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#1. I don't need to touch a woman to possess her; I can reel in souls with a simple look, a light touch, a well-timed smile. It's not magic. This, this is simple biology. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#2. With a face like this, there aren't a lot of lawyers or priest roles coming my way. I've got a face that was meant for a mug shot, and that's what I've been doing for the past thirty years. - Author: M. C. Gainey
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#3. The respect I have for her has bloomed into this monster that's taken up residence inside of me, made me fall hard for a girl I'll never get. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#4. I don't care about the weight. You know, I'm lucky; I'm one of those people - I can eat donuts, whatever, and I just get fat. - Author: Louis C.K.
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#5. Celestials is a soapy space opera. Perhaps a spacey soap opera. - Author: M.C. O'Neill
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#6. I just exist for this woman. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#7. I'm the C.E.O., nominated by the shareholders. If they're not happy, I have to take the consequences. - Author: Carlos Ghosn
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#8. I'm turning into a Ho - Author: P.C. Cast
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#9. I'm out to change people's attitudes about them. Wolves are a whole lot more than just predators who feast on a rancher's herd. They're smart and clever and loyal and courageours, and sometimes they do really stupid, silly things, just like people. - Author: R.C. Ryan
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#10. Tonight feels like a board game co-designed by M. C. Escher on a bender and Stephen King in a fever. - Author: David Mitchell
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#11. It has been left to our generation to discover that you can move heaven and earth to save five minutes and then not have the faintest idea what to do with them when you have saved them. - Author: C.E.M. Joad
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#12. I want it so bad, but no glove, no fucking love. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#13. Your hurt is not an excuse to take.
Your loneliness is not an excuse to cheat.
Your desire is not a reason to rape.
You raped me, and now, I'm going to rape you. - Author: Courtney C. Stevens
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#14. I can tell you that she changed my life, and I think, somehow, I changed hers. We're good for each other, Never and me. Just two tortured souls tangled together for life. Just two, tortured fucking souls in love. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#15. Many things in life are like good coffee, they need time to percolate. - Author: H.M.C.
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#16. Ethics and I had crossed paths recently, and I'm not sure that I fell on the right side of the morality line. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#17. Darkness swallows everything, even pain. That's what makes it so tempting. Comforting. It disguises weakness as strength. - Author: C.M. Rayne
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#18. My answer is yes. Whatever the favor is, my answer is always yes. Whenever you need me, I'm there, Kellan . . . I'm always here for you. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#19. I love to play in the different keys like B or F sharp, or keys that most people don't play in, because they have a better resonance or something. I'm really not fond of F and C. I just stay away from those if I can. - Author: Marian McPartland
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#20. If I close my eyes, I can see it tainting my blood, forcing my heart to pump faster and faster, until I feel dizzy from the beautiful poison in the air. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#21. How to live a Dream
by P.C.M. Hermans
September 14, 2016 - Author: Petra Hermans
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#22. One man's Mona Lisa is another man's velvet Elvis. - Author: C.M. Bacon
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#23. Those who look for a reason to fear will find one, and those without reason will follow. - Author: C.M. McCoy
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#24. I totally understand that I am a little outrageous in some ways ... I'm a little un-P.C., but I really wish I had the chance to perform for the American fans. - Author: Johnny Weir
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#25. I've been into photography for years and I do it as often as possible. I'm just trying to develop myself. - Author: C. J. Wilson
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#26. I'm so happy for the both of you. Savor this moment. Remembering this feeling, because it won't always be like this. You'll have ups, you'll have downs. You'll drive each other crazy. But it's worth it if you stick through it. - Gavin - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#27. I didn't want to fuck either of those girls because I'm in love with your fucking sister! Are you happy now, bitch! I'm fucking whipped ... just like these other pussies. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#28. I'm very proud to be wearing the "C" for the Maple Leafs. It puts a smile on my face everyday - Author: Mats Sundin
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#29. I have to go and learn my fate. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#30. The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I'm not going to let myself pull me down anymore. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
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#31. Really? Jessica came back? That's amazing." "Yes, but I don't want her. I'm keeping the new one. Unexpected upside. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#32. I'm actually listening to Turner's advice. I know it sounds stupid as hell, but sometimes, if you dig through his words, there are little nuggets of pure idiot wisdom, the sweetest kind there is. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#33. An unprecedented wave of enthusiasm for missionary work is sweeping the entire earth. It is not man-made! It comes from the Lord, who said, "I will hasten my work in its time" (D&C 88:73). - Author: Russell M. Nelson
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#34. Real life is real weird and sometimes, it just stays screwed up. And ugly. Real ugly. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#35. Godzilla sized dick. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#36. War provides an outlet for every evil element in man's nature. It enfranchises cupidity and greed gives a charter to petty tyranny, glorifies cruelty and places in positions of power the vulgar and base. - Author: C.E.M. Joad
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#37. When I reach the shades at last it will no doubt astonish Satan to discover, on thumbing my dossier, that I was a member of the Y.M.C.A. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#38. You were there all day long, 12 hours a day. So there was none of this, 'I'm going back to my trailer, my trailer's bigger than your trailer,' that kind of Hollywood nonsense. - Author: John C. Reilly
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#39. I'm a feminist, of course, and I feel as if I'm very politically correct, although I do question what's P.C. and what's not - I don't just accept what I'm told. - Author: Beth Ditto
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#40. And being very young and capable of violent mood swings, she then began to worry about what to wear for dinner. - Author: M.C. Beaton
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#41. I'm a fan of the volcanic imagination. It bubbles and boils below the surface; it rumbles. When it erupts, continents are born. - Author: C. Alexander London
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#42. A man who had the legions of the east marching at his back could be bred by a donkey on a mule and the senate would have no choice but to accept him. - Author: M.C. Scott
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#43. I'm a simple small 'c' conservative who believes in public service, serving others, and doing a good job for my country. - Author: David Cameron
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#44. I want you to choose me for me. I want you to say fuck Noah Scott and mean it. When you can do that, really do that, come tell me. It'll happen, I know it will. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#45. No news is good news. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#46. Perhaps you could find a way to prudently follow your instincts?"
