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Top 100 My Kind Of Guy Quotes

#1. I'm not a 'Steel Magnolias' kind of girl. I'm kind of like a guy. My favorite movie is 'Caddyshack.'

Leslie Bibb

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #485
#2. Yeah, I'm a physical kind of guy. I've always liked being physical. It takes a stuntman to really say, 'Look, we don't want you to do this. No, no, I'm serious, you're not going to do this' to get me not to do my stuff.

Dominic Purcell

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#3. What are you, some kind of superhero?" "Nah, I'm just a guy who sometimes kicks ass for Uncle Sam." "Okay," she whispered. "So ... just so you know, that's superhero material in my book.

Zoe York

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#4. I'm a five-seasons griller! Did you know I added a new season? Living in Cali, I'm cooking in the yard all the time. I don't care what the weather is like. My hair is impervious to any kind of dampness, so I don't have too much to worry about.

Guy Fieri

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#5. I'm the kind of guy that I never forget my teammates.

David Ortiz

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#6. Diamond Dallas saved my life. He didn't have to, but that's the kind of guy he is. He's helped so many people with his DDP Yoga. It's just incredible with the lives he's changing, the lives he's affecting. I am so honored to be part of that.

Jake Roberts

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#7. The day I showed up to South Carolina to work, I was with my kid and my ex and our dog and Kirk was hanging with this weird guy and I kind of defined the two of them by his friend and made a vow to avoid him.

Donal Logue

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#8. A lot of the people that stop you - well, they're not nuts, exactly. They're more like super-fans. They think that I'm some sort of rich guy, that everyone in the movies is making the kind of money Angelina Jolie is making. They don't realize that most of my life has been a struggle.

Mark Margolis

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#9. I don't even like Greg Glassman. I don't have a cult like allegiance to the guy. I really don't like him. He's too hard to get on the phone and he doesn't drink my kind of scotch.

Mark Rippetoe

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #88077
#10. My dad was a very straight arrow, prayed-at-every-meal kind of guy.

Chris Stapleton

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#11. Well, when you're the youngest of five, parents kind of lose interest more and more through the children. I think my eldest brother was under loads of pressure to do something amazing with his life, but by the time I came around they were like, 'Well, let's hope he doesn't kill a guy.'

Chris O'Dowd

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#12. My experience of test screenings is that you don't know what kind of mood people are going to be in, and sometimes the studios accept what Joe Blo says - and this guy could just be a frustrated filmmaker, or not paying attention.

Antoine Fuqua

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#13. I've appeared in those kind of films and have great fun doing it, and I'm always up for a challenge. I think with things like Mission: Impossible and Star Trek, those things are such an ensemble, it's not like I'm Ethan Hunt. I'm Benji. I'm the guy that does the computer business. I know my place.

Simon Pegg

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#14. I'm not a preacher, and I'm certainly not a good example, but I have my own feelings about God. I'm kind of a nature guy. My cathedral is forests, or the prairies, or the beach.

Neil Young

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#15. Wow," he says, shaking his head. "You're kind of my hero. You just roasted a dead guy.

Colleen Hoover

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#16. I was just starting out, trying to become a screenwriter, and I became the Austin slam champion three times. For a nerdy, kind of a socially awkward guy, that did wonders for my self esteem.

Ernest Cline

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#17. My version, of course, is not this flag-waving, let's all get on the Jesus train and ride out of hell. I'm not that kind of guy. It's an embrace that life is good, worth living and yeah, it's not easy, but there are more pluses than minuses.

Billy Corgan

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#18. Growing up in Ohio and just being kind of an average guy from flyover country - my dad was a factory guy - I try to put things on a screen that reflect reality. I don't mind if people want to argue with that, or think that's crazy.

Roger Ailes

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#19. I try to play my game and that's being emotional because I'm that kind of guy.

Dan Marino

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #266427
#20. Most people might think that I've come from a musical background, but nobody in my family was in any kind of band or played anything. I just picked up music from breakdancing really, that's what got me to listen to music, and in general I was just a creative guy.


My Kind Of Guy Quotes #280388
#21. I'm a 'Power of Now' kind of guy, always have been. I don't really hang on to a lot of pictures. I have pictures of my daughters.

