy
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#86. It means that we should celebrate today's failure because it is a clear sign that our voyage of discovery is not yet over. - Author: Jacqueline Kelly
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#87. I know my journey's not over yet, and that life is a winding path, but I can only hope it somehow circles back to the place I belong. That's - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#88. Mystical experiences nearly always lead one to a belief that some aspect of consciousness is imperishable. In a Buddhist metaphor the consciousness of the individual is like a flame that burns through the night. It is not the same flame over time, yet neither is it another flame. - Author: Marilyn Ferguson
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#89. While I've found many of the religious shows I've viewed over the years not to be to my liking, or in line with my own beliefs, I've never considered it my place to exert any greater type of censorship than changing the channel, or better yet - turning off the TV completely. - Author: Bill Hicks
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#90. I smiled. "You trust me more than Cas?"
"Cas would choose a case of beer over me."
My laughter echoed through the cemetery. "That's not true!" I brushed the hair from my face. "The others have your back."
"Yet you were the one who saved my life. - Author: Jennifer Rush
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#91. We have not yet encountered any god who is as merciful as a man who flicks a beetle over on its feet. - Author: Annie Dillard
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#92. There was almost general consent over the fact that the application of the Christ spirit and practice to the everyday life was the serious thing. It required a knowledge of Him and an insight into His motives that most of them did not yet possess. - Author: Charles M. Sheldon
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#93. Once in a while, the thumb that fits over the neck of the guitar kinda bothers me a little bit, but not that much yet. I figure in time I won't do much because of my age. - Author: B.B. King
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#94. Obligation
They cannot ask for kindness
Or for mercy plead,
Yet cruel is our blindness
Which does not see their need,
World-over, town or city,
God trusts us with this task:
To give our love and pity
To those who cannot ask. - Author: Edgar A. Guest
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#95. Know this: If you are afraid of starting over, it means you have not yet begun. - Author: Tehya Sky
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#96. You have your bad moments in your career and your good moments. And it's been a good ride so far, but it's not over yet. - Author: Maria Sharapova
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#97. there was yet another date, of greater importance to her than those; that of her own death, when all these charms would had disappeared; a day which lay sly and unseen among all the other days of the year, giving no sign or sound when she annually passed over it; but not the less surely there - Author: Thomas Hardy
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#98. Over any such tangled wave of problems the S-1 secret would be dominant and yet we will not know until after that time probably, until after that meeting, whether this is a weapon in our hands or not. - Author: Henry L. Stimson
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#99. She crooned in his head. Honey, I'm so proud of you for not killing anybody.
His gaze flashed to hers, and that flat, assessing expression vanished as he laughed. Squeezing her fingers, he told her, Week's not over yet. - Author: Thea Harrison
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#100. We have not yet received our kingdoms, neither will we, until we have finished our work on earth ... Then he that has overcome and is found worthy, will be made a king of kings, a lord of lords over his own posterity, or in other words: A father of fathers. - Author: Brigham Young
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