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#1. Cadence, n.
I have never lived anywhere but New York or New England, but there are times when I'm talking to you and I hit a Southern vowel, or a word gets caught in a Suthern truncation, and I know it's because I'm swimming in your cadences, that you penetrate my very language. - Author: David Levithan
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#2. Englishmen are said to love their laws; - that is the reason, I suppose, they give us so many of them, and in different editions. - Author: Anna Letitia Barbauld
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#3. I think British humour is very cruel, and gay humour is very cruel. I think the two go hand-in-hand and that's why they mix so well in England. I think that's why you get so many gay comedians in England that are accepted so well because British humour is very cruel. I love it. - Author: Jason Sellards
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#4. Nowhere in the world do supporters love their clubs more than in England. England is paradise to play in. - Author: Arjen Robben
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#5. I've been so lonely without you, you dick'
'Don't call me a dick'
'You are, we both are... Got a mental idea me um, why don't we fucking grow up? God, god I love you lol, I can't be with anyone else. - Author: Shane Meadows
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#6. I love what I do, and for me, acting can be anything. It could be in America. It could be in India. It could be in England. It could be anything. As long as it's an interesting part and an interesting opportunity, I would love to do it. - Author: Priyanka Chopra
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#7. If I avoid anything, it's that I don't really go to places that are like a little corner of England. I also never mind going to a dance show because I love it all so much. - Author: Anton Du Beke
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#8. I love going for a swim. Growing up in England, anywhere with a pool seems like the height of glamour to me. - Author: Damian Lewis
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#9. I love England from head to toe. I love the weather, the people. I was there in the summer and it was nice. The people are so groovy. - Author: Otis Redding
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#10. I have a deep and passionate love of America. It is where I have always thought I would be happiest, and although I miss England desperately, I find that my heart definitely has its home over here. - Author: Jane Green
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#11. Give me a great Champions League game or an exciting Premier League game ahead of an international match and I'd love that to reverse. A lot of people have lost interest in England games, it is quite hard to watch. - Author: Michael Owen
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#12. Most of the time we've been living in England and now we've bought an apartment in New York which we absolutely love. - Author: Joan Collins
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#13. Both the Beatles and The Rolling Stones broke on the music scene the summer I was in England. I can vividly remember hearing She Loves You in August 1963. - Author: Gordon Lightfoot
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#14. Maybe it's a good idea," said Kathy.

"Why is that?"

"Well - you have a British sensibility."

"What does that mean?"

"I just mean people over there might like it." She gestured in the direction of England. - Author: Charlie Close
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#15. If God did not exist it would be necessary to invent Him. But all nature cries aloud that He does exist.
(Voltaire) - Author: Elizabeth Kales
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#16. I don't care who he is. He needs to disappear." Ransom turned and called out the window. "For the love of G-d man. I have England's sweetheart bent over the desk and panting for me. Go away and come back tomorrow. - Author: Tessa Dare
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#17. That GOP leadership, that establishment, they've got to get their stuff together I love what they believe in, I believe in it too. But they've got to get tough, man. You know what? It's not just the New England Patriots who are dealing with deflated balls right now. - Author: Sarah Palin
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#18. Hey, Mom and Dad, this is my "friend" Jamie. My boyfriend Jamie. We're going to England together. Also, I met him in a secret society. We're Diggers,folks. And Eli graduates. And in love.What do you think? - Author: Diana Peterfreund
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#19. You will never have great tennis champions from England because of the cold and dark, but most of all because people only care about the sport for two weeks a year, and then they're on to something else. There's just not a great love of the sport there. - Author: Monica Seles
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#20. Alyssa tried to lift her chin. She was going to do the one thing she loved again- something that reminded her of her mother; something dear to her. So what if she felt this undeniable attraction toward the dark-haired man.
