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#1. I'm tougher than nails. I could still kick your pony-lovin' butt with twice this pain." Thomas shrugged. "I do love ponies. Wish I could eat one right now." His stomach grumbled and gurgled. - Author: James Dashner
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#2. Live, David," he said softly. "Live your life."
"I'm doing that," I grumbled.
"No. You are letting Steelheart live your life for you. He controls it, each step of the way. Live your own life. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#3. Why would men want to do without women? We adore women."
"Because they serve you," she grumbled.
"No.Because they complement us. And I mean complement with an e,not an i. Women are our other halves. Men need women. - Author: Susan Mallery
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#4. That was Hera," Thalia grumbled. "Her Majesty, the Loose Cannon." "That's it, Thalia Grace," said the goddess. "I will turn you into an aardvark, so help me - - Author: Rick Riordan
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#5. Of course it hurts", she grumbled, tipping my head further back. "Life sucks. Get over it - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#6. It looks deserted. Does anyone live here anymore?"
"Yes.As a matter of fact, I actually have some friends who live on the other side of the island."
"I didn't think you had any friends," Dee grumbled.
"Unlike you, Doctor, I am a good friend. - Author: Michael Scott
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#7. Gimme the fucking creeps, Doakes grumbled. I began to appreciate the man's finer qualities. Of course I gave him the fucking creeps. The only real question was why he was the only one in a room filled with cops who had the insight to get the fucking creeps from my presence. - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#8. Go get wood, Nuckal," grumbled the skeleton. "'Pick up those rocks, Nuckal.' 'Stop eating all the donuts, Nuckal.' Orders, orders, orders, that's all I ever hear. - Author: Greg Farshtey
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#9. ORN!" Variel shouted.
"Yeah yeah, kill us all. I got it," the dwarf grumbled. - Author: Sabrina Zbasnik
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#10. I guess telling you to pull up your panties and to stop acting like a princess at her first ball won't help?" "If I pull this thong up any higher, it will need medical extraction," she grumbled. - Author: Eve Langlais
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#11. Hey look, Yara, there's someone driving the car."
"Ha, ha," Cherie grumbled. "You two haven't come up
for air since we picked Yara up from the airport."
"Circle the block," Brent instructed. "I'm not done
kissing her yet. - Author: Lani Woodland
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#12. Well," Cinder finally grumbled. "I guess that was pretty fast thinking."
A relieved grin filled up Thorne's face. "We're having another moment, aren't we?"
"If by a moment, you mean me not wanting to strangle you for the first time since we met, than I guess we are. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#13. Goddammit, woman," Dane grumbled. "Why the hell can't you make it easy on me? Haven't I been through enough shit lately? - Author: Nicole Edwards
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#14. I grumbled, completely convinced that Jarl was responsible for everything nasty, up to and including the flu, pigeons, and the relative inaccessibility of the G-spot. - Author: Nicole Peeler
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#15. That is also an idiom." Wilem grumbled. "Your language is thick with nonsense. I wonder how any of you understand each other. How is everything going? Going where?" He shook his head. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#16. When they did, she wore a dress, but she grumbled the whole time. - Author: Mary Connealy
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#17. Okay," Annabeth said. "What exactly do you smell?"
"Something bad," Tyson answered.
"Great," Annabeth grumbled. "That clears it up. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#18. So weird," Decker mumbled. "I thought she walked through walls.""I guess she doesn't have to. This is how she kept getting my porno stash last summer,"Beck
grumbled. "I had it behind lock and key.""Our porno stash. I told you to give it to Grandpa Louis. She leaves him alone. - Author: Lizzy Ford
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#19. Grandma Natasha was sitting in the tent watching public service announcements on TV. They were showing a blond model in a bikini doing the backstroke in a river of blood flowing along Arlozorov Street. "She's not a real blonde," Grandma Natasha grumbled, pointing at the model. "She has it bleached. - Author: Etgar Keret
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#20. You can't bribe me with pie." Before he'd finished the sentence, his stomach grumbled loudly in a plea for the pie.
