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Top 77 If You Play Games Quotes

#1. I like to play board games a lot with my girl, things like that. We attempt to cook. And even if it goes wrong, it doesn't matter because it's the time you spend doing it that's important. - Author: Sam Worthington
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#2. If you're going to get into big time religion, these are the games you have to play. You go into it as a business and you work it as a business. - Author: Marjoe Gortner
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#3. I had a great bunch of kids. They all hung with us. The coaching staff hung with us. And we played tough every game. If you've got kids that want to play and react to you, it's fun. I'm having a good time. - Author: Joe Paterno
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#4. I think a punt can be a big play in a game. If it's anything like a real game, then you realize that a Pat McAfee punt that downs someone inside the 2-yard line can really swing a game. I'm all for punting in video games. - Author: Andrew Luck
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#5. If you are a nurturing mother, and a good one, you can go to play groups, sit on the floor and play all the games, and have tea with the other mothers, but wouldn't you like to think that's not all there is? That you haven't hung up your high heels without knowing how to walk in them? - Author: Tori Amos
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#6. You know what I think? Very few people play because they love the game. Most of them play because they make good money. They keep playing because of the money. I could care less about it. If I don't love the game, no check is going to keep me playing. - Author: Michael Jordan
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#7. I believe the game is designed to reward the ones who hit the hardest - If you can't take it, you shouldn't play! - Author: Jack Lambert
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#8. When you come to actually act, it's a game. It may be a very serious game, but it's still a game. If you lose that sense of play, the work suffers. - Author: Michael Sheen
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#9. It's part of my game, getting to the free-throw line and being aggressive. If you say that I get superstar calls or I get babied by the refs, that's just taking away from how I play. That's disrespectful to me. - Author: Kevin Durant
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#10. If you don't like vampire games, don't play - Author: Vivian Vande Velde
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#11. Go play your games with Jim. I'll find you both when I need you."
Arrogant asshole. "I tell you what, if you find us before those three days run out, I'll cook you a damn dinner and serve it to you naked."
"Is that a promise?"
"Yes. Go fuck yourself. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#12. Of course, the best thing, if you play in the Premier League, you can always develop further as a player, and you are playing against the best players. You are also playing game after game all the time, two or three games a week. - Author: Mesut Ozil
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#13. I'm not looking to fail you. I don't teach with the hope everyone will play games on their phone during lectures and then skate by with Cs." "If you did, you'd probably be much happier." "I'm going to ignore that. - Author: Dahlia Adler
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#14. We go out and work hard. We play this game with emotion and love. Coach always says 'Emotionally, physically, mentally - come to the field prepared.' Because if you don't bring that to the field, you're going to get beat. - Author: Laura Berg
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#15. ...So to be fast to don't be long and to try to be short... If you want to play the best game, create it - make the rules, make what they will do... That's how I do it. I make people to play my games and then often loooose! - Author: Deyth Banger
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#16. What I like about Kickstarter is it helps games that people want to play still get made, even if you don't pump $20 million dollars into it to try and meet all the stupid bells and whistles that publishers feel must be in games nowadays. - Author: Chris Avellone
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#17. If you watch young children play, you will notice that they create games, characters, situations, whole worlds in which they immerse themselves with intense concentration. - Author: Daniel Greenberg
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#18. If you don't play, then don't pick up a paycheck. Competition is why you play the game. I understand they've already reached some goals. That's all good. But if you can make history, take a shot at it. - Author: Mike Ditka
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#19. If you find yourselves in cuttings or in tunnels, don't you play no secret games, Keep your whistles going, and let's know where you are. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#20. Most people play a fair game of golf - if you watch them. - Author: Joey Lauren Adams
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#21. Life is more fun if you play games. - Author: Roald Dahl
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#22. The rewards of golf, and of life too I expect, are worth very little if you don't play the game by the etiquette as well as by the rules. - Author: Bobby Jones
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#23. Jimmy Connors plays two tennis matches and winds up with $850,000, and Muhammad Ali fights for one bout and winds up with five million bucks. Me, I play 190 games
if you count exhibitions
and I'm overpaid! - Author: Johnny Bench
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#24. Which is why you deal with demons. (Acheron)
Who are even more pathetic than humans when you think about it. Personally, I'd rather play video games. Wouldn't it be great if we could suck the souls of the people we hated into the box, shoot them down and then dance on their entrails? (Jaden) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#25. If you play good attack, you win the game, but, if you play good defence you win championships - Author: Zeljko Obradovic