Art Alexakis

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#22. I do not want a player who is a perfect man and has a fantastic character. That's the kind of guy I want for my daughter as a man.

Jose Mourinho

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #311427
#23. You can't sit next to me. You'll ruin my game."
"What game?" she says. "You're a white guy wearing a gold chain. You have no game.

Chelsea Fine

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #320014
#24. I love it, to have the same crew. I'm not married. I don't have children. My 17-year-old dog died. I'm kind of on my own. So I really like having the same camera guy for four years. I love looking around and seeing the hair and makeup people who have been there from the beginning.

Julianne Moore

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #351776
#25. In my everyday life, I'm a jeans and button-up shirt kind of guy.

James Wolk

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #358701
#26. It's rare in the NBA, but I have a lot of young female fans from eight to eighteen because of the way I dress and the way I do my hair. People sometimes call me a pretty boy, but I embrace it. It's fun, and I guess it just kind of comes with being a good looking white guy in the league.

Chandler Parsons

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #385353
#27. I'm not the most famous guy in the world; my work is spread out across different mediums, and I never write the same kind of story and rarely even do the same character from one year to the next.

Doug TenNapel

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #418052
#28. My mom has accepted my style. My dad is a little suspect with all the bright colors and loud stuff. He's a khakis and polo kind of guy. He's OK with it, but the loud stuff, he says I'm his little daughter.

Chandler Parsons

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #440095
#29. The clothes do not match my personality. I'm more of a very conservative, blue-blazer kind of guy. But as far as my personality, it's a lot of hot-dog mustard - have a lot of a fun and a lot of excitement. I feel like I'm 68; I act like I'm 12, talking about a game of basketball.

Dick Vitale

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #452557
#30. My dad, who my mom always refers to as DH for Darling Husband, was protrayed as a 'let's look on the bright side of things' kind of guy, the pillar my everbumbling mother leans on in times of distress.

Frances O'Roark Dowell

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #469142
#31. My father was the kind of guy who'd always say 'Throw out any subject and I got a joke on it.'

Carol Leifer

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #470426
#32. I've never been the kind of guy to hype myself up. It's just not my thing.

Michael B. Jordan

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #473847
#33. I'm a Brooklyn guy onstage, and I try to really feed my fans with the kind of material they expect from me.

Andrew Dice Clay

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #491091
#34. I've had teammates I didn't get along with, who hasn't? I've never had a teammate call me a bad guy, while he was my teammate, and if he did when I was gone what kind of teammate was he anyway?

Curt Schilling

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #500653
#35. I knew immediately that this was not going to work out. Hunter is the kind of guy who dates women who wear high heels and a cocktail dress on a first date. I can't even walk in heels, and I generally believe that someone has to earn the right to see my legs.

Lisa Lutz

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #500728
#36. I wouldn't describe myself as a do-gooder. That's really more my wife. I'm kind of just the obsessed guy who's been writing and making movies since I was a little kid, just in a room and make it.

M. Night Shyamalan

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #501944
#37. I think somebody like Wes [Anderson] has a very good sense of style and is original. I think my sense of style got a little bit better after I was exposed to you guys at Valentino. Because I'm just in Hawaii and Malibu; it's just kind of T-shirts and surfing-type stuff.

Owen Wilson

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #515550
#38. I guess it kind of stemmed from my father. He was a union guy working for the meat plant down in Kansas City. He was a union guy, and I guess it was just in my blood.

David Cone

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #528495
#39. Gorgeous, available, gotta be single, none of this messing about, good sense of humor, protective, definitely, confident, I mean because loads of guys won't put up with my kind of job.

Dannii Minogue

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #531950
#40. I notice how well or badly a guy treats a waiter, or whether he's kind to some people and not to others. One guy I was with actually yelled, 'Get out of my face!' at a homeless man. Needless to say, there was no second date.

Sarah Wynter

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #536393
#41. My dad was a non-denominational preacher, actually a Congregationalist which is really where all congregations come to congregate. That's why it's called a Congregationalist. Later on in life, he just became a non-denominational preacher, kind of a fire and brimstone type guy. That's how I grew up.