Morrigan put her arm around Birkita and squeezed. "I'm eighteen. Nothing I do is prudent."
Birkita sighed. "That is what worries me. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#47. For the record, the proposal was just a courtesy. You would have been mine regardless. -KANE - Author: C.M. Owens
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#48. Rivers have what man most respects and longs for in his own life and thought-a capacity for renewal and replenishment, continual energy, creativity,cleansing.
J.M. Kauffman - Author: Henry C. Duggan III
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#49. Cool! I don't have to be told twice. I'm a monster not a Morin. He moved quickly back to the bed. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#50. I wanted it for how it made me feel, regardless of how little it cared for me. Do whatever you want -- just give me the bliss. - Author: C.M. McKenna
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#51. I don't want to pretend that everything is black and white, that people are either all good or all bad, and that I'm the one best qualified to tell the difference. - Author: C.J. Redwine
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#52. Sort of like what Joruus C'baoth did for Thrawn."
"I'm not talking about ancient history, I'm talking about now."
Luke & Jaina - Author: Aaron Allston
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#53. I'm yours. My pleasure is yours. My wet pussy is yours. You own me, Jonathan. You are the master of my fuck. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#54. You can't tell. That's something I'm learning here in N.Y.C: you have no fucking idea what people are really like. They're not even two-faced
they're, like, multiple personalities. - Author: Jennifer Egan
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#55. I always dread the process of writing because I'm not a writer. I'm an audible guy, I'm a verbal guy. I love to talk. I write a book every couple years, but it just takes everything out of me to get a book out. - Author: T.C. Boyle
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#56. Come on. Text a friend and tell them who you're with in case I'm a psycho killer. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#57. Maybe I'm a supernatural retard. - Author: C.C. Hunter
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#58. Love doesn't mean shit in the real world. It opens you up inside, fucks your soul crazy hardcore, but outside, it's just a weakness to be exploited. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#59. But it wasn't until I graduated from Texas A & M University and joined the United States Air Force, flying C-130's all around the globe, that I truly appreciated the blessings of freedom. - Author: Rick Perry
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#60. he expects me to elaborate. Boundaries. These damn people need boundaries. "So no boyfriend, but you're not a virgin?" he prods, seeming to delight - Author: C.M. Owens
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#61. Energy? What energy? Ha ha, the only energy I know is energy drinks. I'm totally like everyone else. - Author: C.N. Crawford
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#62. There's a little bit of me in there, too, and it is bad ass. Hey, her and Hayden might be the stars, but even stars need a sky, right?
Right? - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#63. All for nothing and Nothing for All"
P.C.M. Hermans - Worldpoet 546
September 21, 2016 - Author: Petra Hermans
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#64. I don't feel I'm at liberty to speak about the actions of any one CEO. That's not fair; given CEOs have duties to their shareholders. - Author: Kenneth C. Griffin
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#65. Self-love is a good thing but self-awareness is more important. You need to once in a while go 'Uh, I'm kind of an asshole. - Author: Louis C.K.
