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#1. John and I were lucky because our mother was a strong woman with high expectations and a strong sense of values. She encouraged us to pursue things we were interested in and not think about what other people wanted us to do. - Author: Caroline Kennedy
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#2. Vampires are so old that they don't need to impress anyone anymore. They're comfortable in their own skin. It's this enigmatic strength that's very romantic and old-fashioned. I think it goes back to something of a Victorian attitude of finding a strong man who's going to look after his woman. - Author: Stephen Moyer
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#3. I've been playing a lot of really strong, able woman, but I think it would be really fun to play a crazy drug addict, or something. - Author: Catherine Bell
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#4. I never heard the expression, "A strong man," unless somebody was in the gym lifting a heavy barbell. Why is there a difference between being an ambitious, driven woman or passionate woman and a passionate man? That is something that has come up a lot. - Author: Megan Griffiths
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#5. You cannot stop what the public want. The public want two strong women in the final round and then a woman prime minister and I'm absolutely with that. - Author: Iain Duncan Smith
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#6. -When I was growing up, Lieutenant Uhura was a major role model for me, a strong black woman on the bridge of a starship ...
-In a miniskirt, answering the interplanetary telephone? - Author: Suzanne Brockmann
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#7. I have a lot of sides to my personality and what you see on 'The Hills' is a strong, independent woman, which I am. But I also have a sensitive side that I don't show too much. - Author: Kristin Cavallari
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#8. I can't stand quitters. My mother is a very strong, determined woman. I was peeling onions when I was seven, but I walked off when my eyes began to sting. She said to me, 'You start something and you finish it', and that stuck with me. I'm persistent. - Author: Estelle
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#9. Sometimes people are like, 'Do you want to play strong women?' I don't have to play strong women in order to feel like a strong woman myself, but I do feel it's important to play characters that are complex and interesting and believable. - Author: Bryce Dallas Howard
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#10. I consider myself to be a very strong, independent woman. - Author: Julie Gonzalo
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#11. I'm lucky my wife is a strong woman. She's one of the stronger people I've ever met. It's hard for me to be away, but I know my home life is fine because my wife is there. - Author: Darius Rucker
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#12. I'll put an end to the idea that a woman's body belongs to her ... the practice of abortion shall be exterminated with a strong hand. - Author: Adolf Hitler
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#13. I am a woman. My life is a long, strong, twisted rope, made up of a number of human relationships, nothing more. - Author: Mary Borden
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#14. I think that white women are more apt to read laterally. So I think there's some strong identification for women, and their political and social positions, and minorities. I think that the political power of, let's say, the average Indian man and a white woman are pretty equal. - Author: Sherman Alexie
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#15. Penn is the brains behind this event. On behalf of my brothers, and all of the kids in the program, I'd like to say thank you." Neil winked. "It seems that the four of us just can't function without a strong, focused woman telling us what to do. - Author: Gina Gordon
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#16. I'd forgotten how your blood flows toward a person when they move, so that all at once, you know what the pull of gravity feels like. And you know that this is something strong and important, something that you need for life, this woman moving through the room. - Author: Jane Hamilton
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#17. Sometimes, I feel that if you're a strong, independent woman it scares people away, but actually it does the opposite. - Author: Gemma Arterton
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#18. Eight inches strong, it is my favourite thing;
If I'm alone at night, I embrace it fully -
A beautiful woman hasn't touched it for ages.
Within my fundoshi there is an entire universe! - Author: Ikkyu
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#19. I think God made a woman to be strong and not to be trampled under the feet of men. I've always felt this way because my mother was a very strong woman, without a husband. - Author: Little Richard
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#20. I like strong women - not necessarily a masculine woman - but I like strong women ... say a woman who runs a C.E.O. corporation. I like a strong woman with confidence - massive confidence - and then I want to dominate her sexually. - Author: Mike Tyson
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#21. I looked at my friend, overwhelmed with confusion. Unsure of what April should do. What I should do. What a strong woman would do. In fact, the only thing that I am certain of is that there are no easy answers, and that anyone who says there are has never been in our shoes. - Author: Emily Giffin
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#22. I'm a strong woman. - Author: Sadie Frost
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#23. I loved pretending to be a middle-aged Jewish woman. I just wanted to do what I saw Gilda Radner and Carol Burnett doing. But I'm not a particularly good impressionist. It was never my strong suit. - Author: Jenny Slate
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#24. Reese is a caring, talented, intelligent woman with a big heart and a strong will." Every word Trent spoke was filled with love. "I promise you that I will treat her as the love of my life, because that's who she is. - Author: Bella Andre
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#25. O constancy, be strong upon my side,
Set a huge mountain 'tween my heart and tongue!
