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#1. What?' he said. I'm sure he heard me perfectly well, but like most deaf people he's got in the habit of saying 'what?' automatically to every conversational gambit - I notice myself doing it sometimes. - Author: David Lodge
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#2. You ... you got rid of that dress fast," I pointed out between heavy breaths. "I thought you liked it."
"I do like it," he said. His breathing was as heavy as mine. "I love it."
And then he took me to the bed. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#3. My dad is like a cactus - introverted and tough. I'm a people person, like my mom, but I got my competitiveness from my dad. He came to this country from Belarus with nothing and built a real business. He's my hero for giving me that need to run a business and for having enormous confidence in me. - Author: Gary Vaynerchuk
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#4. She got herself a boyfriend she wants us to meet. He's studying chemistry. A senior. She said that 3 or 4 times on the phone. Senior. Like it's supposed to mean something to me, as long as I been grown. Senior ain't nothing but a year. Young man's distinction. - Author: Ravi Howard
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#5. I stood in the middle of the room flipping and Pusher was plucking at the guitar, just one string, and I went up to him and said, 'Man don't pluck those dirty notes at ME,' and like he just got up without a word and left. [Mardou] - Author: Jack Kerouac
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#6. Someone stole my wallet last week. The guy called me up and he was mad at me. He was like 'you gotta get your finances together. You got no cash, your credit cards are maxed out. You don't even have minutes on your calling card. I had to use my card to call you.' - Author: Mike Birbiglia
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#7. Mad at me. For Dad, parenting has become just like shooting one of his stupid insurance ads-some makeup to cover the blemishes, a flashy smile, and wham! He's got himself a regular picture-perfect family. - Author: Holly Schindler
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#8. To suggest that the president should be censured because you don't agree with the legal advice he got seems to me to just
to be out of the ballpark in terms of the way we can sensibly discuss and talk about issues like this. - Author: Jon Schmidt
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#9. The last 16 years of my daddy's life, he got to work for me, and that made him his own boss and he like that. - Author: Buck Owens
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#10. Daddy named me Billie Jo. He wanted a boy. Instead, he got a long legged girl with a wide mouth with cheekbones like bicycle handles. He got a redheaded, freckle faced, narrow-hipped girl with a fondness for apples and hunger for playing fierce piano. - Author: Karen Hesse
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#11. The instructor stared at me with cold, cut-me-no-slack determination, then got into a fighting stance, holding one hand out, beckoning me.
"I saw that movie too!"I said."It was like the coolest movie of all-"
He launched himself at me.
That was when his day really went downhill. - Author: James Patterson
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#12. They say only love can create, so who the fuck could love up a centipede? He's got more love in him than I got.
Now, killing a centipede makes me feel safer - like, one less. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#13. If someone was making a movie about F1 in the last six months, they wouldn't need to add a Hollywood ending. If they do make that movie, it's got to be 'The Curious Case Of Jenson Button,' where I've lived my life backwards. I'd like Johnny Depp to play me but he wouldn't be quite right. - Author: Jenson Button
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#14. Very neat for a boy; always cleaned up his mess, no matter where he got it on me. He's Hispanic, so he's like, 'Now who's the wetback?' I'm like, 'Hey, still you. Get back in the kitchen, those dishes aren't going to do themselves. - Author: Amy Schumer
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#15. I'm going to say something. And it's the only time I'll say it because I don't ever want things to be weird between us." He looked me in the eye. "I like you, Liv. A lot. And I know we've got something here. - Author: Alicia Kobishop
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#16. Tell me I'm a sinner I got news for you
I spoke to God this morning and he don't like you!