The men grinned.
"We all know you're a pie ho," Mr. Elroy said. - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#21. Jesus Christ, is everyone on something because I want some of whatever it is, Will grumbled, reaching for George's arm and looping it through his. - Author: Christina Lauren
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#22. Grey morning dulled the bay. Banks of clouds, Howth just one more bank, rolled to sea, where other Howths grumbled to greet them. Swollen spumeless tide. Heads that bobbed like floating gulls and gulls that floating bobbed like heads. Two heads. At swim, two boys. - Author: Jamie O'Neill
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#23. Tyson," I said "We're turning around!"
Going the wrong way?" he asked.
Always," I grumbled, but I steered the chariot towards the stands. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#24. What have you done to her?" Auric said harshly. "Why does everyone always blame me?" grumbled my father. "Because you're the devil." "Good point. And in this case, true. - Author: Eve Langlais
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#25. This isn't going to be easy," I grumbled as we headed toward the exit.
Bones shrugged. "Nothing worthwhile ever is. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#26. By Duraden, I have trolls dancing in my head this morning!' Stubble grumbled, screwing his eyes into a squint at the bright morning light. - Author: Carl Sargent
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#27. Ugh, they've been at it all day," Fitz grumbled. "It's been hours of 'Look - I'm invisible. Now I'm not! Now I am!'" Biana rolled her eyes as she reappeared. "Like you were any less annoying with your 'I can tell you what you're thinking right now! And now! And now! - Author: Shannon Messenger
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#28. Well, runhh it all to harr," Rafe grumbled. "Why does bein' the nice guys always cause us so much trouble? - Author: Bob Craton
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#29. She grumbled, she said sarcastically that men place such an enormous importance on fucking, she laughed: not Marcello - although even he doesn't joke - but Michele, who went crazy, he's been obsessed with me for a long time, and even runs after the shadow of my shadow. - Author: Elena Ferrante
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#30. The mortals don't realize they are funding the Amazon kingdom. Soon, we'll be richer than any mortal nation. Then - when the weak mortals depend on us for everything - the revolution will begin!" "What are you going to do?" Frank grumbled. "Cancel free shipping? - Author: Rick Riordan
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#31. They are like fucking roaches," Darius grumbled."The more you kill,the more you find. - Author: Donna Grant
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#32. What are you, a door mouse?!" Cloudtail mewed impatiently, prodding Lionblaze. Lionblaze looked up at the white warrior looking down at him, "Aww did you have to do that?! I was having a really great dream!"
"And now you can go on a really great water patrol!" Cloudtail grumbled. - Author: Erin Hunter
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#33. Fine," I grumbled. "We'll take your lame yet highly fuel-efficient car. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#34. Never seen Jason fly before," Percy grumbled. "He looks like a blond Superman - Author: Rick Riordan
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#35. I didn't think Joe was that desperate," one of the men grumbled.
"I'm not," Joe said, walking past him. "I lost a bet. - Author: R.L. Mathewson
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#36. Mmmrrmmph," I grumbled. - Author: Anonymous
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#37. Better you than Cameron " McGillicuddy grumbled. "I know where Cameron's been."
Sean snorted.
Cameron said "I already told you I did NOT come on to Lori. - Author: Jennifer Echols
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#38. RELEASE THY BREATH, he advised. DROPETH THY SHOULDER. "I have shot a bow before," I grumbled. MINDETH THY RIGHT ELBOW, the arrow said. "Shut up." AND TELLEST NOT THINE ARROW TO SHUT UP. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#39. The storm had now definitely abated, and what thunder there was now grumbled over more distant hills, like a man saying 'And another thing ... ' twenty minutes after admitting he'd lost the argument. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#40. You know I'll never say no, and Nate's so dedicated, I think he loves our alpha more than me."