So what, indeed. - Author: Nicole Castro
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#21. I've reached a point in England where you can't go much further; I would love to come to America and work with some of the interesting directors here. - Author: Lesley Manville
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#22. I beseech you now with all my heart definitely to let me know your whole mind as to the love between us ... - Author: Henry VIII Of England
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#23. I love England. In fact, they're getting to know me so well at Heathrow Immigration that this time I was able to completely bypass the six months rabies quarantine. - Author: Emo Philips
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#24. I loved England's gentility and its civility. I'm from the Bronx, with a Bronx accent. I love the beauty of its language, the ways it's spoken. I love the green grass of England and the flowers. - Author: Sid Bernstein
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#25. I love scoring goals for England and playing for England. That's one of the reasons I didn't retire - I love playing for my country. - Author: David Beckham
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#26. I love England. I don't really like places when they're too hot. It's my Celtic blood. - Author: Gary Kemp
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#27. By now, she was far from the scorch of these sands. After the ransom deal, she would be safely married in England. To Ashton. And Caine, who had hurt her far more than anything Abdullah had planned for her with that long, curved dagger, deserved no better than this torment of knowing it. - Author: V.S. Carnes
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#28. Pastime with good company
I love and shall, until I die.
Grudge who list, but none deny!
So God be pleased, thus live will I. - Author: Henry VIII Of England
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#29. It just seemed like there were loads of bands in England writing about walking down the street and falling in love. - Author: Simon Taylor-Davis
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#30. All this, and discontent too! Otherwise, why am I sitting here dreaming of England? Why am I gazing at this campfire like a lost should seeking a hope when all that I love is at my wingtips? Because I am curious. Because I am incorrigibly, now, a wanderer. - Author: Beryl Markham
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#31. But young hearts mend easily, and hearts that own half of England have something better to do than to beat faster for love. - Author: Philippa Gregory
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#32. I grew up in Cambridge in England, and my love of mathematics dates from those early childhood days. - Author: Andrew Wiles
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#33. My first ever-ever professional role was in a television show in England called 'Love Soup.' It starred Tamsin Greig. I just played a small role - I think officially my role was 'teenage boy' - it was one episode. - Author: Ben Lloyd-Hughes
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#34. Clark Terry is an American Master. I love to listen to him, particularly 'Mumbles.' I was so delighted when we received degrees together, along with Edward Kennedy, at the New England Conservatory in 1997. - Author: Aretha Franklin
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#35. When your ship comes in, don't be in the bathroom with your pants around your ankles."

quoted by Frank McNichols, father of Rose McNichols in A Nose for Hanky Panky, a Granite Cove Mystery - Author: Sharon Love Cook
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#36. My favourite setting are England, because I was born here and love it, and Spain, because it's fabulous and so romantic. - Author: Diana Hamilton
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#37. I love London. I love England. We were out in the countryside and I had the time of my life. - Author: Debra Messing
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#38. In 2005, I got an email from Belarus Free Theatre. They were emailing playwrights in America and England announcing their existence and saying they would like support from us. I wrote back and asked if they wanted us to visit. They said, 'Yes, we'd love that.' - Author: Tom Stoppard
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#39. I've heard attacks were made on coalition forces because of those. I apologize to the families of those who lost loved ones or were injured because of the photos. - Author: Lynndie England
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#40. As I absorbed life here and understood it better, I just completely fell in love with England. - Author: Gwyneth Paltrow
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#41. I love England though; I've been back a few times and just love it. My favorite thing to do there is going to museums and all the castles. Oh, and my husband and I went mountain biking across England on our honeymoon! - Author: Catherine Bell
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#42. And I have tried to forget him, I have tried to convince myself that it was just one of those things, but it's difficult to do that when my body is standing here, eight feet deep in the earth of northern France, while my heart remains by a stream in a clearing in England where I left it weeks ago. - Author: John Boyne
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#43. Before I left home for drama school in England, my father took me outside one night and told me that wherever I was, the moon would shine on both of us. Months later, walking in London, I'd look at the moon and feel his love. Now I've shared the ritual with my own kids. - Author: Roma Downey
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#44. If you're successful, it's important to enjoy it! I love shopping for clothes, branded clothes. I love shopping in England, Dubai. I like to travel whenever I can. - Author: Suresh Raina
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#45. On their faces an expression like the letters of a legend, written around the base of a statue praising duty, gratitude, fidelity, love of England ... - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#46. I love England. It's no coincidence it's the first place I moved to for a more cosmopolitan life, which is the only thing Iceland lacks. - Author: Bjork
