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#1. A just society is a society that if you knew everything about it, you'd be willing to enter it in a random place. - Author: John Rawls
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#2. Watch and d pray that you may not e enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. 39And again he went away and prayed, - Author: Anonymous
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#3. If your goal is to produce firefighters and rescue workers, you have to produce people willing to enter burning buildings. - Author: Brian D. McLaren
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#4. Usually, they started with just two people bickering over something small. Like what to watch on TV. Then a third person would enter the room and see two people screaming over the TV and they'd decide to moderate, only they'd end up taking a side. Eventually, someone else would get sucked in. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#5. Isn't it true that philosophy is a barrier? For sure it screens and modifies every bit of information that the mind allows to enter. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#6. When you leave the familiar and enter the unknown, your fear becomes refined by experience and hammered into tools of survival on the anvil of anxiety. - Author: T.D. Jakes
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#7. Every mental process, or every mental action, that takes place in our wide-awake consciousness will, if it has depth of feeling or intensity, enter the unconscious field, and after it has developed itself according to the line of its original nature, will return to the conscious side of the mind. - Author: Christian D. Larson
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#8. There is no door that leads to the meaning of existence, no window to enlightenment. If only we could enter life through the exit and live in reverse; then maybe we'd have a chance at understanding what the hell life is about. - Author: Barbara Schoichet
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#9. When superstitions enter the world of imagination, then intelligence and science become fiction. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#10. The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it, into which a young gentleman should be enter'd by degrees, as he can bear it; and the earlier the better, so he be in safe and skillful hands to guide him. - Author: John Locke
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#11. Care that is once enter'd into the breast
Will have the whole possession ere it rest. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#12. Maybe she'd always been there. Maybe strangers enter your heart first and then you spent the rest of your life searching for them. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#13. Around year seven or eight, you'd kill yourself when you realized Norm had to enter and you had to come up with a new beer joke. - Author: Ted Danson
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#14. He gave, took, told her with every stroke what he hadn't been able to convey with words, communicated what he'd felt from the moment he saw her enter the courtroom, and knew, in that instant, that he'd been blessed and doomed in the same heartbeat. - Author: Sandra Brown
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#15. Enter faith, and a whole new factor enters the equation. Words like "impossible" seem out of place. Despair and cynicism feel like insults to God. Hope grows, and love, and therefore motivation to care, to give, to act, to try, to dream, to risk. - Author: Brian D. McLaren
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#16. And so Galahad decided that it would be a disgrace to set off on a quest with the other knights. Alone he would enter the dark forest where there was no path. This is the myth of The Hero's Journey. - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#17. I say women exhibit the most exalted virtue when they depart from the domestic circle and enter on the concerns of their country, of humanity, and of their G-d! - Author: John Quincy Adams
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#18. I'm really good at World of Warcraft. Like, crazy good. Put me in front of a computer and it's like I enter some other universe. - Author: Frida Gustavsson
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#19. In opening your doors to woman, it is mind that will enter the lecture room, it is intelligence that will ask for food; sex will never be felt where science leads for the atmosphere of thought will be around every lecture. - Author: Harriot Kezia Hunt
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#20. Use your eyes. Do not enter unfamiliar areas that you cannot observe first. Make it a practice to swing wide around corners, use window glass for rearward visibility, and get something solid behind you when you pause. - Author: Jeff Cooper
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#21. Sweet sounds can go where kisses may not enter. - Author: George MacDonald
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#22. Whenever you are in a critical temper, it is impossible to enter into communion with God. - Author: James MacDonald
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#23. Now when I enter a carriage, it almost empties. But there's always one brave enough to stay. - Author: Grace Jones