"I resent that," Nate grumbled. "I might love football more than you, but definitely not Lucas's ugly mug. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#41. Contrary to popular belief," Gretchen grumbled. "It's creepy to watch a girl while she sleeps."
Clint shrugged and smiled. "Sorry, I guess I should've just woken you up. - Author: Aria Kane
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#42. I'm not sure why we want each other," she grumbled.
"Nor am I, but the fact remains that we do want each other."
"Maybe I'm just shallow. You're quite pretty."
"For now, that will do."
Infuriating man. Couldn't take an insult the way she intended.
-Annabelle and Zacharel - Author: Gena Showalter
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#43. Arf, arf, arf." I yipped back at it. "Princess," Victor grumbled behind me. "Please stop barking at the neighbors."
Stone, C. L. (2014-01-19). Drop of Doubt: The Ghost Bird Series: #5 (Kindle Locations 1721-1722). Arcato Publishing. Kindle Edition. - Author: C.L.Stone
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#44. When my stomach grumbled, I filled up on hamburgers, hot dogs, gyros, tacos, jerk chicken, pizza, and a side salad because I was watching my figure - Author: Y.A. Marks
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#45. Jason muttered "And I saw something ... Really terrible."
"That was Hera," Thalia grumbled, "Her Majesty, the Loose Cannon."
"That's it, Thalia Grace," Said the goddess. "I will turn you into and aardvark, so help me-"
"Stop it, you two," Piper said. Amazingly, they both shut up. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#46. You guys are related to Jonah Wizard?" Jake asked, his lip curled disdainfully. "And the other guy," Dan grumbled. "Vin Diesel's stunt double. - Author: Peter Lerangis
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#47. It's still a cowl, Frederic grumbled (few things could cause him to summon up his inner courage like improper word usage). - Author: Christopher Healy
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#48. But Steve will die if I do that!" I cried.
"Yes," he agreed. "It is your assistance or his life."
"That's not much of a choice," I grumbled.
"No," he admitted, "it is not. But it is the only one I offer. - Author: Darren Shan
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#49. That little punk," Zeus grumbled. "Prometheus armed the cockroaches." Next to him, the goddess Hera said, "Uh, what?" "Nothing," Zeus muttered. He yelled to his guards: "Find Prometheus and get him in here. NOW! - Author: Rick Riordan
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#50. There are times," Leofric grumbled, "when you are an earsling." An earsling was something that had dropped out of a creature's backside and was one of Leofric's favourite insults. We were friends. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#51. Hope," Frank grumbled. "I'd rather have a few good weasels. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#52. Come in here and take notes for me." Solara didn't move.
A rustling of blankets sounded from the other room, followed by a heavy sigh. "Stay there," he grumbled. "I'll get dressed and come to you. But for future reference, anyone who stinks like a toolshed is safe from my advances. - Author: Melissa Landers
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#53. How come she has more crap here now than when she lived with me? their father grumbled as he came down one morning. - Author: Debra Anastasia
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#54. Eagles are extinct," grumbled Morpurgo. "Perhaps they should have attacked the sky. It betrayed them. - Author: Dan Simmons
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#55. In the morning, when he entered my room, I grumbled, but he was like the sunlight to me, all the same. One cannot defend oneself against those brats. They take hold of you, they hold you fast, they never let you go again. The truth is, that there never was a cupid like that child. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#56. Oh,great.It's like we're being bussed in from the fucking projects," Aphrodite and "I'm hoping for urban renewal," Aphrodite grumbled. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#57. Don't get me started on the little airplane name badges, Natalie grumbled. - Author: Peter Lerangis
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#58. Eve showed Aidan how to rake the range. "I think when we're married we might have something more modern," he grumbled. "No, surely with the eight children we can have them stoking it, going up the chimney even. - Author: Maeve Binchy
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#59. How flattering," I grumbled. "My soul glows. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#60. Space and Time! Two minor omissions that no one is likely to notice," grumbled Newton. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#61. It was easier when all we wanted to do was eat them and take their stuff, he grumbled.