I have a man's mind, but a woman's might. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#26. I'm not an epileptic but you're an arsehole. I'm important. I matter. I can do anything. I'm a sexy, strong woman that happens to have epilepsy. Do you get it? I have epilepsy but it's not who I am. - Author: Ray Robinson
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#27. When I was younger, I enjoyed being strong, and I loved it when my heart was very strong, but I think it was also about submitting to the cultural idea that if you're a 22-year-old woman, you have to look a certain way. I'm not into that anymore. But I do appreciate it when my clothes fit. - Author: Jennifer Beals
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#28. I'm a woman who's chosen her soul-mate. I'm strong enough to love you unconditionally. I'm smart enough to know some days will be good and some days will be bad. And I'm brave enough to solemnly swear that we will be together until the end. - Author: Pepper Winters
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#29. People only say I'm angry because I'm black and I'm a woman. But all sorts of people write with strong feeling, the way I do. - Author: Jamaica Kincaid
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#30. I'm not looking for a 'yes' woman, but a strong person who knows when to be objective and when not to be. - Author: OMI
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#31. I'm playing a very strong character, it's the story of the woman Polish Jews out of the Warsaw ghetto. I've just begun my weapons training and the SAS type training that's getting me fit. - Author: Sadie Frost
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#32. I'm not supposed to say it, but I was not guilty of any crime. I became a target because I was a strong and a rich woman who had been very successful. - Author: Martha Stewart
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#33. If I can challenge old ideas about aging, I will feel more and more invigorated. I want to represent this new way. I want to be a new version of the 70-year-old woman. Vital, strong, very physical, very agile. I think that the older I get, the more yoga I'm going to do. - Author: Jamie Lee Curtis
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#34. I'm a very strong woman. - Author: Thalia
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#35. I'm completely ecstatic when a woman has own back story and brings something to the table and has a real strong kind of independence. - Author: Dane Cook
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#36. I'm used to very strong women because my mother was particularly strong, and my father was away all the time. My mother was a big part of bringing up three boys, so I was fully versed in the strength of a powerful woman, and accepted that as the status quo. - Author: Ridley Scott
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#37. I was a high-school teacher. I am a strong advocate for women's rights, and I'm not a woman. - Author: Justin Trudeau
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#38. I've always been more in control of my professional life than my personal life. Although I'm a strong woman, when I fall in love I just give myself 100 percent. I become secondary. - Author: Maria Conchita Alonso
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#39. I feel like a good mom. I'm a strong woman now ... Don't look down on me. Pray for me because I'm trying. - Author: Fantasia Barrino
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#40. My mother is such an incredibly strong woman. She raised a family of five boys extremely well. She made us all strong, loving, caring people. We all support each other. I'm really thankful to her. - Author: Henry Cavill
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#41. There's only a handful of directors who really understand what I call the alchemical balance between a man and a woman, in a woman's body, which most people consider the strong woman character. - Author: Michelle Rodriguez
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#42. Women somehow get portrayed as one type. You're either a feminist or you're not. You're a working woman or you're not. I'm raising two girls, and I say to them, 'I need you to be strong and soft. You can be smart and beautiful ... You can be all of these things.' - Author: Maria Shriver
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#43. Anytime you're with somebody, you become a reflection of that person. I believe the first five years of our relationship was me grooming her, getting her tough and getting her ready for all of this and how to deal with it. The last was just her being a strong Black woman who has her man's back. - Author: Snoop Dogg
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#44. I'm the bionic woman. I have a very strong constitution, and I take excruciatingly good care of myself. - Author: Angela Lansbury
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#45. As a former resident with strong personal and ministry ties to the North Star State, I pray that the good people of Minnesota will show their support for God's definition of marriage, between a man and a woman. - Author: Billy Graham
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#46. I think some men love the idea of a strong independent woman but they don't want to marry a strong independent woman, - Author: Rebecca Traister
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#47. I like being a strong, independent woman, and to be honest, I was never afraid to be on my own. - Author: Dido Armstrong
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#48. Yes. My mother, for one. As a child I loved her, despite knowing so little about her. But now, knowing everything she has done, how stubborn she can be, how blind, how strong, how clever ... knowing her as a woman, I love her so much more. - Author: Meljean Brook
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#49. I love princesses. And I think Cinderella is very strong. She's a young woman thinking outside of her environment, outside of her current situation, and she is choosing to believe that all is possible for her. And I think that is so admirable. - Author: Keke Palmer
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#50. Had I faltered we would have neither the success nor the international reputation we have. Yet when a woman is strong she is strident. If a man is strong, he's a good guy. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#51. I am really inspired by strong, badass, female characters. I would start with a revenge film, then ease into stories of badass everyday woman who make a difference in their own life for the better of people and environment around them. Stories of self realization. - Author: Alicia Sixtos
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#52. Strong is right?"