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#26. If you're going to play at all, you're out to win. Baseball, board games, playing Jeopardy, I hate to lose. - Author: Derek Jeter
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#27. I just want to know if I'm truly not in the NFL, it's because of talent. Let it be because of my talents. But you've got to prove that I can't play this game. If you look at the film, clearly I can. So, I'll leave it at that. - Author: Michael Sam
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#28. If you want to play quicker you can start running faster, but it's the ball that decides the speed of the game. - Author: Johan Cruijff
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#29. If you were going to compete successfully in a white man's world, you had to learn to play the white man's game. It was not enough that an Indian be as good as; an Indian had to be better than. - Author: Janet Campbell Hale
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#30. You know, I have a lot of books on my iPad, but when I try to read them, I find myself wandering off to play games. Those are books I'm interested in. I can't imagine what would have happened to me in college if my biology class had been on the same computer as 'Words With Friends' and 'Doom.' - Author: Gail Collins
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#31. I don't play NT games, If you want me to know something tell me, simple! - Author: Tina J. Richardson
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#32. Pedigree matters: if you break your shoulder trying to open a door, it's much harder to play the game once you get in the room. - Author: Audra McDonald
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#33. When I come back like Jordan, wearing the 4-5
It ain't to play games with you, it's to aim at you, probably maim you
If I owe you I'm blowin' you to smithereens. - Author: Jay-Z
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#34. Learn how to program and play lots of games. If you find yourself capable of writing a game, someday you'll be capable of writing a really good game. My dad's a writer, and when you ask him how to learn to write, he says, "write." So basically, do it and keep doing it until you get good. - Author: Fred Haslam
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#35. If you play the numbers game and become obsessed with it, as so many in Hollywood are, sooner or later you have to face the depressing fact that if you are number one the only place you can go is down. - Author: Doris Day
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#36. If you have a juggernaut, you can make change. I'm all for that. If we could force people to always be connected when you play the game, and then have that be acceptable, awesome. - Author: Tim Willits
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#37. I play games on-set at work. Sometimes I can't remember people's names, so I start throwing out clues. Like if I can't think of George Clooney, I'll say, 'You know, drop-dead gorgeous, was on a big TV show ... ' Until someone says his name, I can't finish my story! - Author: Andie MacDowell
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#38. If you want to play a game, go to where it's played and find a way to get in. Things happen when you get in the game. - Author: Chris Matthews
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#39. If you play to win as I do, the game never ends. - Author: Stan Mikita
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#40. If it's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game, why keep score? - Author: Ron Brackin
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#41. You gotta be the right size, height, speed - all those are a big factor in what position you play. If you love the game, play the position you love. Some positions get paid more, but at the end of the day you gotta play the game you love. - Author: LeSean McCoy
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#42. If the game is designed for you to lose, don't play that game. Play a different one. - Author: Seth Godin
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#43. If you are armed with knowledge, if you are aware that certain dynamics are at play then you have options. You can play defense, you can ignore certain person and take the consequences perhaps with a game plan in mind and it goes on, you've increased your options. - Author: Robert Greene
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#44. If you start thinking about stats it can get too complicated and you just have to go out there and play your game. - Author: Rafael Van Der Vaart
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#45. If you can allow colour to breathe, to occupy its own space, to play its own game in its unstable way, it's wanton behaviour, so to speak. It is promiscuous like nothing. - Author: Bridget Riley
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#46. If I remove your eyes or make you in such way that to don't see... in reality you don't see the evil... you don't see me... so do whatever I don't give a fuck... that's wonderful... I like to play games... so run!... and welcome home!? - Author: Deyth Banger
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#47. If you are physically ready to play, it's a matter of confidence. Your confidence goes down when you lose games, when shots are not going in. - Author: Toni Kukoc
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#48. Every footballer wants to play forever. And if you are going to keep on playing - to enjoy it to the full - you want to win games, and as a result, trophies. - Author: Ryan Giggs
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#49. There aren't many crimes in my book. Not many sins either. But top on both of those lists is killing time. Have fun with it, make something cool, play video games, work hard if you feel like it, but do something. Killed time is an abortion, life that never gets lived, gone, just gone. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#50. They should just open lots of YouTube schools ... as well as, like, a games school, where you can play all types of games. Like, if you want to play racing games, you go there and become a pro at that. Same for football or a shoot 'em up. - Author: KSI