And it had been easier when he hadn't cared if he made any of them cry. - Author: Anne Bishop
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#62. Where're we goin'?" he grumbled. "Across the street to grab a bite to eat. Everyone's waitin' on us." "Everyone?" Curtis frowned. "Yeah, you know, the other six who you donated sperm for." Curtis shook his head in disbelief. Some of the things that came out of his boys' mouths. - Author: Nicole Edwards
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#63. I'll show them 'love is worthless,'" Silena Beauregard grumbled as she strapped on her armor. "I'll pulverize them! - Author: Rick Riordan
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#64. (Some girl) "You said we'd have breakfast!"
(Jasper) "If i live, i'll buy you waffles."
"You don't have enough money to buy her waffles," Wylan grumbled.
"Be quite. We're in a library. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#65. I'm pretty sure that wasn't there before," Nick grumbled.
Kelly laughed harder. "I'm pretty sure it was."
"Shut up."
"You're high."
"Oh, look at the pothead calling the kettle names," Nick said in a singsong voice as he settled onto the wide chaise beside Kelly. - Author: Abigail Roux
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#66. Ever the women must work," Brigid grumbled. - Author: Sanna Hines
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#67. Investigating rule of thumb: people grumbled about work at home and about home at work. - Author: Cate Holahan
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#68. As expected, the church lady grumbled something incoherent and put Bridget's call on hold. A peppy rendition of "City of God" blared as hold music just long enough for Bridget to start to sing along with the chorus. Catholic brainwashing at its best. - Author: Gretchen McNeil
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#69. Was Hale. He glanced toward Node 3, wondering if the cryptographer were watching. "Fuck it," he grumbled. Below his feet the outline of a recessed trapdoor - Author: Dan Brown
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#70. Car," Frank said, placing his hands on my shoulders and turning me in the direction of the parking lot. "I'll be there in five minutes."
"This is going to take *five minutes*?" Collins grumbled as he bent down to pick up a cup. - Author: Morgan Matson
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#71. Stop smiling," I grumbled. "Can't.""Were you this irritating when we met?""I was charming. Very charming.""Where did Mr. Charming go?""That guy didn't have staying power.""But Mr. Irritating? He'll stick around?""Unfortunately. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#72. Coach Hedge grumbled as he tended their wounds. How come I never get invited on these violent trips? - Author: Rick Riordan
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#73. Run through those time measurements again," Aahz grumbled.
"In seconds, minutes, hours ... "
"Minutes! We've got a few minutes. - Author: Robert Asprin
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#74. I wish I possessed your particular brand of optimism," Rahim grumbled.
"And what brand would that be?"
"Idiotic. - Author: Renee Ahdieh
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#75. I was under the impression that werewolf packs were not meant to be run by committee."
"Yeah," I said. "But I dont want to be like all those other werewolves, you know?"
"Says the werewolf named Kitty."
"It's too late to change my name now," I grumbled. - Author: Carrie Vaughn
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#76. Whatever," Bruiser grumbled. "You look like Fabio." "Thank you," Drew said through a flattered smile. The dick. - Author: T.S. Joyce
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#77. I told you, E; we should have brought the explosives,' Xander grumbled underneath his breath in good humor. - Author: Rachel Higginson
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#78. People laughed less and grumbled more, sang less and shouted more, and the sounds they made grew louder and uglier. It became difficult to hear even the birds or the breeze, and soon everyone stopped listening for them. - Author: Norton Juster
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#79. You're not going to try to hug me or something, are you?" Phenex grumbled. "You've been into some weird shit since you got married. - Author: Kendra Leigh Castle
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#80. I don't approve of women driving, mind you. And now they get to vote!" He grumbled to himself. "Remember that play we saw ("The Minotaur")? All women are like that. Given a chance, they'd all fornicate with a bull. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#81. An ungentlemanly war it will be,' he grumbled. 'Will I lead my men with a sword? Ah, but no! I will lead my men with a dirty revolver in my hand. Parbleu! Such is modern warfare! A machine could do the whole cursed thing better -- we shall all be nothing but machines in this war. - Author: Radclyffe Hall
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#82. I've been to livelier funerals," grumbled Herb. - Author: Leslie Meier
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#83. At eleven, Kate woke Jake up when she went searching in the cooler for juice.