Larry The Cable Guy

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #552065
#42. My dad was a very violent, frightening and dangerous guy. Next to him, I was this vague kind of kid who walked around, as I still do, gathering impressions.

Peter Coyote

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #576172
#43. My mom was married to a Mexican guy - a surfer - and so we'd kind of camp out on the beach the swell season.

Cary Fukunaga

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #595923
#44. I'm a character actor. I have to find work in good movies where I can make something of my role. I'm a very lucky guy to be in that kind of position. It's like a kid who dreams of becoming a baseball player and then he gets to play for the Yankees ...

Christopher Walken

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #603678
#45. You don't need to worry, though. He's not my type."
"I don't think I've ever heard a girl say that before," said Simon. "I thought Jace was the kind of guy who was everyone's type.

Cassandra Clare

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #604696
#46. I want to be the first guy to help people accept everybody for who they are. I'm talking about colors, religions, sex, everybody. My music is for everybody, it's not just for one kind of group.

ASAP Rocky

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #647621
#47. I had zero fear of Mack being the wrong kind of guy to invite up to my room. He totally didn't come off as rapist material. Me, on the other hand, I wasn't so sure about.

Elle Casey

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #653971
#48. I love when I get compliments on my shirts all the time. I'm a t-shirt guy, and I think nine times out of 10, they have some kind of super hero character on them.

Cress Williams

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #660179
#49. I am a Broadway theatre guy ... so it was kind of my goal this year to come out to LA for pilot season and expand my horizons

Jeremy Jordan

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #661849
#50. My first instinct was to make an excuse or to get bashful or to change the subject...but then I realized I was in good company. I could be honest, and this guy was the one who seemed to be holding back. "Actually, yeah, that was kind of amazing.

Tyler Oakley

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #672654
#51. Over the years, I've had a few roles where I've had to take my shirt off. I've kind of been the 'shirt-off' guy.

Dean Geyer

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #679276
#52. My dad's era believed that there was something noble in being a good guy - the kind of guy that lived straight and narrow, told the truth, and stood up for what he believed was right.

Dean Norris

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #687538
#53. I grew up on a pig farm in southeast Nebraska. When I started doing the Blue Collar Tour, I thought it was kind of funny because I faked my accent, so everybody thought I lived in an apartment somewhere. But I grew up on a pig farm.

Larry The Cable Guy

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #711789
#54. When I look at my audience, I can tell better who's in the crowd and the kind of joke I shouldn't do. It's just complicated. I guess I sift through to make sure these jokes are a little different with not such a harsh edge to them. That's pretty much how I handle the crowd.

Larry The Cable Guy

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #746835
#55. I look like the kind of guy who has a bottle of beer in my hand.

Charles Bronson

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #770719
#56. As far as the girls in my grade, it was always kind of an on-and-off thing. When all this came up, it was kind of hard. My guy friends and my family friends have been so amazing and supportive.

Stacie Orrico

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #778081
#57. Here I was going to work with Pacino thinking, "I'm not going to get lucky twice. There's no way. This guy is going to hand me my ass." He looks like the kind of guy who's going to hand you your ass. It's Al Pacino.

Johnny Depp

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #792799
#58. I've seen elbows that broke eye sockets. I've seen a German goalkeeper just level a French guy. His teammates thought he was dead lying on the ground. This was in 1982 at my first World Cup. But a bite is outside any kind of contact collision: dirty foul play. A bite is a bite.

George Vecsey

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #794360
#59. My dad is just like everybody else's dad. I see him as kind of a goofy guy with a great sense of humor. I try to get in a battle of wits with him, but he always gets me. I emulate him because I've never seen anyone work as hard as he does.

Peter Uihlein

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #796353
#60. When I think about the kind of guy I want to marry, I think I might prefer someone who knows where they are going. I mean a prince pretty much has his whole life planned out already, doesn't he? And this is important because I have no idea where I'm going or what I want to do with my life.

Jillian Dodd

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #831119
#61. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.

Donald Trump

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #864122
#62. I'm super annoying, I'm the kind of guy that if there's no recycling bins around I hoard plastic bottles, put them in my bag and I bring them home. If I can afford it I want to put solar panels in.

Darren Criss

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #873289
#63. My dad was a particularly polite kind of guy, very courteous.