Don't you try and teach me no original sin;
I don't need your pity for the shape I'm in - Author: Ozzy Osbourne
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#17. He finally let his eyes focus on God's. "I didn't save her." Ronowski wrung his hands together. "Day did. He saved both of us. I treat him like shit all the time because he knows the truth about me and he almost got himself killed to save me." God - Author: A.E. Via
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#18. Reason number twelve, you've got a mini-me out there somewhere, and I kind of want the chance to meet a little Scarlet." "You don't like kids," I point out. "True, I don't," he says. "But she's your kid, which means there's a decent chance she's not half-bad, either. - Author: J.M. Darhower
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#19. Which meant I got left with Quinn yet again. Given the time he was taking to make his decision, I wasn't exactly happy about that. I mean, putting me with him was like flashing chocolate my way then telling me I couldn't have it. It was just plain mean. - Author: Keri Arthur
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#20. You're amazing," she whispered hoarsely.
He pushed back the hair from her face. "You too."
"How? All I do is let you play me like a piano."
He chuckled. "You've got a great keyboard. - Author: Ashlyn Chase
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#21. I like somebody who makes me laugh. He's also got to be prepared - I'm sort of a loose cannon, in a good way. I also like people who disagree with me and make me work to prove my point. - Author: Monica Keena
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#22. I remember once seeing a guy in the grocery store who looked so much like my character the Archangel Gabriel, I wanted to go up to him and say, 'Hey, put that Red Bull down. You've already got wings.' My friend had to sternly remind me that he was a stranger and I did not, in fact, create him. - Author: Alexandra Adornetto
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#23. You may wonder why a question of manners has got me so exercised. It's because I believe in a simple rule. If you see a person you know behave unreasonably to someone else, you can bet your last pound that before long he'll be behaving like that to you. - Author: Daniel Finkelstein
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#24. He looked down at her and rolled his eyes then looked over and saw me approaching with the chain. "What happened to her?" I asked peeking around him. "I knocked her out. I got tired of listening to her whimpering. I mean if you're a cold blooded killer, act like it." He - Author: Yolanda Olson
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#25. This was the weird part with me and Miller. We both hated each other, but even more than that, he wanted my money and I wanted my notebook back. Neither of us had said anything about it to Stricker, even when we both got suspended. It was like middle school Mafia or something. - Author: James Patterson
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#26. I come from an area where it's mostly, like, football and basketball, those are the sports. So my brother started surfing ... I used to make fun of him for it, and then he challenged me to do it, and I'm a huge competitor, and I did it ,and I got hooked. - Author: Manny Montana
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#27. Julius brooded. He could see Julius despising the medical school of Pavia. Tobie said, Nicholas managed the journey from Flanders all right. Deferred to you, joked discreetly with me, got on like a dyeworks on fire with the muleteers. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
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#28. What could I say? that I didn't just feel depressed - instead, it was like the depression was the core of me, of every part of me, from my mind to my bones? that if he got blue, I got black? - Author: David Levithan
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#29. You know Deets is like me - he's not one to quit on a garment just because it's got a little age - spoken by Augustus McCrae - Author: Larry McMurtry
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#30. Certainly as a kid, I grew up with Batman, Superman, whoever - they didn't need to be black for me to relate to them. But when a character like Cyborg came along, I got excited, because he looked a little bit more like me; his experiences were a little bit more like mine. - Author: John Ridley
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#31. Walt Disney got away with portraying me in the light that they were portraying me in. I have always been a fighter, so ... But I have no regrets, man. It's just like God brought me through the drugs, I know he'll bring me through this. - Author: Ike Turner
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#32. Leo got up and brushed himself off. "I hate that guy". He offered Jason his arm like they should go skipping together."I'm Dylan. I'm so cool, I want to date myself, but I can't figure out how! You want to date me instead? You're so lucky!"