"You know, you used to be peaceful," he grumbled.
"I can't believe you were ever married." Kate said, as she cracked the can open. "What did you do, make her stand in the corner all the time? - Author: Jennifer Crusie
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#84. You put a sleep spell on me, didn't you?" she grumbled.
"You'll thank me for it later," Lucivar replied, kissing her temple. I love you. "That's good to hear, witchling, because I love you, too." She was dreaming. Of course she was dreaming. But she smiled and let the dream take her. - Author: Anne Bishop
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#85. I'm special." "You're special all right," he grumbled. - Author: Eve Langlais
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#86. Of course she was bloody found dead." Moore grumbled. "Some bastard cut off her head and her limbs. If she'd been found alive I would have been more than bloody surprised. - Author: Sarah Pinborough
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#87. How are you feeling?"
"Like I fell out a burning building onto pavement, you?" I grumbled.
"Like I was pushed out of a burning building by a maniac," she retorted, a small smile playing across her face. - Author: R.R. Virdi
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#88. Oh, I'm dying,' I like moaned. 'Oh, I have a ghastly pain in my side. Appendicitis, it is. Ooooooh.' 'Appendy shitehouse,' grumbled this veck. - Author: Anthony Burgess
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#89. Hephaestus glowered up at us. "I didn't make you, did I?"
Uh," Annabeth said, "no, sir."
Good," the god grumbled. "Shoddy workmanship. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#90. Ow! Dammit!"
"Watch your language. This is a holy place."
"Hah!" I grumbled. "If it's so holy, why don't they have a holy elevator? Or a holy librarian who can go fetch the blasted book for us? - Author: Cecily White
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#91. They do love their pretty colors," grumbled Tolya. "Don't give me any ideas," I whispered. "Maybe I'll decide my personal guard should wear bright yellow pantaloons." For the first time, I saw an expression very much like fear cross his face. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#92. People always grumbled. If things went well they wanted them to go better. Give them comfort and they wanted luxuries. - Author: Jean Plaidy
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#93. Who's Chernabog?" Grumbled Maybeck.
Philby answered,"Only the most powerful villian Walt Disney ever created. - Author: Ridley Pearson
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#94. The bird that can sing and won't sing, must be made to sing, they say,' grumbled Tackleton. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#95. You're lucky I love Abby. I wouldn't do this shit for just anyone," Trent grumbled, brushing off his shirt - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#96. I got body snatched by an alien." McClane grumbled a protest. "A sentient alien armor and weapons system," Riley clarified. "Very sophisticated. Very unique. Very much a smartass. His name's McClane - Author: J. Fally
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#97. Where are you from?" I started with what I thought was an easy question.
"Everywhere," he grumbled.
"Everywhere?" I stared into the blackness of the espresso. "I don't think I've been there. - Author: Andrea Cremer
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#98. No!" Leo yelled.
"Uhhh," Nico groaned from the floor.
"Piper!" Jason cried.
"Monkey!" Frank yelled.
"Not monkeys," Hazel grumbled. "I think those are dwarfs."
"Stealing my stuff!" Leo yelled, and ran for the stairs. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#99. Tomorrow!" he said suddenly. His voice was high, but it carried clearly enough. "Tomorrow we fight! Tomorrow! The Feast of St John the Apostle!"
"Oh God," Leofric grumbled next to me, "up to our arsholes in more saints. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#100. Oh, by Moradin's itchy arse," grumbled Bruenor. "Scratched it, he did, and this one fell out. - Author: R.A. Salvatore
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