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#24. It is easier for a cannibal to enter the Kingdom of Heaven through the eye of a rich man's needle that it is for any other foreigner to read the terrible German script. - Author: Mark Twain
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#25. Much healing can occur through the sexual act with a person you love and trust if the two of you can stay with each other during your most vulnerable moments. You enter into a sacred space, this unknown territory, from which you'll emerge into new and unexpected states of being. - Author: Alexandra Katehakis
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#26. He tasted passion. He tasted emotion. He tasted a world he'd never imagined, one he could never enter. It was right there in front of him, suddenly open to him. Unexpected. Exciting. Scary. - Author: Christine Feehan
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#27. Loaded with note cards for research papers that I was hopelessly behind on, I'd enter the Public Library only to end up wandering around lost, wasting the day. - Author: Stuart Dybek
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#28. Beware of what you let enter your heart. There will come a day when you'd give anything to remove it. - Author: Yasmin Mogahed
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#29. Pro football gave me a good sense of perspective to enter politics: I'd already been booed, cheered, cut, sold, traded and hung in effigy. - Author: Jack Kemp
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#30. He was now working his way through the many shades of grief. Sadness made everything gray, he'd learned, but there were different types of gray, some darker than others. There were dark spots in his memories he wasn't brave enough to enter. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
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#31. I'd rather talk to people about their personal spiritual practices or what they believe love is. I'm born to do that. Could I enter into the political realm and dive into that? Sure, but I don't think I would want to do that. - Author: Alanis Morissette
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#32. The male human being did not enter into the question of His conception. - Author: D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
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#33. When you gentlemen come to stand at the Boundary between the Settl'd and the Unpossess'd, just about to enter the Deep Woods, you will recognize the Sensation ... - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#34. Humanity is defined by its struggles, not doomed by them. It is in the way we endure those struggles that we transcend our lower nature and enter a higher realm. - Author: D.J. Niko
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#35. You will enter the continent of Europe and, in conjunction with the other United Nations, undertake operations aimed at the heart of Germany and the destruction of her armed forces. - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
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#36. In the next moment, Danvers began to recite the Lord's prayer, which was rather sacrilegious to her mind considering that she suspected he'd burst into flames if he dared enter a church, but she wasn't going to complain. - Author: Lynsay Sands
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#37. Stealing regular stuff was no fun. She wanted a real challenge. Over the last two years, she'd picked the most difficult places to enter. Then she'd snuck in.
And eaten their dinners. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#38. Traders focus almost entirely on where to enter a trade. In reality, the entry size is often more important than the entry price - Author: Jack D. Schwager
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#39. Every sinner is now on trial once for all. He is now invited by the bleeding Saviour, urged by all the horrors of hell, to enter heaven. But death closes the possibility for ever. - Author: Asahel Nettleton
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#40. I feel strongly, because a man who will himself die one day in the not to distant future and, also, as a psychiatrist who spent decades dealing with death anxiety, that confronting death allows us, not to open some noisome, Pandora's box, but to re-enter life in a richer, more compassionate manner. - Author: Irvin D. Yalom
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#41. I'd like to enter in and out of that big budget world, rather than staying in it. It's not the case that the bigger the film, the better it is. - Author: Emun Elliott
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#42. No one was dead, but her son would not call just to call. She'd had to enter intimate terms with this new understanding in her life, like an illness. - Author: Boris Fishman
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#43. A great many people are trying to make peace, but that has already been done. God has not left it for us to do; all we have to do is enter into it. - Author: D.L. Moody
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#44. I have no interest in owning a football club; I don't play golf; I don't like horseracing and I'd rather become a professional bungee jumper than enter politics. - Author: Lloyd Dorfman
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#45. They always prided themselves on looking youthful. "Forty's the new thirty," they'd joke.
