Top 100 He Was Amazing Quotes

#1. The best player I've ever played with was Paul Gascoigne. He had everything. He was amazing.

Paul Ince

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#2. I worked with Carl Perkins on a number of shows. Live shows. He just showed up and played. He just killed. Killed! Man ... he was amazing!

Lesley Gore

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#3. As a dancer, obviously, we are all inspired by Michael Jackson, and I always looked up to Gene Kelly. He was a bigger version of Fred Astaire, and he was amazing as well.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

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#4. t was amazing how easy it was to think in straight lines when he was in motion, even without his violin.

Victoria Schwab

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#5. But we were different now. I wanted only his pain, and judging from the girl he'd come home with last night, Madoc was still the same. A user.

Penelope Douglas

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#6. I would say my favorite was just the beginning of the movie like doing all the rehearsal stuff. It's been amazing to see the rest of it happen but it happens so piecemeal. And Edgar sort of has the whole movie edited in his head already, so we're just sort of matching to what he has.

Alison Pill

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#7. I thought I knew Elton John, but then it was like, "Woah, Elton's a pimp! He's really amazing." And since Billy and Elton are homies, I'm finally getting it - the two piano boys.

Mac DeMarco

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#8. When Maurice touched a keyboard, it was like something from a movie, magical. He would always give you something from a movie, and you'd go, what did you just play ... immediately inspirational writings, amazing. That's what we're going to miss.

Robin Gibb

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#9. I did a song, "Court and Spark," for a Joni Mitchell tribute album that's yet to see the light of day. So she's someone I'd like to do something with, sure. I worked with the great guitar player Bill Frisell on Phantom Moon - that was fun. I'm such a fan; he's amazing.

Duncan Sheik

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#10. I really liked the helicopter pilot in 'Dawn of the Dead', when he gets bitten and comes out of the elevator. That guy was amazing. He did this incredible walk that we didn't even know about until we started shooting.

George A. Romero

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#11. Keith Richards ... was once asked how he came up with all those amazing guitar riffs. His answer? He just starts playing until he makes the right mistake. In other words he's optimistic he will create something good by virtue of getting something "wrong."

Mark Stevenson

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#12. It's amazing how good it feels to talk about him. How I realize that even though we're over, what we had was true. You can't fake that. I still love him and I really believe he loved me, too.

Nyrae Dawn

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#13. 'Blade' was amazing; I can't imagine the character without Wesley Snipes. He just made a long, black leather trench coat look so cool.

Kat Graham

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#14. F#ck, she was perfect. Making love to her wasn't just heaven. It was the single most amazing experience in his thirty years of life. She may have been made for him, but he was made for this moment. For the ultimate instant when he and Jenna merged into one.

Jess Dee

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#15. Well, when you're the youngest of five, parents kind of lose interest more and more through the children. I think my eldest brother was under loads of pressure to do something amazing with his life, but by the time I came around they were like, 'Well, let's hope he doesn't kill a guy.'

Chris O'Dowd

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#16. He was a simple man who had no inferiority complex about his lack of education, and even more amazing no superiority complex because he had succeeded despite that lack.

Maya Angelou

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#17. It's amazing how you meet people through other people. I knew a racecar driver, Stefan Johansson, who was very hot. He introduced me to Jean Todt. He introduced me to a French doctor. He introduced me to a French architect who redid the Louvre with I.M. Pei. He introduced me to Daniel Boulud.

James Rosenquist

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#18. I grabbed my drummer's cymbal in my teeth just as he crashed down on it with his sticks-I blacked out. I was a punk in those days. It was in Seattle. I still have all my teeth too, it's amazing.

Meredith Brooks

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#19. That kiss was amazing; it had all the passion and longing we had been holding onto for so long. That is when the dam finally broke for me and I started crying. I knew right then that Hunter was the only one I wanted. He was my happily ever after.

Megan Smith

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#20. The greatest thing about doing this movie was that Chris and I both were involved in folk music in the '60s. I had a group, but I don't think it was at the same level as Chris, because he's an amazing musician.

Eugene Levy

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#21. Montana and I had a chemistry that was unbelievable. When I first came into the league he told me I added five years to his career, and I just think we complimented each other very well and were able to do some amazing things out on the football field.

