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#1. Balance the world in your relationship. No one person should be responsible for killing ALL the Zombies. - Author: Jesse Petersen
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#2. I've come to believe that the most dangerous man in the world is the one who feels no remorse. The one who never apologizes and therefore seeks no forgiveness. Because in the end it is our emotions that make us week, not our actions. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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#3. I don't know where you'll find her, or what mindset she'll have, but I know one thing with unwavering certainty - that girl loves you like no woman has ever loved a man in the history of the world. She called you her heart. And I believed her. - Author: Jewel E. Ann
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#4. All the politics in the world are nothing else but a kind of analysis of the quantity of probability in casual events, and a good politician signifies no more but one who is dexterous at such calculations. - Author: John Arbuthnot
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#5. In the world of technology,In the world of Internet , information,teachings knowledge are spreading so fast but sad no one want to apply or follow because everyone is busy to share. - Author: Mohammed Zaki Ansari
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#6. There are no other Everglades in the world. They are, they have always been, one of the unique regions of the earth; remote, never wholly known. Nothing anywhere else is like them. - Author: Marjory Stoneman Douglas
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#7. No one's life should be rooted in fear. We are born for wonder, for joy, for hope, for love, to marvel at the mystery of existence, to be ravished by the beauty of the world, to seek truth and meaning, to acquire wisdom, and by our treatment of others to brighten the corner where we are. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#8. Possibly the strangest book ever made, the 'Codex Seraphinianus' is an encyclopedia of an imaginary world, with illegible calligraphy - it is written in an alphabet no one can understand - and surreal drawings of odd beasts and machines. - Author: Russell Smith
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#9. There is no other company in the world I've found more pleasurable than my own. For no one else has ever been as accepting of me or as thoroughly entertained by my quirkiness. It is a sweet thing to like yourself. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#10. I often said that never in the history of the world did one man receive so much faith and trust as Hitler. Similary, no one has ever betrayed so many people and abused so much good faith as he did. - Author: Hans Fritzsche
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#11. In a world of fragile self-justification, the truth made no one happy. - Author: Greg Bear
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#12. Stevie Wonder doing [carpool karaoke] it was a massive turning point because he's Stevie Wonder. Like, there's no one else in the world who can go, I don't really want to do it. And you go oh, so it's good enough for Stevie Wonder but it's not good enough for you? - Author: James Corden
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#13. Pope smiled. "You're thinking all wrong, boy. There's no such thing as law or government inside this room. It's just you and me. I am the one and only authority in your little world, whose borders are these walls. I could kill you right now if I wanted to. - Author: Blake Crouch
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Silent world, I find myself,
Glad no one hears my thoughts.
In dark cocoon, I hibernate,
Yet spirit spills every thought.

A second chance to try again.
The risks I know too well.
Two sunsets turning into six-
Awaits tomorrow's will. - Author: Giorge Leedy
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#15. Considered in its entirety, psychoanalysis won't do. It is an end product, moreover, like a dinosaur or a zeppelin; no better theory can ever be erected on its ruins, which will remain for ever one of the saddest and strangest of all landmarks in the history of twentieth century thought. - Author: Peter Medawar
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#16. I had never traveled alone before and I discovered that I liked it. No one in the world knew where I was, no one had the ability to reach me. It was like being dead, my escape allowing me to taste that tremendous power my mother possessed forever. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
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#17. No matter what painful things happens, even when it looks like you'll lose... when no one else in the world believes in you... when you don't even believe in yourself... I will believe in you! - Author: Rem
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#18. No one else holds or has held the place in the heart of the world which Jesus holds. Other gods have been as devoutly worshipped; no other man has been so devoutly loved. - Author: John Knox
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#19. Nothing in the world is more flexible and yielding than water. Yet when it attacks the firm and the strong, none can withstand it, because they have no way to change it. So the flexible overcome the adamant, the yielding overcome the forceful. Everyone knows this, but no one can do it. - Author: Laozi
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#20. No one is different from the other. I'm very grateful that I have a diverse group of fans as well. We welcome individuality over here in my world, and I think that my fans can see and feel that. - Author: Ciara
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#21. Children all over the world do ridiculous, borderline dangerous things, and no one around them questions it, because it's ingrained in their culture. So it was with child acting in Southern California. - Author: Mara Wilson
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#22. In his essay, 'Perpetual Peace,' the philosopher, Immanuel Kant, argued that perpetual peace would eventually come to the world in one of two ways, by human insight or by conflicts and catastrophes of a magnitude that left humanity no other choice. We are at such a juncture. - Author: Henry Kissinger