Paul McCartney

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #892657
#64. I'm a very spiritual person, and I believe in God and all that kind of stuff. So my perfect type of guy would be spiritually grounded, extremely respectful and funny because I love to laugh.

Grace Gealey

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #894150
#65. This Jacoby character, regardless of how dreamy he may appear, is aiding and abetting my captivity. Not exactly the kind of guy you want to bring home to meet mom.

Erica Cope

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #907563
#66. I've never really been a traditional country kind of guy. I wanted my music to sound more like the end of the '90s and to have the kind of great music, pop or whatever, that radio will embrace.

Bryan White

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #919758
#67. I was raised by a single dad, so I've always just kind of liked "guys" stuff. I think my dad just took me to the things he was interested in.

Aisha Tyler

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #942833
#68. My first impression was that this guy [Ndamukong Suh] is very confident. For him to be so young, I was kind of caught off guard by how confident he was. But then my first time seeing him on the field, pretty much solidified why he was so confident. He's obviously a monster.

Nate Burleson

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #948697
#69. My dad was very much a John Wayne kind of guy, but he was also a great guy, great sense of humor, a real dedicated dad. I don't think he ever missed a hockey game I was in.

Denis Leary

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #959451
#70. I once heard one of his colleagues describe my father as the kind of guy who could tell you to go to hell and you'd look forward to the trip.

Richard Paul Evans

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #964407
#71. I think my wife saw a picture of the rock group Journey, and they're kind of aging, and the one guy had dyed blonde hair with black roots, and ... my idea was to get a little earring, I wanted to have a dangling earring.

Fred Willard

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #967218
#72. Most of you probably didn't know that I have a new book out. Some guy put together a collection of my wit and wisdom - or, as he calls it, my accidental wit and wisdom. But I'm kind of proud that my words are already in book form.

George W. Bush

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #985874
#73. In the early '80s, my sound - especially that mysterious kind of synthesized sound that was used so much - every relatively cheap TV show eventually had it because it's not expensive. It's just one guy doing the whole soundtrack. So it was overdone.

Giorgio Moroder

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1001387
#74. I think that what's funny is that I seem to be taking up the roles that I remember my dad having - for some reason, I'm the one who makes the coffee, and my dad was always that guy. It's kind of shocking how closely I compare to my dad.

James Mercer

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1013219
#75. You have to really think about what kind of guy the character is and decide on a style that works, that complements my physicality and that's going to be believable, but also be compelling for the audience and for the camera.

Holt McCallany

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1013646
#76. Personally, I'm a lazy kind of guy, and leaving the door open on the mystical saves me work. I don't have to stress my brain trying to explain the unexplainable. It's magic. End of discussion.

Janet Evanovich

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1015993
#77. If I ever fall in love again, I would like it if it were a slightly cold guy. Someone who won't constantly mind about my childish needs but who, the day after the quarrel, for example would offer me a flower accompanied by a sweet note That's kind of guy I need.

Ai Yazawa

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1030842
#78. I'm known as a kind of dramatic, serious, almost humorless actor and the fact is, I'm a funny guy, and I spend most of my life trying to find a lighter side of things, and on stage was given plenty of opportunity to do that.

Campbell Scott

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1049310
#79. I painted my walls yellow, with melted butter, because I recently discovered that I had a popcorn ceiling. It's this kind of reasoning that leads me to think I might make a great politician. Vote for me because hey, I can't be worse than the other guy.

Jarod Kintz

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1057362
#80. One of the fun things as an actor is to find a character that if you were to look up a rap sheet about them, you might say, 'I don't really necessarily want to hang out with this guy' or 'I would never be this kind of guy in my life.' I think it's part of an actor's job to say, 'Maybe you could be.'

Jason Ritter

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1071145
#81. George Carlin is kind of my template now because George Carlin before was straight laced regular comic and he had short hair, a tie, suit, nightclub guy. Then he said screw it, let his hair grow, just started telling what he thought was the truth. So that's what I'm trying to do.

Drew Carey

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1073126
#82. Y'know, if I was a sexy type of undead, like a vampire or something, I'm sure I'd have some kind of supernatural power to bring any guy I liked under my charismatic control.
Best I can hope for is to decompose over someone's shoes. How romantic.