"Leo" Jason said "You're weird - Author: Rick Riordan
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#33. Still, what could i say? that i didn't just feel depressed - instead, it was like the depression was the core of me, of every part of me, from my mind to my bones? that if he got blue, i got black? that i hated those pills so much, because i knew how much i relied on them to live? - Author: David Levithan
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#34. This is what I know. I look like my father. My father disappeared when he was seventeen years old. Hannah once told me that there is something unnatural about being older than your father ever got to be. When you can say that at the age of seventeen, it's a different kind of devastating. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#35. When I first saw Drake, I thought I was never going to like him based on the person that I saw on T.V. He's just so full on, and he's got the ladies' man thing, which isn't necessarily something that would resonate with me. - Author: James Vincent McMorrow
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#36. I'm fine," I tell Kirk. "Catch anything?"
"Oh, thank god," he says, and then goes on to tell me about the "big one" that got away, like it always does.
And I wonder how many lies it takes to make the world go around. - Author: Matthew Quick
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#37. I've got a man might do. No good for me, doesn't care for a flutter, and doesn't like Art either. But he has Proust in his overcoat pocket. Come to think of it, I suppose he reads it for the dirt, so no good for you, cancel what I said. - Author: Doris Lessing
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#38. Steve Jobs is like a brother to me and he's one of the founders of Pixar, and when the first iPad came out, I got one right away. - Author: John Lasseter
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#39. There's one thing I remember about Muhammad Ali. He said "I don't like my condition, but if this is what the Good Lord has planned for me to deal with, I'm happy with that." You have to understand, that comes from my idol, one of the guys that got me started in boxing. - Author: Roy Jones Jr.
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#40. I did some films in college, and I remember working with this director that wanted to shock me so that I'd give him an expression of shock, so he poured scalding hot water on my arm during the take. He splashed it on me. He got his expression of shock, but I also got, like, second-degree burns! - Author: John Kapelos
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#41. He doesn't like my name ... Of course we couldn't all come over on the Mayflower ... But I got here as soon as I could, and I never wanted to go back, because to me it is a great privilege to be an American citizen. - Author: Anton Cermak
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#42. Wait! he yelled.
I didn't turn around, I walked faster. Then I heard him slam his fist on the hood of his car. I almost stopped.
Maybe I would have if he'd followed me. But he didn't. He got in his car and he left, just like he said he would. - Author: Jenny Han
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#43. I am grateful I got the chance to meet Stevie Wonder! He's like royalty to me and is one of my biggest inspirations. - Author: Hunter Hayes
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#44. You act like you think you got wiser blood than anybody else," he said, "but you ain't! I'm the one has it. Not you. Me." Haze didn't say anything. He stood there for an instant, small in the - Author: Flannery O'Connor
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#45. He [Barack Obama] talked about deficit reduction. This got me he was talking about how the deficit's being reduced faster in the last 60 years. That's because he's collected more taxes. That's like bragging that you paid your rent after you robbed a bank. It makes no sense. - Author: Barack Obama
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#46. Me and my friend Ioan Gruffudd are like chalk and cheese when it comes to clothes. He lives for his clothes and has an amazing wardrobe. If we're going out I'll turn up at his house and say, 'I haven't got anything to wear,' and he'll tut and sigh and then lend me something swanky. - Author: Matthew Rhys
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#47. Just received western union tellagram via carrier pigieon from mexican cousin Juan, Apparently he just got hired by wwe ... And would like me to watch his first match tonight in salisbury md, I'll be there. - Author: John Cena
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#48. We have a lot of respect and love for Bruschi. But he's gone. That's unfortunate for us, but we have to move on. Just like if I got injured they'd have to move on without me. That's just part of the game. That's reality. - Author: Rodney Harrison
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#49. My heart lifted, and a matching grin curved my lips. He wanted to see me again. Maybe he really did like me after all. I felt like doing a happy dance, but of course, I was way too cool for that. I'd at least wait until I got back to my hotel room, alone, where no one would see. - Author: Jennifer Estep
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#50. Barack Obama is putting his team together to take over the Administration. So far, he's got his mother-in-law, who is going to be living with him, and they are talking about Hillary for Secretary of State. You have your mother-in-law and Hillary Clinton. Sounds like smooth sailing to me. - Author: David Letterman
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#51. His caressing palm on her butt almost had her lulled into la-la land when he murmured, "You're mom's got a nice ass. "Willow's eyes popped open. "Excuse me?" "What?" he defended. "You always like pillow talk after sex. - Author: Linda Kage