Jerry Rice

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#22. I was amazing," Dwayne squealed triumphantly as he landed gracefully in the middle of the room. "I did the meld and they bubbled and turned a lovely bluish-orange-green and then BOOM! The sound was incredible. Absolutely fabulous - like fornicating cats and Madonna.

Robyn Peterman

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#23. He was soft and slow, gentle and attentive. Possessive.

Penelope Douglas

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#24. My maternal granddad, Leonard, was full of amazing stories. He was an orphan, with 11 or 12 brothers and sisters, and he used to tell us about growing up near the Irrawaddy river and how one brother was eaten by a crocodile.

Jamie Cullum

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#25. I have to say, Alejandro Colucci is amazing. I had seen his work several times before I started making the connection between the art and the person making it, and when I heard that he was going to work on the cover for 'Seven Forges,' that connection was not yet cemented.

James A. Moore

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#26. The paradox of Steve Jobs's career is that he had no interest in listening to consumers - he was famously dismissive of market research - yet nonetheless had an amazing sense of what consumers actually wanted.

James Surowiecki

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#27. Wes [Anderson] is brilliant, kind, and just absolutely fantastic. He was really amazing in the way he can just take ideas, turn them into such beautiful stories, and then bring them to life with these amazing films the way he does.

Kara Hayward

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#28. Bruce Lee was very famous. I watched his movies and he is amazing. He is a martial arts master, his philosophy, his movement, both physically and mentally, were very strong.

Jet Li

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#29. I really like playing with Mike Doughty from Soul Coughing. He was cool. He opened up some shows for us. I liked playing with G. Love, he's amazing. God Damn, it was like the best live I had ever seen.

Mason Jennings

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#30. I think he [Leonardo DiCaprio] is a terrific actor. And I've - I've been rooting and voting for him since "Gilbert Grape." I thought he was so amazing in that one. He was a young man, really very young boy.

Maggie Smith

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#31. Charlie whistled "Amazing Grace" as he drove. It was all I could do not to whip my head around and snap, Are you kidding me? Couldn't he pick something more appropriate, like "Shout at the Devil" or "Don't fear the Reaper"? Some people had no sense of the proper music for a kidnapping.

Jeaniene Frost

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#32. Was it for crimes that I had done
He groaned upon the tree?
Amazing pity! Grace unknown!
And love beyond degree!

Isaac Watts

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#33. The kiss was hot and wet and deep and amazing, and by the time he lifted his head from hers, she could hardly remember her point, much less her name.

Jill Shalvis

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#34. My dad was working abroad, in Iraq, and he was a doctor. We used to go and visit him, in Baghdad, off and on. For the first ten years of my life, we used to go backwards and forwards to Baghdad, so that was quite amazing. I spent a lot of time traveling around the Middle East.

Andy Serkis

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#35. I'm a first-time father, and it was amazing to me to learn that my son could actually use sign language before the spoken word. I could see this intelligence in his eyes before he could speak: how he could understand what was going on around him and was frustrated by that.

Matt Reeves

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#36. When he positioned himself in front of the sign, wearing sunglasses, his sweaty shirt molded to his amazing chest, his athletic shorts showcasing his strong, muscular legs, she took a moment to feel the possession that this man was hers.

Lorelei James

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#37. He was an amazing father. I clutched my memories of him to my heart for so long, but he's a part of the world.

Jennifer Grant

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#38. My father was a big Bruce Lee fan. He's Chinese-Hawaiian, and my mother is Chinese. He used to take us to all these really fantastical films with martial arts in them. And Bruce Lee was amazing.

Jason Scott Lee

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#39. his father was right about one thing, at least, when he'd said that lies could run around the world before the truth could get its boots on. And it was amazing how people wanted to believe them.

Terry Pratchett

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#40. I thought I was dreaming. It was the most amazing moment of my entire life. Not only is Bill the love of my life, but he's also my best friend. I couldn't believe my dream guy was asking me to marry him!

Giuliana Rancic

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#41. He took a third piece of pizza. It was truly amazing, Clary thought, how much teenage boys were able to eat without ever gaining weight or making themselves sick.

Cassandra Clare

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#42. Sebastian, women like sex just as much as men ... if it's good."
He tried to smile but still looked uncertain, his forehead creasing with worry.
"Am I ... ?"
He bit his lip.
I knew what he was trying to ask me.
"Yes, you're good. In fact I'd say you're amazing: in so many ways.