Until heartbreak and grief enter your life, and then forty's the new one hundred. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#46. If God be an infinite being, there cannot be, either in the present or future world, any relative proportion between man and his God. Thus, the idea of God can never enter the human mind. - Author: Baron D'Holbach
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#47. I fancy that England is not the only place where married folks disagree, and where there are bad husbands. If one does not care to meet with such cases, one must quit this world. Those wishing to enter the marriage state had better not come to me for advice, for I disapprove of it altogether ... - Author: Elisabeth Charlotte D'Orleans
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#48. From the unknown, profound desires enter in upon us, and ... the fulfilling of those desires is the fulfilling of creation. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#49. If you'd rather be a chooser, enter a market or a transaction where you have something to trade, something of value, something to offer that's difficult to get everywhere else. If all you have is the desire to get picked, that's not sufficient. - Author: Seth
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#50. To everyone, Jesus issues an invitation to abandon the story they will lose themselves in, and instead, to enter the story they will find themselves in. - Author: Brian D. McLaren
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#51. I had learnt to find out the better side of human nature and to enter men's hearts. I realised that the true function of a lawyer was to unite parties riven asunder. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#52. No matter her heartache, she'd begun to embrace whatever was handed to her, shrugging with a broody spirit to enter fully within. - Author: Laura Frantz
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#53. I had a dream about you. You were lost in a daydream, when I walked in and you began screaming. But I know that could never actually happen. In real life I only enter people's nightmares. - Author: Bauvard
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#54. Thus Dante's motto over Inferno applies with equal force to marriage. Ye who enter here leave all hope behind. - Author: Emma Goldman
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#55. If an NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, etc analyst has access to query raw SIGINT databases, they can enter and get results for anything they want. Phone number, email, user id, cell phone handset id (IMEI), and so on - it's all the same. - Author: Edward Snowden
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#56. To fight, you must be brutal and ruthless, and the spirit of ruthless brutality will enter into the very fibre of national life ... - Author: Woodrow Wilson
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#57. If a rhinoceros were to enter this restaurant now, there is no denying he would have great power here. But I should be the first to rise and assure him that he had no authority whatever. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#58. To abandon language is to stop/creating a place other than your own life/in which to live. It is to enter/the terrible certainty of the flesh. Even god/is only possible through language. - Author: Jude Nutter
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#59. Not all of those who cry 'The poor, the poor!' will enter the kingdom of heaven. - Author: Michael Novak
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#60. Enter on the way of training while the spirits in youth are still pliable. - Author: Virgil
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#61. Please enter," Kessell said with false courtesy. "Fear not for my trolls that you injured, they will surely heal!" He threw his head back and laughed. Drizzt felt a fool; to think that all of his caution and stealth had served no better purpose than to amuse the wizard! - Author: R.A. Salvatore
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#62. I believe there are segments in the Indian market that Skoda will not enter. - Author: Winfried Vahland
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#63. I'm sure you're used to the deafening sound of underwear hitting the floor every time you enter the room. - Author: Penny Reid
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#64. In the end, science offers us the only way out of politics. And if we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost. We will enter the Internet version of the dark ages, an era of shifting fears and wild prejudices, transmitted to people who don't know any better. - Author: Michael Crichton
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#65. No baseness or cruelty of treason so deep or so tragic shall enter our human world, but that loyal love shall be able in due time to oppose to just that deed of treason its fitting deed of atonement. - Author: Josiah Royce
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#66. The idea of love seemed an invasion," she wrote. "I had thoughts to think, a craft to learn, a self to discover. Solitude was a gift. A world was waiting to welcome me if I was willing to enter it alone. - Author: Kate Bolick
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#67. There are places in the heart that do not yet exist; suffering has to enter in for them to come to be. - Author: Leon Bloy
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#68. Where the heart does not enter; there can be no music. - Author: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
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#69. It is here, it exists - but one must enter it naked and alone, with no rags from the falsehoods of centuries, with the purest clarity of mind - not an innocent heart, but that which is much rarer: an intransigent mind - as one's only possession and key. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#70. You enter a state of controlled passivity, you relax your grip and accept that even if your declared intention is to justify the ways of God to man, you might end up interesting your readers rather more in Satan. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#71. Excitement and depression, fortune and misfortune, pleasure and pain are storms in a tiny private, shell-bound realm - which we take to be the whole of existence. Yet we can break out of this shell and enter a new world. - Author: Eknath Easwaran
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#72. The emphasis in doing any in-depth photography is on building relationships, quality relationships. It's what I call thirty-cups-of-coffee-a-frame photography. You need to enter into the community - not just photographically, but intellectually and emotionally. - Author: Lynn Johnston
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#73. Whatever clutter may be getting in your way during a conversation or communication, use the simple acronym HEAR to enter a more spacious and less defensive awareness. HEAR stands for: hold all assumptions; enter the emotional world; absorb and accept; and reflect, then respect. H - Author: Donald Altman
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#74. The beauty of being an Author is, It's your story and you can write what ever you want. - Author: Toni House
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#75. So long as you minded your manners and kept your weapons concealed, they let you enter and leave in peace. Those who broke the one house rule of "No Spill Blood" quickly found themselves leaving in pieces.' (Gallagher) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#76. Sometimes, no matter how screwed up things seem, I feel like we're all at a wedding. But you can't just come out and say, We're at a wedding! Have some cake! You need to create a world into which we can enter, a world where we can see this. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#77. Welcome to the ring. Enter those who dare, and let them share the spoils. Only they have earned it. Will you win? The ring offers no promises. But one thing's for sure: unless you get in the ring today, you don't even stand a damn chance. Decide what really matters, and get in the ring for it - now. - Author: Julien Smith
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#78. I always work better when I do not reason, when no question of right or wrong enter in,-when my pulse quickens to the form before me without hesitation nor calculation. - Author: Edward Weston
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#79. But why have you dear English Jew whose forefathers fought to enter the country of Johnny Mill, the Stuart with a little heart, saunter in Haridwar, no pubs or fish and chips' counters here, only Ganga-Jal, -the holy ale- Quaff it for the spirit and carry it to the banks of Thames in a holy grail. - Author: Aporva Kala
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#80. No one will be with you forever in this life. The door will always be swinging open and closed. Love the people who enter. Let go of the people who leave.