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#52. I don't know anything about the Bible, ma, the only thing I know is what you taught me, which is stuff like being kind to animals and always leave the horse in a better state after you get off of him than he was when you got on. - Author: Mary Pagones
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#53. Dear Lord,' he said. 'let me be like Aron. Don't make me mean. I don't want to be. If you will let everybody like me, why, I'll give you anything in the world, and if I haven't got it, why, I'll go for to get it. I don't want to be mean. I don't want to be lonely. For Jesus' sake, Amen. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#54. It really was my brother who got me involved in swimming. I wanted to be just like him and do everything he was doing. - Author: Summer Sanders
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#55. I received a phone call; my agent got a phone call from Ryan Murphy saying he wanted to talk to me ... And he basically outlined 'American Horror Story' for me and said that there's a character named Larry the Burn Guy, and I'd like you to play it. - Author: Denis O'Hare
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#56. I like Damien Stark. He's not what I expected, but there's something compelling about him - and it's more than just the fact that he's hotter than sin and got me worked up into quite a lather. He seems perfectly comfortable in his own skin. - Author: J. Kenner
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#57. I've got to stop him before he takes it too far, before there's no coming back. Once you cross that line ... something happens inside. I can't describe it, but it feels like I'm rotting, pieces of me blackening and dying every damn day. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#58. Now don't jerk me around. This is the Midlands. There are no vampires here, and dressing up like one doesn't make it so. You can't even tell me how he's got no marks on his neck!"
"Oh yes I can. It's the twenty-first century. These days we tend to clean up after ourselves. - Author: John Hennessy
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#59. We didn't get along, me and Bill Murray. But I've got to give it to him: I don't like him, but he makes me laugh even now. I'm also jealous that he's a better golfer than I am. - Author: Richard Dreyfuss
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#60. When it comes to reflexes, I'm like a cat. I'm Catwoman. I'm invulnerable. The only reason he got a piece of me is because of the rain. Cats don't like water. It impairs us. It's our kryptonite. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#61. He wanted to wear sweatpants, because "they tear easier." I asked him if he wanted me to get him some male stripper jeans so he could avoid looking like a Russian gangster from pre-Shift movies, after which he got all offended and put on a pair of regular jeans instead. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#62. Even though I don't ask, Plutarch gives me cheerful updates on the phone like "Good news, Katniss! I think we've almost got him convinced you're not a mutt!" Or "Today he was allowed to feed himself pudding! - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#63. So you walk up to this man sinner and you say, "God loves you and He has a wonderful plan for your life!" and he goes, "What? God loves me? That's fantastic. I LOVE ME, TOO! And He loves me more than I love me? Well, that's hard to imagine. I'll take a God like that. You got two of them?" - Author: Paul Washer
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#64. I know like the Wiz Khalifah one, got me excited because I like his music, and its almost like you know I can relate to his music, so I feel like dang if he listens to my stuff and thought it was good then maybe I'm as good as him, you know what I mean? - Author: Jhene Aiko
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#65. It's not like they can take anything from me,' he says later, back with his homeboys in Juvenile Hall. 'Ain't got nothing to give. Nothin' but time, that is. And I been doin' time my whole life, one way or the other. - Author: Edward Humes
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#66. I knew [Jesse Owens'] name, but I really didn't remember what it is he had done, so I felt like I had to get refreshed. So I read the script and I realized like, wow, this is an incredible human being. I told my manager, however I had to do it, let me see the director; I got to play him. - Author: Stephan James
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#67. I got into film acting because I wanted to be James Dean. We lost him at a very young age - he was only 24 - but I'm in my fifthies, so there's only so many times you can act like James Dean. I had to find new ways of expressing myself that kept me fascinated with film performance. - Author: Nicolas Cage
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#68. I feel like I've got a novel in me somewhere, but that's something ... I was just talking to a buddy of mine about it, who's a writer as well, and he's nearly done with his first novel, and it's taken him 11, 12 years to do it. And I can totally understand; it's a long process. - Author: Corey Taylor
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#69. I like to think my dad was easygoing and kind, and I think some of those things have been passed down. I am like him in a sense of being positive and hopeful. He was compassionate, and I've got a lot of that in me as well. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#70. He'd already put a shirt on each leg and had stacked every shoe I owned into a precarious pyramid. The room looked like a small, overly curious tornado had torn it apart.