"Well, yes, I suppose you could say that."
"You say a woman cannot be bought. I say she can. I am strong. I am right. - Author: Catherine Anderson
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#53. I want to play a range, from victims to strong people, just as long as it's a well-rounded character. And it's not a woman who's just there for the purpose of the man. - Author: Bel Powley
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#54. I am a strong, black, lesbian woman. Every time I say it, I feel so much better. - Author: Brittney Griner
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#55. I have a strong opinion that a genuine love of books is one of the greatest blessings of life for man and woman ... - Author: Sara Coleridge
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#56. I think maybe my mom thought that Katharine Hepburn would be a good role model of, like, a strong, smart, independent woman. Maybe she steered me in that direction. You know, because she was really so ahead of her time. - Author: Gillian Jacobs
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#57. If I had a bucket list, I'd say raising my four girls to be strong, good women would be No. 1, - Author: Matt Damon
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#58. Call me a slag. If it means being a strong woman, I'll gladly be that. - Author: Christina Aguilera
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#59. She tugged on his hair. "I'll have you know I'm no weakling."
He grinned and kissed her forehead. "No, it takes a strong woman to kill a truck. - Author: Vonnie Davis
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#60. I'm a bit of a feminist and I carry a machete! (Laughs) I try to be a strong female. I think it's important. My mum is my idol in life. She's a very strong woman. I think it's important for women to be strong and intelligent and hold their own. - Author: Kaya Scodelario
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#61. Let's be clear, I'm a strong woman. - Author: Bethenny Frankel
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#62. I'm not a princess,
i don't need saving.
I'm a queen,
i got this shit handled. - Author: Strong Woman
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#63. A mantra like one of those ridiculous self-help hypnosis cds playing in my head on a loop: I am a strong, confident, sexually experienced woman who does not need to feel ashamed of her nudity. - Author: Jessica Gadziala
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#64. A Maybelline New York woman is strong and confident - I love that attitude. - Author: Frida Gustavsson
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#65. You'll see that the strong, the affirmative, the positive voice in any of the plays I've written is that of a woman. My men are, well, not quite worthless, but they are certainly weak, and that reflects the reality I grew up with and what I think has in a sense shaped me. - Author: Athol Fugard
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#66. It's difficult to exist as a woman, especially I think as a powerful woman. You want to stand strong and you want to be considered and equal. - Author: Misty Copeland
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#67. It was a great joy for me to develop a strong female character in the spirit of an Icelandic woman. Icelandic women tend to be very strong and very independent, and I think that came in very handy. - Author: Anita Briem
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#68. I'm a (kind of) strong, (semi) independent woman, and I can. Handle. Ty. Wilder. - Author: L.J. Shen
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#69. You've always done as you pleased, Princess. I can't change you, nor do I want to. You're strong, a fighter. And I've never wanted another woman as I want you. - Author: Sandra Jones
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#70. I was born a strong, powerful woman, but was raised to be a victim. - Author: Sharon Law Tucker
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#71. I laughed. "What the hell are you learning from Ebony?" "How to be a strong black woman?" I - Author: Adrianne Brooks
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#72. I've never met a woman who is not strong, but sometimes they don't let it out. Then there's a tragedy, and then all of a sudden that strength comes. My message is let the strength come out before the tragedy. - Author: Diane Von Furstenberg
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#73. find it interesting that in history all one had to do to discredit a woman was label her a witch. How do we discredit a strong woman today?" The class stared back at Wilson, not understanding. And then it clicked. "You label her a bitch," I offered boldly. The - Author: Amy Harmon
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#74. I've often thought it unfair that women are expected to stay at home when there's a fight to be won. If a
woman has the strength to bear a child, she can swing a sword as well as any man. - Author: Karen Hawkins
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#75. I'm not... I'm not without a heart,' he heard Sophia say, her chin raised, eyes straight ahead. 'I'm not. I just don't have the luxury of being soft. I am trying to survive. - Author: Alexandra Bracken
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#76. I rather miss my wild girl; but if I get a strong, helpful, tender-hearted woman in her place, I shall feel quite satisfied. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#77. I look for fun and smarts - a witty, strong sexy woman. - Author: Josh Dallas
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#78. I doubt if I have made the best use of all my calamities. Soft, amiable natures they would have refined to saintliness; of strong, evil spirits they would have made demons; as for me, I have only been a woe-struck and selfish woman. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#79. [H]umans tend to start the process of change by acknowledging themselves thus blacks asserted black pride and black is beautiful; women declared I am woman, I am strong:;; men are saying I am man, I am okay. After a quarter of a century of male bashing, that's not a bad start. - Author: Warren Farrell
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#80. My parents told me to marry for money,' said her husband. 'But I chose the love of a strong woman.'