Justin MacCormack

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1076499
#83. My dad - who was a tough guy, a Green Beret - always looked nice and wore these bright Sansabelt pants. He always said, "You have two options: You can be a follower or you can be a leader. And you don't ever want to follow anybody." And that's kind of become my philosophy about everything.

Bubba Watson

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1103472
#84. I was a guy back in the Eighties who was one movie away from a huge career, which at that time didn't happen. In the Nineties, I worked a lot, but it was kind of, 'Get out there and dig and find things.' Then I guess 'The Rookie' and 'Far From Heaven' were referred to as my comeback.

Dennis Quaid

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1109764
#85. But I had learned long ago that you actually probably don't want to know what kind of guy your besties think you ought to be with. It always says more as much about what they thing of you as what they think of him, and I find a certain comfort in being ignorant of what my pals might envision for me.

Stacey Ballis

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1110984
#86. Go fuck yourself! - Dan said genuinely pissed off.
I've found that I'm a little shy for such blatantly public display of self-affection. Besides, I like to be wined and dined before I have my way with myself. I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy.

Suzanne Brockmann

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1113487
#87. There's a common perception, partially true, that rich people are above the law. It's true for a lot of us, but I have a feeling my notoriety could work against me. I'm the kind of guy prosecutors like to stick a case to. And I've got a dirty past.

Ella James

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1129071
#88. The spirit of my films ... I always want them to be kind of contrarian. Meticulous on the one hand, but unbelievably sloppy and careless on the other. I guess that's what you get anyway, if you're not planning very much.

Guy Maddin

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1140758
#89. You could take me to Mass every day for the rest of my life and I'd still be the kind of guy who would finger you in the back row.

Tessa Bailey

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1158530
#90. I'm pretty much a movie-to-movie guy. It's hard for me to multitask so I feel very one-thing-at-a-time oriented and I usually just wait until a movie's done and it's premiered, then just kind of reflect on what I'm interested in my own life and let the movies come to me rather than force them.

Drake Doremus

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1173947
#91. I'm not the kind of guy who's taking advantage of my position.

Paul Walker

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1206533
#92. I'm happy to be the guy on the subway that people stare at and they just can't quite place it. I don't really like my life intruded upon too much. In a way, it's kind of nice to not be all that well known.

David Alan Basche

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1209350
#93. Being a Chicano in Hollywood, my experience is that you're not given credit for any sophistication ... You're just kind of some guy that just crossed the border, you know, on the back of a truck and that's it.

Cheech Marin

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1271083
#94. In the wake of my talk with Earl, we had come to a mutual understanding about Lena, the only kind guys ever come to. Meaning, I hadn't brought it up, and they hadn't brought it up, and between us, we somehow all agreed to go on like this indefinitely. Don't ask, don't tell.

Kami Garcia

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1272385
#95. The guy who kind of identified as my dad was my dad's brother, who was the second person my mom married.

Isaac Brock

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1307162
#96. When I took the job in Philadelphia, we had a chance to hire a personnel guy and I hired Tom [Gamble], really from my relationship in college. When you're in college, you get to see scouts on a daily basis, and the ones you kind of hit it off with. I thought he had a great eye.

Chip Kelly

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1324305
#97. I'm not the kind of guy who likes to rush things through. I like to take my time and finish when I'm finished.

Jamie Lidell

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1340484
#98. What's important is the time we spent working on it together. What's important is that Sam is the kind of guy who will trade notes on a sketchpad and teach me how to make tuna melts and drop everything to drive to a parking lot
when I need him and throw stones at my window to make sure I'm okay.

Hannah Harrington

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1426686
#99. She didn't even look towards me as I went out. I went out into the crisp fall sunlight and got into my car. I was a nice boy, trying to get along. Yes, I was a swell guy. I liked knowing myself. I was the kind of guy who chiseled a sodden old wreck out of her life secrets to win a ten-dollar bet.

Raymond Chandler

My Kind Of Guy Quotes #1433275
#100. He squeezed my fingers. It wasn't a kiss, but it was close. Like a finger kiss, my brain said. See? This is the kind of stupid stuff my brain comes up with when I'm overwhelmed with swoony feelings over a guy.

Katrina Abbott

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