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#23. The most wonderful and the strongest things in the world, you know, are just the things which no one can see. - Author: Charles Kingsley
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#24. Flying is my favorite time in the world. When I'm sitting in a plane, it's amazing because it's quiet and there's no cell phones and no one to talk to you. It's my favorite time. I read all my scripts. I catch up on my movies. I sleep. It's the best. There's no one telling you, "Time to go!" - Author: Priyanka Chopra
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#25. You say she loves him? No one but a coward would be defrauded of the woman he loved and who loved him. Ah, if I had once felt Madeleine's hand tremble in mine, if her rosy lips had pressed a kiss upon my brow, the whole world could not take her from me. - Author: Emile Gaboriau
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#26. No one, probably, ever felt himself to be more alone in the world than our old friend,* the Duke of Omnium, when the Duchess died. - Author: Anthony Trollope
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#27. The one who never rebukes his underhand will have no boss in this world! - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#28. But the world had its layers. To the simple it offered simplicity. To the wise it offered profundity. And the only measure of courage worth acknowledging was found in accepting where one stood in that scheme - in hard, unwavering honesty, no matter how humbling. - Author: Steven Erikson
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#29. I believe no-one can insult you without your permission. Shilpa Shetty has paid the price for trying to desperately seek the approval of the West. It is pathetic how we can go on bended knees and lick the boots of Westerners in an effort to be part of their world. - Author: Mahesh Bhatt
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#30. Because he (the Sage) opposes no one, no one in the world can oppose him. - Author: Laozi
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#31. We priests are in some ways a sad group of men. Born into the world to render service to mankind, there is no one more wretchedly alone than the priest who does not measure up to his task. - Author: Shusaku Endo
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#32. Something in her expression made Covenant feel that he came from a very poor world, where no one knew or cared about the healing of stoneware pots. - Author: Stephen R. Donaldson
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#33. Thirteen years have past since 1993, and I still have not seen one single book, documentary or anything to the biggest epidemic in Scottish, British prison history. I would go as far and say, no other prison in the world had fourteen men catching the HIV virus at the same time. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#34. The world is on fire with hate- everyone is blaming one another saying that religion is responsible for it!
In all honesty, hate has no fate.
But greed does it needs money, its faith. - Author: Zarina Bibi
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#35. Socialism, in the traditional sense, meant government ownership and operation of the means of production. Outside of North Korea and a couple of other spots, no one in the world today would define socialism that way. That will never come back. - Author: Milton Friedman
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#36. No one has, because even in this middle age, he's sensitive, and if you say the wrong thing, he'll show the world just how sensitive he is by crying at your funeral. - Author: Paul Beatty
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#37. In a world of prophecy and war, where so much of my life followed a path laid out by duty and destiny,Tristan had enough strength to give me what no one else could. The one precious thing I needed the most. A choice. - Author: Emma Raveling
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#38. No one can know you better than two peoples in the world.
1- Yourself
2- Your Mirror - Author: Abhishek Bhatt
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#39. There's absolutely no one in the world that can tell you can't do something. You're the only person that can set that limitation. - Author: Andy Biersack
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#40. The greatest hazard of all, losing one's self, can occur very quietly in the world, as if it were nothing at all. No other loss can occur so quietly; any other loss - an arm, a leg, five dollars, a wife, etc. - is sure to be noticed. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#41. There is absolutely no man in the whole world who can possess one among you unless he first die. - Author: Francis Of Assisi
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#42. Suddenly I realize that everyone in the whole world is, at the end of a day, staring at a dusky horizon, owner of a day that no one else will ever know. - Author: Polly Horvath
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#43. No matter how hidden the cruelty, no matter how far off the screams of pain and terror, we live in one world. We are one people. - Author: Alice Walker
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#44. Without him, [Nate] she was completely alone in the world. There was no one at all for her. No one in the world who cared whether she lived or died. Sometimes the horror of that thought threatened to overwhelm her and plunge her down into bottomless darkness ... - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#45. He never thought that she saw in him what no one else could see. He never thought that in the whole world there were no other eyes that looked upon him with the same light and strength as hers. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#46. What do you find when you go inside? A rich world, streaming with thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories, hopes, wishes, dreams, and fears. No one is immune to the allure of this world. We experience ourselves in here, and everything we can possibly imagine. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#47. A hotel, he told me, was a big house where a lot of people lived and ate and slept, but no one knew each other. He said that described most families in the outside world. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#48. If the goal is to get the best artists, actors, and filmmakers in the world to create the best movies, Hollywood does a decent job. And I think no one would disagree with me that it also makes a ton of bad movies and employs a bunch of hacks. - Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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#49. If I could only teach you one thing about the world, it would be to Appreciate and be as present as possible in every moment. Take everything in and try and learn from it. No matter how tangled things get, there is always a lesson to be learned in the untangling of those things. - Author: Bethany Brookbank