Jane Harvey-Berrick

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#43. I had a new persona, not of my choosing. I was Average Dumb Woman Married to Average Shitty Man. He had single-handedly de-amazed Amazing Amy.

Gillian Flynn

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#44. Partly because his life ended before the age of 50, Hamilton was defined by the other founding fathers, and he managed, with amazing consistency, to alienate most of them.

Ron Chernow

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#45. Rajni Sir is very dedicated and punctual. It was great experience acting with him both as a person and as an actor. The way he maintains himself is amazing.


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#46. Even though he was here, she couldn't quite process it. She squeered her eyes shut before opening them again.
Yep, still there. Amazing.

Nicholas Sparks

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#47. I had my father, and he was an amazing man and an amazing role model, so I always wanted to mirror that.

Lance Gross

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#48. My dad was amazing. He raised five boys. All by himself. Without the rest of us knowing.

Anthony Jeselnik

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#49. Which meant he had about eight weeks to pull something amazing out of his butt.
His butt was not being terribly helpful.

Cherie Priest

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#50. For a moment, Percy actually remembered what it was like to be happy. He had an amazing girlfriend. They could have a future together.

Rick Riordan

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#51. Madoc has a winning personality, and he's hot. But Jared is just hot. At least Madoc has more going for him. Was she on a mission from God to reform assholes?

Penelope Douglas

He Was Amazing Quotes #545123
#52. Well, Freddie Mercury is a really huge rock star in my head. I've always thought he was just so tough and such an amazing entertainer, really a contradiction in many ways as well. So he was incredible.

Karen O

He Was Amazing Quotes #573435
#53. was the first time he'd ever been able to get out of that cage since then. It was amazing and heartbreaking to find that when he pushed, the door swung right open.

Leta Blake

He Was Amazing Quotes #574225
#54. Madoc was always calm, after all. So calm all the damn time growing up. He didn't shout or show his anger until he'd had enough. And you never knew exactly when that was going to be. That was the scary part about him.

Penelope Douglas

He Was Amazing Quotes #585382
#55. I shoved his arm with all my strength, but it wouldn't budge. His waist rippled with sculpted muscles. His chest and shoulders bulged and spoke of great strength. It was one thing to assume he had a big frame, another to have it confirmed with the moon's light.

Kenya Wright

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#56. Stevie Ray Vaughan was very intense. Maybe that's what caught everybody's attention. As a player, he didn't do anything amazing.

Ritchie Blackmore

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#57. Myrnin froze, staring at her. He really was amazing, she thought; when he had that light in his eyes, it was possible to see past the crazy behavior and clothing chaos and recognize him as just ... beautiful. The longing in his face was breathtaking.

Rachel Caine

He Was Amazing Quotes #635682
#58. Do you know how hard it's been to not fuck you this whole journey?" he asked inside my head.
"Why can't I make love to you? Your husband sent you off to breed with a vampire." Samuel's fangs retracted. "Last time I checked, I was a vampire.

Kenya Wright

He Was Amazing Quotes #644965
#59. You go through at least the first two years of Star Trek and you find some amazing stuff. Everything that was going on Gene put into the series. He just put strange costumes on the actors and painted them funny colours and left the same situation in.

Majel Barrett

He Was Amazing Quotes #661944
#60. The son has always felt like he was a footnote in one of the stories the father tells. The father is an amazing storyteller and one of the tales that he tells is how he met his wife.

Danny DeVito

He Was Amazing Quotes #674563
#61. When your spinal cord freezes up, you're vulnerable to everything. But he [Chrestopher Reese] was tough as nails. And he kept a great, kind of dark sense of humor about it, but also was able to accomplish amazing things.

Robin Williams

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#62. The bumblebee was so vibrant, so alive, and so beautiful, its presence renewed Eragon's will to survive. A world that contained a creature as amazing as THAT bumblebee was a world he wanted to live in.

Christopher Paolini

He Was Amazing Quotes #682527
#63. He was so far inside of me, body, heart, and soul, that I was almost afraid of how deep our connection was. It was about more than sex. It was about us, and we were a lot like our sex in a way. It hurt. It felt amazing.
I never wanted it to end.

