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#1. Sometimes, you gotta believe something crazy. Because all the other things you could believe hurt too much. - Author: Pat Murphy
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#2. I don't pay too much attention to the positive reviews or the negative reviews because if you believe one, you've gotta believe the other. - Author: Mehcad Brooks
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#3. Breathe, believe, and battle.' My former coach, Troy Tanner, told us that before each match. Breathe-be in the moment. Believe-have faith that you can rise above it. Battle-you gotta be prepared to go for as long as it takes. - Author: Kerri Walsh
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#4. I believe there should be no more drama, but it's everywhere you go. It's just about how you get out. You've gotta bob and weave because it's everywhere. How do I keep the drama low? It's about using your head. - Author: Mary J. Blige
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#5. My thing is, the older you get you gotta stand up for what you believe in, and keep bashin' away. - Author: Chuck D
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#6. Sure, sometimes you gotta let things go, but other times you can't till you set things right. And I know darn well it ain't worth arguing with a preacher. The only truths they believe are their own words. - Author: Erin Bowman
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#7. I've gotta believe in what my heart tells in me, even if it's a fake thing. - Author: Andrew Hussie
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#8. Somebody's gotta win and somebody's gotta lose and I believe in letting the other guy lose. - Author: Pete Rose
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#9. When you tell your dreams you gotta tell people you trust, 'cause sometimes they'll snatch your dream right away from you. - Author: Michelle Muriel
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#10. You gotta keep falling in love. You gotta believe in it. What are you going to do ... give sheep the vote? - Author: Sam Kinison
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#11. You don't have to call it God or Jesus. That's religious humbug to a lot of people, but you've gotta believe that nature and spiritual things surround us. That is what put us here! I thank the universe for that every day of my life. - Author: Jack LaLanne
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#12. My gift is execution; when I decide I'm going to do something, I'll stop at nothing to do it. Along the way, you take a lot of risks and go for it, but you have to believe in it. You gotta believe in your idea, and lucky for me, I found a lot of success in that. - Author: Rob Dyrdek
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#13. This kind of war, you've gotta believe in what you're fighting for. - Author: John Wayne
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#14. I can't do much yet, but even if I can do a little to help ... I want to give it all I have! If a person doesn't do anything, they never get any better. Doing one little thing, taking one little step forward ... I gotta believe it will help build a better future! - Author: CLAMP
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#15. We gotta do much more than believe if wanna see the world change
We gotta do much more than believe if we really wanna change things
We gotta do much more than believe, go on try it, go on try it
We gotta do much more than believe if we wanna see the world change - Author: Dave Matthews Band
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#16. You can't believe people when they look you in the eyes. You gotta' look behind them. See what they're standing in front of. What they're hiding. Everyone's hiding, Wes. Everybody. Nobody look like what they are. - Author: Sam Shepard
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#17. I can't sing "I Believe I Can Fly". I sing that horrible. But I can sing "I Gotta Feeling" good. I wrote it for my capabilities. So I Gotta Feeling is just about let me make a song to inspire people to have a good time. - Author:
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#18. Because it means that much to me, I'm gonna handle this with care. You just gotta believe me. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#19. I'm gonna make it all okay. You gotta let it go and believe. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#20. In the end, I believe I'll enjoy war,' he says. 'Gotta toughen my spine a bit. Callous my hands. Bastards tell us it's all roses and glory.' He looks up. 'Don't you smell the roses, Reaper? - Author: Pierce Brown
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#21. On marriage ... You gotta love her even when you don't feel like it. Love is a decision, not a feelin', because believe me, you won't be feelin' the love a whole lot of time. - Author: Robin Kaye
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#22. Just about anybody is a big girl in a small world but you gotta believe it on the inside, that you can be bigger than the rest of it. - Author: Lizzo
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#23. Everybody has hope for the perfect love. Normal people are raised to believe that there's someone out there who's your soulmate, your best friend, your lover. My dad always told me that when you find that person, You gotta nail her! - Author: Christopher Titus
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#24. If you want to walk the heavenly streets of gold, you gotta know the password, "Roll, Tide, Roll!" - Author: Bear Bryant
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#25. I'm the kinda person, you gotta fight for everything you get. You gotta believe in yourself. - Author: Ace Frehley
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#26. You gotta believe you can accomplish anything, and those who believe that they can accomplish anything, most likely will. - Author: Ashley Purdy
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#27. Sometimes you gotta say what's in your heart... And you have to stand for what you believe. No matter what."