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#66. If I had thought grovelling would get Livvie into my car, I would have made a good show of it. I'm shameless. - Caleb - Author: C.J. Roberts
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#67. I really enjoy my time off. If I'm going to go to work, it has to be something I really believe in, or else it's totally tedious. - Author: John C. Reilly
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#68. Those are the big mountains between Archenland and Narnia. I must have come through the pass in the night. What luck that I hit it!
at least, it wasn't luck at all, really. It was Him! And now, I'm in Narnia. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#69. You're going to turn my tiger into a pussycat. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#70. For every item that carries the darkness of humanity there's one that holds the light. And that light is worth believing in. Not just in others, but in yourself as well. - Author: C.M. Rayne
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#71. They all did. "Then tell him you came to see me and I specifically told you I'm not available." Emma's eyes widened just a little bit more, if that was even possible. Her - Author: J.C. Reed
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#72. That's one of the difficult things of being an actor that I'm still not used to. You have to go, you have to show up at these places where you know nobody, and sometimes with really impressive, high stakes people like Roman Polanski. - Author: John C. Reilly
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#73. ( ... ) before they actually admit to the big 'L' word. Love or lust - what's the big, damn deal? You're going to fuck either way, right? - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#74. Trying to destroy darkness is like trying to crush water. It will always be a part of you, whether you admit it or not. - Author: C.M. Rayne
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#75. You've got to commit to something. I'm not telling you it has to be your life's dream or that it'll get you a Nobel Prize. But it will earn you more ownership of yourself. Commit to something
that is the essence of soul-searching. - Author: Laura C. Schlessinger
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#76. I know I'm about to do something wrong. It just has to be the right wrong. - Author: Matthew C. Funk
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#77. I swallow any sort of apology.
"screwing your neighbor."
There. Said it. React, okay?
pregnant pause becomes three
weeks overdue. Four weeks.
Time for a C-section. What?
Oh, Kaeleigh, I'm so sorry.
Are you sure ... ? - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#78. I am not a morning person. Never have been - never want to be. As a matter of fact, I am vaguely distrustful of people who bound out of bed early like demented puppies. It's barbaric to wake up before 9:00 a.m. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#79. I'm different. I will give you my treasure chest of darkness first. If you can handle that, then I'll bring out my shining moons. If one cannot handle the darkness, then one should not deserve the light. I have no interest in "trapping" anyone into a silken web. I have no silken web. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
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#80. Holy baloney motherfucking crap. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#81. We [he and his wife Trish Van Devere] don't talk politics. I'm an independent conservative; she's a radical Democrat. We never vote together. - Author: George C. Scott
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#82. Oh,great.It's like we're being bussed in from the fucking projects," Aphrodite and "I'm hoping for urban renewal," Aphrodite grumbled. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#83. When I see two guys kissing, I'm like, how come I can't kiss one of those guys? They look like they're having a good time. - Author: Louis C.K.
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#84. I'm sorry. I'm used to people objecting to things because they think I can't do them or shouldn't do them. It didn't occur to me that you might have a real reason. - Author: Patricia C. Wrede
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#85. There was still light in the world, and the choice was hers to be a part of it. - Author: C.M. Rayne
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#86. It's beautiful."
"Yeah, it is."
"That's beautiful, too."
"What's beautiful?"
"The way you stare at me when you think I'm not looking. - Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
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#87. You might loosen your corset strings," he advised. "It will make your journey more pleasant."
"I'm not wearing a c-corset," she said without looking at him.
"You aren't? My God." His gaze slid over her with expert assessment. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#88. You and I are going to happen, that's all I'm sayin'. You say the word, I will make your body feel things that your pretty boy at home has never even come close to making you feel." Holding On (Lights of Peril) - Author: A.C. Bextor
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#89. We got boobies!" the kid me said, gawking at my chest. "I'm really glad we got boobies. Finally. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#90. War is a big word; it's cruel, it's hard, nobody wants that. Protecting yourself sounds much better. Putting up walls, shutting everyone out. And forgetting that those who you are so afraid of - they're not all that different from you. - Author: C.M. Rayne
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#91. I'm a fan of Louis C.K., I'm a fan of Lena Dunham. I love shows about people that other people would consider unlikable, or, like, the work of Woody Allen and Albert Brooks. - Author: Jill Soloway
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#92. You don't want to know. I have the most asinine thoughts running through my head. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#93. I'm always homesick for the journey," I had once written in ink speckled script, adding almost as an afterthought, " ... no matter what it may hold. - Author: S.C. Barrus
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#94. That's the first time you even said those words. You can't say you love me and then break my heart. So say what you really need to say. Say it and I'm gone. - Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
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#95. No man who says, 'I'm as good as you,' believes it. He would not say it if he did. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#96. I say," said Edmund as they walked away, "I suppose it 'is' all right. I mean, I suppose you can beat him?"
"That's what I'm fighting him to find out," said Peter. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#97. The poor, I am told, are kind to each other but that is because they have nothing to lose,' he said. 'The rich cannot afford to be. - Author: M.R.C. Kasasian
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#98. I'm honor-bound not to struggle with this since you just retrieved it all by yourself. Please do me the courtesy of pretending this is hard for you as well. - Author: C.J. Redwine
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#99. The things I want to express are so beautiful and pure. - Author: M.C. Escher
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#100. You know, I'm terribly pleased to hear you're barking and snarling when you think some tramp is sending you sexy little surprises," she teased. "But since I'm the tramp...can you maybe come in the room?"
-Alexis to her husband - Author: J.C. Daniels
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