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#50. All over the world people are now sleeping in their beds, or perhaps they are engaged in some idiotic pastime; and one might easily believe that each in his own way is doing his best to deserve destruction. But that destruction will bring no freedom. - Author: Czeslaw Milosz
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#51. If every soldier refused to take arms ... there would be no wars; but no one has the courage to be the first to live according to Christ and Socrates, because in a world of opportunists they would be martyred. - Author: Sylvia Plath
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#52. If the world is a precipitation of human nature, so to speak, then the divine world is a sublimation of the same. Both occur in one act. No precipitation without sublimation. What goes lost there in agility, is won here. - Author: Novalis
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#53. I love the energy of an independent film set. No one is there for the money. Everyone is there 'cause they really want to be there. It makes all the difference in the world. It's without ego and agenda, other than just wanting to fulfill a creative dream. - Author: Mamie Gummer
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#54. In America, we have so many movies and so much media about the Islamic world, the sub-continental world, but it's not a conversation, it's a monologue. It's always from one point of view. 'If we don't tell our own stories, no one will tell them' is my mantra. - Author: Mira Nair
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#55. This is the first place in the United States where I sang, and I like San Francisco better than any other city in the world. I love no city more than this one. Where else could I sing outdoors on Christmas Eve? - Author: Luisa Tetrazzini
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#56. You have to be the bravest person in the world to go out every day, being yourself when no one likes who you are. - Author: Matthew Dicks
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#57. Boredom will eventually set in ... and one day you'll be standing still on an island, with no idea where to go, because all your bridges will have been burned ... The smaller you are, the larger and more terrifying the world. You should not be trying to reduce yourself so thoroughly. - Author: Kristina Meister
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#58. Cast up
the heart flops over
gasping 'Love'
a foolish fish which tries to draw
its breath from flesh of air
And no one there to hear its death
among the sad bushes
where the world rushes by
in a blather of asphalt and delay - Author: Lawrence Ferlinghetti
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#59. Don't worry. Don't apologize. Don't cower behind the defeated security of there is no 'room for someone like me'. There isn't room for any one of us. It's up to you to make a place for yourself in the world. So get to work. - Author: Cheryl Strayed
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#60. And he who has considered all the contrasts on this earth, and is no more disturbed by anything whatever in the world, the Peaceful One, freed from rage, from sorrow, and from longing, he has passed beyond birth and decay. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#61. Nothing mattered at that moment except for our combined passion and our union, and no one else in the world existed. - Author: Chrissy Moon
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#62. MEANEY: Do you ever miss having that being-out-in-the-world job environment? ELLIS: God, no. Have you ever been out in the world? It's full of fucking people. If there's one thing I hate, it's people. - Author: Patrick Meaney
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#63. Even when I was No. 1 in the world, I was taking it one match at a time. I never was a player to look too far ahead, the way draws can pan out. - Author: Lleyton Hewitt
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#64. I open it so he has no choice. At the crack of the top and the sound of the fizz he winces like one more Coke down, one less in the world. - Author: Peter Heller
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#65. Philippa Somerville, standing back a little, did not withdraw her arm. In her white face, a shadow of motherly irritation appeared. 'Has no one here any sense? Be quiet and sit down. The world will look after itself for a night, without your hand on the rim. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
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#66. I dream a world in no one feels the need for or fear of predatory behavior, in which each of us walks with the knowledge of how beautiful - and valuable - is each human life. - Author: Jacqueline Novogratz
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#67. I learned then that practically no one in the world is entirely bad or entirely good, and that motives are often more important than actions. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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#68. Science enables humans to satisfy their needs. It does nothing to change them. They are no different today from what they have always been. There is progress in knowledge, but not in ethics. This s the verdict both of science and history, and the view of every one of the world's religions. - Author: John Gray
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#69. I have liked many but loved very few. Yet no-one has been as sweet as you. I'd stand and wait in the world's longest queue. Just for the pleasure of a moment with you. - Author: Abhijeet Bhattacharya
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#70. Besides, who ever asked you what you wanted in this world, girl?