"You have got to be kidding me," I said. "Maybe I should give you to Shamus. - Author: Devon Monk
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#71. His squirming turned to near seizures, and he swung his arms, smacking me across the cheek. Of course it was the hand with the brick. I saw stars and rolled over. If Rocket got shot at, maybe he could deflect it with his brick, like Wonder Woman. - Author: Rhys Ford
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#72. Sweet Pea, the way you eat means you got tits and ass. This is good because I like tits and ass. This is bad because Tack and Lawson like 'em just as much as me. Then he shoved his noodles and veg into his mouth and said with his mouth full, Tack maybe more. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#73. I was working in Lexington when I recognized this actor, Michael Shannon, and I was like, 'What do you do?' He told me to get into a theater company, so I got into a theater company near my hometown. I was a carpenter there. And then I slowly got some work. - Author: Boyd Holbrook
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#74. I felt like for what I needed, Bad Boy got me ... they got me covered. Especially Puff, man. He's going to be the first billionaire rap entertainer. At the end of the day, they need me. Other artists-labels don't need me, but Bad Boy and Puff needs me. And I need them. It goes both ways. - Author: French Montana
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#75. And then there's my brother Wally; he's four years younger than me, and he's the classic younger brother
a turd. The Turd is kind of like that old nursery rhyme about snails and puppy dog tails; he's got the intelligence of a slug and he's about as well house-trained as a Chihuahua. - Author: Huston Piner
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#76. I think I had kind of an advantage. When I was growing up, my dad had just got out of jail and he had a great record collection. He had - it was all - these were the songs. So I heard a lot of these songs, like, my whole life, so for me it was easy. I already knew what I was going to sing. - Author: Chris Isaak
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#77. He's got an overall flair for the game. It looks to me like he really loves what he does and he can't wait to get up in the morning, go hit some balls and go play. - Author: Gary McCord
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#78. ELVIS PRESLEY was bigger than life. His success was documented and laid out for him. He came to the first show I had in Memphis, and it was very nice. He sort of treated me like an equal, because we were both fresh in the business. We got to be great friends and kindred souls. - Author: Roy Orbison
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#79. When I was five years old, me and my cousin got into a fistfight because when "That's the Way (I Like It)" came on the radio, he said, "That's my song," and I said, "No, that's my song." - Author: Boots Riley
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#80. Can't you stop by my tent on your way to the hospital and punch one of them in the nose for me?" he speculated aloud. "I've got four of them, and they're going to crowd me out of my tent altogether." "You know, something like that once happened to my whole tribe," Chief White Halfoat remarked - Author: Joseph Heller
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#81. He got me a cup of tea with honey, toast with honey, yogurt with honey, like I was John the Baptist with the flu. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#82. I remember once, we got an interview, and he said, 'Dad, these people are writing about me like I'm an adult. Don't they know I'm a kid?' I have never tried to encourage him to get a music image like other musicians have. - Author: Ornette Coleman
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#83. He got a tan over break. I used to tell him he was so pale he looked like a marshmallow. He hated that I compared him to food. I told him that's what he got for calling me caramel. It shut him up. - Author: Angie Thomas
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#84. I've got a system." He reached under a stack on the left corner of his desk, pulled out a file.