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#47. When one of England's finest writers, G. K. Chesterton, spoke of "the furious love of God," he was referencing the enormous vitality and strength of the God of Jesus seeking union with us. - Author: Brennan Manning
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#48. England does not love coalitions. - Author: Benjamin Disraeli
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#49. Y'all are so cute and y'all talk so proper over here. I love England. - Author: Beyonce Knowles
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#50. Until the year 1967, it was a crime, for which you could be put in prison, to make homosexual love to someone in your own house. If they came in and caught you at it, you could be put into prison. This has changed - I'm talking about England, incidentally. - Author: Patrick Macnee
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#51. I love England and I love cricket. - Author: Kevin Pietersen
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#52. We, however, place the love of God and His honour above our own and above the acquisition of many regions - Author: Richard I Of England
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#53. England Their England by AG Macdonell which was written in the thirties and is about a young Scotsman who's got shell shocked during the First World War... I love it. - Author: Ian Hislop
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#54. I remember Queen Victoria's advice to her daughter. Close your eyes and think of England. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#55. I would love nothing more than to marry you and live with you here in New York." "You will not miss England?" "There is nothing for me there," she said. "You have stolen my heart completely, Mr. Beckett, and I believe it is now yours forever. - Author: Jen Turano
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#56. I would love to spend more time in Britain one day. In my heart, I still feel that I'm English, and when I think of home, I think of England. - Author: Olivia Hussey
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#57. Almighty God unto whom all hearts be open, all desires known, and from whom no Secrets are hid: clense the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of thy holy spirit, that we may perfectly love thee, and worthily magnifie thy holy Name through Christ our Lord. Amen. - Author: Church Of England
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#58. I don't know how many more times I'll be in New England again. But I leave coach Belichick and those guys with a salute: 'I love you guys. I miss you. I'm out.' - Author: Randy Moss
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#59. Love is simple, if you allow it to be simple. Julian to Hannah, Take A Chance - Author: Alison Wong
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#60. The Gaelic League is founded not upon hatred of England, but upon love of Ireland. Hatred is a negative passion; it is powerful - a very powerful destroyer; but it is useless for building up. Love, on the other hand, is like faith; it can move mountains, and faith, we have mountains to move. - Author: Douglas Hyde
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#61. We trifle with France and labour with Germany, we sentimentalize over Italy and ecstacise over Spain- but England we love. - Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
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#62. I don't follow football, I just love the name Aston Villa. Here in England you have other footballing entities like Manchester and Arsenal and Chelsea - Author: Tom Hanks
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#63. I'd Love to be captain of Arsenal for even just one day. - Author: Ashley Cole
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#64. Love in France is a comedy; in England a tragedy; in Italy an opera seria; and in Germany a melodrama. - Author: Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington
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#65. I love England, the people, the parks, the theatre. - Author: Woody Harrelson
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#66. I love England but everything that has happened makes me realise that I would be better off in the States. - Author: Heather Mills
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#67. I would love this place to be my garden.
(on Arsenal's old stadium) - Author: Thierry Henry
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#68. The courage of New England was the courage of conscience. It did not rise to that insane and awful passion, the love of war for itself. - Author: Rufus Choate
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#69. I love England. I live and work here. My children have grown up here. I see no conflict between this and praying that my countrymen in Scotland never have to live another day under Conservative rule from London. - Author: John Niven
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#70. I'll move back to Wales if and when I have children. I want them to speak the language I speak, but I love living in London. It's my favourite city in the whole world. I love it because it's not England, it's London. - Author: Rhys Ifans
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#71. They must live outside class, without relations or money; they must work and stick to each other till death. But England belonged to them. That, besides companionship, was their reward. Her air and sky were theirs, not the timorous millions' who own stuffy little boxes, but never their own souls. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#72. I love England - it's no secret. - Author: Nicolas Cage
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#73. In spite of their hats being very ugly, Goddam! I love the English. - Author: Bertrand Barere
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#74. I'm English and love England. Whenever I'm there, I'm always seeing the present but feeling its past. - Author: Jez Butterworth
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#75. We love and lose in China,
we weep on England's moors,
and laugh and moan in Guinea,
and thrive on Spanish shores.
We seek success in Finland,
are born and die in Maine.