'And look what trouble I turned out to be,' she said. - Author: Helen Simonson
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#81. You are a strong woman now, not the insecure, introverted, spoiled brat I married. You know adversity and know how to fight for success. You will do great in this world as you carry on. Be careful. Remember: they all want to fuck you. Few will love you. I do and did. - Author: Tit Elingtin
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#82. My father said she was a strong woman, and I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is almost indestructible. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#83. And I was fairly certain that my strong-enough-for-King-Kong-but-made-for-a-woman deodorant had utterly failed.
Doom with a View - Author: Victoria Laurie
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#84. I think a lot of girls look up to me because I'm a strong woman. - Author: Kristin Cavallari
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#85. I had such a mother as few are blest with; a woman of strong power, and firm resolve. - Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
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#86. She was sweating and pale but beautiful in the firelight. Showing a woman's strength in a delicate vessel, holding strong like a warrior. I have never admired someone more. - Author: Lauren Nicolle Taylor
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#87. I thought women liked to be thought strange and mysterious." "No, they just like to look strange and mysterious. When you get past all the boa feathers, every woman born in this world wants a strong man who knows her like a book, who's not only her lover but he who keepeth Israel. - Author: Harper Lee
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#88. I think it takes a strong man to be in a relationship with a strong woman. A lot of people hear the word 'diva' and think of it as a negative. I see it as a positive. I want somebody who knows what they want out of life and isn't afraid to show it. - Author: Nick Cannon
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#89. I represent more the healthy, happy, curvy, strong woman. And that sounds much healthier to me than being 80 pounds and skinny as a bean. - Author: Heidi Klum
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#90. I'm one of those guys who believes that you need a strong woman in your life. - Author: Pierce Brosnan
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#91. As a strong and proud and intelligent Black man I have no problem expressing my respect for and adoration of the Black woman. Simply put, I love you. I love the Black woman. - Author: Runoko Rashidi
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#92. We are strong and proud and beautiful and there are not enough stars in the night sky to measure our worth.
I will honor my mother and take care of my family.
Yes, I think. I am just a woman. - Author: Kristen Simmons
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#93. I will never deny that life isn't fair. It seems as though when a woman leaves a man she is strong and independent, but when a man leaves a woman he is a pig and a jerk. - Author: Criss Jami
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#94. It is so inspiring when you come across a woman who is very strong and dedicated and is amazing at what they do. That's how I feel about Meryl Streep. You watch her, and you can't help but notice all of that about her. She's so influential. - Author: Agyness Deyn
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#95. I think men are afraid to be with a successful woman, because we are terribly strong, we know what we want and we are not fragile enough. - Author: Shirley Bassey
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#96. Growing up with three older brothers and being the youngest and the only girl, my mom always made me tough. She's taught me over the years how to be a strong, independent woman, how to carry yourself in a positive way and anything that my brothers can do, I can do. - Author: Diana Lopez
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#97. I loved to walk in her garden after dinner; it felt alive, even in the winter. She always told me that rosemary grows in the garden of a strong woman. Hers were like trees. - Author: Erica Bauermeister
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#98. My mother has always been my role model, and I believe my survival in the entertainment business is in large part due to my desire to be a strong woman like my mother. She is my hero. - Author: Marie Osmond
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#99. I've never met anyone as quietly brave and strong as you. I've never met a woman so unassuming, so kind, and so selfless. You are a complex lady." His mouth curled up at the corners. "And you are smart, and passionate, and funny, and exciting, and you blow me fucking away. - Author: Samantha Young
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#100. When I was at Baylor, I wasn't fully happy because I couldn't be all the way out. It feels so good saying it: I am a strong, black lesbian woman. - Author: Brittney Griner
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