~'Dr. Michael C. Anders, - Author: Stephanie Osborn
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#28. My formula for success is just a lot of hard work. It's believing in yourself. It's a pride that I gotta get better at something every time I wake up. - Author: Kevin Ollie
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#29. You've gotta believe that the split second that changed your life - the brief moment that took your leg and bruised your melon - can't be the defining moment of your life. It was just an instant, a flash. Just one second out of millions of seconds. It doesn't get to own you. - Author: Jennifer Handford
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#30. I appreciate the additional additives and preservatives that help sell a project, but I'm sticking to what works best for me. I gotta sell the album live on stage and make people believe in the songs. - Author: Busta Rhymes
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#31. I've gotta believe that my managing tenure has come to an end here. - Author: Don Cooper
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#32. [O]nce you reject evidence as a source of knowledge, you don't gotta believe nothin' you don't like. - Author: Tim Minchin
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#33. Ya gotta believe in something, doll. It might as well be happy endings. - Author: Patricia Burroughs
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#34. I asked John if it was a crime to want to live in a world where girls with falcon eyes and pretty underwear believe in the saving grace of rock 'n' roll and he said, "Just check your chute before you jump, that's all I'm saying." Gotta get some sleep. Over. - Author: Tiffanie DeBartolo
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#35. I dunno, there were always people believing in me, but you just gotta be confident in whatever you wanna do. - Author: G-Eazy
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#36. You have to be open to the energy. If you can open your heart to the energy, that great love energy, of this entire universe, good things will happen to you. BUT, you've gotta believe. You've gotta believe in the goodness. - Author: Ray Manzarek
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#37. Stay focused. You gotta believe in yourself. I think that's the biggest thing I've been able to do throughout my whole career, even before I actually had a big career in this industry. - Author: Ace Hood
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#38. I believe in legacy. And I believe in making the radio sound better. If I gotta listen to it, I want it to sound good. - Author: Betty Wright
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#39. You gotta grow, you gotta learn by your mistakes; You gotta die a little everyday just to try to stay awake; When you believe there's no mountain you can climb; And if you get it wrong you'll get it right next time, next time. - Author: Gerry Rafferty
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#40. Life in general you gotta believe in you ... you live your life for you, you do what you do for you, because the moment you start to live your life for others you'll lose yaself within that. Focus on what it is you want to have. Go get it. - Author: Trey Songz
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#41. You gotta BELIEVE, Bolie! - Author: Rod Serling
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#42. But you are beautiful And you better go show it So go look again You gotta be true to your own If you really wanna go to the top Do you really wanna win Don't believe in leaving normal Just to satisfy demand ((Beauty in Ugly)) - Author: Jason Mraz
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#43. I don't think it's cool for people to say, 'You shouldn't reference God because I don't believe that, and I don't want to hear it.' Well, there's a lot of stuff I don't believe that I still gotta hear. - Author: Steve Harvey
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#44. I tried to believe that there is a God, who created each of us in His own image and likeness, loves us very much, and keeps a close eye on things. I really tried to believe that, but I gotta tell you, the longer you live, the more you look around, the more you realize, something is fucked up. - Author: George Carlin
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#45. And even if you get shot by a stray bullet, you don't gotta go to no doctor to get it taken out, whoever shot you will take they bullet back! "I believe you have my property!" - Author: Chris Rock
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#46. I find mediocrity hard. I find that whole area difficult. I'm a very passionate person; I care very much about what I do. I believe I give it a lot, so it's gotta be good; otherwise, what's the point? - Author: Phoebe Philo
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#47. If there was special interests affecting police work, I believe that would be called corruption. So, if it has do with donating money versus a popular vote, I think we have a bigger problem in this country and somebody's gotta wake up to that. - Author: Garry McCarthy
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