In minor ways we differ,
in major we're the same. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#76. I love England and the historical aspect of it. - Author: Dennis Farina
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#77. It is a well-known fact that English people never know anything. They only think. The only exception they know and they are sure about in the whole world is Marmite. 'Love it or hate it.' There are no other options; there is no space for grey space. - Author: Angela Kiss
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#78. I've been in a lot of castles, and they are pretty damp, cold and gloomy. However, I love Windsor Castle in England. - Author: Tracie Peterson
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#79. It's a place I'll always remember, and I have nothing bad to say about New England. I love that place. - Author: Logan Mankins
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#80. In England we have this saying about Marmite: people either love it or hate it. That's like a lot of the movie work I've done. People either find it repulsive or find it really interesting and get engaged in it. - Author: Eddie Redmayne
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#81. I look a hundred and weigh 110 - you won't love me when you see the wreck England has made me. - Author: Wallis Simpson
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#82. They're great devotees of Noel Coward in England, of course, he's a favorite son, and so to play Coward in London is such fun, and anyway, the role is such a crazy lady. I just love doing that. - Author: Angela Lansbury
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#83. I love football, but I'm sick of the World Cup. I don't even care about England. - Author: Elton John
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#84. Science in England, in America, is jealous of theory, hates the name of love and moral purpose. There's revenge for this humanity.What manner of man does science make? The boy is not attracted. He says, I do not wish to be such a kind of man as my professor is. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#85. I love stepping back in time - Author: Frances McCarthy
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#86. If money could motivate the merchants of England to cross death-defying oceans and enter the interior of China at great personal risk of the loss of life, could not the love of Christ motivate the missionaries to do the same for the sake of the gospel? - Author: Alexander Strauch
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#87. 'Up the Junction' went on to inform my love of British social realism. It was the first film I saw of this ilk, a very stark, visceral reflection of England, an England I didn't necessarily feel a part of but that I knew was out there. You could almost smell the bread and butter and cabbage. - Author: Gurinder Chadha
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#88. I love Dylan. I only met him once, about three years ago, back at the Kettle of Fish on MacDougal Street. That was before I went to England. I think both of us were pretty drunk at the time, so he probably doesn't remember it. - Author: Jimi Hendrix
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#89. When I was younger, I was in love with everything about the British Isles, from British folklore to Celtic music. That was always where my passions were as a young girl, and so I studied folklore as a college student in England and Ireland. - Author: Terri Windling
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#90. Give me 100 men that hate nothing but sin, and love Jesus Christ, and we'll shake England for God. - Author: John Wesley
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#91. Her favourite summer memories were not of events themselves, of picnics, sea bathing, tennis afternoons and cricket matches, but of watching Hugh and Daniel enjoying them and locking into memory the delight in their faces and their open laughter. - Author: Helen Simonson
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#92. NASSER: In this damn country that we hate and love, you can get anything you want. It's all spread out and availble. That's why I believe in England. You just have to know how to squeeze the tits of the system. - Author: Hanif Kureishi
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#93. I'd desperately love England to beat the Australians. - Author: Stuart Law
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#94. Love is not governed by numbers - Author: Kalia Lewis
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#95. I am the granddaughter of an English woman. I love England and her people and, regardless of politics, consider you to be family ... and always will. - Author: Nicola Sturgeon
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#96. England with all thy faults, I love thee still
My country! and, while yet a nook is left Where English minds and manners may be found, Shall be constrained to love thee. - Author: William Cowper
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#97. Whether it's exploring the woods around where I grew up, or even today exploring the coastal habitats and environments where I live in New England, or in a remote wilderness we're featuring in one of my series - I love to be in the field and I love to explore. - Author: Jeff Corwin
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#98. I love England and I love English culture, particularly English pop culture. - Author: Zach Galligan
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#99. I love to draw-pencil, ink pen-I love art. When I go on tour and visit museums in Holland, Germany or England-you know those huge paintings?-I'm just amazed. You don't think a painter could do something like that. I can look at a piece of sculpture or a painting and totally lose myself in it. - Author: Michael Jackson
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#100. People don't get married just to have sex with each other. Not in the last 100 years or so. Even in England. - Author: Ros Clarke
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