T.M. Frazier

He Was Amazing Quotes #690457
#64. I was speaking to Ridley Scott the other day and he makes a film every 18 months. He's amazing really.

Adrian Lyne

He Was Amazing Quotes #694984
#65. I have to say that Dave's Grohl amazing too. You see all these interviews with him and he seems like the coolest and nicest guy on camera, but he really is when he's off too! I was fortunate enough to know him before he was a big rock star when I put out his very first band's album.

Reed Mullin

He Was Amazing Quotes #708754
#66. He no longer grasped to a strong sense of self. To him life felt more like a dream, a cascade of cause and effect that was completely up for grabs-and he was no longer separate from any of it. Because of that, he could do amazing things

James Connor

He Was Amazing Quotes #719176
#67. My grandfather was one of the most amazing Baptist ministers in history, he was unbelievable. He was one of the most amazing men - the most amazing man that I ever met ... He lived an amazing life.

Josh Henderson

He Was Amazing Quotes #721102
#68. I'll be going to bed having nightmares of Sachin just running down the wicket and belting me back over the head for six. He was unstoppable. I don't think anyone, apart from Don Bradman, is in the same class as Sachin Tendulkar. He is just an amazing player.

Shane Warne

He Was Amazing Quotes #766740
#69. Someone this amazing was about to get inundated by messages from needy weirdos. And he needed to be the first.

Julia Kent

He Was Amazing Quotes #768603
#70. As soon as he was gone, Levana whipped the veil off her head and threw it onto the settee. The young emperor has been kidnapped, and from his own palace. Earthens are pathetic. It's amazing they haven't already become extinct.

Marissa Meyer

He Was Amazing Quotes #772663
#71. I played rugby for years, and I had a rugby jacket that I lost when I was 14. Somehow, my brother found it in storage 15 years later, and he gave it back to me for my 30th birthday. That was amazing and probably one of the best gifts I've ever received.

Ryan Reynolds

He Was Amazing Quotes #774691
#72. I think about a Richard Avedon photo series, the kind of faces he gets of real people, which I find so captivating. Fellini was also great in filling his films with this ambiance, this environment, sometimes chaotic and carnival-like, but people's faces were always amazing.

Cary Fukunaga

He Was Amazing Quotes #815096
#73. Roosevelt got a chance to name an amazing nine justices of the Supreme Court. He was not namby-pamby on this question. He wanted people who shared his views, he wanted liberals, and he wanted lots of them.

Noah Feldman

He Was Amazing Quotes #818743
#74. I met Tiger Woods when he was younger. He's amazing - obviously technically, but his mental approach, too. He's really something.

John Wooden

He Was Amazing Quotes #827115
#75. Judd figured he must have done something right along the way. How else could a rebel arrow have earned the right to call this amazing woman his own? Even if it was a mistake, too damn bad. He was never giving her up.

Nalini Singh

He Was Amazing Quotes #827946
#76. He was an amazing - John McTiernan really was an incredible director, probably the best I've worked with because he constantly busted me when he wasn't getting what he wanted.

Rene Russo

He Was Amazing Quotes #836496
#77. He was right; I was amazing.

Shannon Greenland

He Was Amazing Quotes #838646
#78. I was impressed by Hendrix. His attitude was brilliant. Even the way he walked was amazing.

Ritchie Blackmore

He Was Amazing Quotes #872029
#79. He really really really shouldn't have done that. Amazing how much more obvious that became one second after it was too late.

Eliezer Yudkowsky

He Was Amazing Quotes #876968
#80. There is a tradition of television which isn't dross and stands up. Betjeman's programmes, which were made for 2/6d with one man and a cine camera, were amazing to watch because he was such a great talker.

Jonathan Meades

He Was Amazing Quotes #891355
#81. She realized all at once that Doon, thin, dark eyed Doon, with his troublesome temper and his terrible brown jacket, and his good heart
was the person she knew better than anyone now. He was her best friend.
City of Ember

Jeanne DuPrau

He Was Amazing Quotes #901831
#82. John was the smartest and most amazing comedian I've ever worked with. I think more than teaching me about acting or comedy, he taught me about life and the love of people and respect of people.