The answer to that question, reader, as you well know, was absolutely no one. - Author: Kate DiCamillo
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#71. Let them understand above all that the artist works from necessity; that he, too, is a minute element of the world to whom one should ascribe no more importance than so many things in nature which charm us but which we do not explain to ourselves. - Author: Pablo Picasso
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#72. One may no more live in the world without picking up the moral prejudices of the world than one will be able to go to hell without perspiring. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#73. Switzerland has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, the strongest currency and the largest financial center for foreign assets. And we're a small country with no natural resources. Switzerland is the world capital of dealing in stolen goods. - Author: Jean Ziegler
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#74. There is no one in the world that lives without sin. - Author: Jo Min-Hyuk
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#75. I don't know how anyone else sees the world and no one else sees the world exactly how I see the world! We each see in our own, unique way. - Author: Blue Balliett
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#76. I get asked that a lot and I always go back to my mom's, 'No one has the right to beat you.' I take that to every venue that I'm in. She would say, 'Someone has to be the best in the world, why not you?' I always try to keep that in mind. - Author: Ronda Rousey
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#77. In my world, history comes down to language and art. No one cares much about what battles were fought, who won them and who lost them - unless there is a painting, a play, a song or a poem that speaks of the event. - Author: Theodore Bikel
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#78. They criticize the silent ones. They criticize the talkative ones. They criticize the moderate ones. There is no one in the world who escapes criticism. - Author: Nhat Hanh
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#79. No one ever loses anyone. We are all one soul that needs to continue growing and developing in order for the world to carry on and for us all to meet once again. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#80. The voice of the Lord answered from a whirlwind: "Neither am I anyone; I have dreamt the world as you dreamt your work, my Shakespeare, and among the forms in my dream are you, who like myself are many and no one. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
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#81. Success on the front of women's rights will look like a world not only with obvious advances - where no girl is denied access to education, for instance - but also one with more subtle changes in how we regard gender and gender stereotypes. - Author: Adora Svitak
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#82. The most terrifying thing I can think of is being alone - and I mean utterly alone, like no one else in the world alone - at night. That's the nucleus of the first story in my collection and it's also where the title came from for the book. - Author: Paul Kane
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#83. Sometimes you plodded through life with nothing changing from one month to the next no matter how much you yearned for a revolution to erupt beneath your feet. And sometimes your whole world imploded and rebuilt itself in a matter of seconds. - Author: Laura Kaye
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#84. The ideal country in a flat world is the one with no natural resources, because countries with no natural resources tend to dig inside themselves. They try to tap the energy, entrepreneurship, creativity, and intelligence of their own people-men and women-rather than drill an oil well. - Author: Thomas L. Friedman
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#85. No one in the world needs a mink coat but a mink. - Author: Murray Banks
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#86. Sometimes romance is of less importance than the feeling of being absolutely safe: of knowing that nothing and no one can hurt you, because the person who loves you most in all the world will destroy them if they try. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#87. Its best to turn to no one, to seek to please no one, as if there were only oneself in the world. The pleasure of others is a by-product after all, and if ever the whispering voices are allowed to crowd out the one voice, the result is this ... a sort of high-pitched silliness, a terrible silliness. - Author: Elizabeth Taylor
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#88. No one can take less pains than to hold his tongue. Hear much, and speak little; for the tongue is the instrument of the greatest good and greatest evil that is done in the world. - Author: Walter Raleigh
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#89. Drill in exact translation is an excellent way of disposing the mind against that looseness and exaggeration with which the sensationalists have corrupted our world. If schools of journalism knew their business, they would graduate no one who could not render the Greek poets. - Author: Richard M. Weaver
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#90. Nothing and no one in the world is valuable or worthless. - Author: Laozi
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#91. But obviously if there was no concept of ownership there'd be no concept of stealing, would there? As long as there's one starving child in the world, all property is theft. - Author: Fuminori Nakamura
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#92. No one has proof that I know of, that a higher power exists, yet a major portion of the world believes in it and relies on it in faith in trust, in what that is. Where is the science in that? And yet you have incredible belief in that. - Author: Sandra Bullock
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#93. One word I had throughout the first year and a half of my mother's death was 'unmoored.' I felt that I had no anchor, that I had no home in the world. - Author: Meghan O'Rourke
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#94. No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another. Thank you. - Author: Joseph Addison
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#95. You ought to realize, you take up very little space in the world as a whole - your body, that is; in reason, however, you yield to no one, not even to the gods, because reason is not measured in size but sense. So why not care for that side of you, where you and the gods are equals? - Author: Epictetus
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#96. The Soul has never become impure not even for a second and if it had become impure then no one in this world would have been able to purify it. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#97. If your spouse wants to cheat on you, he or she will. This world is a haven of opportunities. But no matter what, in any relationship, one must never doubt the spouse - Author: Jagdish Joghee
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#98. Just as a whole world of beauty can be discovered in one flower, so the great grace of God can be tasted in one small moment Just as no great travels are necessary to see the beauty of creation, so no great ecstasies are needed to discover the love of God. - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
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#99. No matter what they say in the conferences and symposiums about poverty and hunger in the world. At the end, they are the first one forgetting us. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
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#100. You can have the greatest strategy in the world but what is the point if no one cares? - Author: Patrick Dixon
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