"It's like the magician's tablecloth trick," she commented. "Nicely done."
"Want to see me pull a rabbit out of my hat? - Author: Nora Roberts
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#85. What struck me most was his crooked grin, like he saw the world in his own special way and got a kick out of it. - Author: Jeannette Walls
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#86. I love Polo. I have a lot of Ralph Lauren suits. I got Dolce, I got a little bit of everything. And my favorite thing about Ralph Lauren is that he puts the number three on a lot of his clothes, so I feel like it's meant for me. - Author: Chris Paul
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#87. I've got news for you, Aves. When a guy says he wants to take you out in the name of science, he's totally full of it. He really just wants to take you out."
"But you've taken me out like a million times for the experiment. You kissed me once in the name of science."
"Exactly. - Author: Kelly Oram
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#88. After I quote unquote came out as a Republican, one of my dearest gay friends said to me, 'You've got to go on a T.V. show and tell everyone you like gay people.' I was like, 'Why?' He was like, 'Because you're a Republican.' I was like, 'I'm sorry who's stereotyping who?' - Author: Angie Harmon
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#89. If he thinks I'm going to sit around crying over him, he's got another thing coming. I can live without him, I can do without him just fine - but I don't like to lose. It's not like me. None of this is like me. I don't get rejected. I'm the one who walks away. - Author: Paula Hawkins
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#90. I saw School of Rock, and I was like, why haven't I worked with Richard Linklater already? Then by the time I got him I was like, I'm really pissed off I feel like you owe me some retroactive swag. He gave me the 10-year anniversary "Dazed and Confused" T-shirt, which I still wear with relish. - Author: Robert Downey Jr.
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#91. My son called to me that God was inside his red fire engine. He wanted to show me. I did move as fast as I could, spilling like water through the kitchen door into a summer day, but God had left by the time I got there. My son smiled, told me I'd missed him by seconds. - Author: Deborah Keenan
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#92. I got a lot of influence from my father, honestly. He'd take me in his car. I'd hear Carlos Santana. I'd hear Queen. I'd hear all these Turkish people, like, bands that he grew up listening to. He was in a band as well. - Author: Action Bronson
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#93. My dad, who was creative director in the '60s, always wore black jeans with black desert boots; he thought he was cool. He told me to buy a pair as well. I didn't like black, so I got the sand color, and I've been wearing them since college. - Author: Andy Spade
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#94. Death had his grudge against me, and he got up in the way, like an
armed robber, with a pike in his hand. - Author: Petrarch
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#95. You've ruined me for Dawn. That's supposed to make you feel better."
"Neal, I want to ruin you for everyone."
"Christ." His voice got closer, like he was pushing the receiver against his chin. "You have. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#96. Well, Dill, after all he's just a Negro." "I don't care one speck. It ain't right, somehow it ain't right to do 'em that way. Hasn't anybody got any business talkin' like that - it just makes me sick." "That's - Author: Harper Lee
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#97. I've got a fortune in gold. Ah, was that a flicker in your eye? Do you like me better now that you know I'm rich?" He curled his finger under her chin. "Because I'm all right with that. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#98. I got a funny feeling like something was real wrong ...
Looked at her shoes and her feets was real long!
Then it hit me, Oh please God no,
Don't let this ho turn out to be a John Doe ...
He pulled a fast one on me, yo! - Author: Fatlip
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#99. I got it made the rest of my life, financially and in every other way. There's nobody in the world like me. I'm getting out just in time. If I was twenty seven, I could still kick ass. I don't have to beat Holmes. Why? I raised him, he worked three years as a sparring partner for me. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#100. Maybe he got tired of waiting and he'd gone without me though I doubted that was the case and decided he was probably doing something Max-ish. Chopping wood. Building a barn. Saving a child in distress or climbing a tree to rescue a cat. Stuff like that. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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