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#51. Remember play the games, and don't let on that you know... mourn me even if you still feel me. - Author: Nicole Tetterton
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#52. Life is a game, and it's much more fun if you play it as your own game, so stay light and loose and relaxed. - Author: Bill Murray
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#53. Once you really love a person and, if you want to be in a committed relationship
the games need to stop. I mean, you can find some other games to play. - Author: Vivica Fox
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#54. Riggedy riggedy white Come and spend the night We'll play some games Some wild some tame Cause if you will, you might. By, Laberge - Author: D.J. MacHale
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#55. That's what's great about baseball: some people are exceptional at the game, but still, even people that aren't very athletic, like me - I played Little League! It's one of those games in sports where even if you're not the greatest, you can still play. - Author: Tom Guiry
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#56. Life is like a game, there could be many players. If you don't play with them, they'll play with you. - Author: Adolf Hitler
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#57. I guess it's good in a sense that it stops any of it from happening, but now you're telling me if it's Game 7 of the NBA Finals and a guy has a chance to make a play he's going to be like, 'Well, do I want this $10,000 or do I want a championship?' - Author: Blake Griffin
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#58. When you are 16 there is no fear whatsoever. As you get older you play in more important games and that is when you start thinking about what will happen if you win or lose. - Author: Wayne Rooney
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#59. You obviously have your routines that you rely on, then you go out and play and have fun. For us in basketball, we have a seven-game series, so you have time to adjust if you need to. It's a fun experience to go through, and one that I'll remember for a long time. - Author: Stephen Curry
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#60. There's nothing wrong with an actor that can't improvise, but if you're going to improvise, you gotta make sure you got people that can play the game. - Author: Denis Leary
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#61. Working in television, many times you read a script, you work on the pilot, and then you play the waiting game to see if you're able to make it a series. - Author: Mena Suvari
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#62. If you play the game and you think about coaching, you should know it's about listening to people and learning. - Author: Warren Gatland
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#63. When we were designing Mario Kart 64, we wanted it to feel like the player is controlling an RC car ... If you play this game and get this feeling, then we will be happy because we accomplished our goal. - Author: Hideki Konno
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#64. I do not play games, but always just say what's on my mind. Ostentatious modesty - for fools. If a man afraid of your honesty, it means that he is not the one you need. - Author: Mila Kunis
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#65. You don't ever play games, make me guess what it is you want, or what you're thinking. You're not afraid of getting dirty, you don't worry about if your hair looks just right, or get angry about having your prom in the woods. - Author: Cindy C. Bennett
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#66. If you play games with the law of non-contradiction, then every time you open your mouth and say anything, you're cheating. Every time you make a choice in life you're cheating. - Author: Ronald H. Nash
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#67. You know that old expression "It's not whether you win or lose; it's how you play the game". That line was definitely not coined by a chef. Because for a chef, it's only about whether or not you pull through. If you fail, nobody cares how hard you tried. - Author: Marcus Samuelsson
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#68. Play the game right. If you play the game intelligently and execute the fundamentals, you can win. - Author: Tony La Russa
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#69. Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. Don't play their game! - Author: Ben Stiller
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#70. Don't play games that you don't understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them. - Author: Tony Hsieh
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#71. Even if you say you "don't play games," that is a type of game - it is the "I don't play games" game. - Author: Aziz Ansari
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#72. I spoil a lot of people with my play. If you have three bad games in a seven-year career, people are going to point that out. - Author: LeBron James
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#73. If you play the cultural game, it's like playing only with clubs or something, or playing only with the red marked cards. You have to play with a full deck, and that includes this pre-linguistic surround in which we are embedded. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#74. Let's play Russian roulette. If you win, I give you a Colombian necktie. - Author: Natalya Vorobyova
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#75. Golf is a difficult game, but it's a little easier if you trust your instincts. It's too hard a game to try to play like someone else. - Author: Nancy Lopez
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#76. But it wasn't even close to perfect if you can't trust it to stand up on its own merit. Not if you have to try and control it and play games to try and shape it to your will. This doesn't save it, it destroys it. And it certainly does not protect or save you. - Author: Jacquelyn Frank
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#77. If you lose a game, everyone asks why this player didn't play. If we win, nobody asks. - Author: Jurgen Klopp
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