Don't hang on. - Author: Yasmin Mogahed
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#81. The law of nature is alternation for evermore. Each electrical state superinduces the opposite. The soul environs itself with friends, that it may enter into a grander self-acquaintance or solitude; and it goes alone for a season, that it may exalt its conversation or society. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#82. When I am grown up I shall carry a notebook - a fat book with many pages, methodically lettered. I shall enter my phrases. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#83. How does light enter a house? If the windows are open. How does light enter a human? If the door of love is open. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#84. When you enter heaven you shall find Him there bearing the dew of His youth; and through eternity the Lord Jesus shall still remain the perennial spring of joy, and life, and glory to His people. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#85. Precious souls as young as three or four, raised on the misplaced multicultural priorities of Sesame Street," he claims, "are doomed before they even enter the godless morass of the public school system. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#86. When you enter the world of laughter, you enter the world of fantasy and creativity. - Author: Thomas Flindt
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#87. In the event that armed men of any sort enter the building, watch their feet closely. - Author: Padgett Powell
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#88. I, ever knowing the living beings Who tread the Path and those who do not In response to those who may be saved Preach to them a variety of dharmas, Each time having this thought: 'How may I cause the beings To contrive to enter the Unexcelled Path and quickly to perfect the Buddha-body?' - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#89. So one aspect of becoming a Christian is having to leave behind what everyone else thinks and wants, the prevailing standards, in order to enter the light of the truth of our being, and aided by that light to find the right path. Mary - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#90. When you have become willing to hide nothing, you will not only be willing to enter into communion but will also understand peace and joy. - Author: Helen Schucman
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#91. You always enter God's hospital as a charity patient. You can't pay your way. - Author: Vance Havner
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#92. I'm not the one who's so far away
When I feel the snake bite enter my veins.
Never did I wanna be here again,
And I don't remember why I came. - Author: Sully Erna
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#93. I was reaching for one of the handles when I heard Heidler's voice from behind me. 'It would not be wise to enter. It is a bad time to disturb the dead. - Author: Micheal Rivers
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#94. It is not her body that he wants but it is only through her body that he can take possession of another human being, so he must labor upon her body, he must enter her body, to make his claim. - Author: Joyce Carol Oates
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#95. My process in making a music video is pretty much a formula of talking to the artist. I've never made a video where I didn't talk to the artist before I wrote the treatment. Basically, I enter into it knowing we are collaborators. - Author: Adria Petty
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#96. All philosophies are mental fabrications. There has never been a single doctrine by which one could enter the true essence of things. - Author: Nagarjuna
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#97. We are so accustomed to think of religion as a thing between individual men and God that we can hardly enter into the idea of a religion in which a whole nation in its national organisation appears as the religious unit. - Author: William Robertson Smith
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#98. He may not enter anywhere at the first, unless there be some one of the household who bid him to come, though afterwards he can come as he please. - Author: Bram Stoker
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#99. When things fall apart, the broken pieces allow all sorts of things to enter, and one of them is the presence of God. - Author: Shauna Niequist
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#100. It is so vast an alleviation to be able to point for another to look at. And then not to talk. To follow the dark paths of the mind and enter the past, to visit books, to brush aside their branches and break off some fruit. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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