Kaley Cuoco

He Was Amazing Quotes #912602
#83. Bye Caspian!' I called out. He stopped, and threw me a big grin over his shoulder. I grinned back like the Cheshire cat. What was it about him that made me feel so ridiculously happy?

Jessica Verday

He Was Amazing Quotes #915466
#84. My favorite designer is Christian Lacroix, not just because his clothes are amazing and I love them, but because he's so nice. When I did his fashion show, he was the first one to arrive there and he helped everyone.

Adriana Lima

He Was Amazing Quotes #919373
#85. Augustus was amazing, but he'd overdone everything at the picnic, right down to the sandwiches that were metaphorically resonant but tasted terrible and the memorized soliloquy that prevented conversation. It all felt Romantic, but not romantic.

John Green

He Was Amazing Quotes #928297
#86. Royce hated keeping secrets from Hadrian, and it weighed heavily on his conscience, which was amazing, because he had never known he had one. Royce defined right and wrong by the moment. Right was what was best for him - wrong was everything else.

Michael J. Sullivan

He Was Amazing Quotes #934189
#87. There was something aggressively masculine about Toloose ... perhaps it was the look in his eye. Or the way he was holding his billiard cue. It was amazing the way a man in an embroidered coat could take on the air of a dockworker.

Eloisa James

He Was Amazing Quotes #937686
#88. Isn't it amazing the effect on one's perspective that can be made by a glass of wine and a moment's peace?" he asked.
I rather thought that it was amazing the effect one glass of wine and one grumpy old dude could have on my libido, but no way was I telling him that.

Jen Crane

He Was Amazing Quotes #939027
#89. My whole thing was, if I can put in 5 percent of the effort of somebody getting an A, and I can get a C minus, that's amazing," he explains. "It's certainly good enough, right? [Then] I can take the other 95 percent of the time and invest it in something I really care about.

David Heinemeier Hansson

He Was Amazing Quotes #949615
#90. I do like British guys. If I had to pick one it would be Ewan McGregor. I met him once and he was gorgeous, even if he is a little short. He has the most amazing charisma.

Eva Longoria

He Was Amazing Quotes #949788
#91. Mathilde let him eat two doughnuts, and his eyes filled with tears because they were the most amazing doughnuts in the history of glazed doughnuts, food of the gods. He was full of joy.

Lauren Groff

He Was Amazing Quotes #971297
#92. I grew up listening in awe to stories of their wartime adventures. My granny, Joan, was a journalist and wrote amazing letters to my grandpa when he was a prisoner of war, while my nana, Mary, was a Land Girl, then a Wren. They were so independent, resilient and glamorous.

Laura Carmichael

He Was Amazing Quotes #979791
#93. [when asked about what he was most thankful about]: Being alive. After heart surgery, you dig that part. Breath, family and friends are just amazing. Just to have a second shot is pretty great!

Robin Williams

He Was Amazing Quotes #991142
#94. And then I got it. Leo wanted to go so badly because he wanted not only to be in the presence of greatness, but because he wanted to share something he thought was amazing with his dad.

Ally Condie

He Was Amazing Quotes #1021467
#95. Dad was an amazing storyteller and illustrator, which he did in his spare time - very inspiring and dramatic.

Bat For Lashes

He Was Amazing Quotes #1028104
#96. As his partner on this amazing journey, I can tell you Mitt Romney was not handed success. He built it.

Ann Romney

He Was Amazing Quotes #1030332
#97. He waited patiently until the uproar had died away. It was amazing, he thought, how people would argue against figures on no better basis than 'they must be wrong'.

Terry Pratchett

He Was Amazing Quotes #1037440
#98. It was amazing to watch him in the darkroom at an advanced age, still get excited when the results were pleasing. He still struggled like we all do in the darkroom and he struggled behind the camera, and when he had a success he was beaming.

John Sexton

He Was Amazing Quotes #1046822
#99. I talked a lot of shit, but truth be told, it was more for my ears than anyone else's. Madoc was designer. I was Target. He was Godiva. I was Snickers. And as far as he was concerned, he was entitled, and I was the freeloading daughter of the gold- digging whore who had snagged his father.

Penelope Douglas

He Was Amazing Quotes #1049176
#100. He wasn't crazy. How could he be? He was just
amazing. But she was struck dumb. All she could do was stare at him.

Natalie Babbitt

He Was Amazing Quotes #1067898

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